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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Frank R Jost April 24 1893 - June 1 1972

The oldest confirmed Jost Ancester--Martin Gerhardt Jost migrated to Russia [Rueckenau] in 1818 and then in 1825 moved to Prangenau, Molotschna, South Russia. 
[Jost history calls him Peter and has them immigrating from Gross-Heubuden to Molotschna in 1824] A Gerhard Jost (perhaps his son, age 42 now) transferred to jWaldheim in 1846.

We find Martin Gerhard Jost age 44 in the 1835 Molotschna listings with his wife Maria and sons Gerhard, Martin, and (our) Peter age 5 and a daughter Maria. In Rueckenau # 28 we find it mentioned that Martin Gerhard Jost was accepted into the family of Abraham Johann Thiessen who also arrived in 1818. Martin would have been 27 when he first immigrated and perhaps this was his adopted family or in-laws? I believe we find the Martin and Gerhardt Jost families in the Elbing-Ellerwald church in Prussia in the 1811 Elbing census.  Gerhardt Joost is listed at Ellerwald 5.Trift [the only Jost] I am convinced the parents of Martin Gerhard Jost are the Gerhard Jost and Anna Friesen listed in the Elbing Records. See family Tree on the next page.

Frank R. Jost
b. 24 Apr 1893 Hillsboro, Kansas
d. 1 Jun 1972 Hillsboro, Kansas
  m. Marie Loewen  on 19 Oct 1916 Hillsboro, Kansas
    b. 20 Mar 1893 Hillsboro, Kansas
d. 10 March 1990 Hillsboro, Kansas
     [daughter of Jacob Loewen and Justina Leppke]

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Frank and Marie Loewen Jost - Golden Wedding

October 19, 1916-October 19,1966

Mother and Dad were married fifty years ago on Oct 19, 1916, after a short secretive dating period. Dad had asked Mother to go to the College Choral practice about two years earlier but she refused because she believed it would not be right for her to go with someone who was not a Christian. When Dad was converted he asked her again and soon they decided to be partners for life.

Their wedding day was unusual in that the weather was varied–sunshine, snow, sleet, and rain, all in the same day! This was indicative of the experiences during their married life. The sunshine represents the blessings the Lord provided. Five healthy children came to bless their home. They all accepted Christ as their personal Savior in their early youth. The Lord entrusted them with material blessings, which enabled them to give to the Lord’s work and to the Church. The snow and sleet could represent the times when they had a severe drought, and they wondered how to make their payments during the depression years. Then there was the summer when the hail took the wheat harvest, and the spring when we were involved in a car accident on the way to the Song Festival. That summer Dad could do very little of the work connected with the harvest. The rain could represent the sickness that came to our family. These were the years that Mother was not well as we were growing up. The time when Dad had a pinched nerve and Uncle Jake had to come and take Dad to the doctor. The autumn when Dad had an accident, the drill fell on his arm and he spent hours hoping someone would hear his call or come looking for him. After weeks in the hospital and exercising much patience during the following months the Lord restored Dad again so that he could carry on his work. One spring Franklyn had a bleeding ulcer, a quick operation followed and several weeks of concern whether he would remain with us. The Lord again answered our prayers. Later Dad had another siege in the hospital due to an operation. Now Dad again has been spared so that we could have this celebration after his sever heart attack. This is the reason for this celebration; to acknowledge the blessings and the gracious way the Lord has dealt with our parents and with us as a family. We praise the Lord. “Hitherto the Lord helped us”. I Samuel 7:12.

The first year they lived on a rented farm near Goessel, Kansas. Later they moved to the farm that all of us children called home. I can remember when the house was built (1923). Some of the cold days were spent with the Grandparents. Mother and Dad stayed on the farm. One wheat bin in the granary served as the bedroom and the kitchen of the old house was used to prepare the meals and later became the washhouse.

Franklyn and Eldon were born in the new house. Franklyn’s birthday was the second of December the first winter and Eldon was born on March 6 two years later. After nine years less one day Victor came along to complete the family. I remember how we used to play with him, no doubt we spoiled him but he was a good boy.

We children had lots of fun while growing up, but as we grew older we had our share of work. The garden always seemed to need hoeing. Dad was a good farmer so we had lots of cows, calves, and chickens to feed. We all knew what our chores were. I remember that we had turkeys and later we had geese. For a while we had goats. One goat did not want to stay tied up, at one time he tore himself loose and jumped onto the car and dad had to get him off–that was the time to get rid of him.

Harvest time was always a busy time. There were the big meals to prepare and lunches to fix. Often we had hired help. I remember the big threshing machine. In the fall was haying time. That was time for crullers and watermelon.

Mother and Dad were always interested in our activities in school. Dad often told us that he would like all of us to go to college so that we would have greater opportunities than he had. Dad encouraged us to teach so Marlys and I both taught before we were married. Franklyn also taught several years before attending Seminary.

Walter and I were married in 1942; we spent twenty years together before the Lord called him home. Two boys and two girls were born to us. Marlys married Dan Penner a year later. This home was blessed with two boys and two girls. Franklyn married Phoebe Wiebe. He is the pastor of the M. B. Church in Bridgewater, S.D. Two boys and a girl were born to them. Eldon is married to Luella Schroeder of Buhler, after working for a contractor he soon went into the contracting business for himself. They have been blessed with two boys. Victor married Myrna Eitzen from our home church; He is farming on the home place. They have two girls that came to bless their home.

Many other things could be mentioned that were highlights in our home. -- Bible reading and prayer at the breakfast table and the Christmases that we spent together as a family. We just would like to say that we appreciate so very much all the wonderful things you have done for us as children and the love you have shared with us. “The Lord bless you” is our prayer.

By LaVerna Jost Penner

August 17, 1966

Retyped by Kathy Sperling
(With a few minor corrections)

1 Jul 2005        Family Group Sheet of Heinrich Jost and Katharina Regehr
       Husband: Heinrich Jost 
          Born: 26 Sep 1855          in Prangenau, Molotschna, South Russia 
      Baptized:  2 Apr 1877          in  
          Died:  5 Nov 1923          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Father: Peter Jost
        Mother: Adelgunde Suderman
          Wife: Katharina Regehr 
       Married: 19 Jan 1879          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Born: 22 Apr 1859          in Margenau, Molotschna, South Russia 
      Baptized:  3 Mar 1878          in  
          Died:  6 Mar 1934          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
    Immigrated: 17 Jul 1876          in Kenilworth; New York 
        Father: Johann Regehr
        Mother: Aganetha Wiebe
     M Child 1: Peter R. Jost 
          Born: 16 Dec 1879          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died: 15 Dec 1954          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Spouse: Aganetha Flaming  b. 16 Jan 1875  d. 28 Apr 1952 
       Married:  4 Jan 1900          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
     M Child 2: John R. Jost 
          Born:  2 Oct 1881          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died: 24 Jul 1962          in Fresno, California 
        Spouse: Helena Baerg  b. 18 Sep 1883  d. 14 May 1962 
       Married:  2 Sep 1903          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
     F Child 3: Tina Jost 
          Born:  2 Jan 1884          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died:  5 Oct 1962          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Buried:                      in Lehigh, Kansas 
        Spouse: Andreas A. Boese  b.  8 Feb 1885  d. 21 Apr 1961 
       Married: 28 Feb 1913          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
     M Child 4: Henry R. Jost 
          Born: 13 Sep 1886          in Marion County, Kansas 
          Died: 22 Aug 1958          in  
        Spouse: Grace Thompson  b. 14 Feb 1891 
       Married: 21 Oct 1937          in  
     M Child 5: Abram R. Jost 
          Born:  8 Apr 1888          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died: 29 Jul 1981          in  
        Spouse: Kathryn Willems  b. 12 Nov 1896  d. 24 Feb 1982 
       Married: 16 Nov 1916          in Hooker, Oklahoma 
     M Child 6: Jacob R. M. Jost 
          Born: 20 Nov 1889          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died: 29 Nov 1987          in Reedley, California 
        Spouse: Marie Friesen  b. 17 Sep 1891  d. 29 Jul 1952 
       Married:  8 Mar 1916          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Spouse: Manila Kusch  b. 15 Apr 1898 
       Married: 14 Apr 1957          in  
     F Child 7: Aganetha R. Jost 
          Born: 16 Sep 1891          in Marion County, Kansas 
          Died: 17 Jun 1899          in  
        Buried:                      in Hillsboro, Kansas 
     M Child 8: Frank R. Jost 
          Born: 24 Apr 1893          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died:  1 Jun 1972          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Buried:                           at Hillsboro, Kansas 
        Spouse: Marie Loewen  b. 20 Mar 1893 
       Married: 19 Oct 1916          in Hillsboro, Kansas

     M Child 9: Martin R. Jost 
          Born: 10 Jan 1895          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
      Baptized: 10 Oct 1915          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
          Died: 10 Jan 1964          in Dinuba, California 
        Spouse: Helen Warkentin  b. 27 Jun 1897  d. 12 Aug 1977 
       Married:  4 Apr 1920          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
    F Child 10: Anna R. Jost 
          Born: 17 Feb 1897          in Marion County, Kansas 
      Baptized: Oct 1915             in Gnadenau, Marion County, Kansas 
          Died: 19 Mar 1962          in  
        Spouse: Peter H. Berg  b. 14 Apr 1882  d. 28 Oct 1958 
       Married: 26 Apr 1931          in Hillsboro, Kansas 

Kathy Sperling

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