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The Mennonites of the Molotschna settlement were mostly of the Flemish branch. Only the village of Rudnerweide was of the Frisian branch. In 1805 the first 18 villages were organized into one congregation, the Ohrloff-Petershagen-Halbstadt Mennonite Church, with Jakob Enns as elder. Klaas Reimer separated from this group in 1814 and founded the Kleine Gemeinde. Another separation occurred in 1823 which resulted in the organization of the Lichtenau-Petershagen Church. Later this congregation was subdivided into the Margenau-Schönsee, Pordenau, and Alexanderkrone congregations. In addition to these the following congregations were organized among the settlers that came later: Rudnerweide in 1820, consisting of the Frisian Mennonites alone, Alexanderwohl in 1820, Gnadenfeld in 1834, and Waldheim in 1836, which were all of the same Old Flemish or Groningen Flemish background. In addition to these congregations there existed independent congregations in most of the daughter settlements of the Molotschna.

I've entered some of my favorite links. If you have some good research sites I have missed please let me know.

Harms information and Background:

More Harms history and Russian information by Ken Ratzlaff can be discovered here:

Stories in Mennonite Life about Jansen, Nebraska:

Information on Jansen, Nebraska and settlement of the Krimmer Mennonite Brethren
at Gnadenau, Marion County, Kansas.

My Mennonite Cooking

Great maps, old atlas and photos of Kansas

Here are some of my favorite Mennonite websites:

Dirksen Brotherfield Dakota Research 

Dirksen book in German

Mountain Lake History

More Mountain Lake History

Mt. Lake Heritage Museum

German verb uses  part2

German words abbreviations translations

Der Bote Obituaries

Christlicher Bundesbote

Mennonitische Rundschau  1890-1909 and 1920-1929

Der Wahrheitsfreund KMB Church obituaries 1915 -1947  obits start on page 217

Fernheim Colony, Paraguay obituaries

Christian Leader Index Located here

Listing of Mennonite obit resources - Micheal Penner

Zionsbote index 1884 - 1964

Mennonite Obituaries Amish and Mennonite

Canadian Mennonite obits listing

Mennonite Historical Society of British Colombia

Fresno Pacific Archives

Tabor College Mennonite Brethren Studies

Bethel College Mennonite Library and Archives

Mennonite Immigration to Kansas

The Migration of the Swiss Mennonite  Russian-Germans to Kansas

Jacob Friesen Mill Hillsboro, Kansas

Peter Paul Loewen House

Hillsboro, Kansas Pictures

Map of Mennonite Settlements in 1870's

Route of Russian Mennonites to America

List of Mennonite villages in Russia.

Other Mennonite Maps by William Schroeder

Index to 205 of William Schroeder's maps

Roll German Russian Maps

Frank Leslie's illustrated drawings of early Mennonites

A Wealth of scanned images from Bethel College Mennonite Archives

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society

Early Mennonite Russian History

Persecution of Russian Christians

Martyrs Mirror

1900 Census Transcription project

Mennonite sites

Mennonite Encyclopedia Online

California Mennonte Historical Society

Home Page of the Mennonite Heritage Cruise and information

Address by Alan Peters

A definition of Russian Mennonites

Letters from Stolins Russia -Gulag

Mennonite immigration

Fieldnotes of a Mennonite Pilgrim

Cyndi's List German Russian

EWZ Indexing project

EWZ Files : Extractions of Mennonite names

Seventh Day obituaries

Alexanderthal, South Russia map c.1917

Mennonite Brethren 

Church Photographs from Molotschna

Other Favorite Links:

About the 1940 Census

Brother’s Keeper

Ellis Island

World GenWeb

Family Search - LDS


Find a Grave

Panaramic Maps 1847-1929

Gold Wing

Got Questions?

Chuck Colsen Christian Worldview

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