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Auckland Star, Volume XXXI, Issue 134, 7 June 1900, Page 6


The principal event of our loyal demonstration on the Queen's Birthday was the review of volunteers and the firing of the royal salute and feu-de-joie in the Domain, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor and suite.

There was an excellent turn-out of the Auckland garrison forces, and the proceedings were marked by great enthusiasm. A large gathering of spectators watched the review with great interest. The Auckland Volunteer Companies fell in at the Drill Hall at 9.30 o'clock, marched up to the Outer Domain, headed by the Garrison Band, under Bandmaster HUNTER.

The whole parade was under Lieut. Colonel J H BANKS (Officer-Commanding the District), who had associated with him as staff, Majors MORROW and PIRIE, Captains SCHOFIELD, J GRANT and J REID (District Adjutant). The Naval Brigade was commanded by Lieut. Commander H PARKER, and lnfantry Battalion by Major W B WHITE, Lieut. MARKHAM (Adjutant) and Lieut. DORMER (Quartermaster) were also present. The following medical officers were present: Brigade Surgeon Lieut. Colonel DAWSON, Surgeon Major WALKER, Surgeon-Captains LINDSAY, KING, and ERSON. Major WHITE acted as Brigade Major.

The following are the parade states of the various companies on parade:—
Auckland Mounted Rifles, Captain HOLGATE, 36 all told.
"A" Battery Artillery, Captain O'BRIEN, Lieut. LIPSCOMBE, 53.
No. 1 Battalion Auckland
Navals, Lieut. Commander CLEMENS, Lieuts. SALMON, ENDEAN and BAXENDELL, 66.
Ponsonby Navals, Lieut. Commander PATTERSON, Lieuts. SPINLEY and McKAY, 84.
Devonport Torpedo Corps, Lieut. Commander PARKER, Lieuts. ROBINSON and REID, 67.
Devonport Coastguard Artillery, Captain NAPIER and Lieut. GARDNER, 45.
Auckland Engineers, Capt. WALKER and Lieut. JOHNSON, 53.
No. 2 Battalion (Auckland Infantry Battalion No. 1, Countess of Ranfurly's Own)
No. 1 Victoria Rifles, Capt. SKINNER, Lieuts. COX and DERROM, 37.
College Rifles. Lieut. McHARDY, 40.
No. 1 Native Rifles, Lieut. GAUDIN and Lieut. MARKHAM 38.
No. 2 Native Rifles, Lieut. RATJEN and Lieut. WARNOCK, 48.
Auckland Rifles, Capt. CAUGHEY, Lieuts. GOWER and BOYCE, 45.
No. 3 Native Rifles, Capt. REID, 44.
No. 2 Victoria’s Lieut. SHAW andt Lieut. McKAY, 49.
Newton Rifles, Lieut. MARKHAM, Lieut COX (in charge), 55.
Bearer Corps, Surgeon-Capt. PARKES, 20.
Garrison Band (Bandmaster HUNTER), 26.
Battalion Drum and Fife Band (Bandmaster DORMER), 17. Total on parade, 823 officers and men.

The Rifle Battalion bore their Queen's and Regimental Colours, which it will be remembered were presented to them, last Queen's Birthday by Lady Ranfurly. The review-ground was in the Outer Domain, in the hollow where the presentation of Colours to the No. 1 Infantry Battalion took place last Queen's Birthday. The hills on either side of the hollow were the ground from which the crowds of spectators viewed the proceedings.

The naval and military veterans, numbering about 160 (whose names are given below) were formed up in double rank on three sides of a hollow square. In the centre of the square stood a flagstaff, from which a Union Jack fluttered in the breeze. Captain RICHARDSON was in command of the veterans. The latter were in mufti, but sported all their medals and decorations. Each veteran wore a button-hole, consisting of a rose, representing England, a shamrock for Ireland, a sprig of heath for Scotland, and a spray of fern to represent a Federated Australia. The button holes were donated by Messrs A. Yates and Co., seed merchants. Miss GRANT, daughter of Captain John GRANT, late district adjutant, was present with the veterans.

Handsome bouquets were presented yesterday to Lady Ranfurly and Lady Constance Knox by the Imperial veterans and colonial veterans respectively. A third bouquet was presented by Messrs Yates and Co. to Lady Eileen.

Thomas WARD, Royal Artillery
John PENNALLIGEN, Royal Artillery
E B LAING, Taranaki Volunteers
William PORTER, 58th Regiment
Robert MILES, 65th Regiment
W J COSELY, Petty Officer, H.M.S. Leanander and Peels, Naval Brigade, Crimea, 1854-56 two medals and two bars
J M McLACHLAN, 1st Company Volunteers, Auckland, active service during war
Major R B MORROW, Imperial and Indian Army
J W ROBINSON, Waikato 3rd Regiment
James MONTGOMERY, H.M. 65th Regiment
William OVER, Colour-Sergeant 52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry
James CONLEY (CANLEY?) 58th Regiment
Malcolm S RAMSAY, Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment, N.Z.
John WEBLEY, Grenadier Guards
Thomas ANDREW, sapper 4417, late Royal Engineers
Joseph MEASURES, late 58th Regiment
John DRISCOL, late 40th Regiment
James HUCKSTEP, H.M. 58th Regiment of Foot
Thomas WOOD
David MULMOYLE late 58th Regiment
James CHAPMAN late 58th Regiment
John WILSON, Royal Artillery
Daniel McBRIERTY late 65th Regiment
John MOUL late 95th Regiment
Henry DOUBE late H.M. Commissariat Staff Corps
Joseph MILNES, 84th Regiment, Indian Mutiny
J F AHRENS, 2nd Regiment Infantry (German Legion), Crimean War
Lawrence COSGRAVE, late 58th Regiment
Patrick CUMARFORD, late 40th Regiment
F CONWAY, Navy and Maori war
John STEER, late 35th Regiment, Band Sergeant
Thomas O'BIERNE, 55th Regiment
A C FORT, Waikato Regiment
James TRAYES, Volunteer Bandsman
George SQUIBBLE 2nd Company Waikato Regiment
Charles OSBOURNE 58th Regiment
C WHELAN 50th, the Queen's Own Regiment
Daniel QUINN, Military Train
J B JACKSON, Militia
William RYLANCE, 12th Regiment
E O SAUNDERS, Royal Navy
Robert NELSON, Royal Artillery
Williams ANDREWS, H.M. 1st Bat, 12th Regiment
Charles ROSE, 70th Foot
Alfred ROGERSON, 70th Foot
R MADDEN, 1st Waikato, No. 7 Company
Alexander WHISKER 58th Regiment
John GROVES, Lucknow campaign
C C HANSEN, 43rd Light Infantry
William KNAPP
T J SANSOM, Sergeant No. 1 Royals, Camp Quartermaster Colonial Forces
George T CODLIN, No. 1. Royal A.R.V.
David CROMARTY, 1st Bat. Auckland Militia
T SONGHURST, Sup. Baker to Army Service Corps
James FORREST, 8th Royal Irish Huzzars
John THORBURN 58th Regiment
Jeremiah MURPHY, late of the 18th
John GRIFFIN, Crimea veteran
Peter COLEMAN, 2nd Waikato
Thomas HAMILTON 14th Regiment
John BANBURG First Class Auckland Militia, No. 1 Company
Henry WILLISCROFT, No. 7 Company 3rd Waikato Regiment
William MOSLEN, Royal Artillery, No. 3 Battery, 12th Brigade
William HEALY, 58th Regiment
James MADIGAN, Military Train, Crimea
George CORNISH, 2nd Battalion 14th Regiment
John COX No. 1 Auckland Rifle Volunteers
Matthew CUMMINGS, 1st Waikato Militia, No. 3 Company
George DUNKLIN, Corp, Commissary Staff Corps
Charles B KING, Canadian Vol. Militia, 35th Battalion
H A H HITCHINGS, 2nd Queen's Royal Army Med. Staff
Edwin LIGHTFOOT, late 65th Regiment
Anthony CANAVAN, 18th Royal Irish
James GIBBONS, 2nd 18th Royal Irish
Captain F T BLACKMORE, late 49th Regiment, Berkshire Regiment John HALEY, late 15th Queen's Own
John GALLAGHER, 18th Royal Irish
Warrant Officer E LECKIE, 18th Royal Irish
Jesse SAGE, Sergeant of H.M. 58th Regiment
Thomas HILDITCH, 80th Regiment
Henry James Smith, 2nd Regiment, Waikato
Roley HILL (N.Z. Cross), Royal Navy
J STEVENS, 18th Royal Irish
Frank SIMMONS Royal Navy
Henry Cope WRIGHT, 1st Waikato Regiment
Patrick MADIGAN, late Forest Rangers
W ROBERTSON, Royal Navy (Crimea)
Charles CLARK, 18th Royal Irish Regiment
Robert NESBITT, 3107, 65th Regiment, Royal Bengal Tigers
Archibald CLEMENTS (N.Z. Medal), Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment and Imp. Transp. Co.
Thomas GARVEY, 65th Regiment
Deins [sic] HERLIHY, late 65th Regiment
Lewis Lyons LEVY, late Wanganui Volunteer Cavalry
Michael LOONEY, 2nd Battalion 18th Royal Irish
William CONNELL 18th Regiment
John CLIFFORD Auckland 1st Class Militia
James BROWN, 58th Regiment, English Regiment
J TOMNEY 40th Regiment
W H FLYGER West Coast Volunteers (Wanganui)
John BURNS 55th (and volunteered to 14th) Regiment
Captain Emmingway, late Sergt. No. 2 Auckland Company
G M CAMERON, late Captain No. 3 Pukekohe Rifles
John CONDON 57th Regiment
Edward VAZEY No. 2 Dev. Armed Constabulary
Ed. HEIGHWAY No. 1 Co. 1st Class Militia
Joseph NEYLON, late 18th Royal Irish
Peter HOLMES, late 18th Royal Irish
Henry LAWRENCE, late 58th Regiment
Owen McGINN, late 18th Royal Irish
Thomas TAYLOR, late Mil. Train
Matthew HARFORD, 14th and 68th Regiments
Robert HUTCHISON, 68th Regiment
Alexander ALLEN, late 31st Regiment
Robert HAWES, Napier Military Settlers
Alf. W GLADDING, Corp., late 40th Regiment
Ambrose ROGERS, Royal Navy (H.M.S. Sanspareil)
John DODS, late 3rd Waikato Regiment
John WHITFORD, Royal Engineers (Crimea)
Thomas W ALLEN, Royal Navy (H.M.S. Achilles, Revenge and Caledonia)
John STILLWELL, late Royal Eng.
John EDGERLEY late Remuera Rifle Volunteers Regt., No. 3 Company, A.R.V.
William SPEAKMAN, late Sergt. 65th Regiment
W G GARRARD Royal Navy
R SHEPHERD (N. Z Cross), Imperial and Colonial Service, late Sergt A.C.
Samuel SWAIN, Crimea
J W SMITH Wellington Defence Force
John BAIN Auckland (Waikato No. 10 Company) Militia
James George COOK 79th Camerons (Crimea) and 1st Waikato
J W B CASTRAY Wanganui Cavalry
John FUNCH (FANCH?) 59th Regiment
John FARRELL 18th Royal Irish
Thomas EYTON (New Zealand medal) Otahuhu Cavalry, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers, Patea Light Horse and Armed Constabulary
J L HOLLAND, Auckland Rifle Volunteers, 1859-1864
James WILSON, No. 5 Company A.R.V. 1863 (twenty-two years' service)
John HUNTER, Indian Regiment, No: 5 Company
E ARCHER No. 1 Company Auckland Volunteers
John ROWE 58th Regiment
Walter J HILL, No. 3 Company A.R.V. (New Zealand war medal)
William KOTHER Forest Rangers and No. 6 Company N.Z.M.
John ELLIOTT Taranaki Volunteers and lieutenant unattached, militia
J HOWARD 40th Regiment (19˝ years' service)
Adam TURNOCK, 65th Regiment (19 years' service)
James STITCHBURY, First-class Auckland Militia
A AYLES Royal Navy, chief gunner's mate
G E COOPER, New Zealand Militia
W D BUSH late 12th Regiment
George LEAHY, late Captain R.I.R.
Dr. BAKEWELL, staff assistant surgeon, Crimea
J GERRARD, late sergeant 70th Regiment
Francis GRIBBIN late sergeant 65th Regiment
William REID 3rd Waikato Regiment
John McCONNEL late captain A.R. Vol.
E G ASTON, Basuto War, Cape Mounted Rifles and Lenders' Light Horse
Walter RUTHERFORD, 43rd Regiment
William VICKERY, No. 7 Company First Battalion, Auckland Militia
F DAVIES, No. 4 Company First Battalion, Auckland Militia
H W NAPPER, R.L.; Colour Sergeant (No. 227)
T DIVER, 3rd Waikato Regiment
Peter GREGORY, 68th Regiment (10 years)
QUEDLEY, 55th Regiment, Crimea, New Zealand 14th Regiment
Captain R RICHARDSON, Bombay Army
George PEGG
Francis BROGAN private 18th Royal Irish, in Indian Mutiny, Cape Colony
Charles BAKER No. 1 Division Armed Constabulary
John BOGG 1st Waikato Regiment
William PATTERSON (70th Regiment)

Punctually at eleven o'clock His Excellency the Governor and party arrived on the ground, escorted by the Auckland Mounted Rifles. His Excellency, who was accompanied by Lady Ranfurly, Lady Constance Knox, and the Hon. Charles Hill- Trevor, was received with a royal salute, the bands playing the National Anthem. As the Governor's carriage drew up in front of the veterans' square three of the veterans —Rowley HILL, James WHISKER, and Sergeant HUTCHISON - advanced and presented bouquets to Lady Ranfurly and Lady Constance, and handed a third bouquet to Lady Ranfurly for Lady Eileen Knox, who was not present.

After the presentation the Governor drove along the line accompanied by the staff and inspected the volunteers with much interest. On the vice regal party returning to the saluting post, the royal salute and feu-de-joie were fired in honour of Her Majesty's birthday. The "A" Battery of Artillery stationed on the extreme' right of the line, with their five nine pounder Armstrong b.l. guns, fired the customary salute of 21 rounds blank. Between each seven rounds the infantry fired the feu-de-joie. The firing was first rate, and was carried out with great regularity and j precision. At the conclusion of the firing the line presented arms in salute and "God Save the Queen" was played by the Garrison Band, after which the Colonel called for three cheers for Her Majesty. The cheers were given heartily and with enthusiasm, and none cheered more cordially than the veterans.

The two battalions were then formed into column, and marched past the saluting post in that order, company distance, headed by the "A" Battery, with their field guns. The marching was on the whole good, and was favourably commented on. The Band played "The British Grenadiers" and other time-honoured military airs as the brigade marched past. The brigade returned in quarter-column, with arms at the trail, and then deployed into line again. The line advanced in review order, facing the colours, presented arms, and gave the Royal salute, the band playing "God Save the Queen." His Excellency and party then drove off back to Government House, escorted by the Auckland Mounted Rifles. As the vice-regal party left the review ground the Veterans and spectators gave three hearty cheers for His Excellency and Lady Ranfurly.

After the departure of the Governor Lieutenant-Colonel Banks called the officers to the front and informed them that His Excellency had desired him to return thanks to the volunteers for their turn-out. Lord Ranfurly had expressed himself well pleased with the way the parade had been carried out. The colonel added that he would publish His Excellency's remarks in district orders.

Before the troops were dismissed Major White called for three cheers for Lady Ranfurly, which were given with great heartiness.

The colours of the No. 1 Battalion were escorted back to the Drill Shed by the Auckland Rifles. The remainder were dismissed at the Domain. On his way back to Government House His Excellency drove into the Albert Park and visited the statue of Her Majesty, which was decorated with flowers to-day by the City Council authorities, in honour of the day.

In honour of Her Majesty's Birthday the statue in Albert Park was tastefully decorated with flowers and evergreens by instruction of the Town Clerk, Mr Wilson. At the foot of the pedestal was laid a few sprigs of bay, tied with the national colours, being symbolical of victory. The steps of the pedestal were wreathed with laurel and macrocarpa, as was also the base of the statue. Leaning against the steps in front of the statue was a wreath of red and white flowers, tied with broad Royal blue ribbon, and hi the centre were the letters V.R. in blue and white. The whole effect of the decorations was excellent.

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