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First White Oak Grove Baptist, Senoia


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The Newnan Herald, Friday Feb 13, 1925

SOME BAPTIST HISTORY---White Oak Grove Church

White Oak Grove Church, 10 miles southeast from Newnan, was constituted Nov 8, 1829, with nine members. Presbytery was composed of Rev. James Reeves, Rev. J. G. Fry, and Rev. John Gillcoat. Simeon A Whatley was clerk. Rev. John G Fry served as pastor for six years, Rev W. H. Henderson three years, Rev Jas Bankston three years, Rev Berry Holmes two years, Rev. Geo. B. Davis eight years. The church which was located in an interesting section of Coweta county, numbered 188. Rev. John H. Corley pastored the church for five year, Rev. P. Matthews three years, Rev. W. H. Davis two years, Rev. G. R. Moore two years, Rev. T. S. Allen four years, Rev. J. H. Hall fourteen years, Rev. G. W. Colquitt three years, Rev. N. N. Edge one year, Rev. Elam Culpepper five years, Rev. R. D. Mallory one year, Rev. R. C. Rhodes eight years, Rev. B. M Pack two years, Rev. ÖÖÖ years, Rev. T. M. Hammond two years, Rev. R. M. Stevens two years, Rev. R. F. Smith two years, Rev. W. A. Davis two years, Rev. J. W. Perry one year, Rev. S. B. Cousins two years, Rev. E. C. Smith four years, Rev. E. E. Fry, present pastor, three years. There were 26 pastors in 96 years, and about four baptisms per year.

There were many good and useful male members of White Oak Grove Church. S. A. Whatley, S. L. Whatley, Tyre Harris, (my maternal grandfather by marriage) W. B. Pinson (my uncle), S. W. Lee, Henry Urquhart, M. W. Cole, W. T. Arnold, Rev. J. H. Hall. And Henry A. Martin, I think of as salt of the earth, with others whom I have failed to mention. Godís wonderful grace made character for benevolence and for beneficence in these to His own glory and for the good of mankind. W. B. Pinson was liberal. One of his brother deacons said to him, "I canít give to the church as I have done." Bro. Pinson said to him, "You canít afford to begin your retrenchment first with the Lord."

F. J. Amis

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