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Loewen Genealogy

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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Welcome to the Loewen Family Genealogy & History page.

This is a work in progress so come back and visit

or e-mail me additional information-- pensper@gmaildotcom

Unknown loewen family

Unknown Loewen connection -photo says John Loewen on back-was it the John Loewens or was it given to the John Loewens?

Photo taken in Watonga, Oklahoma; Chaufty Studio

More information is requested on this family

A related Leppke Family tree --not sure about all the facts listed.

loewen sisters

Grandma Marie Loewen Jost and her sisters. 

Heinrich and Justina Doerksen Leppke