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Johann Funk 

From Prussia to Russia

Descendants of: Johann Funk  

1 Johann Funk
  m. _____ _____
   2 Paul Johann Funk b. Abt 1773
     m. Elizabeth Jantzen m. 2 May 1801 Marcushof, Prussia  b. Abt 1775
      3 Peter Funk b. 7 Mar 1802 Hohenwalde, Prussia d. 15 Mar 1802 Hohenwalde, Prussia
      3 Paul Funk b. 23 Apr 1803 Molotschna Colony, South Russia d. bef 30 July 1876
        m. Katharina Martens b. Abt 1797 d. bef 1852
        m. Susanna Peters m. 9 Dec 1852 b. 29 Nov 1805 Nieder-Chortitza, Chortitza, South Russia d. 9 Mar 1882
      3 Peter P. Funk b. 31 Jan 1815 Markushof, Prussia d. 21 Feb 1885 Lehigh, Kansas
        m. Julianna Florentine Fenske m. Est 1840 b. Abt 1815 d. 1 Jan 1871 Molotschna Colony, South Russia
        m. Maria Baltzer m. 1872 b. 5 Jan 1838 Alexanderwohl, Molotschna, South Russia d. 17 Sep 1916 Hillsboro, Kansas
      3 Elisabeth Funk b. 10 Aug 1817 Jankendorf, Prussia
        m. Franz Wall
      3 Heinrich Funk b. 15 Mar 1822 Alexanderthal, Molotschna, South Russia d. 30 May 1879 South Dakota
        m. Anna Unrau m. est 1842 b. 15 Nov 1817 Zieglershuben, Prussia d. 13 Aug 1901 North Dakota

Peter Funk and Maria Baltzer Dalke Funk


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Funk Family Name (Funck)

Information we have about the Funk name is from this quote "This Funk line is, according to B. H. Unruh, of origin of the Mennonite Swiss" taken from the writing of Heinrich Goossen, a great grandson of Peter P Funk.

In Robert Guenther's book Passionate Possessions he writes " The Funk Swiss family name has been mentioned in the Danzig area since 1674 and the Thorn area since 1700. One theory believes that the name arrived in the Danzig area from Switzerland by way of South Germany and Moravia. The Funk name was not found earlier in Holland or North Germany so the conclusion is that the West Prussian Funks (Funcks) may have come from the Moravian Hutterites.

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