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Established 1842


The Newnan Herald, Friday, March 13, 1925


Neriah (‘the light of the Lord’) church, 17 miles east from Newnan, was constituted in September 1842. Rev. John S. Dodd, Rev. Geo. B. Davis, and Rev. Berry Holmes were present. Rev. Geo. B. Davis was pastor for 9 years with success; then Rev. P. Mathews, 1 year; Rev. J. G. Fry 4 years; Rev. A. R. Callaway, 2 years; Rev. T. S. Allen, 4 years; Rev. J. M. Key, 2 years; Rev. J. F. McCloud, 1 year; Rev. J. C. Camp 3 years; Rev. E. Harris, 3 years; of Haralson church, 1 year. In 1870 Neriah Church was merged into Haralson church, whose pastors were Rev. Thomas Murphy 1 year; Rev. L. J. Robert, 2 years; Rev. R. W. Hamrick, 7 years, Rev. S. B. Cousins, 20 years; Rev. V. A. Hamm, 6 years; Rev. G. W. Colquitt, 3 years; Rev. B. J. W. Graham, 2 years; Rev. W. H. Henry, 1 year; Rev. W. A. Rowe, 1 year. This church (Neriah 1842 to 1870, and Haralson 1870 to 1925) has baptized above an average. From 1870 to 1925 about five members per year were received by baptism.

Good pastors are known by their works. Any member who gives years of service as clerk of a Baptist church, or a member who gives years as superintendent of a Sunday School, or a member who has served well as deacon, or any unofficial member who for Jesus’ sake has served well, should have the love and co-operation of the entire brotherhood in the Meeting house. "We are one – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We should be one, to share largely of His blessings. Our clerks, should keep a complete record. Many fail to record on the church book the churches finances. If I want to know of a church’s money I have to go to the associational minutes, as the clerks fail to record it.

This church is known for its helpful service at home and abroad, far and near, sending out into life’s busy world 350 to 400 persons equipped in heart and soul to lend a helping hand to the struggling world in the power of Elijah’s God.

F. J. Amis


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