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On Wednesday 28 November 1979, Air New Zealand Flight TE901 crashed in to the side of Mount Erebus, Antarctica, during a sightseeing flight. This is New Zealand's biggest air disaster to date.

For further information see - MOUNT EREBUS AIR DISASTER.

Sunday 28 November 2004 marked 25 years since the Erebus disaster. A memorial service was held on the site and a specially commissioned poem by Bill MANHIRE was read by Sir Edmund Hillary.

I am here beside my brother, Terror.
I am the place of human error.
I am beauty and cloud, and I am sorrow;
I am tears which you will weep tomorrow.
I am the sky and the exhausting gale.
I am the place of ice. I am the debris trail.
I am as far as you see.
I am the place of memory.
And I am still a hand, a fingertip, a ring.
I am what there is no forgetting.
I am the one with truly broken heart.
I watched them fall, and freeze, and break apart.

We fell
Yet we were loved and we are lifted
We froze
Yet we were loved and we are warm.
We broke apart.
Yet we are here and we are whole.

Updated - Friday 9 November 2007 with ages and addresses taken from newspaper reports. If there are any errors in names etc, please let me know.

This site is dedicated to the 237 passengers and 20 crew
who lost their lives on the slopes of Mount Erebus, Wednesday 28 November 1979 - 1149.

ADDIS Peter James 29 Te Atatu, Auckland New Zealand
AISENMAN Lleone Margaret 39 San Francisco, California United States
ALLAN Alan Lawrence Malyon 59 Clive, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
ALLAN Jane Phillipa 17 Clive, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
ALLAN Marjorie Townley 66 Clive, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
ANDERSON Audrey Gordon - - United Kingdom
ANDERSON Margaret Isabel - Devonport, Auckland New Zealand
ANGLESEY Grant William 19 Waitara, Taranaki New Zealand
ARMITAGE Ethel Mary 73 Milford, Auckland New Zealand
ARNOLD Melinda Maria - Manurewa, Auckland New Zealand
ARNOLD Valerie Ellen - Papatoetoe, Auckland New Zealand
ASHTON Graham Mitford 63 Orakei, Auckland New Zealand
BAINBRIDGE Thomas Eric 40 Meadowbank, Auckland New Zealand
BALDWIN Llewellyn Arnold (Peter) 50 Birkenhead, Auckland New Zealand
BARNICK Kay Marion - - United States
BARNICK Marion Ruth - - United States
BEAUMONT Earl Aubrey - - Canada
BECKETT Desmond William 62 Te Puke New Zealand
BENNETT David John - - Assistant Purser
BLAIR Patricia Adele - - United States
BOND Marilyn Alma 48 Blockhouse Bay, Auckland New Zealand
BOND Robin Melville 54 Blockhouse Bay, Auckland New Zealand
BREHAUT Ronald Thomas 39 Timaru New Zealand
BROAD John Philip Dr 51 Hamilton New Zealand
BROAD Philippa Margaret - - New Zealand
BROOKS Geraldine Kay - Timaru New Zealand
BROOKS Gordon Barrett - - Flight Engineer
BROUGH Aubrey Conroy 68 Thames New Zealand
BUCHANAN Geoffrey 68 Orewa New Zealand
BURCKHALTER Lucille Clark - - United States
BURGESS Lindsay Robert 60 Whangarei New Zealand
BURGESS Rose Ellen 58 Whangarei New Zealand
BURGI Heinz - Avondale, Auckland New Zealand
BURTON Lorraine Eileen 42 Thorndon, Wellington New Zealand
BUTLER Rae Jeanne 43 Waihi Beach New Zealand
CAMERON Rangiaho 57 Mt Wellington, Auckland New Zealand
CAMPBELL Stuart Donald 22 Whakatane (From Te Puke) New Zealand
CARLETON John Barrie 46 Otahuhu, Auckland New Zealand
CARLETON Marion Rennie - - New Zealand
CARR Margaret Bell 64 Whangarei New Zealand
CARR-SMITH Elizabeth Mary - - Cabin Crew
CASSIN Gregory Mark - - First Officer
CATER Graham Ronald - - Senior Cabin Crew
CHADDERTON Brian Harry - Papatoetoe, Auckland New Zealand
CHADDERTON Valerie Enid - Papatoetoe, Auckland New Zealand
CHRISTIANSEN Alla - - New Zealand
CHRISTMAS Hugh Francis 58 New Plymouth New Zealand
CLARK David 60 Mt Wellington, Auckland New Zealand
CLARK Irene Alice 75 Belmont, Auckland New Zealand
CLARK Iris 65 Takanini, Auckland New Zealand
CLARK William Henry 67 Takanini, Auckland New Zealand
COCKRILL Joan Audrey - - New Zealand
COLBRAN Cyril Bernard 49 Invercargill New Zealand
COLBRAN Yvonne Louise 45 Invercargill New Zealand
COLE John Wright - Westmere, Auckland New Zealand
COLLINS Martin John - - Purser
COLLINS Thomas James (Jim) - - Captain
COPAS Jean Ann Barnett 46 Puketapu, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
COPLEY Susan Elaine - - United Kingdom
COPSEY Audrey Joy 55 Pukekohe New Zealand
COREY Constance Dr 46 Epsom, Auckland United States
CRABTREE Mary Alison 68 Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand
CRABTREE Norman David 72 Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand
DAHL Marie Patricia 57 Broadmeadows, Wellington New Zealand
DAVIES June - - Australia
DAWSON Peter Massie 50 Pio Pio New Zealand
DEAN Kay 22 Reporoa New Zealand
DEBBAGE Florence Daisy - - New Zealand
DEMARGE Nora Violet - - New Zealand
DUFF Helen Dora - - United States
DUKE Athol David 18 Epsom, Auckland New Zealand
DYKZUEL Hermanus Adrianus Johannes Maria Douglas - Wiri, Auckland New Zealand
DYKZUEL Johannes Cabrini Maria - Morrinsville New Zealand
EAGLES Gwen Louise - - New Zealand
EDWARDS Edna Miriam - - New Zealand
EDWARDS Elizabeth Jane 30 Naenae, Hutt Valley United Kingdom
EMMETT Cecillia Campbell 62 Te Awamutu New Zealand
EMMETT John Barnham - Te Awamutu New Zealand
FERRELL Jean - - United States
FINDLAY Michael James - - Assistant Purser
FROST Katherine Edith Janet - - New Zealand
FURUKAWA Kuniyasu - - Japan
GALLAGHER Alfred James 73 Remuera, Auckland New Zealand
GALLAGHER Elsie Thelma - Remuera, Auckland New Zealand
GIBBS Brucie - - New Zealand
GILLIVER Richard - - New Zealand
GOSLING Violet Iris - - New Zealand
GOTO Norio - - Japan
GULLAND Pamela Margaret - Bucklands Beach, Auckland New Zealand
HANCE Florence Lee - - United States
HANSEN Marlene Anne - - New Zealand
HARRIS Hazel Phoebe 60 Hamilton New Zealand
HARRISON Annie 50 Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand
HARRISON Muriel Florence Rose 78 Campbell's Bay, Auckland New Zealand
HARTLEY James Follett 36 Otorohanga New Zealand
HARTY Myra Pearl 82 Devonport, Auckland New Zealand
HAWORTH Kathleen 47 Forrest Hill, Auckland New Zealand
HAWORTH Peter 52 Forrest Hill, Auckland New Zealand
HIGUCHI Mitsuo - - Japan
HILL Eileen Elsie 73 Lower Hutt New Zealand
HILL Gordon Alexander - - New Zealand
HOLLOWAY Jean Marie 63 Glenfield, Auckland United Kingdom
HOLTHAM Bryan Ernest 35 Invercargill New Zealand
HOTSON Roy Henry 58 Tuakau New Zealand
HOUGHTON John Greenleaf 39 Dunedin United States
HOWARTH Ralph Brenton 31 Tauranga New Zealand
HUGHES Steven William 32 Bucklands Beach, Auckland New Zealand
HUMPHREY Mildred Alice 69 Orewa New Zealand
HYNDMAN Thomas William Noel 60 Blockhouse Bay, Auckland New Zealand
IMAI Akira - - Japan
IMAI Hisao - - Japan
JAHN Ernest Adalbert - Kingwood, NJ United States
JAHN Isabel - Kingwood, NJ United States
JARVIS Nicholas Dunstan 43 Glenfield, Auckland New Zealand
JENKINS Evelyn Lois - Birkenhead, Auckland New Zealand
JENNINGS Charles Ivory 44 Taradale New Zealand
KARL Kathleen Florence 61 Ellerslie, Auckland New Zealand
KEARNEY Dennis Frances 40 Hillsborough, Auckland New Zealand
KEENAN Dianne - - Cabin Crew
KEITH John Edgar 39 Whangarei New Zealand
KENDON Nancy Phyllis 67 Howick, Auckland New Zealand
KERR Betty - New Lynn, Auckland New Zealand
KERR Francis Ronald - New Lynn, Auckland New Zealand
KERR Geoffrey Ian Hamilton 21 Wanganui New Zealand
KILSBY Anthony John 43 Levin New Zealand
KILSBY Geoffrey Michael 35 Levin New Zealand
KING Nancy 62 Russell New Zealand
KIRK Donald Clive - - New Zealand
KITAGAWA Asako - - Japan
KLASSOVITY Paul Anthony - - United States
KLENSCH Carl Robert - - United States
LAKE Mary Louise - - United States
LARSEN William Olaf - Raetihi New Zealand
LAVIN James Francis 58 Half Moon Bay, Auckland New Zealand
LEPINE Yves - - France
LEWIS James Charles - - Cabin Crew
LIES Michael Ralph - - United States
LING Alison Louise 60 Titirangi, Auckland New Zealand
LOCHER Urs 29 Kelston, Auckland New Zealand
LOMAX William Brian - Kawerau New Zealand
LOUGHNAN Charles Henry Devenish 66 Tauranga New Zealand
LOUGHNAN Patrick Louis 61 Tauranga New Zealand
LUCAS Graham Neville - - Flight Crew ?
MacKENZIE John Alexander 62 Manurewa, Auckland New Zealand
MacKENZIE Margaret Joyce (Peg) 62 Hawkes Bay New Zealand
MacKENZIE Stella Conomrie - - New Zealand
MADGWICK Eudora Emily 36 Whangaparoa New Zealand
MAGNELL Muriel - - United States
MAGNELL Theodore James - - United States
MANLEY David Victor 37 Cambridge New Zealand
MANN Dorothy Maude 49 Te Atatu, Auckland New Zealand
MARINOVIC Suzanne Margaret - - Senior Cabin Crew
MARSDEN Dorothy - Tokoroa New Zealand
MARSDEN Joseph Alan 45 Tokoroa New Zealand
MARTIN Sarah Jane 65 Blockhouse Bay, Auckland New Zealand
MASKELYNE Trevor John 26 New Plymouth New Zealand
MASON Robert - - New Zealand
MATTHEWS Barbara Dawn - Palmerston North New Zealand
MAXWELL Bruce Rhodes - - Senior Cabin Crew
MAYNARD Olive Myrtle 54 Thames New Zealand
MAYNARD William George - Thames New Zealand
McDONALD Shirley Jane - Palmerston North (From Okaiawa, near Hawera) New Zealand
McKENDRY Richard John 33 Wellington New Zealand
McMILLAN John Bruce 64 Gisborne New Zealand
McMILLAN Melba Pearl 63 Gisborne New Zealand
McNAMARA Bernard Joseph - Pauanui, Tairua New Zealand
McNEIL Eric Albert Dunbar - Onehunga, Auckland New Zealand
McPHERON Roy William - - Chief Purser
MEIER Jurg - - Switzerland
MITCHELL Mark Geoffrey 17 Lower Hutt New Zealand
MITSUHASHI Junichi - - Japan
MITSUHASHI Nakako - - Japan
MOLONEY Nicholas John - - Flight Engineer
MORRISON Katrina Mary June - - Cabin Crew
MULGREW Peter David - - New Zealand
MUNRO Ross 34 Otorohanga New Zealand
MURRAY Owen John 33 Mataura, Gore New Zealand
NICHOLSON Christine Margaret 26 Christchurch New Zealand
NODA Shigeru - - Japan
O'CONNOR Ian John 41 Timaru New Zealand
ODANI Hiroko - - Japan
ODANI Morihiko - - Japan
OLIVER Mervyn John 65 Palmerston North New Zealand
ONO Tetsuro - - Japan
OSAWA Juhei - - Japan
OSAWA Masa - - Japan
OZAWA Norio - - Japan
PALMER David Lloyd 31 Stanmore Bay, Auckland New Zealand
PALMER Edward James 63 Tauranga New Zealand
PALMER Gary Kent - - New Zealand
PARKKARI Eija Kylli Marjatta - - Canada
PATERSON Ethel Mary 54 Onehunga, Auckland New Zealand
PATERSON Linda Jan 22 Onehunga, Auckland New Zealand
PAYKEL Nola Minchin - Devonport, Auckland New Zealand
PAYNE Alfred Murray 34 Remuera, Auckland New Zealand
PEACOCKE Marjorie Ethel Isabella - - New Zealand
PETHERS Carla 49 Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand
PLUMMER Alexander Francis 85 Pakuranga, Auckland New Zealand
PLUMMER Hilda Francis - Hamilton New Zealand
POTTER Michael Arthur Edwin 53 Whangaparoa New Zealand
PRESTON Robert John - - New Zealand
PRICE Beatrice Irene 86 Sandringham, Auckland New Zealand
PRICE Beverley - Sandringham, Auckland New Zealand
PRIDMORE Joy Agnes 40 Levin New Zealand
RAWLINS Valerie (Vere) Mary 76 Mt Eden, Auckland New Zealand
REVELL Basil Halvor 52 Waiwera New Zealand
REVELL Eileen Geraldine - Waiwera New Zealand
RICHMOND Pamela Gayl 24 Mt Eden, Auckland New Zealand
ROBB Helen Lady - Remuera, Auckland New Zealand
ROBERTS Alison Meryl 46 Wellington New Zealand
ROBERTS Michael Seaver 47 Wellington New Zealand
ROBINSON Betty Estelle 36 Pariate, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
RUDEN Karl - - United States
SATO Hisako - - Japan
SCOTT Marie Theresa 40 Dunedin New Zealand
SCOTT Russell Morrison - Takapuna, Auckland Purser
SEKI Michi - - Japan
SEKI Toshiro - - Japan
SHEPPARD George M - - United States
SHIGETA Seishiro - - Japan
SHINONOYA Ryoichi - - Japan
SICKLEMORE David Brian - - Cabin Crew
SIMMONS Stephen George - - Cabin Crew
SMITH Betty Louise 49 Whangarei New Zealand
SMYTHE Henry Howard 55 Thames New Zealand
STEEL Ralph Augustus - - United States
STEVENSON Anthony James Leonard - Picton New Zealand
STEWART Donald Matthew 35 Birkenhead, Auckland New Zealand
STOKES Alan Maxwell 51 Pakuranga, Auckland New Zealand
STOREY Phyllis May 58 Mt Wellington, Auckland New Zealand
TAKADA Masaaki - - Japan
TANTON Peter Alex 60 Manly, NSW Australia
TAYLOR Douglas Clement Frank 56 Whangarei New Zealand
THOMAS Roy Pearce - - New Zealand
THOMAS Walter Daniel 69 Whangaparoa New Zealand
THOMPSON Billie Tadlock - - United States
THOMPSON Henry Ford - - United States
THOMPSON Watson - - New Zealand
TREMAINE Florence Anne - Taupo New Zealand
TREMAINE Robert David 60 Taupo New Zealand
TRINDER Elaine Frances 26 Epsom, Auckland United Kingdom
WARD Henry 58 Henderson, Auckland New Zealand
WARD Valerie 57 Henderson, Auckland New Zealand
WATSON Isobel 65 Mt Albert, Auckland New Zealand
WATSON Katherine 64 Eastbourne, Wellington New Zealand
WEBB Alfred William - Waitoa, Morrinsville New Zealand
WILLIAMS Janet Challlis 70 Hastings New Zealand
WILLIAMS Janet Mary 60 Havelock North New Zealand
WILLIAMS Leonard Heathcote 60 Havelock North New Zealand
WOLFERT Marie-Therese - - Cabin Crew
WOOD Barbara Annie 66 Kiritea, Thames New Zealand
WOOD Irvine Kirkham 72 Kiritea, Thames New Zealand
WORTH Linda 74 Epsom, Auckland New Zealand
YANAGISAWA Hamako - - Japan
YANAGISAWA Nobuyoshi - - Japan
YOKOYAMA Ryoji - - Japan
ZOLL Otmar 46 New Lynn, Auckland New Zealand

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