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Thank you to Lt-Colonel Glyn Harper and Harper Collins for their permission to print these names from Glyn's book Massacre at Passchendaele - The New Zealand Story (Harper Collins 2000).

The following names are on the Memorial to the Missing at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium. The memorial bears the names of almost 1200 New Zealanders who fell in the battles for Passchendaele and whose bodies were never recovered.

On the 12 October 1917, New Zealand lost 117 officers and 3179 men within a few hours.
Lest We Forget

MACDONALD Alexander Rifleman 31878 NZRB 12Oct1917
MACDONALD Alexander Private 28626 WlgReg 21Oct1917
MACDONALD Neil Rifleman 26/1658 NZRB 12Oct1917
MACGREGOR Donald Bruce Corporal 22194 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MACHU Norman Joseph Private 40824 CantReg 15Oct1917
MACINDOE George Private 29053 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MACKENZIE Allan Neil David Rifleman 26752 NZRB 12Oct1917
MACKINTOSH Robert Macgregor Private 29274 CantReg 04Oct1917
MACKY Thomas Roy Bayntun 2nd Lieutenant 25/73 OtagoReg 11Oct1917
MACLEAN James Private 48249 CantReg 12Oct1917
MACLEAN Kenrick Charles Sergeant 20927 AklReg 04Oct1917
MACLEOD-SMITH Norman Rifleman 29584 NZRB 12Oct1917
MAGUIRE John Private 32777 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MAHAN Adam George Major 13/2001 AklReg 04Oct1917
MAHONEY Gordon Richard Private 36464 AklReg 04Oct1917
MAHONEY John James Corporal 34524 CantReg 12Oct1917
MAINE William Frederick Sergeant 35119 AklReg 04Oct1917
MAINMAN Edwin Rowland Private 46055 CantReg 12Oct1917
MAKER William John Private G/1332 NZMGC 04Oct1917
MANHIRE Ernest Arthur Danesbury Private 40825 CantReg 04Oct1917
MANN Ernest Rifleman 42682 NZRB 12Oct1917
MANNING Patrick Sergeant 23/1726 CantReg 12Oct1917
MANSELL Francis Joseph Rifleman 45709 NZRB 12Oct1917
MANSON Stanley Roy Rifleman 24/2031 NZRB 12Oct1917
MARRIS Robert Charles L/Corporal 30606 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MARSDEN Joseph Stanley 2nd Lieutenant 18580 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MARSH John Edward Caleb Private 24202 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MARSHALL Adam Private 26288 CantReg 12Oct1917
MARSON Richard Private 49423 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MARTIN Charles Frederick Private 39850 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MARTIN Peter Joseph Private 29905 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MARTIN Robert Witherall Private 6/1929 CantReg 12Oct1917
MASON James Farquarson Private 38052 WlgReg 21Oct1917
MATHESON Angus Private 44132 CantReg 12Oct1917
MATHESON James Weir Rifleman 36874 NZRB 12Oct1917
MATHEWS John Patrick L/Sergeant IO/3646 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MATHEWSON James Lawrence Corporal 17/119 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MATTSON Ludwig Private 24205 CantReg 12Oct1917
MAWHINNEY Allen Private 40978 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MAWLEY Gerald Lieutenant 26/35 NZRB 12Oct1917
MAY Frederick Charles Private 10/3948 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCADAM George Private 44006 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCBRIDE Oliver Private 9/315 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCCABE Bernard Albert Private 33923 AklReg 18Oct1917
MCCALL Hugh William L/Sergeant 8/1776 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCCAMMON Forbes James Private 30825 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCCAW William Armstrong Private 3/602 NZMC 12Oct1917
MCCLYMONT Charles Robert Private 30446 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCCONNELL James Private 12/2050 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCCONNELL Robert James Patrick Corporal 29049 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCCORLEY John Sergeant 29696 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCCRACKEN James L/Corporal 21058 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCCREA Robert Private 27330 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCCREADY William Lyle Private 41246 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCCULLOCH David Rifleman 48737 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCDONALD Hector Sidney Private 33416 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCDOUGALL Alexander Private 32457 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCFARLAND Thomas Nigel Corporal 8/252 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MCFARLANE Stanley Norman Private 27331 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCGEE William Private 29176 CantReg 04Oct1917
MCGOWAN William John Private 30834 AklReg 12Oct1917
MCHALE William Harold Private 37851 WlgReg 03Oct1917
MCHARDIE Raymond Shirley Private 37934 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCILROY Arthur Harold Corporal 17807 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCILROY George Thomas Lieutenant 24311 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCINTOSH John Rifleman 23/511 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCINTOSH John Private 27553 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCINTYRE Archibald Private 38567 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MCINTYRE Peter Lieutenant 6/684 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MCKAY Charles Donald L/Corporal 36473 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCKAY John Alexander Private 24455 CantReg 04Oct1917
MCKELVY John George Private 29930 CantReg 04Oct1917
MCKENNA Albert Edward Rifleman 46891 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCKENNA Isadore Sergeant 24/1142 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MCKENZIE Edward Walker Private 11918 WlgReg 22Oct1917
MCKENZIE Gordon Dacher Private 7/1498 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCKENZIE James Rifleman 32880 NZRB 11Oct1917
MCKENZIE William L/Corporal 6/3805 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCKENZIE William Alexander Rifleman 45225 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCKENZIE William Louis Private 44619 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCKENZIE William Thomas Charles Rifleman 27098 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCKEOWN Charles Joseph Private 30621 CantReg 18Oct1917
MCKINSTRY James Laurence Private 18838 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCKONE Patrick Private 42552 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MCKOY Godfrey Gerald Rifleman 23022 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCLAREN Alexander Private 27566 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCLAUGHLAN Francis Sergeant 10/3966 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCLAUGHLIN Edward Private 39548 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MCLEAN John Wilson Rifleman 24/1437 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCLEAN Owen Angus Private 38432 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCLEAN Wilfred Ernest Sergeant 23/514 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCLEOD John Willis Corporal 11159 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCMANUS John Bernard Private 44591 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCMILLAN Hector Norman Private 14021 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCMURRICH Duncan Rifleman 20211 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCNEIL John Rifleman 26/193 NZRB 12Oct1917
MCNICOL Alexander Private 51223 CantReg 12Oct1917
MCNIECE John Alexander Private 45107 OtagoReg 15Oct1917
MCPHEE John (MM) Private 12240 WlgReg 09Oct1917
MCROBERTS Evan Oswald 2nd Lieutenant 22550 AklReg 04Oct1917
MCULLOUGH Francis Purvis Private 40041 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MCWATT William Rifleman 32883 NZRB 12Oct1917
MEAD Ernest William Louden L/Corporal 15004 CantReg 12Oct1917
MEANEY Andrew William Private 46371 AklReg 22Oct1917
MEDDINGS Walter Harry Major 48142 CantReg 11Oct1917
MEDWELL Frederick Daniel Private 21294 AklReg 04Oct1917
MEE Alexander Private 42532 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MELLON Owen Angus Private 6/1621 CantReg 02Oct1917
METTAM Thomas Henry Rifleman 33913 NZRB 12Oct1917
MIDDLETON Joseph George Private 41594 OtagoReg 03Oct1917
MIDFORD William George Private 14289 AklReg 04Oct1917
MILBURN Charles Lombard Sergeant 25/782 NZRB 12Oct1917
MILLAR James Scrymgeour Rifleman 39271 NZRB 12Oct1917
MILLAR John 2nd Lieutenant 18018 NZRB 12Oct1917
MILLAR William Sergeant 81443 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MILLER Edward Donald Private 38299 AklReg 04Oct1917
MILLER Ernest John Private 14728 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MILLER John Alexander Private 8/3009 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MILLER Peter William Private 9/1068 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MILLINGTON William Bertie Corporal 28627 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MILNE Edward Duffy Private 33013 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MILNE Francis Private 45886 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MINOGUE Anthony Private 27540 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MIRK James Private 37844 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MITCHELL Herbert Walter Arthur Private 23/2039 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MOFFATT Alfred Private 11312 OtagoReg 03Oct1917
MOIR John Buchan Private 29832 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MOJE George Henry Private 32202 CantReg 12Oct1917
MONK Frank Lyle Private 3/2582 NZMGC 12Oct1917
MONKMAN Alfred James Corporal 24/1124 NZRB 12Oct1917
MOODY David Stanley Private 32693 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MOORE Ashley Charles L/Corporal 51660 CantReg 12Oct1917
MOREY Frederick Private 2/1633A CantReg 12Oct1917
MORGAN Harry Cross L/Corporal IO/3037 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MORGAN John Edward Rifleman 22348 NZRB 12Oct1917
MORGAN Stephen Rifleman 25/446 NZRB 12Oct1917
MORGAN William Alfred Reginald Corporal 3/140A NZMC 12Oct1917
MORIARTY John Private 47679 CantReg 12Oct1917
MORRIS John Private 32692 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MORRISON Murdoch Private 41601 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MORROW John Private 20386 WlgReg 04Oct1917
MORTON James Private 42542 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MOSTYN George Private 8/1807 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MOYNIHAN Michael Alexander Private 42545 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
MUIR David Rifleman 45714 NZRB 12Oct1917
MULLEY Robert Rifleman 29935 NZRB 12Oct1917
MUMFORD Henry Edwin Rifleman 44005 NZRB 12Oct1917
MUNRO Alexander Private 8/3959 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
MURFITT Stanley David Corporal 30257 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
MURLAND William Private 12/2406 AklReg 04Oct1917
MURPHY James Patrick Private 45892 WlgReg 22Oct1917
MURPHY Stanley Private 28761 AklReg 04Oct1917
NANKERVIS William (MM) Private 27139 AklReg 22Oct1917
NEAL Ernest Sergeant 23/1762 WlgReg 04Oct1917
NEAVE Simon Henry Rifleman 41001 NZRB 04Oct1917
NEILSON Ernest Corporal 6/3411 CantReg 12Oct1917
NELSON David Rifleman 18695 NZRB 12Oct1917
NELSON William Henry Sergeant 27184 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
NEVILLE Patrick Private 41927 CantReg 04Oct1917
NEWLANDS James Ernest L/Sergeant 29937 OtagoReg 16Oct1917
NEWLOVE Edwin Private 40234 CantReg 12Oct1917
NEWLOVE Leonard Charles Private 33755 AklReg 04Oct1917
NEWLOVE Leslie Malcolm Private 31530 CantReg 12Oct1917
NEWPORT Nelson Private 6/3114 CantReg 1-2Oct1917
NEWTON George Sergeant 15/171 CantReg 12Oct1917
NIAS George William L/Corporal 30631 WlgReg 04Oct1917
NICHOLL Joseph Albert Sergeant 24/2548 WlgReg 04Oct1917
NICHOLLS Oscar Alva Private 23084 CantReg 12Oct1917
NICKLIN Alfred Private 24/1765 WlgReg 05Oct1917
NIELD Cyril Whitehurst Private 29461 WlgReg 04Oct1917
NOBLETT John L/Corporal 29059 AklReg 15Oct1917
NORDSTROM Alfred William Private 24214 CantReg 12Oct1917
NORMAN George Private 8/2092 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
NORRIS Herbert William Rifleman 41004 NZRB 12Oct1917
NORTHOVER Lancelot William L/Corporal IO/3355 WlgReg 22Oct1917
NORTON Alexander Rifleman 21073 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'BRIEN Andrew Joseph Rifleman 25/667 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'BRIEN James Patrick Rifleman 41869 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'BRIEN John Private 39300 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
O'BRIEN John Private 25573 WlgReg 04Oct1917
O'BRIEN William Thomas Private 53259 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
O'CALLAGHAN Leslie George Captain 24291 CantReg 12Oct1917
O'CONNOR David Rifleman 47176 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'DONOGHUE Daniel Private 16786 CantReg 04Oct1917
O'DRISCOLL Cornelius Rifleman 26/1019 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'GORMAN John Private 24274 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
O'GORMAN Thomas Private 30396 WlgReg 4-6Oct1917
OKEY Joseph Thomas Rifleman 27132 NZRB 12Oct1917
OLDFIELD Frederick William Rifleman 40715 NZRB 12Oct1917
OLDS Harold Rifleman 46478 NZRB 12Oct1917
OLSEN Richard Barney Private 48258 CantReg 12Oct1917
OLSON Norman Selby Rifleman 41871 NZRB 12Oct1917
O'ROURKE Stephen William Private G/1343 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
ORR John William Private 26966 AklReg 04Oct1917
ORR Leslie Private 25298 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
OSBORNE Charles Patrick Private 42174 WlgReg 04Oct1917
OSBORNE John Private 12/2427 AklReg 04Oct1917
OXLEY William Frank Private 29849 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PADDEN Patrick Private 45903 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PAGE John Roy Private 42818 CantReg 12Oct1917
PAGET Samuel Francis Private 10/3694 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PAGET Travis Edward Private 8/2375 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PAIGE Charles Henry Private 44782 AklReg 04Oct1917
PAISLEY Robert Corporal 8/3931 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PALMER James William Private 22281 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PANNELL Edgar Douglas Private 32463 CantReg 12Oct1917
PARDOE Harold Sergeant 12/832 AklReg 04Oct1917
PARKER Walter John L/Corporal 32715 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
PARKER William Private 38740 AklReg 04Oct1917
PARKINSON Lionel Eustace Rifleman 24/1158 NZRB 12Oct1917
PARKMAN William Private 46072 CantReg 05Oct1917
PARLETT Louis Private 41011 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
PARMENTER Jack Private 33941 WlgReg 15Oct1917
PARNHAM Eric James Private 29625 NZMGC 04Oct1917
PARR Ellis Alexander (MM) Driver 13/2887 NZFA 30Oct1917
PARR Thomas Albert L/Sergeant 10/2730 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PARRY Ernest Charles Captain 12/2904 AklReg 06Oct1917
PARSLOW Harry Robertson Private 30072 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PARSONS Joseph Archibald Rifleman 25/903 NZRB 12Oct1917
PARTRIDGE John Private 18573 AklReg 03Oct1917
PATERSON William Private 42568 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PATTON William Charles Rifleman 25/1198 NZRB 12Oct1917
PAUL Sydney Victor 2nd Lieut 10/2274 WlgReg 23Oct1917
PAULSON Bertie (MM) Corporal 24/1776 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PAUWELS Louis Charles Sergeant 24/1165 NZRB 12Oct1917
PAYNE Walter Rifleman 48840 NZRB 12Oct1917
PAYTON Charles Private 28367 AklReg 04Oct1917
PEARCE Arthur Hambley Sergeant 10/2500 WlgReg 23Oct1917
PEARCE John William Rifleman 25/349 NZRB 12Oct1917
PEARCE Leslie Gordon Rifleman 17816 NZRB 12Oct1917
PEARCE William Private 5/894 NZMGC 12Oct1917
PELL Alfred James Thomas Private 27954 CantReg 12Oct1917
PENNY Walter Blaymires L/Corporal 10/4487 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PEPPERELL Frank Corporal 14320 AklReg 04Oct1917
PERFECT Ernest Private 32781 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PERI Hughie Private 13798 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PERRIN John Harold Private 31702 AklReg 04Oct1917
PERRY David Private 48261 CantReg 12Oct1917
PERRY Ernest Walter Private 29190 CantReg 12Oct1917
PETERS William James Private 39638 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
PETERSEN John Private 6/4125 CantReg 12Oct1917
PETERSEN Timis Fred Private 38065 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PETERSON Alexander Henderson Private 32718 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
PHILIPPS Frederick Emerson Rifleman 46486 NZRB 12Oct1917
PICKERING George Rifleman 38307 NZRB 12Oct1917
PILCHER William Thomas Sergeant 25/231 CantReg 04Oct1917
PIPER Michael Private 8/1314 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PLUCK John Thomas Corporal 7/2126 CantReg 12Oct1917
PLUNKETT John Private 22088 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
POLASCHEK William Private 14144 CantReg 12Oct1917
POLL Arthur Langley Sergeant 25139 NZRB 12Oct1917
POLLARD Norman Alfred Private 10/3982 WlgReg 04Oct1917
POMEROY Samuel Private 22091 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
POOL Charles Rifleman 24/559 NZRB 12Oct1917
POOLE Albert William Gresham Corporal 10/3058 WlgReg 04Oct1917
POOLE Edward Arthur Private 39308 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
POPE Edward Thomas Private 42395 AklReg 04Oct1917
PORTEOUS William Nesbit Private 29857 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
POSHA Anton Rifleman 23/562 NZRB 12Oct1917
POTROZ Bernard Rifleman 30402 NZRB 12Oct1917
POTTS James William Rifleman 26/1023 NZRB 12Oct1917
POWELL James Private 47682 CantReg 12Oct1917
POWELL Thomas Henry Private 33603 WlgReg 04Oct1917
POWER Edmond Mark Private 30001 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
POWER Thomas Edward Private IO/3984 WlgReg 04Oct1917
PREEN Ernest George Rifleman IG/221 NZRB 12Oct1917
PROFFITT William Reynolds Lieutenant 24/548 NZMGC 04Oct1917
PULLAR Edward William (MM) Private 32724 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
PURCELL Arthur Robert L/Corporal 15962 NZRB 12Oct1917
QUIN Thomas Private 13983 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
QUINN Michael Conway Rifleman 41109 NZRB 12Oct1917
RADCLIFFE Percy Noel Private 34143 CantReg 12Oct1917
RADFORD Lester Royal L/Corporal 36487 WlgReg 04Oct1917
RADFORD William Private 42396 AklReg 18Oct1917
RAMSAY John Private 45129 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
REDSTONE Bernard Edwin Private 41891 WlgReg 04Oct1917
REECE Arthur Private 44868 WlgReg 04Oct1917
REID Alexander Private 42397 AklReg 04Oct1917
REID Gavin Private 39893 WlgReg 04Oct1917
RHODES Walter James Private 40365 AklReg 04Oct1917
RICE Harkness Henry Private 39317 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
RICE Joseph L/Corporal 23432 AklReg 04Oct1917
RICHARDSON Michael Private 38794 WlgReg 04Oct1917
RIDDLE George Private 22285 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
RIDLEY John William Lawrence Rifleman 29083 NZRB 12Oct1917
RILEY Sinclair Malcolm L/Corporal 8/4485 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
RIVETT George Rifleman 41885 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROBB William James Private 21737 CantReg 12Oct1917
ROBERTS Andrew Clark Private 29866 OtagoReg 13Oct1917
ROBERTSON Thomas Rifleman 18709 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROBINSON Frank Duncan Private 33951 AklReg 04Oct1917
ROBINSON Ralph Edward Private 29301 CantReg 12Oct1917
RODGER Andrew L/Corporal 8/2796 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
RODGERS Harry Robertson Corporal 24/1798 WlgReg 04Oct1917
RODGERS Samuel Cecil Private 45127 OtagoReg 15Oct1917
ROGERS George Henry Private 38750 WlgReg 03Oct1917
ROGERS Gordon Gladstone Rifleman 23440 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROSE Evelyn Jack 2nd Lieut 25147 AklReg 04Oct1917
ROSE William Austin Private 51070 WlgReg 13Oct1917
ROSE William McIlwraith Private 26920 AklReg 04Oct1917
ROSE William Richard Corporal 13097 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROSS Alfred William Private 14868 WlgReg 3-4Oct1917
ROSS Charles Rifleman 49006 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROSS Silvester Moralee Private 37864 CantReg 12Oct1917
ROSS Wallace Alex Rifleman 40717 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROSSITER Henry Rifleman 41362 NZRB 12Oct1917
ROUD Walter Private 44021 CantReg 05Oct1917
ROWE James Coleman Private 18858 AklReg 05Oct1917
ROWE William Charles Private 45918 WlgReg 04Oct1917
RUDDICK Frederick Private 37869 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
RUDKIN Gerard Noel Rifleman 23256 NZRB 12Oct1917
RULE William Bramwell Lieutenant 39772 NZRB 12Oct1917
RUSCOE Hugh Granville Rifleman 13808 NZRB 12Oct1917
RUSSELL Reginald Stephen Rifleman 25949 NZRB 12Oct1917
RYAN Arnold Edwin L/Corporal 26179 NZRB 12Oct1917
RYAN John Private 42580 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
SABIN John Noerthey Private 14871 WlgReg 21Oct1917
SALISBURY George Henry Private 41631 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
SALLY John Private 10/3078 WlgReg 04Oct1917
SANDERS Hugh L/Corporal 6/3454 CantReg 12Oct1917
SANDERSON William Private 24063 AklReg 04Oct1917
SANDIFORTH Fred Private 23259 CantReg 12Oct1917
SANG Richard Claude L/Corporal 11346 NZMGC 13Oct1917
SAUNDERS John Leo Private 36843 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SCHUMACHER George James Private 32472 CantReg 12Oct1917
SCOLTOCK William Private 32391 CantReg 04Oct1917
SEATON John Finlay Private 40647 AklReg 04Oct1917
SEATON William Haigh Private 12/4085 AklReg 04Oct1917
SEYMOUR Felix Private 38228 WlgReg 04Oct1917
SHAKESHAFT Alfred Corporal 10/1649 WlgReg 24Oct1917
SHAND Alexander Private 3/2496 NZMC 12Oct1917
SHARMAN John Private 46618 CantReg 16Oct1917
SHEARY John Edward Sapper 4/2135 NZE 12Oct1917
SHEDDAN Alexander Private 46792 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SHEEHAN Frederick Private 8/2129 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SHELDON George Private 30003 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SHEPHERD Benjamin Alexander Private 34738 CantReg 04Oct1917
SHERWOOD Sidney Herbert Private 33456 WlgReg 04Oct1917
SHIELDS Thomas Private 45145 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SHIRLEY William Private 32245 CantReg 20Oct1917
SHORE Norman Private 39640 CantReg 12Oct1917
SIMM James Craig Rifleman 39713 NZRB 12Oct1917
SIMPSON Frederick Leonard Private 36494 AklReg 04Oct1917
SIMS Robert John Rifleman 40725 NZRB 12Oct1917
SINCLAIR Walter Graham (MM) Sergeant 8/2134 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SLADE Frank Duncan Private 26928 AklReg 03Oct1917
SLATTERY John Patrick Private 22410 CantReg 12Oct1917
SLAYMAKER Charles L/Corporal 25769 NZRB 12Oct1917
SLY Ernest Lawrence Private 47003 WlgReg 04Oct1917
SMALL Frederick William L/Corporal 38986 CantReg 04Oct1917
SMART William Rifleman 25/1813 NZRB 12Oct1917
SMITH Albert Rifleman 22378 NZRB 12Oct1917
SMITH Albert David Lieutenant 14716 NZRB 12Oct1917
SMITH Alexander Laing 2nd Lieut 24412 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SMITH Crosbie Rifleman 14156 NZRB 12Oct1917
SMITH Edward Percy Private 27971 CantReg 06Oct1917
SMITH Eric Summers 2nd Lieut 29702 NZRB 12Oct1917
SPENCE John Robert Rifleman 39343 NZRB 12Oct1917
SPENCE Robert John 2nd Lieut 24413 NZRB 12Oct1917
SPRATT Henry Private 27614 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
SQUIRE Ernest George Rifleman 41936 NZRB 12Oct1917
STANDEN Sydney Private 42228 WlgReg 22Oct1917
STAUB William Robson Rifleman 39907 NZRB 12Oct1917
STEEDS Paul Meredith Private 12/4095 CantReg 12Oct1917
STENSON Norman Ralph Private 10179 CantReg 12Oct1917
STEPHEN Edward Arthur Corporal 4/480 NZE 12Oct1917
STEVENS Joseph Clarence Rifleman 44318 NZRB 12Oct1917
STEVENSON James Rifleman 45774 NZRB 12Oct1917
STEWART Harold Stephen Douglas Private 37886 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
STEWART Harry 2nd Lieut 18429 NZRB 12Oct1917
STEWART James Roy Campbell Private 41421 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
STIRLING Jack Private 25124 NZMGC 04Oct1917
STOCKHAM Thomas William Private 30658 WlgReg 04Oct1917
STOKES Claude Hamilton Private 32080 AklReg 05Oct1917
STONEHAM Eric Arthur Corporal 36840 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
STRACHAN George Rifleman 29947 NZRB 12Oct1917
STRACK Karl Justus 2nd Lieut 10/2822 WlgReg 04Oct1917
STRATTON William James L/Corporal 15794 WlgReg 04Oct1917
STRINGFELLOW George Private 41169 WlgReg 05Oct1917
STROUD Willis Robert Rifleman 46497 NZRB 12Oct1917
STRUTHERS James Reid Private 3/1552 NZMC 12Oct1917
STUMBLES Albert Private 28227 WlgReg 04Oct1917
STURGES Alfred Private 28601 CantReg 05Oct1917
SULLIVAN Jack Rifleman 18714 NZRB 12Oct1917
SUTHERLAND Clair Nelson Private 41118 NZMGC 12Oct1917
SUTHERLAND Francis Nicoll Private 8/2827 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
SUTHERLAND Robert Private 26331 CantReg 12Oct1917
SUTHERLAND William Robert Rifleman 34166 NZRB 12Oct1917
SUTTON John Stainton Private 23/612 OtagoReg 10Oct1917
SUTTON William Rifleman 41957 NZRB 12Oct1917
SWENSON John Cornelius Corporal 23/2097 NZRB 12Oct1917
SYLVESTER William Andrew Private 13481 WlgReg 04Oct1917
SYME Charles Private 42218 AklReg 20Oct1917
SYMOND Robert Private 40083 CantReg 05Oct1917
TALBOT Arthur 2nd Lieut 14037 CantReg 12Oct1917
TANSLEY Frank Private 26333 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TARBARD George Private 27983 CantReg 02Oct1917
TARRANT Charles Richard Rifleman 17835 NZRB 12Oct1917
TARRANT Herbert Private 11978 CantReg 12Oct1917
TATTERSALL Albert Rifleman 20262 NZRB 12Oct1917
TATTERSALL William Joseph Rifleman 38769 NZRB 12Oct1917
TAVINOR Henry George Private 40395 AklReg 04Oct1917
TAYLOR Claude Edward Private 33477 WlgReg 04Oct1917
TAYLOR Edgar Private 22134 NZMGC 12Oct1917
TAYLOR George Private 24/301 OtagoReg 16Oct1917
TAYLOR Orton Cecil Private 34172 WlgReg 04Oct1917
TELFER David Private 36694 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
TERRY Frank Sergeant 12/2131 AklReg 04Oct1917
TERRY Percy Edward Private 44536 WlgReg 04Oct1917
THAYER Henry Robert L/Corporal 42425 AklReg 04Oct1917
THOMAS Geoffrey Hamlin Private 21117 AklReg 12Oct1917
THOMPSON Henry Vnatt Private 23/1216 WlgReg 20Oct1917
THOMPSON Herbert Corporal 32798 NZRB 12Oct1917
THOMPSON James Private 13131 NZMGC 12Oct1917
THOMSON Fraser John Private 39643 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
THOMSON Stanley Bowie Sergeant 23/1305 NZRB 12Oct1917
THORBURN John Private 42594 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
THORPE Arthur Private 8/2161 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TODD Harry Packer L/Corporal 31376 WlgReg 21Oct1917
TOMLINSON James Daniel Bpanley Private 31553 CantReg 12Oct1917
TOMPSETT Norman 2nd Lieut 12/2495 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TOOMEY Nicholas Edward John Private 40393 AklReg 19Oct1917
TOSSWILL William Wyndham Private 12514 WlgReg 04Oct1917
TOWNSEND Samuel Haydon L/Corporal 15047 CantReg 12Oct1917
TRAILL James Henry Private 15260 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TROTT Alfred Private 37891 CantReg 12Oct1917
TUCKER Eric Claude Rifleman 14886 NZRB 12Oct1917
TULLOCH John Alexander Private 45153 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TULLOCH John Christopher Private 34754 CantReg 04Oct1917
TURNER William Wilson Major 23469 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
TWEED John Orr Rifleman 42726 NZRB 12Oct1917
TWISLETON Ronald Burnsall Corporal 7/2323 WlgReg 04Oct1917
TYRIE Alexander McNaught Rifleman 12/1815 NZRB 12Oct1917
URE William Henry Corporal 28242 WlgReg 04Oct1917
URWIN Frederick Charles L/Sergeant 18508 NZRB 12Oct1917
VALLENDER Walter Graham (MM) Private 40090 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
VARNEY Alfred Charles Rifleman 13145 NZRB 12Oct1917
VARNEY Alfred James Francis Sergeant 6/3190 CantReg 12Oct1917
VAUGHAN Oswald de Witt Corporal 11/833 WlgReg 04Oct1917
VAUGHAN Robert Patrick 2nd Lieut 18021 NZRB 12Oct1917
VAVASOUR George Marmaduke 2nd Lieut 33106 NZRB 12Oct1917
VERCOE Eric Henry Private 11558 AklReg 04Oct1917
VIALL Samuel Roland Rifleman 46500 NZRB 12Oct1917
VIEIRA Manuel Rifleman 26720 NZRB 12Oct1917
VINCENT Stanley Victor Carthew L/Corporal 28927 CantReg 12Oct1917
WAINE Frederick John William Private 34757 CantReg 12Oct1917
WALDEN Frederick James Private 32265 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WALDING Arthur Private 12/273 AklReg 22Oct1917
WALE Roy Allan Private 33482 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WALLACE George Sergeant 8/3108 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WALLACE Harold John Private 36375 CantReg 05Oct1917
WALLACE Kenneth James Rifleman 15315 NZRB 12Oct1917
WALLIS Charles Private 44040 CantReg 18Oct1917
WALLIS Edward Thomas Boyes L/Corporal G/1755 CantReg 12Oct1917
WALLIS Frank Dockery L/Corporal 12/3858 AklReg 23Oct1917
WALSH David James Private 9/1619 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WALSH Thomas James Private 51669 CantReg 16Oct1917
WARD Andrew Hannah Private 33046 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WARD Charles Richard Private 33483 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WARD George Henry Private 36704 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WARD John Francis Private 28836 AklReg 04Oct1917
WARD Roland Alfred Private 24086 AklReg 04Oct1917
WARD William Reuben L/Corporal 10982 NZRB 12Oct1917
WARDROP William Webb L/Corporal 34957 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
WARDS Robert Private 39368 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WARNER Harry Private 45938 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WARRINGTON Henry Frank Sergeant 10/2788 AklReg 04Oct1917
WASLEY Albert Samuel L/Corporal 23460 AklReg 04Oct1917
WATERS Cecil Private 22386 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
WATKINSON Percy L/Corporal 11140 CantReg 12Oct1917
WATSON Norman Forrester 2nd Lieut 9/96 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WATSON Robert Private 51204 CantReg 12Oct1917
WATSON Rosewall James Private 8/2493 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WATSON Thomas Private 45158 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WATTS Frederick James L/Sergeant 15056 CantReg 12Oct1917
WATTS William James Rifleman 25657 NZRB 12Oct1917
WAY Pearce Harman Rifleman 48119 NZRB 12Oct1917
WEBB George Rifleman 31914 NZRB 12Oct1917
WEBB Thomas Charles Private 39920 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WEENINK Henry William Rifleman 41202 NZRB 12Oct1917
WEIR John George Henry Private 32407 CantReg 04Oct1917
WELLINGS William Private 11751 CantReg 12Oct1917
WELLS Harry Private 24495 AklReg 04Oct1917
WELLS Henry Charles Private 41687 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WELSH John Rifleman 21923 NZRB 12Oct1917
WEST Herbert James Corporal 14893 AklReg 04Oct1917
WESTENRA Frederick Alan Private 32481 CantReg 16Oct1917
WHEARTY Patrick Rifleman 13159 NZRB 12Oct1917
WHEELER Charles David Rifleman 40734 NZRB 12Oct1917
WHELHAM Ashley Roy Private 26353 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WHITAKER Frank Silk Rifleman 25/1840 NZRB 12Oct1917
WHITE Donald Private 53297 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WHITE Eric Raymond Private 40404 AklReg 04Oct1917
WHITE George Daly Private 10/2358 NZMGC 04Oct1917
WHITE Kenneth Robert 2nd Lieut 14726 AklReg 04Oct1917
WHITE Norman Charles L/Corporal 7/2578 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WHITE Ralph Corporal 14518 AklReg 04Oct1917
WHITEHORN Walter Knyvett Private 51584 AklReg 15Oct1917
WHITFIELD Percy Preston Private 44614 CantReg 09Oct1917
WHITING Alfred Private 42252 AklReg 22Oct1917
WHITWELL Beaumont Private 47491 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WHYTE Robert Holmes Private 14174 CantReg 12Oct1917
WILD Harvey Private 24259 CantReg 12Oct1917
WILDEY Milton L/Corporal 8/3114 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WILKIE David Howard Private 10/3429 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WILLIAMS Laury Salter (DCM) Corporal 25765 NZRB 12Oct1917
WILLIAMS William Henry Rifleman 42441 NZRB 12Oct1917
WILLIAMSON Francis L/Corporal 23/1876 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WILLS Leslie James L/Corporal 30415 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WILLSTEED Charles Edgar L/Corporal 34766 CantReg 04Oct1917
WILSON Albert Jervis Private 32491 CantReg 12Oct1917
WILSON Harry William Private 25763 NZMGC 4-5Oct1917
WILSON Henry Private 34953 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
WILSON Hugh Private 36714 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WILSON John Private 29893 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WILSON Joseph Addison Young Private 8/2764 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WILSON Michael Private 40416 WlgReg 04Oct1917
WILSON Robert Alexander Private 15277 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WINTER William Private 45291 CantReg 12Oct1917
WINTER-EVANS Alfred (DSO) Lt-Colonel 26/11 NZRB 12Oct1917
WISHART James Smail L/Corporal 27636 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
WOOD Edward Henry Corporal 12/3516 AklReg 12Oct1917
WOODALL Andrew David Private 40426 AklReg 22Oct1917
WOODS Reuben Private 16034 AklReg 04Oct1917
WORNER Alexander McNaught Sergeant 14725 CantReg 12Oct1917
WORNER George William Corporal 31758 AklReg 04Oct1917
WRIGHT Frederick Ballintine Rifleman 23/1248 NZRB 12Oct1917
WRIGHT Septimus Evelyn Private 32489 CantReg 02Oct1917
YOUNG David Private 22150 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
YOUNG John Private 22151 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
YOUNG Robert Private 39385 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
YOUNG William Edward Rifleman 20593 NZRB 12Oct1917
YOUNG William Scott Rifleman 15318 NZRB 12Oct1917

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