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NZEF - SAMOA - 1914
A - L

On the night of the 6 August 1914, the New Zealand government received a telegram from London that it would be "a great and urgent Imperial service" if New Zealand forces seized Samoa, which was a German territory. This was approved the next day, and four days later a mixed force of 1,413 men plus six nursing sisters was equipped and ready to depart. On the 15th they sailed, picking up 10 more infantrymen, some naval details, and guides and interpreters at Fiji. On the 29th August the landed unopposed at Apia. Thus the island of Upolu was the first German territory to be occupied in the name of King George V. After eight months a relief force of 358 men took over and by the end of the war another 298 men were supplied to maintain the garrison.

Many of the Samoan Advance Party (A) returned to New Zealand in March-April 1915. Many then went on to fight in Europe. They were relieved by the Samoa Relief Force (R) who were topped up with small groups of reinforcements throughout the rest of the war. Many of these men did not serve elsewhere.

The following were New Zealanders who served in Samoa during World War One. The names have been taken from the Embarkation Rolls and may not be exhaustive.

A big thank you to John Wilson who has sent a list of those men who were discharged from the Samoan Force in 1919 and 1920, and also Noel W Taylor for his help.

A = Advance
D = Discharged 15 February 1920 Wellington
D* = Discharged 31 December 1919 Apia Radio Station
D** = Discharged 31 December 1919 Samoa
R = Reserve
** = Returned sick to New Zealand
?? = Assumed to be from discharge files

AAMODT Charles Hermann R Sapper 4/31
ABBOT Robert Thompson A Private 12/2564
ACKLAND Charles William A Sapper 4/67
ADAMS Arthur A Private 1/559
ADAMS Ernest Richard A Sapper 4/63
ADAMS Herbert William A Trumpeter 2/1588
ADAMS Kenneth Ernest R Private 1/270
ADDISON Jesse R Private 19/1
ADIE Daniel R Private 19/2
ADLAM Ronald Charles A Private 1/815
AEKINS Kenneth Curtis A Bugler 1/321
AEKINS Percy A Corporal 2/14
AFFLECK Edward R Private 10/2399
AGNEW Manus A Sapper 4/283
AICKIN Francis William R Sergeant 4/66
AITKEN Alexander Robert A Private 6/2484
ALDERTON Thomas James Healt A Private 1/561
ALDRIDGE Alfred Edwin A Private 3/4
ALEXANDER Charles R Private 10/2834
ALEXANDER Harold Allen R Private 10/2400
ALEXANDER William R Trooper 20/1
ALEXANDER William James R Private 19/337
ALEXANDER William John A Gunner 2/17
ALGIE John Alexander R Captain 20/33
ALLAN Alexander Ronald Lincoln R Private 8/3174
ALLAN Leonard Ferguson A Gunner 2/18
ALLAN William Robert Steel A Private 3/5
ALLEN Arthur Wellesley R Trooper 11/1287
ALLEN John A Private 4/45
ALLEN Percy Richard R Private 19/3
ALLEY Herbert R Private 10/1719
ALLISON George R Private 6/2378
ALQUIST Lawrence A Private 1/172
AMBRIDGE Frederick Cecil R Private 15/132
ANDERSEN Albert Edward A Private 2/20
ANDERSON Arthur Harold A Gunner 2/19
ANDERSON Duncan R Private 19/4
ANDERSON Forbes Herbert A Sergeant 5/01
ANDERSON James R/D Trooper 20/2
ANDERSON Walter R Trooper 25335
ANDOW Henry Charles R Private 19/5
ANDREWS Edwin Simpson A Sapper 4/28
ANGELL Henry Wilfred A Private 1/357
ANGUS Alex James Cyril A 2Lieutenant 4/61
ANGUS Norman A 2Lieutenant 23/1285
ANKETELL John R Private 19/6
ANNAN John Alexander A Private 5/15
APPLEGARTH Albert Lincoln R Private 19/7
ARNOTT William Henry R Private 19/345
ARTHUR Edward Malcolm R Private 19/346
ASHER Cecil A S/Major 2/3
ASHLEY Alfred William A Sapper 4/62
ASTON Gordon Llewellyn R Sergeant 13/2514
ATKINSON F L - Captain
ATKINSON Gerald Innes R Private 8/2250
ATKINSON Henry George R Private 3/516
ATKINSON John Henry A Sergeant 24/947
AULD William Robert A Sapper 4/65
AUTON Samuel Myers A Sapper 4/180
AVEY George Augustua A 2Lieutenant 24/19
AVISON Norman A Private 15/133
BAGNALL Lemuel John A Sapper 4/70
BAILEY Clarence George A Private 3/44
BAILEY Frank Ernest R Private 19/8
BAILEY Herbert Lloyd A Private 1/819
BAILEY William Ernest A Private 10/3177
BAIN William Alexander A Sergeant 8/2251
BAKER Alan D - 7/1818
BAKER Frederick A Private 1/330
BAKER Geoffrey Hugh A Sergeant 3/6
BAKER Joseph R Private 19/347
BAKER Percy Coombs A Private 1/96
BAKER Rowland Coombe A S 4/1019
BAKER Wiri Aurunui A Private 1/183
BAKEWELL Charles R Private 19/9
BALDWIN James A Private 1/534
BALDWIN Percy A Sapper 4/27
BALE Richard Francis A Lieutenant 41288
BALLANTINE David A Sapper 4/58
BALLARD Frank Ernest A Private 1/151
BANKS Charles A Sapper 4/105
BANKS John Lindsay A Private 1/359
BARBER James A Private 10/2404
BARCHAM Philip de la Mare A Corporal 1/282
BARK Albert A Gunner 2/94
BARKER Thomas R L/Corporal 33335
BARKER William John R Trooper 20/3
BARLOW Bert A Private 1/444
BARNARD John Leonard A Private 1/217
BARNARD Stanley A Lieutenant 1/153
BARNES Henry A Sapper 4/71
BARNETT Frederick James A Private 12/3248
BARRELL Frank Horace A Gunner 2/21
BARRETT Sidney Charles R Private 33324
BARRETT William A Private 3/45
BARRY Charles A Sergeant 4/59
BATEMAN Frank Harold A Sapper 4/84
BATES George A L/Sergeant 24/345
BATEY Foster John - Private 19/371
BATGER Guy Harold A Sergeant 12/291
BAXTER Benjamin Charles - Private 19/392
BAY Charles Bertram A Sergeant 12/3324
BEAGLE (BEAGLES) Arthur Albert A Private 1/154
BEAN Walter S A Chaplain 1/03
BEATON Thomas A Sapper 4/53
BEATTIE Joseph Nisbet A Sergeant 23/68
BEAUMONT David George A Corporal 13/2549
BEAVEN William Norman A Private 1/516
BEAVER John Omri A Private 1/565
BECK Harold William A Trooper 11/1406
BEDINGFIELD Richard John A Sergeant 1/288
BEER Alfred Alexander George A Sapper 4/73
BEERE Rawdon St John A Major 24/3
BEGBIE Edward Vines R Sergeant 19/10
BELL Frank Harold A Private 1/566
BELL George Joseph A Sapper 4/338
BELL James Courtney A Sapper 4/99
BELL John Selwyn A Corporal 4/257
BELL William Henry Dillon A Lieutenant 1/10
BELLERBY Edward R Private 19/11
BENNETT Charles Clement R Trooper 20/5
BENNETT Charles Frederick R Sapper 4/149
BENNETT Henry R Private 19/13
BENNETT Herbert John R Private 19/12
BENNETT Jack Ward A Rifleman 24/986
BENNETT John Basley A Lieutenant 24/17
BENNETT Robert Montgomery A L/Corporal 1/567
BENNETT Rupert Hampton A Private 1/016
BENNEWITH William John R Trooper 20/4
BENSEMANN Lawrence Otto R Sergeant 19/307
BENTON Alfred A Corporal 3/7
BERENDSEN Carl August A L/Corporal 1/100
BERG Leonard Andrew A Private 1/457
BERKELEY William Maurice R Gunner 19/308
BERNARD Victor Raymond A Private 1/306
BERRY Augustus Nelson A Corporal 8/9
BERRY Benjamin A BSM 12900
BERRY John Cecil R Private 19/333
BERRY Norman A Private 1/220
BESTIE Edward A Private 12/2530
BEZAR Frederick William R Private 19/336
BIDDLE Henry Walter A Corporal 8/3485
BIGG-WITHER George D - 92003
BILKEY Edward John R Private 25331
BILLETT Leonard John A Private 1/570
BIRD William Tom A Sergeant 1/7
BISHOP Laurence Willoughby R 2/Lieutenant 7/1572
BITHELL Walter Thomas R Private 19/15
BLACK Alexander Stewart A Private 4/79
BLACK Bruce Albert A Sergeant 1/416
BLACK John Wilkinson A Private 1/528
BLACKBURN John A Private 1/55
BLACKETT Robert Cuthbert Neilson A Private 10/2405
BLACKIE Allan Stuart A Sergeant 13/878
BLACKIE James A L/Corporal 8/3160
BLACKLIN Edwin Algernon Heighington Aylmer A QMS 3/47
BLACKLOW Sydney R Private 19/16
BLAKE Edward Richard R Private 19/17
BLAKEY Harold Percy A Private 1/572
BLAND Henry Gordon A Private 1/366
BODDINGTON Albert Oliver Douglas A Private 1/219
BODMIN Harry James Benjamin R Private 19/18
BODY James William A Sapper 4/10
BOLER Robert Norman Steventon A Private 8/2252
BOOMER Neil A Driver 5/11
BOOTH Bernhard George A Private 1/301
BOOTH L H - Captain
BORROWS William Leonard A Private 1/358
BOSTOCK Charles R Gunner 19/20
BOSWELL Robert R Sapper 4/83
BOTHAMLEY Henry Hall Dare A Private 10/2805
BOUCHER Edgar Woodward A L/Corporal 4/317
BOUGEN George Bruce R Private 19/21
BOURNE Herbert A Private 8/2366
BOWATER Gordon A Private 1/166
BOWEN Gerald Markham R Trooper 20/6
BOWKER George R Private 19/370
BOWRING William Alfred A Captain 24/9
BOYCE Thomas A Private 6/2488
BOYD Alfred King R SSCorporal 32982
BOYD Kenneth A Private 1/575
BOYNE Harold Waddington A Sergeant 12/3259
BRADLEY Claude Ernest A Sapper 4/18
BRADLEY George Ernest A Sergeant 1/109
BRADLEY John Thomas A Private 1/156
BRAILY William Joseph A Private 1/577
BRAMLEY Walter Herbert A Private 1/474
BRAY Henry Thomas R Private 19/23
BRETT George Leonard A Gunner 1/257
BRETT Leslie Henry A Sapper 4/320
BREWSTER Philip R Private 19/24
BRIDGE Lance A Private 8/2255
BRIDGMAN Edmond James A Gunner 2/24
BRIGHT Leonard A Sapper 4/141
BRILL Charles A Private 1/80
BROAD Nowell A Sergeant 3/653
BROADFOOT John R Private 19/349
BROCKETT Archibald Geoffrey A 2/Lieutenant 10/3151
BROCKLEBANK William A Driver 5/7
BROCKLISS Francis Joseph A Sapper 4/76
BROGAN Wilfred Augustine A QMS 4/1025
BROMLEY Frederick James A Private 1/333
BROOKING Frederick Albert A Private 12/2225
BROUGHTON Dudley Seabrook A Sapper 4/1702
BROWN Bruce A Private 8/2257
BROWN Edward Broadley A Corporal 12/3268
BROWN Eric Lewis Shuttleworth A Rifleman 23/1526
BROWN Harold A Sapper 4/179
BROWN Norman Ellis A Private 6/2366
BROWN Tythe Joyce A Private 8/2256
BROWN Victor William A Sergeant 10/1425
BROWN William Greatbank R Private 19/26
BROWNE James A Private 1/581
BRUHN Oscar Louis A Private 1/305
BRYAN Alfred Dennis A Drummer 1/582
BRYDON Robert Oliver A 2Lieutenant 23/18
BUCHANAN Robert R Private 19/28
BUDD Arthur Everard A Private 1/756
BUNCEHALL Frederick Charles R Private 19/29
BUNTING John Stewart Wellington R Private 19/348
BURKE Dennis Patrick A Sapper 4/143
BURNETT Arthur A Sapper 4/94
BURNLEY Harry Bentley A Private 10/2408
BURNS Henry Arapata Kote A Gunner 2/25
BURNS John Roberts R Gunner 19/309
BURNS Robert R Private 19/332
BURNS William R Private 19/30
BURSON Albert Edward R Private 19/31
BURT Henry George A Sapper 4/43
BURTON Arthur Ernest R Private 19/32
BUSBY William Baldwin A Private 8/2258
BUSCHL John A Private 6/1232
BUTLER Gordon Stewart A Sapper 4/77
BUTLER Joseph William R L/Corporal 19/350
BUTLER William Manns A Rifleman 24/62
CAIRNS George A Private 1/34
CALDWELL Robert Nixon A Private 1/820
CALDWELL Robert Todd A Sergeant 23/697
CALLAGHAN Thomas Henry A Private 10/2409
CALLAN Alexander Thomas A Private 8/2259
CALLINGHAM Thomas Henry A Gunner 1/116
CAMERON Cecil Winfield McGregor A Sapper 4/68
CAMERON Francis Ewen A Gunner 2/26
CAMERON Harry James A RQMS 1/9
CAMERON John Renton A Sapper 4/181
CAMERON Reginald Lloyd A Sapper 4/156
CAMMOCK David R Private 19/33
CAMPBELL Archibald R Trooper 20/7
CAMPBELL Colin John A Private 3/763
CAMPBELL Edward R Private 19/35
CAMPBELL Eion Martin A Private 1/507
CAMPBELL James R Private 19/36
CAMPBELL John R Trooper 25334
CAMPBELL Leslie Herbert A L/Corporal 4/60
CAMPBELL Peter R Sergeant 20/8
CAMPBELL William A Private 3/48
CANTY John Vincent Mosley A Rifleman 23/381
CARDEN Richard Selwyn A Private 8/2260
CARDNO George Alexander R Rifleman 23/702
CARDOZO Sydney A Private 10/240
CARLEY Joseph Vincent A Corporal 10/3213
CARMICHAEL Leonard Stuart A QMS 2/10
CARPENTER George Stanley A Private 10/2387
CARR Cyril A Sapper 4/14
CARR Frank Eugene A S/Major 3/1303
CARR John Anthony A Sapper 4/322
CARSON Hanson Osborne A Private 12/2574
CARTER Ernest Arthur R L/Corporal 5/186
CARTER Robert Joseph R Lieutenant 19/37
CASEY William Patrick A Private 1/519
CECIL Claude A Private 6/2367
CHAMBERLAIN Frederick R Private 19/38
CHAMBERLAIN William R Private 19/39
CHAMBERS Alfred A Private 3/10
CHAMBERS William Wyman A Private 1/324
CHAPMAN Francis Leslie A Sergeant 2/4
CHAPMAN Sidney Parnell A Private 10/2411
CHAPMAN William Levin A Gunner 2/28
CHARLTON Arthur Roland A Bombardier 2/16
CHARLTON Charles Dalston R Private 33327
CHERRY William A Sergeant 3/517
CHESTERS Stephen Henry A Private 6/2490
CHIPMAN Frederick Keith A Corporal 11/1751
CHRISTIE George Douglas A Private 1/438
CHRISTIE Robert Douglas A Private 1/422
CHRISTOPHERS Herbert Henry A Lieutenant 24/7
CIMINO Francis Athol A Private 8/2261
CIOCHETTO Charles Victor A Sapper 4/97
CLAPHAM Arthur Cranley A Private 1/27
CLAPSON Walter Leonard A Private 1/76
CLARK Charles Stanley A Sapper 4/335
CLARK Charles Wilfred A Private 12/2182
CLARK Frank A Private 12/2183
CLARK Henry George A Sapper 4/74
CLARK Joshua Malcolm R Sergeant 19/40
CLARKE Cecil Roy A Private 1/247
CLARKE Henry James William A Private 1/44
CLARKE Raymond Sidney A Private 1/589
CLEGHORN Leslie A Private 1/590
CLENTON Joseph R Private 19/41
CLERE Frederick Temple A Private 1/268
CLERK Eric John A Corporal 12/2546
CLEVELAND Percy Frederick A Private 1/591
CLOUGH Strickland R Private 19/329
CLUTTERBUCK Thomas A Private 1/812
COCKROFT Arthur George A Corporal 4/154
COCKROFT George Walter R Major 19/42
CODD Frederick Charles Edward R Private 19/43
COFFEY Maurice Edward A L/Corporal 14394
COFFEY Maurice Edwin A Private 1/592
COGHLAN Edward Ernest A Corporal 1/262
COGSWELL Albert Edward R Trooper 20/9
COKER Anthony Carroll A Sapper 4/978
COLE Kenneth McIntosh A L/Corporal 1/492
COLE Patrick Edward A Sergeant 23/335
COLEMAN Joseph Michael A Private 1/30
COLEY Percy A Private 5/16
COLLEY Frederick A Private 3/11
COLLEY William Lathen A L/Corporal 6/2377
COLLIER William Joshua R Private 19/310
COLLINS Arthur Ernest Rossiter R Private 5/187
COLLINS John R Private 19/44
COLLINS Laurie Edwin A Private 1/593
COLLINS Richard A Private 6/2493
COLLINS Robert Gregory A Private 1/323
COLQUHOUN John Ernest A Private 12/2547
COLSTON Alexander R Corporal 19/45
COLUMB Charles R Private 19/342
COMBER D'Arcy A Private 1/595
CONINGHAM Arthur A Trooper 7/1177
CONNOR Henry Charles R/D Corporal 5/189
COOK Arthur Edward A Private 6/2494
COOK George Williams A L/Corporal 1/597
COOK Richard R Sergeant 10/2485
COOK Robert John R Private 10/2896
COOKE Arthur A Private 12/2543
COOKE William Frederick A Sapper 4/144
COOKSON Arthur Harold R Private 15/30
COOKSON Frederick Guy R Private 19/46
COONEY John Thomas R Private 1/598
COONEY Paddy A Private 19/375
COOPER Nicholas A Private 1/311
COOPER Ronald Webber A Private 10/2415
COPELAND Royden A Sergeant 3/12
CORLES Frederick William A Private 1/599
CORNAGA Albert Edward R Private 1/600
CORNWALL John Henry A Sapper 4/155
CORNWALL Joseph Martin A Private 12/941
COSTELLO Joseph A Private 12/1180
COTTAM Leonard R Private 19/47
COTTER Sydney Thomas A Private 3/839
COTTINGHAM Richard John A Trooper 13/652
COTTON Henry Cumberland A Lieutenant 4/311
COULING John A Private 6/2369
COUTTS Magnus A Corporal 4/193
COWLES Jabez Alfred A Major
COWLES John Richmond A Lieutenant 23/9
COWLIN Harry Nicholas A Private 12/2529
COX Alexander A Private 8/2262
COX Alfred John A Private 10/2416
COX Joseph R Trooper 20/10
COX Thomas A Sergeant 1/341
CRAIG Andrew John A L/Corporal 24/103
CRANE Harry R Private 19/49
CRAWFORD Charles A Private 1/604
CRAWFORD William A Private 3/13
CREAGH Arthur Gelhin A Private 1/605
CREED Daniel James A Trooper 17/239
CRESSER David Craig A Corporal 12/2548
CRONIN Thomas A Private 1/607
CROOKBAIN Stanley George A Private 3/1155
CROSSLEY Arthur A Private 1/12
CROUCHER George R Private 19/50
CROWE Sidney Arthur A Private 5/10
CROWLEY William - Private 19/376
CROWTHER Herbert Stephen R Corporal 10/2390
CRUICKSHANKS Allan Douglas A Private 6/2370
CULVERWELL Charles E A Sergeant 1/469
CUMMINS Guy A Private 1/471
CUMMINS Norman A Private 1/322
CUNLIFFE Roy Lane A Gunner 2/30
DALLEY Clifford A Private 6/2371
DALTON Leonard A Gunner 2/31
DALTON Thomas Daniel A L/Corporal 4/340
DALY Albert Edward A Private 1/32
DALZELL Robert R Private 19/52
DANCE Isaac R Private 19/53
DANIEL John A Sapper 4/142
DANIEL Robert Joseph A Private 10/2398
DANKS Frederick Hilton A Private 1/215
DARBY Hubert Henry Miller R Private 19/54
DAVIDSON Claude James Hunter A 2Lieutenant 24/1270
DAVIDSON Herbert A Private 1/609
DAVIDSON James R Private 3/843
DAVIDSON Joseph Hampton A Private 10/2417
DAVIDSON Michael R Private 19/56
DAVIDSON Robert Wilson A Private 8/2263
DAVIES James Arthur A Private 6/2496
DAVIES John Llewellyn A Lieutenant 4/50
DAVIS Colin R Private 19/57
DAVIS Francis Edward R Private 19/311
DAVISON Arthur A Sapper 4/981
DAVISON Frederick A Corporal 10/3235
DAWES Ernest R Private 5/190
DAWS George Greenwell A Private 1/611
DAWSON Charles McBeath R Captain 3/2989
DE BOURBEL Eustace Raoul A Private 1/612
DE LATOUR Garsio Armand A Corporal 2/8
DE LUCCA Felice Lorenzo R Sapper 4/297
DE RENZY Thomas George R Corporal 1/613
DE ROSE Frederick James A Sapper 4/7
DEAR Thomas William A Private 3/15
DENNEHY Bartholomew John A Private 10/2418
DEVINE John R Private 19/58
DEVINE Patrick John A Private 6/2498
DEVLIN Arthur R Private 19/59
DEVLIN Frederick Osmond A Private 12/3294
DEVRELL David Joseph R Private 19/60
DEWS George R Private 19/61
DIAMOND James R Private 19/62
DIBBLE Samuel Trevor A Trooper 11/1271
DICK Harold James A Trooper 4/147a
DICKIE John Fairhurst A Sapper 4/6
DICKINSON Charles R Private 19/63
DIGGLE William Whyte A Corporal 4/1127
DINGLE Ernest John A 2Lieutenant 10/2824
DINNIE Donald A Gunner 2/32
DIVER Frederick A Sapper 4/182
DIXON Charles Henry A Private 1/347
DIXON Walter A Private 3/393
DODGSON Sydney Harry A L/Corporal 10/2919
DODSON Reginald Henry A Gunner 2/33
DOHERTY Norman Patrick A Private 1/616
DON Jack A Rifleman 24/1258
DONALD Alfred A Trumpeter 2/13
DONALDSON Andrew A Private 10/1373
DONALDSON Arthur Alexander A Sapper 4/169
DONLON Patrick - L/Corporal 19/377
DONOVAN John Desmond A Private 1/617
DOUGLAS James A Trooper 11/238
DOUGLAS John R/D Private 19/64
DOVE William Walter A Sapper 4/328
DOWD Frank R Private 19/1796a
D'OYLEY John Richard A Gunner 2/35
DRAKE Bernard Charles A Bombardier 2/36
DREWERY Leslie Oliver A Sapper 4/298
DRISCOLL Robert R Private 19/66
DRIVER Henry (Harry) Washington Kudarz A Private 1/420
DROMGOOL Charles A Trooper 11/1085
DROMGOOL Stanley Russell A Private 1/35
DUFF William Jarvey A Sergeant 1/483
DUNFORD Donald Joseph A Private 1/376
DUNLOP George Fraser R Private 19/67
DUNLOP William Thomas A Private 8/3245
DUNNE Michael John R Private 19/68
DUNWOODIE Ernest Edward A/D* S/Major 4/49
DURKAN Sidney John R Sergeant 3/1311
DUTHIE Alan Kenneth A L/Corporal 4/319
DYER George Albert Edward R QMS 3/50
EASTBURY Walter A Sergeant 1/621
EASTGATE Alexander R/D Private 19/69
EBBETT Nelson Oswald A Private 1/211
EDDY Matthew R Private 19/70
EDGAR John R Private 19/71
EDMONDS Arthur Edward A Private 1/299
EDWARDS Ernest Greville A Lieutenant 1/182
EDWARDS James - Private 19/378
ELCOCK Edward Giles R Private 19/72
ELGAR Reginald Davenport A Private 5/24
ELLENBY Harold James R Private 19/73
ELLIOTT Alexander A Private 1/479
ELLIOTT George Irving A Private 8/2266
ELLIOTT John Bernard A Sapper 4/153
ELLIOTT Robert A Bugler 23/1253
ELLIOTT Tom Blyth A Private 4/23
ELLIS Sydney Robert A Private 8/2264
ELLISON Thomas A Private 8/2265
ELMSLY James William R Private 19/74
ELRICK John R Private 19/75
EMIRALI Arthur Reginald A Private 1/622
ENGLISH Cecil A Sapper 4/187
ERRIDGE Benjamin R Private 19/76
ERRIDGE Walter Joseph R Private 19/77
ERRINGTON Leslie A Private 1/623
ERSON Noel Gee Leger A Sapper 4/321
EVANS David Tudor R S/Sergeant 5/25
EVANS Frederick Charles A Private 6/2486
EVANS Henry R Private 19/2130a
EVANS Llewellyn James A Private 1/453
EVANS William Arthur A Private 12/2549
EVATT Reginald Langdale A Captain 1/553
EWART Thomas A Sapper 4/62
FAIRWEATHER Sidney (Sydney) A Private 1/624
FALK Colin Meredith Mackay A Private 3/51
FANTHORPE Charles R Private 19/352
FARLEY George William A Private 1/625
FARRELL Martin Patrick R Private 19/351
FARRER Henry Bertram A Private 19/78
FAULKNER John Lees A Private 2/2531
FAULKNOR Joseph George A QMS 2/609
FEA Archibald A Private 10/2423
FEARON Arnold Edwin A Rifleman 24/1376
FECHNEY David R Private 19/79
FENTON Basil Charles A Corporal 1/627
FENTON Joseph Nurse A Private 10/2799
FERGUSON Alexander James A L/Corporal 1/87
FIELD Percy Thomas A L/Corporal 10/2391
FINCH William Algernon R Private 19/80
FINDLAY William Thomas A Private 1/313
FINLAY Robert A Corporal 1/628
FINLAY Thomas Robert A Sergeant 1/628
FINN John A Corporal 23/39
FIRTH Malcolm Joseph A Sapper 4/163
FISHER Charles John A Private 8/2268
FISHER John R Bugler 19/81
FISHER Roy Jack A Rifleman 23/135
FITZGERALD John Thomas R Private 19/82
FITZGERALD Thomas Brandon R Private 19/83
FLANAGAN Edward Muir A Private 3/18
FLETCHER Christopher Laurie A Private 12/2532
FLETT John A Sapper 4/161
FLINN Arthur A Sergeant 24/945
FLYNN Patrick A Sapper 4/170
FOLEY Edward R Private 19/341
FOLEY Henry A Private 1/246
FOLEY Jeremiah James A Gunner 2/38
FOOKS Eric John Dodgson A Private 8/2779
FOOTE George Hansen R Private 19/84
FORBES John Middleton A Sapper 4/150
FORBES Wesley Johnson A Gunner 2/39
FORD Arthur John A Sapper 4/292
FORDHAM Cedric Victor A Private 1/91
FORDYCE Thomas A Bombardier 2/1160
FORSYTH Norman Leslie A Corporal 6/3319
FORSYTHE Gordon Harris A Lieutenant 2/100
FOSS Frank A Private 1/490
FOULGER Frederick R Private 19/85
FOWLER Jack A Private 8/2269
FOWLER Ronald George A Sapper 4/176
FRANCIS John Alphonsus Gabriel A Sapper 4/165
FRANCIS Norton A Major
FRANKLYN Spencer Purejoy R Private 19/353
FRANKS Ernest Rudolph A Sergeant 24/1252
FRASER Allan Steedman A Private 12/2539
FRASER Duncan R Sergeant 19/86
FRASER John Douglas D - 11/48
FRASER Karl A Private 1/414
FRASER Nelson Samuel A Private 1/634
FREDERICKS ?? Henry Stephen D* - 25357
FREYBERG Cuthbert A Gunner 2/91
FRIIS Lewis Marsden R Private 19/313
FULCHER Harry Edward A Private 12/2550
FULLER Morris Jack A Bombardier 2/40
FULTON Arthur Clive A Private 1/512
FUREY Daniel Joseph A Driver 5/888
GAIR Charles A Sergeant 23/973
GALBRAITH Walter McArthur A Private 1/234
GALLAGHER William D - 60827
GALLIE Oscar Eugene A Gunner 2/90
GALLIE Victor James A Sergeant 2/5
GALLIEN Ronald Gordon A 2Lieutenant 23/20
GALVIN Fergus Kendrick A Sergeant 2/98
GAMAGE Ambrose Frances R Sergeant 19/87
GAMBLING Ernest Walter A Private 13/3020
GANNAWAY Alan Hartley R Private 10/3448
GARDINER James R Private 19/339
GARLAND John Godwin A Private 3/1315
GARRIGAN Gerald R Private 19/89
GASQUOINE Charles Kemble A Captain 23/11
GAWN Charles William A Trooper 13/1122
GAWN Thomas George A Sapper 4/171
GEE Albert Lawrence R Lieutenant 19/90
GENDALL John William A Sergeant 2/6
GEORGE Archie A Private 1/371
GIBBONS Austin R Private 19/91
GIBBS David John A Captain 4/01
GIBBS Ernest Henry A Sapper 4/300
GIBBS Gerald Joseph A Gunner 2/41
GIBSON Edward Joseph A Private 1/160
GIFFNEY John Arthur Jocelyn A Private 1/638
GILLESPIE John Maitland R Captain 16298
GILLETT John Brungess A Private 3/79
GILMORE Alexander Frederick A L/Corporal 23/1402
GILMORE Farquhar McRae A Private 6/2388
GILMORE George Charles A Sapper 4/324
GILMORE Robert Jackson A Sapper 4/136
GILMOUR Ernest Mabin A Sergeant 9/1178
GIRDLESTONE Cyril Steed A Private 1/97
GIRVEN Evan A Private 12/2540
GIVEN Thomas George R Corporal 19/93
GLANFIELD Donald A L/Corporal 1/640
GLASS William Joseph A Private 1/641
GLEESON Frederick Charles A Sapper 4/325
GLEN James R Sergeant 9/11a
GLENDINNING James R Private 19/354
GLENN James R F/Corporal 20/11
GODDEN Sydney Herbert A Sergeant 1/762
GODFREY James Mitchell R Private 19/314
GODSELL Amos William A Private 1/279
GOLDSMITH William A Private 3/777
GOOCH Louis Cyril Hislop A Trooper 7/293a
GORTON Thomas R Private 33322
GOSLING John Thomas A L/Corporal 10/2392
GOW Ian Burman A Private 10/2427
GRAHAM John Reginald A Trooper 13/2196
GRAHAM Oswald Sydney A Private 10/2428
GRANT Alfred Hamish A L/Corporal 1/210
GRANT William John Mackie R Private 19/95
GRAY Alexander Frank A Sapper 4/172
GRAY David Hutchison - Private 19/382
GRAY Thomas Edgar A Private 1/334
GRAY William Alexander A Private 10/2429
GREEN Stephen Nobert A Corporal 1/370
GREENFIELD William Howard A Private 1/367
GREENSLADE James George A Sergeant 10/1376a
GREENWOOD Ernest Percival A Sapper 4/133
GRIFFIN Frederick Charles Edgar A Gunner 2/42
GRIFFITHS George A Private 1/644
GRIGG Matthew Henderson A QMS 4/174
GRIMES Peter James R Private 19/97
GROGAN James Stewart R Private 19/98
GROSE William John A Private 3/19
GROUT Henry Cranstone A Private 1/021
GROVES Wallace A Private 1/487
GUNDERSON (GUNDESEN) Henry A Private 1/287
GUPPY Samuel R Private 19/99
GUTHRIE Alexander Hudson A Gunner 2/2138
GUTHRIE Leonard A L/Corporal 1/143
HACKWORTH Philip Vernon A Lieutenant 1/202
HADDOW Robert Wallace R S/Major 24/942
HAIGH Joe Wolfenden Dodson A Private 3/899
HALE Charles R Private 19/100
HALE Sylvester Gresham A Sergeant 21/14
HALL Joseph R Private 5/828a
HALL Walter Ernest A S/Sergeant 3/782
HALL William Albert R Private 19/101
HALLETT Norman A Corporal 4/131
HALLIDAY Henry Lloyd A Private 1/433
HALLIWELL Richard Selwyn A Private 1/130
HALSE Godfrey A Private 3/21
HAMER Thomas Stillingfleet A Private 1/283
HAMILTON Douglas Stuart A Private 1/264
HAMILTON Joseph Edmond A Sapper 4/129
HAMILTON Richard R Private 19/102
HAMLIN Lawrence Charles R Trooper 7/1179
HAMMOND Frederick Gordon A Private 12/2575
HAMMOND Henry R Private 19/103
HAMMOND John Charles A L/Corporal 4/113
HAMMOND Leonard James Bathurst A Sergeant 4/173
HAND Sydney A Private 1/47
HANLON Albert Harold A Private 5/9
HANNA Bertie James A Private 1/646
HANNA George Patrick A Private 1/547
HANNAH Robert William A Private 1/274
HANSARD Guy Kyneston A Private 1/527
HANSEN Alfred George A Private 1/481
HANSEN Harold Rasmus A Sapper 4/175
HARBISON William Treby A Private 1/112
HARDCASTLE Leonard A Driver 5/369
HARDEN George Samuel Thorpe A Private 1/285
HARDIE William Andrew A Sapper 4/135
HARDINGE Maunsell William Henry A Private 1/647
HARDLEY George Edward A Private 12/2533
HARDWICKE Charles Harold A Sergeant 12/3349
HARLEN Percy A Private 10/2430
HARPER James Leslie Theo A L/Corporal 9/1433
HARPUR William Patrick A Private 6/2372
HARRAP Arthur Clements R Private 19/104
HARRIS Arthur William A Private 1/650
HARRIS Cyril Victor Neville A Sergeant 12/2611
HARRIS James A Private 1/128
HARRIS John R Private 19/106
HARRISON John R Private 19/107
HARRISON Thomas Albert A Sergeant 4/126
HART Edward A Private 1/382
HART Harry A Private 10/2431
HART Henry A Private 1/515
HARTLEY Thomas A Sapper 4/1568
HARVEY Albion R Private 8/2368
HARVEY William R Private 19/108
HARWOOD George R Private 19/109
HASTINGS Roland A Private 1/514
HATCH Horace Eric A Gunner 2/43
HATWELL Francis Aloysius Liguori A Private 4/132
HAWKE Henry Gordon A Sapper 3/347
HAWKER Albert Edwin R Private 10/2432
HAXELL George William R Private 19/110
HAY Gordon Clemens A Private 1/655
HAY William Leonard A Private 8/2273
HAYDEN George Arthur A Private 10/2433
HAYWOOD Ewart Gladstone A Sapper 4/304
HAZELHURST Thomas R Private 19/111
HEAD Bernard A Major 1/05
HEALD William A Private 1/038
HEASLEY William Joshua R Private 19/112
HEATLEY David Park R Sergeant 19/113
HEBBARD Thomas Henry A Private 1/500
HEBDITCH William A L/Corporal 4/237
HEDGES George A Private 1/656
HEGGIE William Duncan R Private 19/114
HEIDENSTROM Norman Harold Paul A Private 10/2963
HELDT Edmond Rudolph A Corporal 23/40
HELM Angus McKay A Private 8/3292
HENDERSON Claude Vincent A Sergeant 12/1981
HENDERSON Harley Hector A Sapper 4/114
HENDERSON Horace Stanley Lawrence A Sapper 4/200
HENDERSON James Roy A Private 12/3354
HENDERSON Lyn Atkinson A Private 10/2434
HENDERSON Robert A Private 1/137
HENDERSON Wallace A Private 1/660
HENDLE Leonard A Bombardier 2/49
HENDRY John Currie A Sergeant 8/3127
HENDY Albert William A Sergeant 1/661
HENLEY William Frederick A Corporal 23/41
HENNEKER George James A Private 1/037
HENRY James R Private 19/115
HERMISTON William R Private 19/116
HERRING Walter Ernest R Private 19/356
HEWITT Arthur Gordon A Private 3/22
HEWITT Edwin John Leslie A Corporal 1/662
HEWSON Joseph Clement A Sapper 4/115
HEY Frank A Private 1/148
HICKSON Arnold Gordon A Sergeant 4/1128
HICKSON Clarence Hyndman A Private 3/23
HICKSON Noel Skerrett A Bombardier 2/2153
HICKTON John Henry - Corporal 19/381
HIDDLESTONE John A Sapper 4/137
HIGGINS Arthur A Private 1/663
HIGGINS Daniel R Private 19/117
HIGHMAN Frank Blakely A Driver 2/1924
HILL Charles William R Trooper 20/12
HILL George A Private 1/555
HILL Henry A Private 3/53
HILL William John Rusden A L/Corporal 12/2567
HINTON Claude Huia A Private 12/2551
HISLOP William Henry R Driver 5/191
HOARE Bramwell Lidbetter A Private 1/437
HODDY Walter Robert A Private 1/72
HOGAN George Reginald A Corporal 1/666
HOGG Joseph R Private 19/355
HOLDEN Alfred Nicholas R Trooper 20/13
HOLDEN John Rose A Trooper 7/1178
HOLLAND John Christopher A 2Lieutenant 23/16
HOLLIS Ernest A Sergeant 1/314
HOLMES Mathew A Major 3/1
HONORE David Andrew A Private 3/54
HOOK Frederick Leonard A Private 1/385
HOOK Leonard A Private 8/2276
HOOPER George Shackleton A Sapper 4/109
HOPKINS Peter R Private 19/343
HOPKIRK James Alexander Daniel A 2Lieutenant 23/26
HOPKIRK William Spottiswood A Sergeant 10/2508
HOPPER Henry Moodie A Private 10/2435
HORNSBY William Macmahon A Private 1/90
HOSKING John Reader A Private 1/1039
HOWARD Alfred Arthur A Sapper 4/41
HOWARD Arthur R Private 19/118
HOWARD Frederick A Private 1/384
HOWE Gilbert A Sergeant 2/96
HOWLETT Harcourt A Private 12/2534
HOWLETT Leonard Victor A L/Corporal 4/134
HUBBARD Charles A Sapper 4/119
HUDSON Athol A Corporal 1/812
HUDSON Frederick Hainsworth A S/Major 1/443
HUGHES Arthur George A Private 1/531
HUGHES Thomas George A Private 1/669
HUGHES William Ernest R Private 19/120
HUNT Albert Edward A Private 1/332
HUNT Robert Andrew A Driver 5/592
HUNTER James A Private 10/2436
HUNTER William Loxley A Sapper 4/139
HUSTON Henry Earl A Private 1/272
HUTCHEON Thomas Douglas A Sapper 4/329
HUTCHINS Albert Richard A Private 6/1440
HUTCHINSON Gilbert A Private 10/2437
HUTCHISON Albert A Private 8/2279
HUTCHISON William Baird A L/Corporal 8/2280
HYDE Herbert Stanley A Private 3/587
HYNES Henry William A Private 12/2576
IFWERSEN Karl Donald A Trooper 1/672
INGHAM Ephe A Private 1/673
INGPEN Norman Lockyer A Rifleman 24/472
INGRAM Victor Emmanuel Chas R Private 19/122
IRVINE James Hanna A L/Corporal 1/4
IRWIN Peter R Private 19/123
ISAACS David Nathan A Lieutenant 3/72
ISAACS Herbert Cyril A Private 12/2185
ISBISTER Arthur Clive A L/Corporal 1/676
IZARD Arnold Woodford A Ca 3/532
JACK Donald Leslie A L/Corporal 23/464
JACKSON Albert Woods A Sapper 4/282
JACKSON Edward R Private 19/124
JACKSON Francis Marsden A Trooper 15/109
JACKSON Fred Cecil A Private 1/678
JACKSON Joseph A Private 1/679
JACKSON Thomas Arthur A Gunner 2/2162
JACOBSON William Francis A Private 1/485
JAMES Charles Alexander A Private 1/022
JAMES William - Private 19/384
JAMESON Andrew Melville R Sergeant 20/15
JAMESON John Kennedy A Driver 2/1840
JAMIESON Robert Christian A Sapper 4/13
JARDINE James A Gunner 2/45
JEFFREY Horace R Trooper 20/16
JEFFS Oswald Keith A Bombardier 2/2449
JENKINS Henry Jarrett R Private 19/126
JENKINS Walter Thomas A Sapper 4/85
JENKINSON Horace A Private 1/205
JESSON John A S/Major 12884
JESSOP Philip Ebenezer A Private 1/235
JOBBERNS John A Sapper 4/210
JOHNS Arthur Francis A Private 1/77
JOHNS Guy Clifford A Private 3/24
JOHNSON Charles Christian R Private 19/127
JOHNSON John Samuel R Private 19/128
JOHNSON Norman William A Gunner 2/2165
JOHNSON Robert Clarke A Corporal 4/38
JOHNSON William A Sapper 4/118
JOHNSON (JOHNSTON) Alexander William R/D Private 19/383
JOHNSTON Arthur A Private 1/10
JOHNSTON Cameron Gordon A L/Corporal 4/120
JOHNSTON Hector Francis R Private 19/130
JOHNSTON Hubert Kenneth A S/Major 11/1766
JOHNSTON James R Private 19/131
JOHNSTON Robert R Private 19/315
JOHNSTONE Robert A Private 1/108
JONES Alfred Richard R Private 19/132
JONES Archibald L A Private 1/449
JONES Cecil William A Sergeant 1/015
JONES Charles Edward R Private 19/133
JONES Charles Raimer R Private 13/134a
JONES Clarence William A Sapper 4/40
JONES David Robert Rowlands A Sapper 4/654
JONES Henry Moreland A Corporal 10/3312
JONES Idris Dare A Private 12/2352
JONES James Samuel R Private 19/316
JONES Sydney A Gunner 2/50
JONES Sydney Ionoval A Private 1/294
JONES Thomas Morris A Trooper 17/391
JOWETT Harold A Private 1/98
JUGGINS John William A Driver 5/22
KANNANE James Joseph Edward R Trooper 13/2828
KAY William A Major 23/3
KEANE Joseph A Sapper 4/124
KEAY Charles R Driver 5/193
KEBLE George A Sapper 4/122
KEEFE Cyril Matthew R Private 19/135
KELLY Charles A Private 24842
KELLY Charles Edward Robert R Corporal 19/317
KELLY Eric Lindsay A Private 1/199
KEMP Allen Mortimer A Private 12/2553
KENDALL Henry John Lickfold A Gunner 2/48
KENNEDY Thomas A Private 1/28
KENNERLEY John Stewart A Sergeant 12/2170
KENNY David Alexander A Lieutenant 1/187
KENT Thomas Charles A Private 1/685
KERMODE Harry R Private 19/137
KERR John Michael Birmingham R Private 19/138
KERSLAKE John Albert Edward A L/Corporal 1/201
KIDDELL Frank Tunstall A Private 1/696
KIDMAN Edgar A Sapper 4/259
KING Albert R Private 19/139
KING Cyril Vernon A Private 1/460
KING Frank Earny A Sapper 4/125
KING Gilbert A Private 10/2439
KING James Christopher A Private 1/749
KIRBY Alfred Herbert A Driver 2/51
KIRK William Thomas D Sergeant 92876
KIRKER Roy A Sergeant 23/802
KIRKER William Alfred A Corporal 2/9
KIRKWOOD Robert Gordon A Private 1/642
KITCHING Ewart Gladstone A Gunner 2/2458
KITTO Eric Cleveland A Private 1/417
KNOWLES George R Private 19/140
KNOX Reginald Victor Albert A S/Major 23/31
KNOX Robert John - Private 19/385
KREEFT Charles Ronald A Private 1/451
KRUSS Peter Jaspar R Private 19/141
LACEY Harold William A S/Major 4/312
LACKLAND John - Private 19/357
LADBROOK Charles William R Sergeant 19/142
LAIRD Henry Nicolls McGregor A Private 12/2554
LAMB William A Sergeant 5/169A
LANCASTER Gilbert Clive A Private 5/21
LANE William Gilbert A Private 10/2388
LANG Robert R Private 19/143
LANGBEIN Charles A Bombardier 2/52
LANGE Leonard Walter A Private 10/2993
LANKSHEAR Bernard Russell A Lieutenant 23/1283
LARKIN Ernest Archibald A Private 10/2994
LARSEN Albert John A Private 1/277
LAURENSON Alexander Henry Fleming A Private 1/464
LAURITZEN Johann A Sapper 4/201
LAVERY Robert William A Private 1/545
LAWRENCE Charles R Sergeant 19/144
LAWRENCE Gilbert Alexander A Private 10/2442
LAWRENCE Henry John A Private 1/435
LAWRIE Daniel Kersop (Kirsop) R Sergeant 19/318
LE COMTE Herbert Edward A Rifleman 24/821
LE CREN Hubert Ernest A Private 1/691
LE QUESNE Colin Hamilton R Private 19/145
LEADBETTER Archibald Francis A Gunner 2/53
LEARY Ernest Richard A Corporal 1/689
LEARY Leonard Poulter A Private 1/365
LECKLAND John R Private 19/357
LECKY John A Private 1/690
LEE Edward Arthur ** - 84593
LEE Reginald Gresley R Trooper 20/18
LEERS Moritz A Private 1/501
LEESE Henry Clifford A Sergeant 21/13
LEGG Bertram Willoughby A Private 1/226
LENIHAN Charles Joseph A Private 1/415
LENNANE Joseph A Sergeant 8/235
LENNOX John Ralph Gladstone A Rifleman 24/494
LEONARD Ernest George A Corporal 4/242
LEONARD Harry Walter A Private 1/692
LEPPER John A Trooper 11/583
LEVETT Augustine A Private 8/2286
LEVY Isaac Jack A Gunner 2/54
LEWIS Arthur Phillip A QMS 4/1
LEWIS Llewelyn Eldridge A Private 1/155
LIARDET Geoffrey Hellard A Private 10/2443
LIARDET Leonard Maughan A Lieutenant 24/10
LIGHTBODY R R L/Corporal 25337
LIGHTFOOT Edward R Private 19/358
LIGHTFOOT Frederick Richard A Sergeant 3/26
LILBURNE Herbert Thomas Alex R Private 19/146
LISTER Henry Reid A Trooper 13/654
LITTLE Edward Cullen A Private 8/2287
LITTLE Guy Ridley A Sapper 4/13
LIVINGS William R Trooper 20/19
LLOYD Arthur R Private 19/148
LLOYD Enoch Llewellyn A Sapper 4/245
LLOYD Horace Carlyle A Private 1/418
LLOYD James Henry A Private 1/694
LLOYD William Albury R Private 19/149
LODDER Arthur Ernest Venn A Corporal 2/84
LOGIE Edward Howard A Sapper 4/256
LOMAS Arthur Thomas R Private 19/150
LOMAX William R Private 19/151
LONDON Leslie A Private 1/380
LONGDILL George Frederick A Private 12/2573
LONGHURST William Thomas A Private 1/378
LORD Frederick Thomas A Gunner 2/2470
LORIE Arnold A Private 12/2556
LOUISSON William Ashley A Gunner 2/87
LOVE Frederick George A Private 1/042
LOVELL George Charles Reginald Fitzroy A Private 1/697
LOVELL James A Private 5/194
LOWE Frederick Thomas A Private 1/40
LOWNDES Noble Frank A Corporal 1/732
LUCAS Ernest A Private 1/85
LUCRE John A Private 10/3329
LUCY Thomas Martyn A Lieutenant 4/350
LUKE Francis William A Private 3/55
LUNN James R Private 19/153
LUSH Reginald A Private 1/48
LYNCH John R Private 19/154

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