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Jane Phillips was born on the sailing ship Catherine Shearer while the vessel, on which her family and a large number of other passengers were voyaging to Australia in 1855.  Off the coast of Tasmania, when Jane was only 10 days old, the vessel caught fire.  Efforts to bring the fire under control were without avail and, as part of the cargo comprised explosives, it was decided to abandon ship.  All the passengers and crew were safely landed on the Tasmania coast with as many of their belongings as could be taken in the boats.  The ship eventually blew up, but as the captain had ordered all members of the party to proceed inland as far as possible, none was injured, although debris from the explosion fell close to them.  Later, the shipwrecked passengers and crew were taken to a station named Monovale, where they received the hospitality of the owner for some time.


Jane married John Jacob Sulzberger in Tasmania and the couple and their family came to New Zealand in 1902 settling first at Mangatoki, where they farmed for a number of years, and later moved to Ngaere, from whence they retired to live in Eltham.  Jane took a full part in all social activities, and paid particular attention to patriotic work.  A great home lover, her delight was to be surrounded by members of her family.


Jane Sulzberger died on the 28 April 1947 at Eltham aged 91 years and is buried at the Eltham cemetery.



Obituary "Hawera Star" 30 Apr 1947