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Thank you to Lt-Colonel Glyn Harper and Harper Collins for their permission to print these names from Glyn's book Massacre at Passchendaele - The New Zealand Story (Harper Collins 2000).

The following names are on the Memorial to the Missing at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium. The memorial bears the names of almost 1200 New Zealanders who fell in the battles for Passchendaele and whose bodies were never recovered.

On the 12 October 1917, New Zealand lost 117 officers and 3179 men within a few hours.
Lest We Forget

ABBOTT George Rifleman 41461 NZRB 12Oct1917
ACKHURST George 2nd Lieutenant 18207 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ADAMSON Alexander James Private 37959 WlgReg 04Oct1917
AFFLECK Henry Daniel Blance Private 24527 CantReg 14Oct1917
AISHER Francis Joseph Private 40098 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
AITCHISON Francis William Douglas Private 39510 WlgReg 22Oct1917
AITKEN Arthur Heather Private 34304 AklReg 04Oct1917
ALLAN Robert Breachin Private 29203 CantReg 17Oct1917
ALLAN William Private 38925 CantReg 12Oct1917
ALLARDICE Henry Jocelyn Private 30500 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ALLEN Stanley Private 42007 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ALLISON Eric Charles Private 27431 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
ALLISON John L/Corporal 27425 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
AMYES Alfred Cuthbert Private 27191 CantReg 12Oct1917
ANDERSEN Neils Rifleman 22914 NZRB 12Oct1917
ANDERSON Albert Robert John Rifleman 11/1629 NZRB 12Oct1917
ANDERSON David Corporal 28574 AklReg 4-5Oct1917
ANDERSON Herbert John Lancelot Private 30335 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ANDERSON John Private 43936 CantReg 12Oct1917
ANDERSON Thomas Ramsey Private 35153 WlgReg 04Oct1917
APPELBE Albert Private 25233 AklReg 04Oct1917
APTED Albert Private 10/3828 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ARMSTRONG Benjamin Private 27156 CantReg 04Oct1917
ARMSTRONG Thomas Corporal 25/932 CantReg 19Oct1917
ARNABOLDI Philip George Private 52358 WlgReg 15Oct1917
ARNOLD Frederick Samuel Private 25430 NZMGC 04Oct1917
ASH Henry Edwin Private 33274 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ASHBY Gladstone Frederick Private 14366 AklReg 22Oct1917
ASTRIDGE William George Corporal 24/1331 NZRB 12Oct1917
ATKINSON Clarence Clifford Private 23/1541 AklReg 04Oct1917
ATKINSON Edward George Private 26761 NZMGC 12Oct1917
ATKINSON Hubert Hattersley Private 24124 CantReg 02Oct1917
AUTRIDGE Charles Rifleman 40271 NZRB 12Oct1917
BAILES Thomas Thomson Private 11225 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BAILEY Stanley Private 29206 CantReg 12Oct1917
BAILLIE Thomas Douglas Private 34325 AklReg 04Oct1917
BAIRD David Private 40862 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BAIRD John Private 39144 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BAKER Edwin Thomas Corporal 20080 NZRB 12Oct1917
BAKER Frederick George Private 5/513A WlgReg 21Oct1917
BAKER George Private 34317 AklReg 04Oct1917
BAKER John Raphael Rifleman 24804 NZRB 12Oct1917
BAKER William Torode Private 44692 AklReg 04Oct1917
BALDWIN Stanley Herbert Private 33812 AklReg 21Oct1917
BALL Linton Private 24/1589 AklReg 04Oct1917
BALLAGH Samuel Private 24125 CantReg 12Oct1917
BALSILLIE William John L/Corporal 39934 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BANKS Samuel William Mosebury Sergeant 6/3965 CantReg 12Oct1917
BARBER Theophilus Private G/2045 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BARCLAY Walter Waddell Private 39145 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BARKER Thomas Edgar Rifleman 44960 NZRB 12Oct1917
BARNETT Ernest Edgar Private 30161 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
BARRETT John Private 36535 AklReg 04Oct1917
BARRON Peter Rifleman 25/1658 NZRB 12Oct1917
BARRY Gerald Private 24126 CantReg 12Oct1917
BARRY John Patrick Rifleman 38482 NZRB 12Oct1917
BARTON Percy George Private 30732 AklReg 04Oct1917
BATES Clinton Miller Private 13587 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BATES Ernest John Private 3/165 NZMC 04Oct1917
BATTY William L/Corporal 6/2392 CantReg 12Oct1917
BEAL James Edward Private 10297 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
BEAMAN John Thomas Private 5/1191A NZMGC 11Oct1917
BEAN John Private 49587 CantReg 18Oct1917
BEATTIE John Private 34794 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
BEAUMONT Alfred Gordon Roi Private 28653 AklReg 04Oct1917
BEAUMONT Edward Harold L/Sergeant 24127 CantReg 12Oct1917
BECK Matthias (MM) Sergeant 10/2855 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BECKETT Cyril Donald Rifleman 24/2150 NZRB 12Oct1917
BECROFT William Clifford Rifleman 10988 NZRB 12Oct1917
BEDFORD Ernest John Private 34011 CantReg 12Oct1917
BEEBY Thomas Private 14559 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BELL Percy Private 26773 AklReg 04Oct1917
BELTON Edward Lancelot Rifleman 22930 NZRB 12Oct1917
BENBOW Percy James Private 38256 CantReg 12Oct1917
BENFELL Frank Private 40867 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BENNETT Alfred William Private 27834 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BENNETT Edwin Bolton 2nd Lieutenant 24326 NZRB 12Oct1917
BENNETT Joseph Llewellyn 2nd Lieutenant 21142 NZRB 12Oct1917
BERN James Ross Private 29352 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BERRY John Albert Rifleman 27767 NZRB 12Oct1917
BIGGS Bertie Private 11619 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BILLING Percy Harris Private 27205 CantReg 12Oct1917
BIRD Frank Private 8/2406 OtagoReg 10Oct1917
BIRSS Alexander Cecil 2nd Lieutenant 26/52 NZRB 12Oct1917
BISHOP John Joseph (MID) 2nd Lieutenant 23294 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BISMAN Charles Private 28960 CantReg 04Oct1917
BISSET Gordon Private 39150 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
BJERMQUIST Charles Henry L/Sergeant 28612 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BLACK Duncan Archie Private 28851 CantReg 19Oct1917
BLACKETT Pierre Ludwig Private 32430 CantReg 04Oct1917
BLAKE Harold David Private 26377 NZMGC 12Oct1917
BLAKER Clement Private 12/1556 NZMC 12Oct1917
BLAKIE Henry Walter Private 40871 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BLUNDEN Leonard Walter Private 28576 CantReg 04Oct1917
BOLSTAD John Arnold Private 45630 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BOLTON Harold Wilson Private 27842 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BOLTON Philip Leslie Alfred Private 31010 NZMGC 04Oct1917
BOND Erni Private 44680 AklReg 04Oct1917
BOUCHER Edgar Woodward Sapper 4/1736 NZE 12Oct1917
BOUCHER Frank L/Corporal 7/819 CantReg 12Oct1917
BOUGHTON Clement Robert Private 36545 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
BOULTON Lawrence William Private 39940 NZMGC 12Oct1917
BOVEY William Steed Private 45974 CantReg 12Oct1917
BOWERS Charles William Private 37963 WlgReg 17Oct1917
BOWLER Daniel Corneilus (MC) Captain 14025 NZRB 12Oct1917
BOYD Arthur Alexander Sergeant 24/355 NZRB 12Oct1917
BOYD Leslie Hanibal Corporal 23/1001 NZRB 12Oct1917
BOYD Richard Private 42781 CantReg 04Oct1917
BOYLE James McKenzie (MM) Sergeant 24331 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BRADFORD Henry Andrew Private 8/3188 NZMGC 12Oct1917
BREEN John Private 8/3498 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
BRENAN Errol Lyndon Corporal 12/2920 AklReg 04Oct1917
BRENNAN John Rifleman 32808 NZRB 12Oct1917
BRICKDALE John Bancel Private 12/1899 AklReg 04Oct1917
BRIDGE William Henry Rifleman 31110 NZRB 12Oct1917
BROADMORE Leonard French Rifleman 30340 NZRB 12Oct1917
BROOK Lawrence Dart Private 11212 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BROOKS James Charles Rifleman 47114 NZRB 12Oct1917
BROSNAN Arthur William Private 45060 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BROUGH Julian Peter Private 30339 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BROUGHAN Arthur William Private 35494 CantReg 12Oct1917
BROWN David Burton Private 10/2083 WlgReg 04Oct1917
BROWN David Harold Binns Private 23962 NZMGC 04Oct1917
BROWN Kenneth Robson Corporal 33809 AklReg 16Oct1917
BROWN William Alexander Private 22184 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
BROWN William James Laurie Private 23511 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
BROWNE Percy Wilfred Private 42274 AklReg 04Oct1917
BRYAN-BROWN Guy Spencer (Rev) Chaplain 41286 NZChaplains 04Oct1917
BRYDEN Thomas James Rifleman 45341 NZRB 12Oct1917
BUCKLEY Benjamin Alfred Private 47310 CantReg 12Oct1917
BULMAN John Private 10312 NZEF 12Oct1917
BURGESS George Bruckshaw Rifleman 32294 NZRB 12Oct1917
BURKE Isaac Edward Private 46168 CantReg 12Oct1917
BURNETT Harold John Private 13418 AklReg 04Oct1917
BURNETT Percy James Private 42034 AklReg 04Oct1917
BURNSIDE Geoffrey Herbert Private 42279 AklReg 15Oct1917
BURR Charles Wittox Private 51553 AklReg 16Oct1917
BURROWS Harold Edward Private 14384 AklReg 04Oct1917
BUTLER Thomas Rifleman 44251 NZRB 12Oct1917
BUTTERWORTH John Thomas Private 45068 OtagoReg 03Oct1917
CALLAGHAN Edward Private 37972 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CAMERON Allan L/Corporal 8/2550 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CAMERON Angus L/Corporal 8/3517 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CAMPBELL Allan Rifleman 23/1947 NZRB 12Oct1917
CAMPBELL Archibald Donald Private 25671 AklReg 04Oct1917
CAMPBELL Ernest George Sergeant 36771 AklReg 04Oct1917
CAMPBELL John Private 45073 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CAMPBELL William Private 8/3204 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CARMICHAEL Jeoffreys Private 42283 AklReg 04Oct1917
CARMODY James Private 33110 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CARMODY William Rifleman 35158 NZRB 12Oct1917
CARNCROSS Cyril Cutten 2nd Lieutenant 39724 NZRB 12Oct1917
CARRUTHERS William Thomas CSM 8/738 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CARTER Albert Brook Private 33298 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CASEY Patrick Private 36316 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
CASSIDY Arthur Private 8/3207 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
CASSIDY Patrick Rifleman 31814 NZRB 12Oct1917
CATHRO Durham Private 15135 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CAVEN David Sinclair Corporal 22207 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CHADWICK Norman Rifleman 42285 NZRB 12Oct1917
CHALMERS Alexander Private 23973 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CHAMBERS Frederick William Private 42287 AklReg 17Oct1917
CHASE Herbert Private 8/1427 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CHISNALL John Private 33693 AklReg 04Oct1917
CHOAT Sidney William L/Corporal 23/1587 AklReg 04Oct1917
CHUCK Gordon Henry Rifleman 12506 NZRB 12Oct1917
CLAFFEY Patrick Joseph Private 28323 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CLARIDGE Isaac Edward Private 24138 CantReg 12Oct1917
CLARK Charles William Private 8/3214 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CLARK Edwin Michelson Sergeant 12/3920 AklReg 04Oct1917
CLARK Percy John (MID) 2nd Lieutenant 23136 NZMGC 11Oct1917
CLARK William Private 44702 AklReg 23Oct1917
CLARKE William Walter Rifleman 45668 NZRB 12Oct1917
CLEMENT Mark Private 51005 WlgReg 20Oct1917
CLIFFORD Leslie Thomas James Private 33520 WlgReg 04Oct1917
COATMAN Arthur Sindel Mehrtens 2nd Lieutenant 8/25 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COBBE Ernest 2nd Lieutenant 25/262 NZRB 12Oct1917
COCHRANE John Alexander Private 29738 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COCKBURN Andrew Rifleman 25813 NZRB 12Oct1917
COFFEY Charles Edward Private 33695 CantReg 04Oct1917
COLE David Coates Corporal 21216 AklReg 04Oct1917
COLLINGS Bertram Charles Private 39170 AklReg 03Oct1917
COLLINS Fred Albert Private 27468 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COLLINSON William Henry Private 3/2835 NZMC 12Oct1917
CONNELL Alfred Henry Private 29360 WlgReg 04Oct1917
COOK Archie Private 6/4223 CantReg 12Oct1917
COOK John Scott Private 26/535 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
COOKSON Clement Frank Private 6/1494 CantReg 18Oct1917
COONEY James Vincent Rifleman 32820 NZRB 12Oct1917
CORBETT Thomas Hugh Leslie Private 36319 CantReg 04Oct1917
COSTER Frank Porteous Private 27461 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COULSON Bertie Private 22309 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COULTER Arthur Private 9/1029 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
COUPER James Robert Corporal 12/2253 AklReg 04Oct1917
COWIE Alexander George Private 33833 AklReg 15Oct1917
COX Bernard Sheffield Sergeant 11591 CantReg 04Oct1917
COX John Private 29671 AklReg 04Oct1917
CRABB Alexander Private 22314 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRABBE James Private 8/3224 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRAIG Alexander Dempster L/Corporal 8/1958 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRAWFORD Robert Private 40193 CantReg 12Oct1917
CREANEY Mark Owen Private 12974 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CREE James Private 40891 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRESSWELL Gordon Hallam Rifleman 32507 NZRB 12Oct1917
CRESSWELL Jack Tennyson Rifleman 44258 NZRB 12Oct1917
CRICHTON Henry Private 45075 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRIMMINS John Patrick Private 6/1502 CantReg 12Oct1917
CRONIN Michael Rifleman 14232 NZRB 12Oct1917
CROSS Ernest Clarence Private 46558 CantReg 12Oct1917
CROWE Adam Corporal 8/1723 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
CRULLER Archibald Henry Basil Rifleman 31401 NZRB 12Oct1917
CRUTCHLEY John Clarence Private 36566 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
CULPITT Henry William Private 21665 CantReg 12Oct1917
CUMING Reginald Addington Private 32436 CantReg 12Oct1917
CUNNINGHAM William Joseph Private 11422 NZMC 12Oct1917
CURNICK James Private 6/3292 CantReg 12Oct1917
CURRIE Walter Corporal 10/3870 WlgReg 04Oct1917
CURRY Albert Bert Private 31231 WlgReg 17Oct1917
CURRY John Hugh Private 45834 CantReg 12Oct1917
CURTIS George Rifleman 39183 NZRB 12Oct1917
DALE Robert Joseph Rifleman 41073 NZRB 01Oct1917
DALLEY Reginald Whitman Private 24/2571 CantReg 12Oct1917
DALY Martin Private 44997 CantReg 12Oct1917
DANN John Private 12147 AklReg 04Oct1917
DAVEY Daniel L/Corporal 23/113 NZRB 12Oct1917
DAVIDSON Logan Leonard Private 31663 NZMC 12Oct1917
DAVIS Arthur Herbert Private 40907 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DAVIS Leonard Sydney L/Corporal 34339 AklReg 04Oct1917
DAVIS Percy Charles Private 8/3235 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DAVIS Richard George Private 12990 OtagoReg 3-4Oct1917
DAVIS Thomas Private 8/746 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DAWSON John Henry Rifleman 42633 NZRB 12Oct1917
DAWSON Samuel James Private 20309 WlgReg 04Oct1917
DE SPONG Thomas Pearse Nash Private 27472 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DEANS Alexander 2nd Lieutenant 27693 CantReg 04Oct1917
DEARSLY Walter Private 51579 AklReg 04Oct1917
DEBENHAM Henry Edward Private 29230 CantReg 12Oct1917
DELANEY George Irvin Rifleman 31403 NZRB 12Oct1917
DENNEHY Thomas Private 46565 CantReg 12Oct1917
DENNISTON James Archibald Rifleman 24115 NZRB 12Oct1917
DENSHIRE Charles de Chair Corporal 14195 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DERBY John William Private 41507 CantReg 12Oct1917
DEVANEY Thomas Michael Private 3/2723 NZMC 12Oct1917
DEVEREUX John Patrick Private 14956 CantReg 12Oct1917
DEWAR Leslie Hastie Private 33036 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DEWAR William L/Corporal 26067 NZRB 12Oct1917
DICKEY Cecil Vernon 2nd Lieutenant 26/26 NZRB 12Oct1917
DICKSON Henry Leslie Private 34823 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
DINSDALE Charles Private 14404 CantReg 12Oct1917
DINSDALE Joseph Private 12/1613 AklReg 04Oct1917
DIX Gerald Rifleman 47997 NZRB 12Oct1917
DIXON Thomas Harold L/Corporal 6/3299 CantReg 12Oct1917
DOAK Samuel William Private 44578 CantReg 12Oct1917
DODDS Harold Binnie Private 23475 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DODDS John Robertson Private 8/2898 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
DODUNSKI Paul Private 28109 WlgReg 04Oct1917
DOIG James Corporal 32788 WlgReg 04Oct1917
DONEHUE Albert Thomas Private 14079 CantReg 12Oct1917
DONOVAN Daniel Joseph Corporal 33023 AklReg 04Oct1917
DORAN Frederick Augustus Private 51020 WlgReg 20Oct1917
DORRICOTT William Rifleman 41315 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOUGLAS William Kenneth Rifleman 25/612 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOW John William Rifleman 32831 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOWNES Walter Rifleman 36430 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOWNS Charles Henry Rifleman 20508 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOYLE James Rifleman 38136 NZRB 12Oct1917
DOYLE John Private 42307 AklReg 04Oct1917
DOYLE Philip Edmund Private 41512 CantReg 20Oct1917
DRABBLE William Thomas Henry Private 29234 CantReg 12Oct1917
DRUMMEY James Private 42308 AklReg 04Oct1917
DRUMMOND Alfred Ernest Sergeant 12/2687 AklReg 04Oct1917
DU VALL Verner Henry Corporal 32510 CantReg 12Oct1917
DUDFIELD Arthur John Scobie Rifleman 45346 NZRB 12Oct1917
DUFFILL George Private 10/626 WlgReg 04Oct1917
DUNN Allan Private 24/1032 WlgReg 04Oct1917
DUPEYRON Charles Louis Rifleman 24/1033 NZRB 12Oct1917
EASTWELL James Henry Private 27476 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
EATON Thomas Private 32150 CantReg 12Oct1917
ECKFORD George Sergeant 15153 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
EDEN John Private 29754 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
EDMONSTON Henry Private 42485 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
EDMUNDS Charles Lionel Private 33859 AklReg 04Oct1917
EIFFE John Kenneth Private 44461 WlgReg 04Oct1917
ELLERY Silas George L/Corporal 17772 NZRB 12Oct1917
ELLIOTT William Private 3/891 NZMC 12Oct1917
ELLIS Edwin George 2nd Lieutenant 25992 AklReg 04Oct1917
ELLIS Herbert L/Corporal 24149 CantReg 12Oct1917
ELLIS Herbert Horace Private 27252 CantReg 12Oct1917
ELLIS Peter Rifleman 41078 NZRB 12Oct1917
ELMBRANCH John Frederick Private 42312 AklReg 04Oct1917
ESPIE William Campbell (MM and Bar) Private G/924 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
EVANS Frederick Leslie Private 28995 CantReg 18Oct1917
EVENDEN William Sandford Private 32643 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
EVERS-SWINDELL Ernest Frederick Private 10/2597 WlgReg 04Oct1917
EVERTON Cyril Frederick Lionel Rifleman 40107 NZRB 12Oct1917
EYRES Frank George L/Corporal 22610 NZRB 12Oct1917
FAIR Richard Alexander Private 33531 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FAIRWEATHER John Rifleman 32836 NZRB 12Oct1917
FARMER Reuben Arthur Private 23817 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FARMER William Percy Rifleman 45374 NZRB 12Oct1917
FARRELL William Francis Private 5/1483A WlgReg 20Oct1917
FAULKNER Charles Edgar George Rifleman 39039 NZRB 12Oct1917
FAULKNER Ernest Private 51710 AklReg 20Oct1917
FAULL William Thomas Private 24/417 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
FERGUSON David Private 39788 WlgReg 24Oct1917
FERGUSON John Sergeant 24/138 NZRB 12Oct1917
FIFE William John Private 46573 CantReg 12Oct1917
FILL Henry Vant Private 39789 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FINCH Donald McNaughton Stuart Private 32649 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
FINDLAY James Arthur Rifleman 40922 NZRB 12Oct1917
FINLAY George Raymond Private 33532 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FINLAY James Private 26256 CantReg 12Oct1917
FINLAYSON John Lawrence Private 28331 AklReg 04Oct1917
FINN William Francis Private 45089 OtagoReg 10Oct1917
FINNERTY John Thomas Private 42070 AklReg 22Oct1917
FITZGERALD Cornelius Francis Private 52402 WlgReg 21Oct1917
FITZGERALD Edward Bernard Private 32648 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
FITZGERALD James Private 17/56 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
FITZPATRICK Edward Private 39203 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
FLANAGAN James Francis L/Corporal 14247 AklReg 22Oct1917
FLANAGAN Joseph Rifleman 34049 NZRB 12Oct1917
FLANNERY Peter Rifleman 45200 NZRB 12Oct1917
FLINT Herbert Lanham Private 42492 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
FLOOD Thomas Frederick Rifleman 38516 NZRB 12Oct1917
FLYNN Michael Joseph Private 36857 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
FODEN William Roy 2nd Lieutenant 23/1047 CantReg 12Oct1917
FORDE Norman Arthur Private 38679 WlgReg 03Oct1917
FORWARD Carey Rifleman 39791 NZRB 12Oct1917
FOSTER Alfred Wells L/Corporal 6/3320 CantReg 12Oct1917
FOUNTAINE Henry Richard Private 28332 AklReg 04Oct1917
FOWLER David Private 45086 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
FRASER David Edgar Private 31983 AklReg 04Oct1917
FRASER Thomas Private 29762 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
FREEMAN John Private 47418 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FRISBY Edward William Private 8/4127 OtagoReg 10Oct1917
FULCHER Harry Edward Sergeant 12/2550 WlgReg 04Oct1917
FUNNELL George William Private 9/1170 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GAIN Thomas William Private 10/2611 NZMGC 03Oct1917
GALBRAITH James Chris Rifleman 44637 NZRB 12Oct1917
GALLOWAY Frederick Andrew Private 42318 AklReg 04Oct1917
GANDY William Francis L/Corporal 29387 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GARRETT Ernest Private 29899 OtagoReg 01Oct1917
GASON William Henry Private 6/4248 CantReg 12Oct1917
GAVIN Arthur Corporal 25696 NZRB 12Oct1917
GEANGE George Alfred Private 37805 CantReg 12Oct1917
GEARY Francis Rifleman 42649 NZRB 12Oct1917
GEARY Thomas Francis Private 6/231 CantReg 12Oct1917
GEDDES Alexander Rifleman 44970 NZRB 12Oct1917
GENGE Guy Private 32842 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
GEORGE Frank Walter Private 24425 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GEORGE Thomas Private 6/4610 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GIBSON Clarence Hugh Private 29766 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GIBSON George James Wilson Private 42495 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
GIBSON James William Private 42496 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GIBSON McKenzie Lieutenant 6/635 CantReg 12Oct1917
GILES William Henry Private 33872 AklReg 04Oct1917
GILLETT Lawrence Henry Captain 12/1416 AklReg 02Oct1917
GIRVIN John Rifleman 31122 NZRB 12Oct1917
GISBORNE Henry Private 25508 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GIVEN William Private 44468 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GLEESON Frederick Harold Rifleman 45688 NZRB 12Oct1917
GLENNIE Charles Private 47324 CantReg 12Oct1917
GOGGIN James Corporal 23/1391 NZRB 12Oct1917
GOLDSMITH Frederick L/Corporal 10341 WlgReg 22Oct1917
GONLEY Dominic L/Corporal 26/561 NZRB 12Oct1917
GOOD Martin Leo Rifleman 25850 NZRB 12Oct1917
GOODALL John Robert Corporal 12/1959 AklReg 04Oct1917
GOODALL Robert Heartly Rifleman 21818 NZRB 12Oct1917
GOODWIN Walter Earl Private IO/3889 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GORDON William Elliot (MM) Sergeant 23/1646 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GORDON-GLASSFORD James Douglas Rifleman 26/445 NZRB 12Oct1917
GORMACK Robert Heartly Private 15162 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GOUDIE John Claude Brisbane Private 29772 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GOULD John Edward Private 33539 WlgReg 04Oct1917
GOW Charles Private 34599 AklReg 04Oct1917
GOWER Arthur Private 29615 NZMGC 12Oct1917
GOWLAND Wilfred Private 28464 WlgReg 21Oct1917
GRADWELL Arthur Ernest Private 34054 CantReg 17Oct1917
GRAHAM Albert Edward L/Corporal 24/769 NZRB 12Oct1917
GRANT Horace Private 8/3908 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GRAY Hugh Private 42499 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
GRAY Jeffry Charles William Rifleman 26/1165 NZRB 10Oct1917
GRAY Thomas Rifleman 44273 NZRB 12Oct1917
GRAY William Alexander Private 13905 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GREEN James Leslie 2nd Lieutenant 6/239 CantReg 12Oct1917
GREEN Walter John Rifleman 45334 NZRB 12Oct1917
GRIBBLE Leicester Gordon Private 12/3031 AklReg 04Oct1917
GRIFFIN John Private 39590 CantReg 12Oct1917
GRIFFIN Reginald John Rifleman 18993 NZRB 12Oct1917
GRIFFITHS Alfred Vivian Private 29393 WlgReg 21Oct1917
GRIGOR James Williamson Private 28276 NZMGC 03Oct1917
GROVES George Private 8/3279 OtagoReg 30Sep1917
GUDSELL John Thomas Private 34667 CantReg 04Oct1917
GUINNESS Arthur Grattan 2nd Lieutenant 51166 NZRB 12Oct1917
GUINNESS Cecil George Private 11463 AklReg 19Oct1917
GUNN Robert Heartly Private 45091 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
GUY Albert Hector (MSM, MID) RSM 6/244 CantReg 12Oct1917
HACKETT Lawrence Private 45859 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HADDRELL Sydney Herbert Rifleman 18656 NZRB 12Oct1917
HAHN Leslie Leonard Private 47193 AklReg 22Oct1917
HALFORD Edmund William Corporal 36832 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HALL Arthur Thomas Sergeant 23/2195 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HALL Colin Private 27500 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HALL George Private 39802 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HALL Harry Rifleman 41084 NZRB 12Oct1917
HALL Richard Private 40318 AklReg 04Oct1917
HALLY John Bertrand Private 27883 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HAM Frederick Rifleman 26/1613 NZRB 12Oct1917
HAMBLIN Ernest James Private 42323 AklReg 04Oct1917
HAMILTON James Henry Rifleman 39803 NZRB 12Oct1917
HAMILTON Percy Private 20998 AklReg 15Oct1917
HAMPTON George James Private 8/3282 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HANCOCK Sydney Ferriday L/Corporal 26/106 NZRB 12Oct1917
HANNA James Reynolds Private 24111 CantReg 12Oct1917
HANNA William Henry Rifleman 26611 NZRB 12Oct1917
HANNAGAN Frank Private 24433 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HANSBY Aloysius John Private 6/3726 CantReg 12Oct1917
HANSEN Carl Walter (MM) Corporal 10/2953 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HANSEN John Private 46582 CantReg 12Oct1917
HANSEN Wilfred Roland Private 25862 AklReg 04Oct1917
HANSON Edward Private 8/920 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HARDING Arthur Edward Private 6/3338 CantReg 12Oct1917
HARDING George Frederick Rifleman 26612 NZRB 12Oct1917
HARDISTY Amos Arthur Private 37813 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HAROLD Michael John Private 18219 NZMGC 11Oct1917
HARRIS Charles Davey Private 33719 CantReg 04Oct1917
HARRIS James Private 10/2955 WlgReg 21Oct1917
HARRIS James Henry Private 40210 CantReg 12Oct1917
HARRIS John Private 40211 CantReg 12Oct1917
HARRIS Leonard John Rifleman 24451 NZRB 12Oct1917
HARRIS Walter Private 41542 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HART Robert James Private 8/2937 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HARTNETT Cyril L/Corporal 8/3618 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HARTSTONGE John Joseph Private 29779 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HARVEY David Private 3/939 NZMC 12Oct1917
HASKELL William Alex Rifleman 31126 NZRB 12Oct1917
HASTIE Joein Malan Corporal 12/2728 AklReg 04Oct1917
HATTE Alfred Henry Private 23/1413 AklReg 19Oct1917
HAWKE John Martin Private 49189 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HAWKES Hubert Alfred L/Corporal 12391 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HAWKES Richard Neville Corporal 8/1501 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HAWKINS James Harold Corporal 12/1978 AklReg 04Oct1917
HAYCOCK Lewis Roy Gordon Private 11661 CantReg 12Oct1917
HAYES Robert William Private 8/3622 OtagoReg 18Oct1917
HAYNES Thomas William Rifleman 32849 NZRB 12Oct1917
HEAL Alfred Gordon Private 14622 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HEALD Edmund John L/Corporal 24/1071 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HENDERSON Charles John Rifleman 24/793 NZRB 12Oct1917
HENDERSON Frank Allan Private 40565 AklReg 23Oct1917
HENDERSON William Rifleman 38530 NZRB 12Oct1917
HENERY Albert Thomas Courtenay Private 43976 CantReg 12Oct1917
HENNESSY John Private 23179 CantReg 12Oct1917
HENRY John Edward Private 5/786A OtagoReg 01Oct1917
HENSON Eric Sholto Robert Private 41801 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HERBERT Alex Duncan Private 39233 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HERMAN William Private 36865 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HETHERINGTON Joseph Private 40947 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HEWAT Alex Stronach Corporal 22211 OtagoReg 03Oct1917
HEYS James Henry Private 23832 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HICKEY James Joseph Private 8/2208 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HIGGIE Malcolm Rifleman 28478 NZRB 12Oct1917
HIGGINS John Private 34859 OtagoReg 16Oct1917
HIGHT Cecil Morland Rifleman 15901 NZRB 12Oct1917
HIGHT Leonard Henry Dixon Rifleman 15902 NZRB 12Oct1917
HILDRETH David Rifleman 41331 NZRB 12Oct1917
HILL John George Rifleman 14822 NZRB 12Oct1917
HILL Liston Private 38699 AklReg 04Oct1917
HILLIER Archibald Lionel Sergeant 14205 NZRB 12Oct1917
HODGSON Sidney Bertram Private 39813 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HODGSON Thomas L/Sergeant 11283 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HOLBECHE Vincent Aemilian Sergeant 28588 AklReg 18Oct1917
HOLLOW James Walker L/Corporal 8/2012 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
HOLM John William Private 12/4014 AklReg 04Oct1917
HOOPER Roy Bolton Private 6/4061 CantReg 12Oct1917
HOPKINS John Private 30225 CantReg 12Oct1917
HORSCROFT Clarence Alexander Private 30803 AklReg 04Oct1917
HORSFIELD James Kay Private 14986 CantReg 12Oct1917
HOUGHTON Henry Pryce Corporal 18804 NZMGC 04Oct1917
HOURSTON Archibald Private 12/2741 AklReg 04Oct1917
HOWARD Harold Corporal 10351 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HOWE Thomas Henry Rifleman 12183 NZRB 12Oct1917
HOWELLS Ira John Private 31504 CantReg 02Oct1917
HUBBARD Arthur Charles (MC) Captain 14347 AklReg 04Oct1917
HUBBARD Raynal Edward Private 37817 CantReg 04Oct1917
HUDSON George Alexander Private 35086 CantReg 18Oct1917
HUNTER Albert Henry Rifleman 22984 NZRB 12Oct1917
HUNTER Roy Cameron Rifleman 37066 NZRB 12Oct1917
HUNTHRIES Oscar Edward Private 46187 CantReg 12Oct1917
HURLEY Daniel Private 41800 WlgReg 04Oct1917
HUTCHINSON Robert Rifleman 45600 NZRB 12Oct1917
INGRAM Eric James Private 33548 WlgReg 04Oct1917
INGRAM Herbert Sergeant 24368 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
INGRAM Ronald William L/Corporal 25250 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
INGRAM William Ralston Private 40328 AklReg 04Oct1917
INWOOD Godfrey Alan L/Corporal 12399 NZRB 12Oct1917
IRVIN Victor Christopher Rifleman 38837 NZRB 12Oct1917
ISAAC Herbert Cyril 2nd Lieutenant 12/2185 AklReg 04Oct1917
JACKSON Percival Hounslow Private 33729 CantReg 05Oct1917
JACKSON Royden Garside Rifleman 46459 NZRB 12Oct1917
JACOBS William Norley Private 18807 AklReg 04Oct1917
JACOBSON Ernest Reuben L/Corporal 30593 WlgReg 04Oct1917
JAMES Ernest Private 39614 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
JAMIESON Ernest Harold Albert Private 42112 AklReg 04Oct1917
JANVIER Albert Robert Private 28344 AklReg 04Oct1917
JAY John Edward L/Corporal 6/4071 CantReg 12Oct1917
JELLEY Charles Rainton Private 22989 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
JENKINS Joseph Nelson Private 40960 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
JENKINS Thomas Private 23557 OtagoReg 16Oct1917
JENSON William Frederick Private 27906 CantReg 12Oct1917
JESS Thomas Corporal 15307 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOHANSON Emil Henning Private 25255 AklReg 04Oct1917
JOHNSON Charles Arthur Corporal 6/4276 CantReg 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON Albert George Corporal 32674 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON Clifford Frederick Corporal 24/1095 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON James Stewart Rifleman 25714 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON John L/Corporal 23186 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON Malcolm Robert Rifleman 42113 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOHNSTON Peter Thomas Corporal 24/199 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOLI Henry Alexander Rifleman 47149 NZRB 12Oct1917
JONES Alexander Private 13/516 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
JONES Allan Stuart Private 26628 AklReg 18Oct1917
JONES Bertie Alma Private 38711 WlgReg 04Oct1917
JONES David Private 11677 CantReg 12Oct1917
JONES Fred Corporal 23/2016 NZRB 12Oct1917
JONES Frederick Gwyn Private 23837 WlgReg 03Oct1917
JONES James William Private 29788 OtagoReg 17Oct1917
JONES Lance Harry Private 40574 AklReg 04Oct1917
JORDAN John Raymond Private 28151 WlgReg 04Oct1917
JORDAN Sydney Carl Corporal 24/482 NZRB 12Oct1917
JOYNER Arthur Charles (MC) Private 38033 WlgReg 04Oct1917
JULIAN Montague D'Arcy Private 44384 CantReg 12Oct1917
JURY Alfred William Private 33383 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KAVANAGH Charles Private 14279 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KAY John Private 33893 AklReg 04Oct1917
KEDDELL Reginald Aubrey Private 8/1763 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KEELE Alfred William Private 8/2023 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KEELEY George Cambry Rifleman 39059 NZRB 12Oct1917
KEIR John (MC) Captain 30100 WlgReg 23Oct1917
KELLEHER Denis Francis Private 45521 AklReg 17Oct1917
KELLY John Private 28157 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KELLY Martin Private 28158 WlgReg 21Oct1917
KELLY Thomas Bertram Private 14999 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KEMP Lionel Gregory Private 40335 AklReg 04Oct1917
KEMP Ralph Mainwaring L/Corporal 25/395 NZRB 12Oct1917
KENCH Alexander Private 32681 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KENNEDY James Private 35091 CantReg 18Oct1917
KERR William Private 39251 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KETTLE John James Private 38716 AklReg 04Oct1917
KEYMER George Edward Rifleman 42123 NZRB 12Oct1917
KEYS George Ernest Private 41822 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KILGOUR John Duncan Corporal 24/206 NZRB 12Oct1917
KILKENNY Michael Hagen Private 24801 NZMGC 12Oct1917
KING Arthur William Private 25/1769 AklReg 04Oct1917
KING Henry Private 39254 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
KING Lancel Lytton 2nd Lieutenant 27696 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KING Robert Joseph Private 28348 AklReg 04Oct1917
KING William Private 33560 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KININMONT William Nicol Private 36634 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KINLOCH George Alexander Private 39255 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KINZETT Inness L/Corporal 24/1410 NZRB 12Oct1917
KIRWAN John Private 13936 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KITCHING John Arthur Private 24181 CantReg 12Oct1917
KITTO John Francis Private 15186 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KJOSS Karl Private 23145 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KLENNER John Private 10/3319 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KNIGHT George Bernard 2nd Lieutenant 8/1532 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KNOWLES Claude Leonard Private 6/2683 CantReg 12Oct1917
KNOWLES Francis William Private 48515 WlgReg 04Oct1917
KNUDSON Charles Robert Private 13937 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
KORTEGAST Hugh Sarsfield Private 27657 NZMGC 12Oct1917
LALOLI John Henry L/Corporal 22630 NZRB 12Oct1917
LAMB Alfred James Private 29420 WlgReg 04Oct1917
LAMB Robert James Private 13940 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LAMONT William Alfred CSM 12/3381 AklReg 04Oct1917
LANE Thomas Private 38966 CantReg 12Oct1917
LANG Andrew Private 23397 AklReg 04Oct1917
LANGDON Robert Wilfred Private 44492 WlgReg 04Oct1917
LANGFORD Alexander Joseph Corporal 10041 AklReg 04Oct1917
LARGE Herbert Private 29034 AklReg 04Oct1917
LASH Harold Samways Private 42809 CantReg 12Oct1917
LAURENCE Peter Private 32520 AklReg 04Oct1917
LAW William Private 36338 CantReg 04Oct1917
LEAROYD Hyde Kelso Private 16042 NZMGC 04Oct1917
LEATHER George Alfred Private 30822 AklReg 04Oct1917
LEATT James Private 12/2011 AklReg 04Oct1917
LECKNER Theodore Ernest Private 6/3069 CantReg 12Oct1917
LEECE Charles Private 46195 CantReg 12Oct1917
LEHNDORF Arthur Ruben Private 39833 WlgReg 04Oct1917
LEITCH Charles Private 39582 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LESLIE James Private 27533 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LESLIE James Francis Rifleman 44645 NZRB 12Oct1917
LESLIE John George Rifleman 44646 NZRB 12Oct1917
LETFORD Francis Edward Private 38046 CantReg 12Oct1917
LEVY Edward Ted Sergeant 36749 NZRB 12Oct1917
LEWIS David Morgan Rifleman 24/1917 NZRB 12Oct1917
LEWIS George Forrester Private 24026 NZMGC 02Oct1917
LEYDEN James Francis Private 15194 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LILLE John Private 27529 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LILLEY Charles Donald Private 46958 CantReg 12Oct1917
LILLO Henry George Private 45101 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LIMBRICK Edward Loosemore Sergeant 30242 OtagoReg 04Oct1917
LINDSAY Alexander Milne Rifleman 39835 NZRB 12Oct1917
LINTON Joh Keddie Private 32686 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LIVERMORE Percy Stafford Private II/592 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LIVINGSTONE Alexander Corporal 34475 AklReg 04Oct1917
LLOYD Edward George Albert Private 34100 OtagoReg 12Oct1917
LOFTS Joseph Rifleman 38914 NZRB 12Oct1917
LOGAN James Robert Private 40224 CantReg 12Oct1917
LONG Joseph Lawrence Rifleman 14187 NZRB 12Oct1917
LOOMES William George Private 6/2194 CantReg 12Oct1917
LORD Eric John Sergeant 28590 AklReg 04Oct1917
LORD Sidney Walter Private 33564 WlgReg 17Oct1917
LOVE Cecil Private 38721 WlgReg 04Oct1917
LOW Alexander James Rifleman 38187 NZRB 12Oct1917
LUKER Eric Private 32193 CantReg 05Oct1917
LYFORD George Herbert Private 29428 WlgReg 04Oct1917
LYON George Ernest Rifleman 24/2029 NZRB 12Oct1917

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