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Goossen Funk

Penner Funk Genealogy

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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Goossen Funk Family

Anna Funk married Heinrich Johann Goossen on the 8th of Jan 1866 in Alexanderthal, South Russia. Anna was born  May 10, 1848 in Alexanderthal, Molotschna, South Russia and died on Feb 25, 1925 in Alexanderthal, Molotschna, South Russia.  Heinrich Goossen was born September 1, 1843 at  Liebenau, Molotschna, South Russia and died 17 Apr 1917 at Alexanderthal, Molotschna, South Russia.  Nine children were born to this union and they helped raise Granddaughter Agnes Unger.  Daughters Sara and Susie are shown below. 

Sara Goossen married Adolf Abram Reimer on

1 Jan 1905

Anna Funk and Heinrich Goossen and daughters Sara and Susie Goossen

Susie Goossen married Heinrich Driediger. She died in Sibera

Susie Goossen and Heinrich Driediger's son David Driediger 1917-1959

Information from Helen Goossen over the phone gleaned  from the pages below:

My father was H J Goossen married to Anna Funk who was daughter of Peter Funk [who was in the line according to B H Unruh of Mennonite people of Swiss background] or this Funk's line is [from B H Unruh]-- from Menn Swiss.

My mother Anna Funk, her grandmother Julianna Florentine Fenske, is of Polish descent. "In earlier years she used the Catholic rosary for prayer". Bride Anna Funk, daughter of Peter Funk had 2 brothers-Peter and Henry and 3 sisters Anna and Katharine and Minna [Minnie]

When they were married the Funks were members of the Gnadenfeld Mennonite Church. "Then in 1860 the young couple came to accept the Lord and joined the M. B. Church. There was lots of life there and many were the first to have salvation in Christ." Romans 6:14 was quoted. "For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace" Son Heinrich J Goossen (about 17) also joined the M. B. Church. This was a church where they could grow in the Faith.

Mother died and Father remarried to a Dalke. There were 2 daughter born to this marriage --one marred John Warkentin [note-2nd marriage]of Warkentin house in Newton and one marred Krause. Heinrich J Goossens had 9 children. Two daughters and one son Peter died at a young age. "All was dark and bleak but didn't remain dark. We lost 3 children young and then God blessed us with 5 more daughters and another son. "

 This is what I have translated so far from the Goossen papers found below:

p  9

They [Heinrich Johann Goossen and Anna Funk] were converted first in Gnadenfeld. With teacher Kornelsen's* help in Elisabethal the Mennononite Brethren Church was established.

This church really bloomed and had life-- Bible reading, choir singing, programs and the Lord himself really blessed and sinners confessed.

"Then in 1860 the young couple came to accept the Lord and joined the M. B. Church. There was lots of life there and many were the first to have salvation in Christ."

Under this first fruit in the year 1860, my father (Heinrich Johann Goossen) as a youth and my mother a young women were saved and joined in the Gnadenfeld Church--(Anna Funk, daughter of P. Funk. This Funk line is according to B. H. Unruhs of origin of the Mennonite Swiss. I learned that her Grandmother had Polish blood.)

p 10

(Julianna Florentin Fensky) had into her youth yet as Catholic used the Rosery.  After 1860 this young sister in the Lord came to the meetings of the M B church. At that time much life was there. Many, often the worst sinners, cursers, haters, adulters, and drunkards, came under conviction.

They found the same day forgiveness of their sins Romans 6:14 -for sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. ...

p 11

…because the parents to the belonged to the Mennonite Brethren Congregation, my father was raised such in his youth that he early recognized himself as a sinner and trusted himself to the Lord in his 17-18th year.

In the deeply pious young woman and sister in the Lord hand he found his bride and life companion (Anna Funk) daughter of that above mentioned- P. Funk.

Here I would like to turn to, that she had 2 brothers (Peter and Heinrich Funk) and 3 Sisters- Anna, Katherine, and Minnie and that she lost her mother and her father marries once again a Dalke daughter and goes to America,

They have yet 2 daughters, one in California married with Johann Warkentin and one married John Krause. Also of these three sisters Kath marries with Jacob Duerksen and Sara to J Dirksen and Minnie (Wilhelmina) with A Penner; Hillsboro, Kansas and goes in the year 1900 to N. America. [Actually 1899].

Of his wedding, father liked to tell it was their deep desire that the Lord Jesus would be glorified. Because often expressed opponents of the M B Church came to the weddings, such celebrations were special opportunities for evangelism.

    Father often told that he and his bride had asked for a revival and conversion of souls on their wedding celebration, and see, the Lord granted it and quite a few souls found forgiveness of their sins in the blood of the lamb.

p 12

(In such a way the wedding of my parents took place in the year 1866.) The parents acquired in the village Alexandertal, Gnadenfeld, Wollost, Molotschna, Taurien some land = 1/2 Wertschaft @ 22 Dessiatines = @ 80 Acker Land

The marriage of my parents was blessed with 9 children but then at a youthful age her son and 2 daughters died. From scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles, pox.

This brought her much pain and her sorrow was especially deep as after the 2 daughters died, yet the son Peter died. Now it does not remain night. The Lord then gave them yet 5 daughters: (Anna, Kathrina, Maria, Sarah and Susanna) and a son Heinrich.

The Life in the house of my parents was divided: mornings before breakfast, the Bible was read or there was singing and morning prayer. Evenings before bed the father and mother and all children prayed. So the family grew up in the fear of the God.

*Abraham Cornelson was born August 11, 1826 at Grossweide, Molotschna. He married Aganetha Gaede. As the schoolteacher is Elisabethal, Molotschna in 1860, he wrote the document establishing the beginning of the Mennontie Brethren Church. He later migrated to Hillsboro, Kansas, where he was elder of the Ebenfeld M. B. Church

Goossen  Memoirs:

p 10

Heinrich H Goossen Memoirs on his family p 9

P 12  

 p 11