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Reviews of Nini Rodgers book "Ireland, Slavery and Anti-slavery"

Montserrat Tourist Board

Government of Montserrat radio & TV - As a community radio station ZJB’s programming aims serves a wide variety of audiences. From daily news casts, gospel programs, health corners, government notices, music segments and volcano updates one can tuned in all day and stay informed and entertained.

White Pages telephone directory

Tour of the Basics - an animated video from the University of Utah including topics such as what is ...DNA? a gene? a chromosome? a protein? heredity? and a trait? -

DNA from the Beginning from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - this is an excellent indepth discussion of DNA and how it controls everything that goes on within our bodies. There are animations and videos that cover 41 separate topics. This is really only for those who want a deeper understanding of DNA and how it works. Of particular relevance to genealogy, the animation in item 11 presents a discussion of genetic inheritance including an explanation of crossing over (recombination). The item 8 animation covers meiosis and the formation of sex cells (sperm and eggs).

Animation of meoisis showing replication, recombination (crossing over), random selection (independent assortment), and cell division to produce 4 sex cells from 1 progenitor cell -

ISOGG wiki -

ISOGG wiki Y-DNA -

A Miscellany of Links (that need to be sorted out)
lecture in Trinity on April 29th
Excellent pages on researching Caribbean history
Great place for queries and a resource center to identify other on-line databases
Pool resources with other genealogists searching the same surnames as you
Excellent website for Jamaican records, transcribed by researchers
Another good starting place for Caribbean family history

  • One place to start is the Caribbean Surnames List at This is an index to West Indian families being researched and includes the country of interest.
  • Search telephone directories to find islands with greatest coverage of that family name. Many residential telephone directories (white pages) are online, for example at You still need to search country by country.
  • Post a message on the Caribbean GenWeb Project mailing list at or to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.west-indies.
    • Researching your Caribbean family history
    •  - an article by Kate Carter (from 2007) that discusses how to start, where some of the main records are for people who migrated from the caribbean to the UK, and some useful discussion about DNA.
    • Tracing Caribbean Roots
    •  from the UK - some useful hints, tips, and links on the MovingHere website. There are also some useful links to sources for Caribbean records.
    • Rootstech 2013 videos
    •  - Rootstech is an annual conference run by FamilySearch that covers many aspects of genealogical research for the beginner and the advanced genealogist. These are videos of each of the sessions.
    • A clip from the programme Who Do You Think You Are featuring celebrity chef Ainsley Herriot and how he started his search into his family's history in Jamaica.
    lecture in Trinity on April 29th

    Faroes and Iceland genetic gen projects
    Mike Hammer video
    Did serfs assume the name of the Clan chief?
    Survey & Distribution
    If you want take the journey, there is a way home.
    It doesn't work for everyone, but it will work for many, and it may work for you.

    Motherland: A genetic journey. More information on Motherland, including a link to buy the film.

    Moving Here

    The Caribbean genweb project

    Caribbean surname index

    Jamaican Family Search

    BBC Family history site


    Moving Here: a database of digitised photographs, maps, objects, documents and audio items recording migration experiences of the past 200 years.

    The Caribbean Gen Web Project a comprehensive list of records with links to sites with more information.

    Society of Genealogists: Library has a good section on the West Indies, containing books about the different islands (including some of the non-British ones like Puerto Rico), and transcripts of parish registers. It also has 'Caribbeana', a series of publications containing transcripts of all kinds of records relating to the British West Indies.

    The National Archives: a vast repository of documents and information, it also provides detailed research guides and much more.

    Latter Day Saints Family History Centres: an international organisation, which has copied many genealogy records from around the world for researchers to view on microfilm. You can order material to your nearest Family History Centre.

    Who Do You Think You Are? magazine: a ‘getting started’ guide about Jamaican Family History.

    e general instructions on how to start your family tree at the following websites:

    YouTube videos from FamilySearch

    Other YouTube videos 

    Other links

    Rootstech conference

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