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In Ancient Rome, the forum was not only a marketplace, but a gathering place of great social significance, and often the scene of diverse activities, including discussions and debates. Who knows if we will recapture some of the former glory of Ancient Rome in these pages.

Did a funny thing happen to you on the way to the Forum? Why not write about it here ... 


The Spearin Forum

To post a query or comment relating to traditional genealogy, paper-based research, documentary evidence, and more general topics, please email

You can browse the SPEARIN Mailing List by clicking here (browse) or subscribe to the Mailing List by clicking here (subscribe)

The Spearin-DNA Forum

To post a query or comment relating to genetic genealogy, DNA testing, interpretation of results, and so on, please email

You can browse the SPEARIN-DNA Mailing List by clicking here (browse) or subscribe by clicking here (subscribe).


Both Fora are hosted by Rootsweb. To find your way back to the main website, please use the back button on your browser,

or just google "Spearin Surname Project". Here's a more in depth discussion of these two Forums (Fora) / Mailing Lists.

Communication specific for this website

Two new Mailing Lists have been set up specifically to discuss the Spearin Surname Project and the associated DNA-testing.

The Mailing Lists are:

In addition, posts to several Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards are automatically forwarded to the SPEARIN Mailing List, namely the Spearin Message Board posts, and in the near future hopefully the Spearing and Spearink message boards as well (links in the Message Board list below).

So what's the difference between a Mailing List and a Message Board? Well, anyone can post to a Message Board, but Mailing Lists require membership and tend to be used for more in depth discussion. That's what the original idea was anyway. However, in practice there is not a lot of difference between the two. In addition, posts posted on Message Boards can be gatewayed (i.e. forwarded) to the Mailing List so with the latter you get the best of both worlds - all the 'more public' Message Board posts AND the 'more specific' Mailing List posts. Also, you can't subscribe to Boards - you have to go searching for any new posts yourself. But with the Mailing Lists, notifications of any new posts get delivered directly to your inbox. So Mailing Lists are my preference ... for now.

What's already out there?

Various researchers have already established Mailing Lists and Message Boards for many Spearin surname variants. Below are lists of the main ones. You may find it useful to search the previous posts for mention of your ancestors and to make contact with previous posters.

To search the Mailing Lists, click here and either search for a specific name or word, or find a specific mailing list.

To search the Message Boards, click here and similarly either search for a specific name or word, or find a specific board.

Mailing Lists

If you navigate to a specific NAME Mailing List (e.g. SPEARIN Mailing List), there are several things you can do:

  • To search previous posts, click on 'Search the NAME archives' (second bullet from the end).
  • To subscribe, you can join the list or the digest. If you join the list, each new posting will be forwarded to you as soon as it is posted to the List. If you subscribe to the digest, you will get an approximately weekly update of all messages posted in the last week. Why not try subscribing to the List initially - there should not be that many emails to deal with but if there are you can always switch to the Digest format later.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, to post a query, a comment, or a response, just email it to OR

The following is a list of most of the relevant Spearin variants that have associated Mailing Lists. You may wish to subscribe to some or all of these (I would recommend the Spearing list in the first instance, in addition to our 2 website-specific lists).

Message Boards

Below is a list of most of the relevant Spearin variants that have established Message Boards. You may wish to subscribe to some or all of these. Note that we are in the process of arranging that all posts to the Spearin, Spearing, and Spearink Message Boards get automatically forwarded or gatewayed to our SPEARIN-L mailing list. Currently all SPEARING Message Board posts get forwarded to the SPEARING Mailing List.


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Maurice Gleeson, May 2011

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