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Penner Sperling Genealogy Surnames

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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Penner Gaede Information and Pictures

SS Trave
Ship on which Katharine and Abraham F Penner traveled to America.

Land in Marion County by Goessel  where Peter Funk lived

Dan S Penner Home
Hillsboro, Kansas

Former Dan S Penner Home
1301 Boxelder Street
Mt. Lake, Minnesota

Marion County

Gaede Barn on land west of Ebenfeld Church. 

Drawing of the Abraham Gaede Home. This is where Katie Gaede and her family grew up. 


The barn is still standing today (2002) south of Hillsboro, Kansas although in very poor condition. 

Gaede Family and Home
Photo taken in 1902 near Ebenfeld

Unknown Photos
Contact me if you have
further information

Unknown Photo:
John Loewens or belonging to John Loewens from the inscription on photo.
taken in Watonga, Oklahoma
at Chaufty Studio

Unknown people, Most likely from before 1913 as inscription is with maiden name of  (Katie Gaede) Penner - unless it belonged to  Katie Penner Gaede!! Then taken after 1900.   Most likely "Gaedes" or Gaede friends on the photo.