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From McDonald, Wayne Honours and Awards to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Great War 1914-1918 (Hamilton: Helen McDonald 2001)

BARROW James Douglas
13/2712. Sapper. NZ Engineers
Military Medal (MM)

For bravery in the field (London Gazette 17 September 1917 p9614)

23958. Private. 1st Battn Auckland Regiment
Military Medal (MM)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the field. On 26th March 1918 northeast of Mailly Maillet. When attacking an enemy position in advance of Chalk Pit, Private Bishoprick rendered splendid assistance. He with two other men bombed and then rushed in, killing and capturing eight of the enemy. The sap was the followed down and made secure. Private Bishoprick was wounded very soon after. (London Gazette 12 June 1918 p7017)

29449. Private. 1st Battn Wellington Regiment
Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when one of a garrison of a forward post. On three occasions he passed through very heavy shellfire to bring up stretcher-bearers. On the last one, though buried by an explosion, he completed his errand, and failing to obtain bearers, returned to the shelled area and carried out a badly wounded comrade on his back. During the same period, half the post being destroyed by shellfire, and all the rations with it, he volunteered to go back and bring up food. This he successfully did. Finally, when the post was relieved after a terrible ordeal in which half of the garrison was killed, he remained behind to look after the wounded until stretcher-bearers could be sent up. His magnificent devotion and exceptional fearlessness cannot be too highly praised. (London Gazette 26 January 1918 p1345)

NICHOLLS Thompson William
16/164. Corporal. NZ Pioneer (Maori) Battalion
Military Medal (MM)

For conspicuous coolness and devotion to duty on the night of 1/2nd October 1917. This NCO had charge of a carrying party working on the Wieltje – Gravenstafel Road. The enemy shelled the road very heavily but Nicholls got through with his load and then withdrew his men in perfect order and got them under cover in shell holes. One man was wounded and Nicholls escorted him out of danger at great personal risk. His coolness under heavy shellfire and the excellent control he exercised over his party saved many casualties. He set a splendid example to his men. (London Gazette 17 December 1917 p 13201) Died of Disease – New Zealand – 06 November 1918

NOTLEY Jonathan Thomas
13/128. Staff Sergeant Major. Auckland Mounted Rifles
Mentioned in Dispatches (MID)

In connection with administration in Egypt (London Gazette 21 June 1916 p6184)

PATTIE Reginald David
2/1076. Bombardier. 4th Battery 3rd Brigade NZFA
Military Medal (MM)

On the night of 26/27th May at Sailly au Bois, the Battery was being heavily bombarded with Gas and H.E. This NCO was in a dugout with some other men when it was blown in. One man was severely wounded and buried and the NCO although working with is gas mask on and under heavy fire succeeded in saving him and carried him to a place of safety. On a dump of ammunition blowing up this NCO rushed to the spot and succeeded in rescuing Sergt. White who had been seriously wounded and had damage to his sight. Bombardier Pattie carried the second wounded man through the bombardment to a place of safety. London Gazette 7 October 1918 p11841)
Bar to Military Medal On the 15th July 1918 near Bon Villers, this NCO was acting as No 1 on his gun, when a premature firing occurred which destroyed the piece, set fire to the pit and wounded Pattie and two if his detachment. Assisted by another wounded man, Bombardier Pattie dragged the blazing camouflage off the pit and put the fire out before it could do any material damage. He showed great coolness, presence of mind and total disregard of danger. A large quantity of charges were in the pit and liable to explode at any time thus endangering the whole battery. Nevertheless he gallantly stuck to his post until the fire was under control, when he collapsed from loss of blood. (London Gazette 21 October 1918 p12400)
Died at Sea Egypt ex England (torpedoed) 4 May 1917

ROGERS Augustus Rutakewhenua
16/354. Sergeant. NZ Pioneer (Maori) Battalion
Military Medal (MM)

For especially good work and devotion to duty in the St Jean Area during the period 8/20th October 1917. Sergeant Rogers has consistently and wholeheartedly devoted himself to getting the best and the most work out of his men. By his initiative and example under fire he cheered and encouraged his men, through the trying work of getting Field Artillery guns forward through almost impassable places where horse teams had failed. His coolness under fire enabled him to extricate his men from dangerous positions, and his experience was invaluable in keeping his men together and getting them back to work when shelling ceased. (London Gazette 28 January 1918 p1406)

SALMON Cedric Whitby
4/208A. Sergeant. 1st Field Co NZ Engineers
Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

On 2nd May 1915, during operations near Kaba Tepe, and again on 5th May, for conspicuous bravery in defending exposed portions of the position.(London Gazette 03 Jun 1915 p5332 and 03 July 1915 p6546)
Corporal. NZ Engineers
Mentioned in Dispatches (MID)

Mentioned in General Ian Hamilton’s despatch of 20th May 1915. (Commander Mediterranean Expeditionary Force). He erected under fire an observation post at Quinns Post. This enabled a new trench line to be constructed giving superiority of fire and observation. (London Gazette 05 August 1915 p7668)

SEDDON George Hume
8/2369. 2nd Lieutenant. 1st Battn Otago Regiment
Military Cross (MC)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operations in the vicinity of Briastre on October 10th 1918. When troops on the left were held up he went on horseback into heavy machine gun fire to find out the situation and returned with valuable information. In the evening, when a further advance was decided on, he rode forward and stayed with the front companies, in spite of heavy shellfire, until the final objective was reached.(London Gazette 30 July 1919 p9806)

SEDDON Samuel Thomas
12/1005. 2nd Lieutenant. 2nd Battn, Auckland Regiment
Military Cross (MC)

For conspicuous gallantry in action. He organised and led bombing parties with great courage and determination, thereby greatly assisting in holding the trench against determined enemy attacks. He set a splendid example throughout. (London Gazette 25 November 1916 p11551)
Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) For distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty during the period of my command. Lieut-General Sir W R Marshall, Commanding in Chief, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force. (London Gazette 05 June 1919 p7256)

SOUTHEY Charles Carrington
10918. 2nd Lieutenant. NZ Cyclist Battalion
Military Cross (MC)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on 1st November 1918, south of Valenciennes. He was ordered to reconnoitre with a patrol beyond the final objective. Finding this impracticable owing to the proximity of the enemy, he at once joined in with the Infantry, who were few and hard pressed, and helped them through the day, especially in repelling a counter-attack. At the close of day he sent in a clear report on the events in his area.(London Gazette 02 April 1919 p4337 and 10 December 1919 p15399)
Sergeant. NZ Cyclist Corps
Military Medal (MM)
For bravery in the field (Passchendaele, October 1917) (London Gazette 28 January 1918 p1406)

SPEIGHT Robert James
12/2122. Sergeant. Auckland Regiment
Brought to the Notice of the Secretary of State for War Communique from the War Office 28 August 1919

Brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with the war.

THOMAS Hugh James
13/2932. Gunner. NZ Field Artillery
Military Medal (MM)

For bravery in the field (London Gazette 06 August 1918 p9256)

VERCOE Henry Ray
16/161. Captain. 1st Battn Auckland Regiment
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his company commander was wounded he took command and led the company successfully under very heavy machine gun fire. Next day he carried a wounded man into safety under heavy fire, and the following day, when some of his men were buried by a minenwerfer, he went to the spot and saved the lives of two by digging them out with his bare hands. This officer was a fine example of courage and determination. (London Gazette 26 July 1918 p8754)
Company Sergeant Major. NZ Maori Battalion
Mentioned in Dispatches (MID)

In connection with the operations described in General I. Hamilton’s dispatch dated 11 December 1915.(London Gazette 28 January 1916 p1209)
Captain. 1st Battn. Auckland Regiment
Mentioned in Dispatches (MID)

Sir D Haig’s dispatch dated 8th November 1918, submitting name’s deserving of special mention. (London Gazette 31 December 1918 p15231)

WATKINS Henry Thomas
55001. Private. 1st Battn. Auckland Regiment
Military Medal (MM)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During operations on the 1st October 1918 east of Masnieres, Private Watkins showed magnificent courage and resource in the handling of his Lewis Gun against enemy positions. He frequently got his gun into action with deadly effect in face of point blank enemy machine gun fire and rifle fire. He showed an utter disregard for his personal safety throughout the whole operation, and was the means of inflicting severe casualties on the enemy from exposed positions. At one stage, with three others, he worked round the enemy flank and killed 15 of the enemy. His conduct was splendid.(London Gazette 13 March 1919 p3453)

WILSON Allen George Keith
38472. Private. 2nd Battn. Auckland Regiment
Military Medal (MM)

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. At Crevecouer on 30th September 1918 he held a very exposed position with his Lewis Gun section throughout the day. When a counter-attack compelled his platoon to retire he covered their withdrawal with his Lewis Gun which he kept in action though exposed to fire from enemy snipers and machine guns. (London Gazette 13 March 1919 p3453)

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