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Jost Family Homes

Peter and Adelgunda Jost were part of 18 families who emigrated to what would become Steinbach, Canada in 1874. In the spring they and the Abraham Klassen family moved to the Alexanderfeld community which was one mile west and one quarter mile south of the present Hillsboro, Kansas. 

Map of Peter Jost and Abraham Klassen Land from 1885 Marion County Atlas; Risley Township Section 31 and 33, also showing Hillsboro. Two different House locations are shown on north side of Section 33. The North side of Section 33 is where Hwy 56 now runs. It appears some of the Peter Jost Land is where the Alco Store of Hillsboro on the corner of Ash and Hwy 56  now stands.

Map of Peter Jost and Abraham Klassen Land from 1885 Marion County Atlas; Liberty Township North edge of Section 5. This would be the land mentioned by the plate for the sod home of Peter Jost.

Heinrich and Katharina Regehr Jost Home

Peter Jost Sod House

Peter Jost's son Heinrich inherited his father's farm.  Heinrich Jost and family  lived in this home. His children including Frank R Jost grew up in this house. Was it built in the same location as the sod house was located? If you know please email me.

Peter Jost built this sod house in 1875.  One and a half miles west of Hillsboro on the Santa Fe Trail. This home was reproduced on a Hillsboro, Kansas Diamond Jubilee Plate in 1959.

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Another view of Heinrich Jost home.

The Frank R Jost family home was built in 1923 near Hillsboro, Kansas.. This was the second home of Frank and Marie Jost. They first lived in a rented farm home near Goessel.
This is a painting of the childhood home by Marlys Jost Penner.

Frank R Jost house or is it the Heinrich Jost place? 
painted by Marlys Jost Penner

Jost Home