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Thiessen Born Genealogy

Thiessen Genealogy

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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Thiessen, Thiesen, Tiessen, Tyssen, Tieszen, Born, Borm, Borhn

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The Born - Thiessen genealogy is closely connected.                                 

Four Thiessen siblings [children of Peter Peter Thiessen b Apr 1798 and Elisabeth Giesbrecht ] were married to Borns in Russia! We do not know for sure how these Borns were related.  Perhaps siblings or cousins.

1  Peter Thiessen b. 23 Apr 1823 Muntau, Molotschna, South Russia d. 28 Aug 1905 Hierschau, Molotschna, South Russia
     m. Katharina Born  b. Abt 1824 d. 1860 m. 16 Jan 1848  about 36 years
   2 Susanna Thiessen b. 23 Jul 1828 Muntau, Molotschna, South Russia d. 8 Aug 1851
      m. Peter Born b. ? m. ? must have died fairly young as Susanna remarried and had 2 children and died at age 23.
     m. Heinrich Penner d. 1854 Podwood, Crimea, South Russia

   3 David Thiessen b. 17 Oct 1830 Muntau, Molotschna, South Russia d. 18 Jan 1906 Jansen, Nebraska
     m. Helena Born   b. 10 May 1837 Fischau, Molotschna, South Russia d. 27 Jun 1909 Jansen, Nebraska m. 11 Nov 1856 South Russia
   4 Gerhard Thiessen b. 1 May 1833 Muntau, Molotschna, South Russia d. 5 May 1895
     m. Katharina Born  b.?  m. 1851 d. bef 1870  [same one as above that married Peter Thiessen?-but the dates are not right]

The Thiessen and Harms History is also very closely connected.  Both families immigrated with the Mennonites from Prussia to Russia to Jefferson County, Club Creek, Nebraska in 1874 and 1877 and the villages of Jansen and Fairbury, Nebraska.  After meeting in homes for a time they constructed a church two miles west and three miles north of the present site of Jansen. Later the entire Kleine Gemeinde, as far as its members had not joined other groups, migrated to Meade, Kansas, in 1906-1908.

After meeting in homes for a time they constructed a church two miles
west and three miles north of the present site of Jansen. Later the
entire Kleine Gemeinde, as far as its members had not joined other
groups, migrated to Meade, Kansas, in 1906-1908.
This is why Anna Thiessen Harms who was born in Jansen, Nebraska on March 10, 1900;  was later baptized in Meade, Kansas.  She went back to Jansen for a wedding and meet Peter R Harms in Nebraska, they wrote back and forth and then on February 9, 1919 she was married in Jansen, Nebraska to him.  The Mennonite Church in Meade planed a bridal shower for Miss Anna Thiessen.  One of the shower planners was Mrs. Abraham Penner whose granddaughter [me] later married Anna Thiessen Harm's grandson.

Anna Thiessen Harms and Sisters                                                                                    Her mother: Anna F Isaac Thiessen

Helen Born (Borm) Thiessen Obituary
Sunday, the 27Th of June, the family received the unexpected message by telephones, that their mother, widow of David Thiessen, died suddenly around half past 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Helena Born Thiessen was already sickly for a while and then her son, David D Thiessen died suddenly on the 19Th. Mrs Helena Born Thiessen became still weaker. Mrs Thiessens', daughter Lena, married to Peter Wiens, lived with her. Jacob F Thiessens, and their daughter, stayed at home from church till noon; while they all sat at the table, the mother said " I am getting so bad. She did not want to be in the bed, so a quilt was put on the floor. Two physicians were called, however, they were not able to help.
Daughter Katharina asked her as she was laying on the floor. "Mama, if it should be God's will that you die, are you ready and willing to die?" She said "yes" and then she was gone. It was with the aged mother how it is in the old song "I'm weary of this world and longing for Heaven".
Her Husband, David Thiessen, was born in Muntau, Russia and of Landskone Russia, emigrated and had a stroke three years ago and lay for a long time speechless. They were economically very well off, however, they had to pick the roses with thorns. In Psalms 126: 5-6 it says "Those who sew in tears shall reap in joy".
Widow Thiessen was Helena Born of Landskrone, Russia. She was born May 10, 1837 and was 72 years, 1 month, and 17 days old. She was married over 50 years. There were seven children, of which one just died, 36 grandchildren, of which seven died; and two great- grandchildren.
The body was carried under large participation to the peaceful grave. Funeral meditations from Brother P I Fast taken from Ps 103: 6-17; writer of this (H Ratzlaff) spoke on Isa 40: 6-8, the talked Elder Is Peters over Psalm 90: 1-12. This serves the friends and brothers and sisters for the sermon message. Those who desire may write a letter to the grieving family.

The son, David Thiessen, who was buried just one week sooner, was 52 years 9 months, and 10 days old and leaves the beloved Mrs Anna Sawatsky and five children, to sorrow his death. They were both born in Landskrone, Russia.

David D Thiessen and Helen Born Thiessen were both buried in the Mennonite Cemetery outside of Jansen, Nebraska.  Later the graves were moved to make way for a road it is said and they reburied at Jansen Cemetery, Jefferson County, Nebraska. According to Marjorie Harms Leeb. [I am still trying to find more information about this]

 [This information on burial comes from Marjorie Harms Leeb

Helena Born death certificate

David Thiessen at Find A Grave

Helena Born Thiessen at Find A Grave

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