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Death Certificates

Death Certificate for William Arthur Strickle

Veda Strickle Slusher Death Certificate

Elmer Franklin Strickle Death Certificate FL

Samuel Denzel Strickle Death Certificate

Sadie Conklin Strickle Death Certificate

Lillian Ruth Strickle Death Certificate

Herman Strickle Death Certificate

Gerald Leon Strickle Death Certificate

Frank M Strickle Death Certificate

Debra Lynn Strickle Death Certificate

Arthur Newton Strickle Death Certificate


Sadie Conklin Strickle Obituary Springfield OH Daily News pg 8

Dorothy Strickle Sparks Obituary Springfield OH Daily News Friday 10_17_1958 pg4

Census Pages

Andrew and Benjamin Strickle families 1880 Census

Anna Strickle 1920 Census

Arrabella Strickle 1880 Census

Arthur Strickle 1920 Census

Benjamin F Strickle 1880 Census

Benjamin Strickle 1870 Census IL

Della Strickle 1880 Census

Elle Strickle 1880 Census

Elmer Franklin Strickle 1920 Census

Elmer Franklin Strickle 1930 Census

Frank Strickle 1880 Census IL

Franklin Strickle 1920 Census

George E Strickle 1920 Census

George Strickle 1870 Census OH

Henry and Ola Strickle 1920 Census

Henry and Ola Stricle 1930 Census

Issac Strickle 1850 Census

Issac Strickle 1860 Census

James Strickle 1880 Census MO

John Strickle 1930 Census

Margaret Strickle 1860 Census OH Clinton Liberty 17

Margaret Strickle 1870 Census OH

Margrett Strickle 1880 Census

Marie Strickle 1920 Census

Mary Strickle 1880 Census

Melissa Strickle 1920 Census

Rebecca and Caroline Strickle 1870 Census OH

Rebecca H Strickle 1920

Rebecca H Strickle 1930 Census

Rebecca Strickle 1880 Census

Robert Samuel Strickle 1900 Census

Robert Samuel Strickle 1910 Census

Robert Samuel Strickle 1930 Census

Robert Wainwright Strickle 1930 Census

S Strickle 1850 US Federal Census OH Clinton Liberty

Samuel H Strickle 1860 US Fed Census IN Clay Posey 21

1870 Federal Census - Greene County Ohio page 356A - Samuel H Strickle (Strickel) second wife Catherine, children Cordelia and Ann

Samuel H Strickle 1880 Census

Samuel H Strickle 1900 Census Clinton Liberty Dist 64

Military Records

Robert Wainwright Strickle WWI Registration Card

Franklin Moses Strickle WWIDraft Reg cards

Elmer Strickle WWI Draft Reg Card OH

Clinton Co OH 1890 Veterans Schedule

Clinton Co OH 1890 Veterans Schedule pg1

Clinton Co OH 1890 Veterans Schedule Strickle