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Thank you to Associate Professor Glyn Harper and Harper Collins for their permission to print these names from Glyn's book Spring Offensive - New Zealand and the Second Battle of the Somme (Harper Collins 2003).

The following names are those who were killed or died from wounds between 23 March and 30 April 1918 and are taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database, Casualty Lists 1918, and the NZEF Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

MACCONNACHIE Donald Driver 43442 NZFA 17Apr1918
MACDONALD Horatio Arnold Private 45876 WlgReg 27Mar1918
MACE Guy George L/Corporal 41844 NZRB 29Mar1918
MACKAY Alexander Rifleman 23402 NZRB 06Apr1918
MACKAY Donald Rifleman 62117 NZRB 29Mar1918
MACKAY Neil L/Corporal 31691 AklReg 27Mar1918
MACKAY Roderick Private 58576 CantReg 05Apr1918
MACKENZIE John Smith L/Corporal 14285 AklReg 26Mar1918
MACKENZIE Kenneth William Rifleman 44647 NZRB 21Apr1918
MACKINTOSH Neil John Private 51285 CantReg 28Mar1918
MacLEAN Clarence Corporal 10/4481 WlgReg 27Mar1918
MACRAE Alick Private 51286 CantReg 27Mar1918
MACSHANE Charles Eugene L/Corporal 33205 AklReg 04Apr1918
MALCOLM Edmond Leo Lieutenant 11/699 NZRB 06Apr1918
MAPP Richard Private 34407 AklReg 30Apr1918
MARCHANT Alexander Barber Rifleman 23/1434 NZRB 27Mar1918
MARTEN Carl Rifleman 12436 NZRB 29Mar1918
MARTIN Cyril Jesse Gibson Private 61142 NZEB 29Apr1918
MARTIN Henry Saville Private 51573 AklReg 30Mar1918
MARTIN James Horace Sapper 4/1973 NZE 25Apr1918
MARTIN John William Private 27337 CantReg 26Mar1918
MARTIN Leonard Private 61700 CantReg 27Apr1918
MARTIN Robert Frederick Private 48661 AklReg 30Mar1918
MASON Albert Chernell Private 25558 NZMGC 27Mar1918
MASON William L/Sergeant 25/507 NZRB 29Mar1918
MASON William Patrick Rifleman 24/2243 NZRB 05Apr1918
MATTHEWSON Hugh Henderson Private 48659 AklReg 01Apr1918
MAULE James Rifleman 52851 NZRB 16Apr1918
MAUNDER Alfred Roy Private 40348 WlgReg 25Apr1918
MAXWELL Charles Rifleman 15928 NZRB 28Mar1918
MAXWELL Theodore Henry Private 24029 AklReg 27Mar1918
MAYLEN William Private 49638 CantReg 28Mar1918
MAYO Charles Edward Private 44069 CantReg 14Apr1918
MCALISTER Douglas William Lieutenant 22667 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
MCALLISTER William McClure Private 47280 OtagoReg 09Apr1918
MCANALLY Samuel Clery Private 46374 AklReg 27Mar1918
MCARTHUR Archibald Sergeant 8/433 OtagoReg 11Apr1918
MCARTHUR Arthur Keirby Captain 12/2623 AklReg 30Mar1918
MCARTHUR John Findlay Rifleman 47028 NZRB 05Apr1918
MCAULAY Archibald Private 60969 CantReg 28Apr1918
MCCALL Alfred Private 64562 NZEB 16Apr1918
MCCARTHY Hugh Corporal 6/4634 CantReg 26Mar1918
MCCOID John Private 26653 AklReg 26Mar1918
MCCONAUGHY Frederick Edward Private 46376 AklReg 30Mar1918
MCCUSKER Henry Murdoch Private 13964 NZEB 19Apr1918
MCDERMOTT Bryan Peter Private 42139 AklReg 30Mar1918
MCDONALD Herman Cecil Private 26872 AklReg 30Mar1918
MCFADDEN Joseph Edward Rifleman 51859 NZRB 27Mar1918
MCGINNIS Joseph Augustine Private 49913 AklReg 30Mar1918
MCGOUGH Patrick Private 58572 CantReg 27Mar1918
MCGREGOR John 2nd Lieut 39400 OtagoReg 16Apr1918
MCGUINNESS James Owen Private 29177 CantReg 27Mar1918
MCINDOE Gordon Frank L/Sergeant 32959 CantReg 05Apr1918
MCINTOSH Charles (MM) L/Corporal 12/3110 AklReg 20Apr1918
MCINTOSH James Private 54145 CantReg 29Mar1918
MCINTOSH Stanley Herbert Rifleman 12443 NZRB 29Mar1918
MCINTOSH William Garrow Corporal 55081 NZRB 05Apr1918
MCKAY George Gunner 2/3051 NZFA 09Apr1918
MCKAY Leonard Harold Private 37935 NZMGC 07Apr1918
MCKENZIE John Rifleman 37002 NZRB 30Mar1918
MCKENZIE William Rifleman 47034 NZRB 30Mar1918
MCKINLAY William David Corporal 4/1978 NZE 12Apr1918
MCKINNA William John Private 47568 WlgReg 28Mar1918
MCKINNON James Edwin Gunner 42921 NZFA 17Apr1918
MCLACHLAN Clement Rothery Rifleman 53711 NZRB 18Apr1918
MCLAREN Hugh Private 56334 AklReg 26Mar1918
MCLAREN Thomas Corbet Private 64325 NZEB 17Apr1918
MCLAREN William White Rifleman 46236 NZRB 05Apr1918
McLAY Peter Private 54568 AklReg 31Mar1918
McLEAN Donald Private 30624 WlgReg 29Mar1918
McLEAN William Robert Private 20208 NZMGC 24Apr1918
McLEOD John Rifleman 42696 NZRB 07Apr1918
McLEOD Louis Augustine Bernard Rifleman 31875 NZRB 15Apr1918
McLEOD William Ernest Corporal 36836 NZRB 05Apr1918
McMILLAN Frederick Thomas Corporal 10/3679 WlgReg 04Apr1918
McNEIL Archibald Rifleman 58783 NZRB 20Apr1918
McNOE William Andrew L/Corporal 27096 NZRB 06Apr1918
McPHERSON Robert Cochrane Private 40612 AklReg 30Mar1918
McQUEEN Robert Harold L/Corporal 39872 WlgReg 11Apr1918
McQUEEN William Alexander Corporal 23/1108 NZRB 26Mar1918
McRAE Hugh L/Corporal 10/3342 WlgReg 30Mar1918
McSWEENEY Bernard Brian Private 57427 OtagoReg 22Apr1918
McWHA Dupree William Private 6/3394 CantReg 18Apr1918
MEADWAY Edwin Laurence Private 45534 AklReg 30Mar1918
MENZIES Duncan Rifleman 25/779 NZRB 27Mar1918
MENZIES William Greig Private 32532 AklReg 26Mar1918
MENZIES William Rutledge Private 46654 CantReg 05Apr1918
MERCER Edgar Joseph Private 47504 NZEB 14Apr1918
METCALFE Ernest Rifleman 39270 NZRB 28Apr1918
METTAM Frederick James Corporal 12/3421 AklReg 06Apr1918
MILES Henry Ernest Osborne L/Corporal 44000 CantReg 05Apr1918
MILLAR John Reginald Rifleman 39074 NZRB 05Apr1918
MILLER William Arthur Private 17933 NZMGC 07Apr1918
MILLIGAN Walter George Corporal 10/3350 NZEB 14Apr1918
MILLS Rongo Private 47914 CantReg 05Apr1918
MILNE Thomas Andrew Corporal 53393 NZRB 05Apr1918
MITCHELL Archibald Clement Sergeant 8/3360 OtagoReg 28Apr1918
MITCHELL Valentine Patrick Private 11903 WlgReg 31Mar1918
MOHAN Edward Rifleman 45712 NZRB 26Mar1918
MOHR Keith Corporal 13/3185 NZMGC 26Mar1918
MOIR Gordon Gunner 50220 NZFA 18Apr1918
MONAGHAN John Private 33920 AklReg 27Mar1918
MONTAGU Ellwood Charles Douglas Sergeant 23/212 NZRB 05Apr1918
MOORE Alfred Kettley Rifleman 41096 NZRB 29Mar1918
MOORE Kenneth Stuart Private 31680 AklReg 27Mar1918
MOORE Sunny Corporal 16/555 NZMB 24Apr1918
MORGAN John Samuel Private 45891 CantReg 31Mar1918
MORGAN Reneld Rifleman 54553 NZRB 30Mar1918
MORONEY Peter Rifleman 55991 NZRB 07Apr1918
MORRIS George Arthur Private 53597 AklReg 18Apr1918
MORRISON Evan William Private 31320 WlgReg 05Apr1918
MORTON John Castle Private 52355 AklReg 19Apr1918
MOTHERWELL James Pattison Sergeant 38419 AklReg 27Mar1918
MOWBRAY William Ernest Private 22063 OtagoReg 04Apr1918
MUIR Matthew Thomas Private 59534 OtagoReg 30Mar1918
MULCAHY David Private 24/2043 NZCB 29Apr1918
MULLANY John Rifleman 24/2045 NZRB 06Apr1918
MUNNOCH John Private 8/4182 OtagoReg 08Apr1918
MUNRO Hector John Private 54926 AklReg 27Mar1918
MURPHY Denis Sergeant 25145 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
MURPHY Eddie Driver 28006 NZFA 10Apr1918
MURPHY George Alexander Private 14296 AklReg 02Apr1918
MURPHY Thomas Private 34403 AklReg 26Mar1918
MURRAY Lincoln Bishop Gunner 17314 NZFA 13Apr1918
MURRAY Martin L/Corporal 13/2599 NZRB 28Mar1918
NAPIER Norman Campbell Private 57130 OtagoReg 09Apr1918
NASH Hector Frederick Sergeant 23081 NZRB 05Apr1918
NEAL Alfred Sergeant 23/1761 WlgReg 23Apr1918
NEILSON Alexander Robert Lieutenant 22690 NZRB 28Mar1918
NEILSON Victor Francis Corporal 2/2225 NZFA 15Apr1918
NELSON Harry Private 10145 CantReg 06Apr1918
NELSON William Thomas 2nd Lieut 2/584 NZFA 18Apr1918
NEWELL D'Arcy Roycroft L/Corporal 8/2687 OtagoReg 13Apr1918
NEWNHAM Thomas Private 52099 CantReg 27Mar1918
NEWPORT Jonathan Howard L/Sergeant 15585 CantReg 05Apr1918
NICHOLSON Gerald Private 23/1766 AklReg 12Apr1918
NICOLAS Louis Oswald Sapper 9/1593 NZE 05Apr1918
NICOLSON David Rifleman 51890 NZRB 31Mar1918
NIXON Alfred Ernest Private 38899 NZMGC 07Apr1918
NORCROSS James Thomas Private 56989 OtagoReg 30Mar1918
NUTTER Edward Roland 2nd Lieut 38849 NZRB 30Mar1918
OBERG James Albert Private 25295 CantReg 26Mar1918
O'CONNOR Michael Rifleman 36883 NZRB 20Apr1918
O'CONNOR Michael Bernard 2nd Lieut 18582 CantReg 05Apr1918
O'KEEFE Patrick Private 49736 AklReg 30Mar1918
OLD Harold Edward L/Sergeant 10/1940 WlgReg 03Apr1918
OLDRIDGE Thomas Smart Davey Rifleman 56831 NZRB 27Mar1918
OLIVER Thomas Francis Rifleman 41040 NZRB 06Apr1918
O'MEARA James Private 23/865 NZRB 29Mar1918
O'NEILL Thomas Private 29065 CantReg 05Apr1918
ORANGE Raymond Lionel Private 40837 CantReg 05Apr1918
ORCHARD Charles James Private 21316 AklReg 26Mar1918
O'SULLIVAN Patrick Rifleman 55616 NZRB 05Apr1918
OWEN John Private 12/3119 AklReg 05Apr1918
OWEN William Joseph Rifleman 14853 NZRB 29Mar1918
PACEY William Rifleman 41106 NZRB 27Mar1918
PAGE Thomas Albert James Rifleman 51893 NZRB 05Apr1918
PALLANT Arthur Ernest Private 14732 NZEB 15Apr1918
PALMER James Darcy Private 19172 AklReg 27Mar1918
PATCHETT Edward Ernest Rifleman 55880 NZRB 29Mar1918
PATERSON Alan McLean Private 30635 CantReg 27Mar1918
PATTISON Herbert Campbell Corporal 11/1208 WlgReg 23Mar1918
PAVITT Reginald Private 48563 AklReg 30Mar1918
PEAKE Frank Rowland Rifleman 52268 NZRB 08Apr1918
PEARCE Victor William (MM) Corporal 24/1167 NZRB 26Mar1918
PEARSON Rupert Leslie Gunner 50560 NZFA 19Apr1918
PEMBERTON David Autumn Private 32893 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
PENZER Esau Joseph Private 59712 CantReg 05Apr1918
PERRY Edward Jevan Herbert L/Corporal 25121 NZMGC 31Mar1918
PERRY James Rifleman 42570 NZRB 06Apr1918
PERRY William Alfred L/Corporal 10/1617 NZRB 28Mar1918
PERYMAN Leonard Wesley Corporal 29071 NZRB 06Apr1918
PETERSEN Harold Lewis Christian Rifleman 20562 NZRB 07Apr1918
PETERSON Frederick Creighton Private 13/3299 WlgReg 27Mar1918
PETRIE Arnold James 2nd Lieut 3/1186 AklReg 18Apr1918
PHELPS Edgar Ernest Private 52006 CantReg 18Apr1918
PHILLIS Frederick John L/Corporal 32962 NZRB 29Mar1918
PIERSON Frank Rifleman 14858 NZRB 05Apr1918
PILCHER Charles Stephen Private 13800 AklReg 26Mar1918
PLASKETT Walter Private 60986 CantReg 29Mar1918
POLGLASE John Private 37652 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
POMEROY Francis Edward Private 55790 NZEB 16Apr1918
PORTEOUS Thomas L/Corporal 36790 NZRB 27Mar1918
POWER Edmond Joseph Private 41620 OtagoReg 30Mar1918
POWER Thomas Edward Private 10887 NZCB 18Apr1918
PRATT Charles Edward Private 44775 AklReg 26Mar1918
PREBBLE Ernest Kenneth L/Corporal 41991 NZRB 31Mar1918
PRICE Dudley Everard Owen Gunner 9/1722 NZFA 14Apr1918
PRICTOR James Alfred Rifleman 49261 NZRB 28Mar1918
PRIEST Edward James Rifleman 44152 NZRB 29Mar1918
PRINGLE Alexander Merriford Corporal 33437 NZEB 14Apr1918
PRYDE Alexander Private 23239 OtagoReg 10Apr1918
PURDY Robert Gleadow (MC) Major 23/10 NZRB 28Mar1918
QUAID William Silvester Private 36486 CantReg 05Apr1918
QUINLAN George Ambrose L/Corporal 23314 AklReg 26Mar1918
QUINLAN Thomas Michael Private 51776 AklReg 28Apr1918
RADFORD Raymond Cyril Rifleman 41355 NZRB 30Mar1918
RAE Robert Ernest Private 44415 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
RAMSAY Harold Vivian Private 18080 NZMC 02Apr1918
RAMSEY Alexander Gunner 2/1899 NZFA 17Apr1918
RANDALL Bertram Robert Rifleman 54080 NZRB 19Apr1918
RAVLICH Jack L/Corporal 12/3790 AklReg 29Mar1918
RAY Robert (MM) Rifleman 26/1689 NZRB 30Mar1918
READ George Dunbar Private 55792 OtagoReg 24Apr1918
REDMOND James Private 27960 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
REED Sidney Herbert Private 38981 CantReg 04Apr1918
REEVE Charles Stuart Jackson Private 13990 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
REEVE George Spencer Rifleman 30407 NZRB 06Apr1918
REEVE William Alfred Campbell 2nd Lieut 24/660 NZRB 29Mar1918
REID Horace Ernest George Private 38748 AklReg 29Mar1918
REID John Rifleman 42709 NZRB 19Apr1918
REID Stuart Private 23421 AklReg 27Mar1918
RENNIE John Wesley (MM) Sergeant 6/3842 CantReg 05Apr1918
REVILL Marmaduke Private 46082 NZEB 14Apr1918
REYNOLDS Dencil George Private 40057 CantReg 28Mar1918
REYNOLDS George Snowdon Rifleman 53413 NZRB 28Mar1918
RICHARDS Frank Harold Corporal 11945 WlgReg 19Apr1918
RICHARDSON Leonard Colville Private 25593 WlgReg 12Apr1918
RIVERS John Peter Rifleman 23437 NZRB 07Apr1918
ROBERTS Albert Moses Private 58923 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
ROBERTSHAW Frederick Arthur Private 58924 OtagoReg 16Apr1918
ROBERTSON Douglas Leslie Lieutenant 37054 WlgReg 27Mar1918
ROBERTSON Harry Bryden Private 54085 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
ROBERTSON William John Rifleman 47038 NZRB 20Apr1918
ROBINSON Andrew Henry Private 59543 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
ROBINSON Frederick George Private 33769 CantReg 07Apr1918
ROBINSON James Joseph Private 40638 AklReg 26Mar1918
ROBINSON John Henry Private 53611 CantReg 05Apr1918
ROBINSON Robert Charles Gunner 18031 NZFA 18Apr1918
ROBINSON Roy George L/Corporal 40161 WlgReg 30Mar1918
ROBSON Ninian Private 9/1351 OtagoReg 10Apr1918
ROGERS John Henry Private 58601 NZEB 17Apr1918
ROLLS George William Sapper 55628 NZE 12Apr1918
ROSA Hubert Rifleman 60270 NZRB 29Mar1918
ROSS Alexander Private 34432 AklReg 26Mar1918
ROSS Roy McLeod Rifleman 54601 NZRB 05Apr1918
ROSS William Private 56794 CantReg 28Mar1918
ROSSITER Albert Arthur (MM) Private 23879 WlgReg 23Mar1918
ROULSTON Herbert Lewis Rifleman 56031 NZRB 05Apr1918
ROWE Mark Wilmot Corporal 6/3449 CantReg 27Mar1918
RUCK Frederick Thomas L/Corporal 31895 NZRB 30Mar1918
RUSSELL Neil Ruffell 2nd Lieut 32542 AklReg 26Mar1918
RUTHERFORD Stanley L/Corporal 8/3392 OtagoReg 06Apr1918
RUTTER William Arthur L/Corporal 12/3804 AklReg 30Mar1918
RYAN Thomas Paddy Private 39105 AklReg 02Apr1918
SANDERSON Robert Private 24064 AklReg 30Mar1918
SANGWELL Walter Harold Percy Private 6/2746 CantReg 05Apr1918
SCADDEN Clive Theodore Aorangi Rifleman 56859 NZRB 10Apr1918
SCANLAN William Webber Wilson Rifleman 38074 NZRB 05Apr1918
SCHENK Frederick Ludwig Private 28805 AklReg 29Mar1918
SCHUMACHER Frederick William Private 55550 CantReg 14Apr1918
SCOTT Allan Roy Private 28806 AklReg 27Mar1918
SCOTT Arthur Tennyson Corporal 12/243 AklReg 26Mar1918
SCOTT Charles Roderick Leslie Private 39331 OtagoReg 15Apr1918
SCOTT Edward Andrew Private 56365 AklReg 28Mar1918
SCOTT Frank Herbert Rifleman 30413 NZRB 29Mar1918
SCOTT Robert Sergeant 12/459 NZEB 16Apr1918
SCOTT William John Private 49753 AklReg 11Apr1918
SCOTT William Kenneth Rifleman 40379 NZRB 06Apr1918
SCOULLAR William Arthur 2nd Lieut 24/946 NZRB 06Apr1918
SCULLIN Felix Private 57156 AklReg 27Mar1918
SEED Gilbert John Corporal 12/2836 AklReg 27Mar1918
SEXTON James Private 49552 CantReg 28Mar1918
SHADRACH Walter Private 44025 NZEB 17Apr1918
SHANKLAND John Rifleman 19056 NZRB 29Mar1918
SHARP Herbert Lewis Rifleman 62645 NZRB 21Apr1918
SHARP William Campbell Private 12/3818 AklReg 26Mar1918
SHAW David John Lieutenant 14023 NZRB 30Mar1918
SHEAD Ernest William Private 61426 AklReg 11Apr1918
SHEED William Robert Private 61810 WlgReg 27Mar1918
SHENNAN John James Rifleman 45245 NZRB 23Apr1918
SHEPHERD Robert Frew L/Corporal 46532 NZRB 27Mar1918
SHEPHERD Vivian Arnold Private 31440 AklReg 27Mar1918
SHEPPARD George Finnis Driver 10/3391 NZASC 22Apr1918
SHIELDS George Herbert Private 35045 NZEB 12Apr1918
SHIPLEY Henry Driver 5/815 NZASC 05Apr1918
SHRIMPTON Norman Gunner 43459 NZFA 12Apr1918
SIEGEL Charles Christian Private 49849 WlgReg 30Mar1918
SIMMS Frederick Private 28809 AklReg 01Apr1918
SIMONS Charles Edward Gunner 2/2540 NZFA 18Apr1918
SIMPSON James Walker L/Corporal 26/216 NZRB 05Apr1918
SIMPSON William Hart Private 64671 CantReg 24Apr1918
SINCLAIR John 2nd Lieut 36761 CantReg 27Mar1918
SINCLAIR Robert Marcus Rifleman 15425 NZRB 07Apr1918
SINTON James Private 54989 AklReg 26Mar1918
SKINNER James L/Corporal 32907 NZEB 16Apr1918
SLIGHT Frank Bombardier 2/2722 NZFA 06Apr1918
SMAIL William John Private 32240 CantReg 03Apr1918
SMALL Albert Ernest Private 48864 NZEB 14Apr1918
SMALL Leonard Ernest Rifleman 23/283 NZRB 28Mar1918
SMEED Edmund Rifleman 41368 NZRB 19Apr1918
SMITH Albert Arthur (MM) Private 55553 CantReg 27Mar1918
SMITH Charles Private 44876 AklReg 26Mar1918
SMITH Charles Sergeant 22377 NZRB 06Apr1918
SMITH Ernest Edward Private 8/4024 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
SMITH Frank Leonard Rifleman 23/910 NZRB 30Mar1918
SMITH George Frederick L/Corporal 13534 WlgReg 27Mar1918
SMITH Herbert Private 26326 OtagoReg 09Apr1918
SMITH Hoani Private 19394 NZMB 11Apr1918
SMITH John Phillip Private 59471 WlgReg 29Apr1918
SMITH Joseph Private 46094 NZEB 16Apr1918
SMITH Robert Rifleman 44165 NZRB 27Mar1918
SMITH Victor Jubilee Private 48683 AklReg 30Mar1918
SMITH Walter Bombardier 11/1971 NZFA 18Apr1918
SMITH William Rifleman 53273 NZRB 05Apr1918
SNELL George Daniel Corporal 23300 NZRB 29Mar1918
SNODGRASS William Joseph Corporal 42718 NZRB 07Apr1918
SNOW Frederick James Private 41419 NZMGC 27Mar1918
SORENSON Malcolm John Rifleman 60316 NZRB 09Apr1918
SOUTER Patrick L/Sergeant 24/2095 CantReg 05Apr1918
SPARK Robert Twelvetree Corporal 24/590 NZRB 15Apr1918
SPARROW Philip Private 26/138 OtagoReg 29Apr1918
SPECK Harold James Rifleman 51500 NZRB 05Apr1918
SPOWART John Jasper Private 24/1821 OtagoReg 04Apr1918
STAINES Jack Leslie Private 37949 NZMGC 31Mar1918
STANSELL Jack Alexander Private 41655 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
STANTON Alfred Littledyke Private 47606 AklReg 26Mar1918
STAUNTON John Francis Rifleman 49937 NZRB 12Apr1918
STAVELEY Robert George Private 56863 NZEB 23Apr1918
STEEL Malcolm Private 48289 CantReg 05Apr1918
STEPHENS Ernest Edward Private 41161 OtagoReg 06Apr1918
STEPHENS John Rifleman 53434 NZRB 30Mar1918
STEVENS John James Private 6/3480 CantReg 05Apr1918
STEVENSON William Rifleman 44319 NZRB 29Mar1918
STEWART Arthur Tennyson Sergeant 12/4279 AklReg 26Mar1918
STEWART James William Rifleman 42719 NZRB 06Apr1918
STORRIER Stanley Private 37888 OtagoReg 03Apr1918
STOUT Thomas William Private 29880 OtagoReg 17Apr1918
STRACHAN Douglas Trooper 9/206 OMR 29Apr1918
STUART Alexander WOII 26/282 NZRB 05Apr1918
STYLES William James Mitchell Private 34746 CantReg 27Mar1918
SUTHERLAND Arthur Robert L/Corporal 31742 AklReg 26Mar1918
SUTHERLAND Oscar Robert Rifleman 52702 NZRB 30Mar1918
SWAN David Gordon Sergeant 33192 AklReg 26Mar1918
SWEETAPPLE Ernest Theodore Corporal 25647 NZRB 30Mar1918
SWINNEY William Thomas Corporal 36693 NZRB 07Apr1918
SYMES Francis Ernest Private 31369 WlgReg 30Mar1918
SYMONS Arthur Corporal 15797 WlgReg 27Mar1918
SYMONS John Private 23258 NZEB 13Apr1918
TAMAUAHI Papera Corporal 16/963 NZMB 05Apr1918
TANNER Frederick Arthur Private 25613 WlgReg 16Apr1918
TATTERSALL Thomas Norman Private 48584 AklReg 26Mar1918
TAYLOR Charles Brian Private 28007 AklReg 30Mar1918
TAYLOR Sydney Thomas Private 34456 AklReg 26Mar1918
TAYLOR William Peter Private 34947 OtagoReg 14Apr1918
TE HAU Pera Private 16/964 NZMB 05Apr1918
TERRY John McLennan Private 44033 CantReg 28Mar1918
THOMPSON Christopher Private 12/4106 AklReg 16Apr1918
THOMPSON George Rifleman 37038 NZRB 16Apr1918
THOMPSON George Charles L/Corporal 33971 AklReg 27Mar1918
THOMPSON George William L/Sergeant 23/299 NZRB 07Apr1918
THOMPSON James Richard Gunner 9/1243 NZFA 18Apr1918
THOMPSON Oswald Charles Rifleman 32972 NZRB 29Mar1918
THOMPSON Robert William Corporal 26013 AklReg 26Mar1918
THOMSON Basil Herbert Bell Private 49754 AklReg 26Mar1918
THOMSON John Henry Corporal 3/453 NZMC 05Apr1918
THORBURN Charles Sidney Rifleman 25651 NZRB 28Mar1918
THORBURN Gordon Keith Private 38459 AklReg 30Mar1918
THURSTON William Peter Rifleman 49942 NZRB 05Apr1918
TIBBOTT James Private 37510 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
TILLER Samuel John Private 62415 CantReg 28Mar1918
TILSLEY Walter Alexander L/Corporal 31766 AklReg 28Mar1918
TIPENE Wiparata Private 19572 NZMB 11Apr1918
TOBECK Leonard William Rifleman 49030 NZRB 27Mar1918
TOBIN William McIntosh Rifleman 42724 NZRB 08Apr1918
TODD Ernest Ahley Private 44609 CantReg 06Apr1918
TOLE John Private 47256 AklReg 23Apr1918
TRAINOR Peter James Private 45934 WlgReg 22Apr1918
TREGEAR Ray Thomson Gunner 17/298 NZFA 09Apr1918
TREMAINE Hubert Henry Horrell Trooper 9/222 OtagoReg 26Apr1918
TROWER Edward Wale Rifleman 44174 NZRB 07Apr1918
TRUBSHOE George Osborne Private 40087 CantReg 05Apr1918
TUCKER Leonard Rifleman 54616 NZRB 05Apr1918
TUOHY Andrew Rifleman 40088 NZRB 06Apr1918
TURCHIE Joseph Private 13140 WlgReg 06Apr1918
TURNBULL Christie Mackay Rifleman 45264 NZRB 05Apr1918
TURNBULL Joseph Green Watson Private 35050 NZEB 16Apr1918
TURNER William Henry Arthur Sergeant 2/2948 NZFA 05Apr1918
TUSON James Private 20462 WlgReg 30Mar1918
TYE Alfred James Private 25/833 NZFA 05Apr1918
TYSON John Vickers Gunner 13/2381 NZFA 16Apr1918
URE John Henry L/Sergeant 29321 CantReg 29Apr1918
VAGUE William Edmund Rifleman 21915 NZRB 29Mar1918
VALENTINE Stacy George Gunner 2/1683 NZFA 17Apr1918
VAUGHAN Joseph Rifleman 56875 NZRB 29Mar1918
VICKERS Harry Private 45579 AklReg 30Mar1918
WAAKA Hohepa Private 20816 NZMB 12Apr1918
WADDELL George Henry Corporal 44038 CantReg 23Apr1918
WAINWRIGHT Charles Private 64815 NZEB 16Apr1918
WAKEFIELD Sydney Herbert Private 56694 AklReg 31Mar1918
WAKELIN Leopold Tocker L/Corporal 24/1511 NZRB 30Mar1918
WALKER Eric Trevor Logier Private 38462 AklReg 30Mar1918
WALKER James Jeffreys Private 51798 AklReg 11Apr1918
WALKER William Private 49131 AklReg 30Mar1918
WALKER William Rifleman 41055 NZRB 05Apr1918
WALKER William Rifleman 42727 NZRB 05Apr1918
WALL Percival Rifleman 56885 NZRB 28Mar1918
WALLACE George Private 17738 WlgReg 30Mar1918
WALSH John Edmund Private 54998 AklReg 30Mar1918
WANDEN Herbert Winn Corporal 21734 CantReg 27Mar1918
WARD Frank Private 60020 WlgReg 17Apr1918
WARD Walter James Rifleman 39918 NZRB 05Apr1918
WARN Frank Private 58632 CantReg 26Apr1918
WARNER Leslie Charles Private 46814 OtagoReg 28Mar1918
WARREN Harold James Private 28837 AklReg 26Mar1918
WATKINS Richard William Rifleman 58948 NZRB 29Mar1918
WATKINS William Arthur Private 24087 AklReg 25Apr1918
WATSON Andrew Private 32767 NZEB 14Apr1918
WATSON Walter Coulson Rifleman 53453 NZRB 05Apr1918
WATT John William Corporal 24421 NZEB 14Apr1918
WATT Peter Private 41681 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
WATTERS Alexander L/Corporal 10/3771 WlgReg 27Mar1918
WATTS John Cyril Ross Private 29528 AklReg 30Mar1918
WEDDALL Robert Driver 5/142B NZFA 10Apr1918
WEIR Francis Rifleman 34762 NZRB 21Apr1918
WEIR Henry Rifleman 51935 NZRB 27Mar1918
WEIR Keith Munro Sergeant 2/2564 NZFA 24Apr1918
WEIR Robert William Private 53291 NZEB 17Apr1918
WELLS Fred Bertie Arthur Private 12/3865 AklReg 29Mar1918
WELSH Jack Darling Private 10930 NZCB 26Apr1918
WELSH Robert Francis Corporal 9/234 OtagoReg 29Apr1918
WESTBROOK Frederick Victor Rifleman 55268 NZRB 23Apr1918
WESTON James Elliott Rifleman 44327 NZRB 07Apr1918
WHELAN Alfred Gunner 43846 NZFA 10Apr1918
WHISKER Leslie John (MM) Corporal 23/953 NZRB 21Apr1918
WHITAKER Adrian Private 63980 NZEB 15Apr1918
WHITAKER Frederick John Private 47537 OtagoReg 24Apr1918
WHITE Alexander McGregor Private 56388 AklReg 28Mar1918
WHITE Arthur Sergeant 10283 NZEB 16Apr1918
WHITE Arthur Edward Private 31755 AklReg 16Apr1918
WHITE Godfrey David L/Sergeant 10/3444 WlgReg 27Apr1918
WHITE Roy Kessekk Gunner 18270 NZFA 09Apr1918
WHITTLE William Private 35445 NZMGB 27Mar1918
WICKINS Frederick George Private 37904 CantReg 29Mar1918
WIGZELL James Oliver Francis Sergeant 28055 CantReg 05Apr1918
WILDS John Emery Private 53724 CantReg 22Apr1918
WILES Thomas Alfred Rifleman 47189 NZRB 05Apr1918
WILLIAMS Albert Oliver Private 41692 CantReg 29Mar1918
WILLIAMS Allen Douglas 2nd Lieut 32555 CantReg 27Mar1918
WILLIAMS Colin Sydney Gunner 23/647 NZFA 10Apr1918
WILLIAMS Frederick Private 14710 OtagoReg 18Apr1918
WILLIAMS George Harman Driver 18310 NZFA 05Apr1918
WILLIAMS Henry Richard Private 24/1864 NZCB 27Apr1918
WILLIAMS Norman Vivian Private 55003 WlgReg 06Apr1918
WILLIAMS Richard Henry Rifleman 45583 NZRB 27Mar1918
WILLIAMS Thomas John L/Corporal 34960 NZEB 17Apr1918
WILLIAMSON Percy Charles Private 55025 CantReg 05Apr1918
WILLIS Thomas Walter Private 46153 AklReg 08Apr1918
WILLIS William Henry Rifleman 59177 NZRB 28Mar1918
WILSON Albert Rifleman 39135 NZRB 29Mar1918
WILSON Harold Thomas Private 38473 AklReg 17Apr1918
WILSON Hugh Lambie L/Corporal 28259 AklReg 26Mar1918
WILSON John Rifleman 52120 NZRB 05Apr1918
WILSON William James L/Corporal 39385 NZRB 06Apr1918
WINSKILL George Sergeant 6/1431 NZMGB 27Mar1918
WOOD Alfred Trooper 9/487 OtagoReg 17Apr1918
WOOD Finley Campbell L/Corporal 12525 WlgReg 05Apr1918
WOOLLEY William Francis Corporal 22902 OtagoReg 03Apr1918
WRIGHT John Rifleman 59178 NZRB 05Apr1918
WRIGHT Robert James Private 59086 OtagoReg 11Apr1918
YEARBURY Frank William Rifleman 53736 NZRB 05Apr1918
YOUNG David Logan Private 51585 AklReg 27Mar1918
YOUNG Leonard Samuel Rifleman 42858 NZRB 31Mar1918
YOUNGMAN Reginald John Private 51812 AklReg 27Mar1918
ZIMMERMAN Francis Xavier Private 23468 AklReg 30Mar1918

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