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This is my Life by Marie Loewen Jost

March 20, 1893 -- March 10, 1990

    This information is taken from a memory notebook that Mrs. (Frank) Marie Loewen Jost wrote. It was prepared in sections by her daughter Marlys Jost Penner for her and Marlys apparently also wrote some of the sections by taking dictation from her mother or by asking her questions. Marlys wrote one section on her parent's life and hobbies. It mentions their retirement, which is the only hint of what date the booklet, may have been composed. Typed direct from her booklet with a few minor spelling and punctuation corrections. Some additions are in parenthesis for clearness. When she mentioned Dad, Grandpa, etc. she means these terms as for her children.

My Parents

     My parents were Jacob and Justina Loeppke Loewen. They got married on a Sunday forenoon during the church service. After the ceremony each one went back to their seats, but mother had to put a head scarf on her head before she sat down that showed that she now was married and from now on she was supposed to wear it always to church.

     Their first home was at Grandpa Loewens parent's basement in one room. After that they rented a farm and lived alone and started farming but soon after that they had a chance to buy a farm close to grandparents 'Leppke' where we lived then as long as we children were all at home and some could take care of the work.

Memories of my parents, home, brothers and  sisters

     We were a large family--there were 9 boys and 5 girls, but the youngest girl Elizabeth died when she was 2 years and 2 months old. She was a twin with our brother Daniel. I thought of it often as I was only sixteen years when my (last) sister Justine got married and so from then on I had to be with only seven brothers and our parents, and it often was lonesome for me, but then I was so busy with housework that I did not have much time. In those days we did not go to town and buy bread or cookies or canned fruit-- that was all home baked, or grown at home and canned or jam or jelly made at home: that all took a lot of time and with a big vegetable garden to take care of. Then, when washday came around that started early and lasted all day, in spite of the fact that one of my brothers helped with turning the washer.

My first school

     My first school started in the Ebenfeld school building just across the road from the Ebenfeld Church so it was not a strange place to me, but in spite of that I cannot really remember my going to school, but I remember Mr. Peter Dalke as being my first year teacher, even if I don't remember him as teacher but I vividly recall how he would come to school with a horse hitched to a cart and he had two of his own boys along and as they lived a half mile further from school then we did so when they caught up with us on the road he would have his two boys get off and walk and I would get on the cart and go along with him to school because I was the only girl on the mile and a half walk.

     My second year teacher was my uncle J. H. Leppke and I believe he was a good teacher because we liked our uncle, but the driving along was not so easy as he was driving a bicycle by then.

     My school days were cut short when I got sore eyes if I do remember right it was when I was in third or fourth grade just before Christmas. I loved to go to school so I begged of my parents for I was sure till after Christmas the eye would be well again, but it got completely blind and after the first eye got healed the other got all blind too and I do not recall if it was two or three years before I could go to school again so I got very little education.

My first Date

     Dad helped Uncle Abe with threshing. Uncle Abe went to college in winter and asked some students to help him on his threshing crew in the summer time. Dad worked for Abe at least two years. I helped cook at Uncle Dicks, George Sudermans, Henry and Jake and John Loewens so those were occasions when we got to know each other.
(In Marlys Penner's hand writing)

My Conversion

     I became converted quite early. I was twelve years when I was baptized and joined church although I was saved two or three years earlier. I like to read a lot and also read how to be saved and accepted Christ through the reading.

     Rev. John Foth was our pastor at that time. About twelve people were baptized at that time and I joined the Ebenfeld church at that time.

Teenage Activities

     My teenage activities were just housework and gardening and for pleasure I did all the reading I could get hold of. Going away was mostly to Church activities or family visiting. You see this was in house and buggy days and we did not go often or far. I sang in the church choir.

Hobbies and Interests

     I enjoyed reading a lot even when my eyes were very bad. I'd hold my hand over my bad eye and read.

     Grandpa got several papers, German and English: there were Sunday School books, Capper's Weekly and other periodicals. Grandpa liked to read a lot in both languages but Grandma would not learn to read in English?only the German.

     I liked to embroider and made up a hope chest of thing for when I'd get married. If I embroidered tea towels or pillowcases for my mother than I could make some for myself also. I even pieced several quilts for my mother and then for myself.

     We had a farm pond with fish in it. The pond was made with a slip bulled by horses. The pond was lined on the sides with boards and the pond was felled with the windmill. They had carp fish, which were caught and fried for company or for us. I bathed in the pond on occasion. In summer the children would all bath in it before bedtime. I did not know how to swim but my brothers all did. We had an arbor built near with vines and this was our dressing room.
(Evidently dictated to Marlys Penner)

My Marriage

     I got married when I was 25 years, (23 yr. 7 mo--our note) October 19, 1916 in the Ebenfeld M. B. Church with Rev. Foth performing the ceremony. This was on a Thursday afternoon. I wore a white satin dress with lace trimming which my sister-in-law, Lizzie, Mrs. John Loewen, make for me. She also encouraged me to ask my father if I could wear a veil. I was afraid to ask him because I would be the first in church to wear a veil. Finally I asked my father who was a deacon in the church and he said, ?Why then you wouldn't have to go bare headed.? So I had a long veil to the floor and also wore white shoes.

     We had a male quartet sing at our wedding. (We often had the church choir sing at weddings.)

     For lunch we had zwieback, cookies and coffee. My mother and I baked the sugar cookies and other people helped bake zwieback. My sister Anna, my aunts, (Mrs.) Peter, John, and Jake Leppkes (my mother's sisters-in-law) lived on the same mile we did and they helped with zwiebacks.

     The Sunday for dinner when we were announced all the married children and as many of the Jost family as could came over for a family visit. Some also stayed for supper.

     We might have had ham to eat. Grandpa (this must be her dad Jacob Loewen) made our hams and smoked them in a smoke house. We butchered quite a lot of hogs and had hams almost all the time.

     Dad (Frank R Jost) came to get me with the horse and buggy for the announcement Sunday and also for the wedding. After the wedding we went back to my parents and I helped clean the house, upstairs and the porches from all the company. My mother was not too well so I did this for her and then we moved close to Goessel on a farm for one year. --
Dictated to Marlys Penner

Our First Home

     This was the farm near Goessel which Dad (Frank Jost) had rented and sewed the wheat there. My parents gave us a lounge with a lean on it and a chair for the parlor. The Jost parents gave us two dining room chairs.

My most Embarrassing Moment

     My most embarrassing moment occurred one time when we went shopping in Newton; I cannot say just which year it was.

     Dad and I first went together to a place or two, then I remember saying, I wanted to go to Montgomery store and buy a pair of shoes and I would wait for him there to come and pick me up, as he wanted to go to a different place yet It was a very hot day. When I had purchased the shoes I just stayed sitting on the chair and relaxed since it was nice and cool in the store, and dad was supposed to pick me up there.

The next time I remember, I opened my eyes and the store was empty except for one male clerk who stood where I could see him first thing and right away I realized it was past closing time, and dad had not yet come to get me. So I apologized and walked out the fast way. And I can never forget that day.

2nd page on Hobbies and Interests--added by Marlys Penner

     Now as Mom and Dad retired Mom continued her creative hobby of sewing and embroidering.

     First she did textile painting on tea towels and pillowcases. Next cam patchwork pillow tops with crazy quilt design and featherstitching. She made one for herself and for each of her children, then each of the grandchildren, and after that some for friends and the Et Cetra Shop or Mission sales.

     Mother loved to make children's clothes for relief. She had basic patterns for boys and girls garments. Church ladies brought her left over pieces from their sewing and we girls did some, she used this, sometimes coordinating pieces to make boxes and boxes full for relief through the church and MCC.

     Mother also pieced quilts for relief. Then she also began making lap robes, first for each of the family members and then for Parkside Homes and the Hospital. I believe she made well over 100 lap robes to be used for the elderly or sick.

     Mother enjoyed crocheting and made things for everyone for Christmas. One year it was crocheted coat hanger, another time three or four snowflakes, each for the Christmas tree.

     The last time she made crocheted doilies for each of the children and grandchildren whom she all loved dearly. "Doing' for others was a great joy for her. Flowers were also a great hobby for her.

     Reading was another life long hobby. I guess you might say she was a self-educated person from all the reading she did. The church library, the city library and books from the children's and grand children's homes were a great source of interest as well as reading her Bible. Books or passages about the second coming of Christ were of special interest to her.

     Mother taught her ladies Sunday School class for many years at Ebenfeld. She participated in Sewing Circle and held offices of chairman and the work committee.

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