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Migration Patterns

Based on the research undertaken by various individuals thus far, it would appear that many modern Spearin's originated from Limerick, Ireland. From there they migrated to other places within Ireland - Dublin (MG's line), Cork (JF's line); Canada - Ontario (TS); USA - New Jersey (BS); and Australia - Sydney (PH), NSW (JM, MB, Jd'A). Most of this migration took place in the early 1800's (about 1830-1850).

The Limerick branch in turn arrived from London about 1660-1680, so it looks like they spent about 180 years in Limerick before the next big waves of migration.

So far we have traced the London Spearin's back to the late 1500's. Prior to this they may have come from Cambridge. And prior to this (in the late 1400's) they may have come from Flanders (an area that today is occupied by southern Holland and northern Belgium).

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