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Johann F Duerksen Records

  Johann F Duerksen worked on family history for many years and made a summary in December 1928. It was in German and later Marcellus Duerksen made an English translation.  These are copies about this history from records on file at Tabor and Fresno Mennonite Archieves. There are pages copied from an old family Bible and other writings. 
[taken from Marcellus Duerksens work and translations]
   His grandparents were Jacob and Katharine Funk Duerksen and Great-grandparents Peter and Julianna Fenske Funk.  These are the pages from Johann F Duerksen records that tell about his grandparents.

German Bible page
page 1

new translation

German Bible page

Translation of Bible page 1                       

 My corrected translation of German page about Peter Funk

page 2

page 2 of translation

p 2 of Marcellus' records-copied/translated from Johann F Duerksen  

Typed pages that apply to Peter Funk

p 7

p 5 about Katharina Funk Duerksenp9

Bible page - typed translation

 Heinrich H Goossen also wrote about his ancestors with  some different information which is yet to be reconciled with Johann Duerksen's information.