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May 9, 1883 Mennonitische Rundschau   p2.

Travel Report

In spring of last year [1882] I went along with my brother P. Funk to Sagradowka, to visit our dear friends and brother and sisters.  It was just at an excellent time of year when the Lord preaches through nature to the traveler and reveals His love; especially the Dnieper with the beautiful and different green trees.  It stays with me in my memory. [A long section abut the building of a stone church and about the great building of God] Arriving at A. Penners in Steinfeld, Sagradowka, our "leibliche" sister, after such a long separation, could almost not contain herself to be finally able to see us before her.  Also at my wife's sister it was the same, and we had much to ask and tell.  After I went to brother-in-law K. Heinrichs in Friedensfeld, and also saw and visited with the leaders, I spoke with some well-known young men about what they had learned, and took with us messages and greetings to our homeland.  We then drove back to the Heinrichs and thus completed two days.  The third day was Sunday and early in the morning I was awaked by the brothers and invited to the gathering in the home of the Rempels, where I knew many, and met many who had found grace and were now our family in the Lord and I could now greet and rejoice in the grace of God.  That was a day of delight and blessing that I will never forget.  After a heartfelt farewell I went back to Reinfeld. 

On our return we stopped a little at the Klass Krokers in No.6. Brother Kroker, my wife's uncle, was ailing but shared with us many blessings and before long several hours had passed and so we said goodbye, and outside it had become dark.  The six werst (about 4 miles) from there to Reinfeld was difficult in the dark night, nevertheless we arrived at midnight safely at A. Penners.  The following day was the day to say goodbye and by God's grace we returned home safely on Ascension Day.


I must now brings the sad news, that by three weeks the wife of Brother Peter Funk has died in childbirth, at the same time a little son of their neighbor Sister Isbrand Friesen died and so the deceased sister took the dead child with her, while sister Friesen took the motherless suckling child into her care.  Preacher Unruh conducted this unusual funeral service. 

[Elfreda Penner Fast translated this part.  She added the PS and left of the following part about greetings which I have added]

Ending of article referring to Kuban and Aulie Ata. 

By these lines I send obligatory thanks to all dear brothers and sisters and friends, because they received us so well: please think of mine also before the throne of God. Please also give a greeting from us to the dear brothers at the Kuban particularly, who remember us and also through the "Rundschau." I intend to write more in addition and if asked, then I can say, so that I live in the faith of the Son of God and look forward to the future, which, I think is close. Do not give up but all push forward even through affliction and pain. Also the dear brothers in Asten, Aulie Ata, are greeted, Esauen of Johann Heinrichs, Pauls of F Pauls and Johann Neufelt of the father and me. All are together greeted in the sweet spirit of the Alexanderthal brothers and sisters:

Your fellow pilgrim to Zion,

Heinrich Funk. 

Last part edited 5/14/2010 with by Kathy Sperling

There is a Johann Neufeld who married a Maria Kroeker who was living in the Kuban.

Maria Heinrichs may be the daughter of Abraham Johann Heinrichs and Eva of Alexanderthal, Molotschna, South Russia listed in the 1835 Molotschna census Alexanderthal #10. They are the only Heinrichs listed there and may be the Heinrichs that ended up in the  Dakotas with other Funk relatives. Also see:  Another connection is the Johann Heinrichs of Asten, Auli Eata mentioned in the 1883 Rundschau newspaper report that Heinrich Funk wrote. And also that he had a brother in law --K . Heinrichs of Friedensfeld, Kuban and his wife Maria also had a sister at Steinfeld, Sagradowka. [or perhaps Friedensfeld] She also had a uncle Klass Kroeker of Reinfeld. 

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