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Family Chronicle first written in German by John F Duerksen born July 25, 1863 and handwritten in 12-29-1928 

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Harms Thiessen Sperling Ewy Penner Funk Goossen Gaede Jost Loewen

Peter P Funk

and the Duerksen connections

The 1928 Duerksen History

The 1928 Duerksen History.


This is 10 pages of a Family Chronicle first written in German by John F Duerksen born July 25, 1863 and handwritten in 12-29-1928 and translated into English later by Marcellus Duerksen in 1996.

[I have included the parts that apply to the Peter Funk family] It can be read in its entirety here.

p 4

Descendant of my Great-Great Grandfather was Gerhard Duerksen and his  daughter –his 6th child was Anna Duerksen [1860-1922] who was married to Heinrich Funk, my cousin. [Cousin of John F Duerksen] He has died in prison.

Page 5

Jakob J Duerksen married to Katherina Funk lived in Alexandertal: he really wanted to become a tailor, but became a miller with a small plot of land and it went well with them. He sold his business and moved on a half allotment in acreage of land and in every respect the time was very hard for our parents. In the year 1884 they wondered out to America, Marion County, Kansas. Our mother died-She had a great deal of rheumatism and died of an internal tumor-and was buried on July 2, 1889. Father married to widow Katherina Harms and it went well with them. Of his first marriage he had eight children who outlived him.

Page 7

Supplement IV Generation

Jakob F Duerksen married to Katherina Funk. They had the wedding on May 2, 1862, in the house of the bride’s parents, Peter Funk in Alexandertal.

My grandfather Peter Funk came from Prussia to Russia with his parents when he was small. He was a member of the Mennonite Church in Gnadenfeld. The name of my grandmother is Julianna Florentina Fensky. She was baptized when small and belonged to the Lutheran Church, to which she dearly adhered until her end.

Page 8

She was grown up when she came from Prussia to Russia. She went to the Gnadenfeld Mennonite Church out of love for our grandfather, and she made her way to the fellowship since their wedding. Grandfather Peter Funk had two brothers--Paul Funk who made his very difficult way through life, and Heinrich Funk who also was called Bartfunk (or Beardfunk), who occasionally expressed very amusing opinions concerning matters of faith, which were expressed. Apparently his son David Funk is an Adventist preacher, if he is still living.

Our grandmother was sickly and for a long time could not drive along (with them) to church every Sunday. She loved reading prayer books and a collection of gems. Our grandparents had 2 sons and four daughters. These are Heinrich Funk, Katherine Funk, Sara Funk, Anna Funk, and Wilhelmina Funk. Our mother Katherina Funk, married to Jakob J Duerksen; Sara Funk, married to Abraham Duerksen-my father's cousin, Anna Funk, married to Heinrich Goosen, Wilhelmina Funk married to Abraham Penner, Peter Funk married to Maria Pauls in a second marriage. This uncle is still living. Numerous children of this uncle and aunt are in Canada and America.

[At the end of the family history was written.]

Corn, Oklahoma


Dear Menno:

Here you have something of our family chronicle. Oh Menno: All kinds of people among our relatives—the well and sick, smart and dumb, honorable and culprits.

Oh, what a grace, whoever can keep the faith and rightly complete his race, and can through God’s grace fight the good fight and reach heaven. God stand by us, that we saved from sin and preserved from sin, might live for Him in time and eternity. The Almighty bless you and make you a blessing in your doctor practice.

Respectful greetings to you,

Your old Uncle J F Duerksen and wife.

In Contrast are the memories translated from Henry Goossen: 

Peter P Funk    Jan 31, 1815 - Feb 21, 1885

"Peter Funk was still small when he migrated with his parents from Prussia to Russia. There he later became a member together with his family of the Gnadenfeld Mennonite church. He married Julianna Florentina Fenske who had received child baptism in a Lutheran church, but after marriage she joined the Mennonite church. Julianna later became sickly and frequently had to miss church: but she enjoyed reading prayer books and Treasure Chest verses. They had two sons and four daughters."
Received from Elfreda Penner Fast 7/00 (through Aunt Esther written by John F Duerksen most likely)

"The parents of my mother were Peter Funk and Julianna born Fenske.  Both born in Prussia. My grandmother was about 19 years old when she left the Lutheran Church and joined the Gnadenfeld Mennonite Church  My grandmother's brother died in (during-- the war against Napoleon in 1815.  (The brother was named Johann according to another source.)
From the Duerksen Family History by John F Duerksen--copied from the German
by Adelaide Duerksen Middleton 1957.

"My father was H J Goossen married to Anna Funk who was daughter of Peter Funk [who was in the line according to B H Unruh of Mennonite people of Swiss background] My mother Anna Funk--her grandmother Julianna Florentine Fenske is of Polish descent. "In earlier years she used the Catholic rosary for prayer".
Memoirs from Henry H Goossen, found here [written in old style German and read/translated by Helen Goossen over the phone.]