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AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                                9 January 1919




MORROW                On 4 November 1918, killed in action France, Francis Richard (Frank), 20th Reinforcements, youngest son of the late Robert Morrow, Tapuhi, Bay of Islands: aged 32.  [AWN 09.01.1919]


RUSSELL On 30 September 1918, killed in action France, Sergeant Eric Russell, (Lewis-guns)

16th, Waikato, Company, 2nd Auckland Battalion, second son of Violet Noble and James Scott Russell, Ivybridge, England, formerly of Epsom, Auckland.  [AWN 09.01.1919]


CARTER                  Rifleman George Albert Carter, 26th Reinforcements, died of wounds in France on 7

January 1918: aged 28, husband of Anna S Carter.  [AWN 09.01.1919]

Far away from I who loved you, soldiers gently laid you to rest,

In far away France you are only sleeping, one of God’s bravest and best.


TAYLOR                  Private Arthur Edward, 9th Reinforcements, died at Trentham 1 January 1915, aged 24.  [Parents, sisters and brothers now on active service]   [AWN 09.01.1919



DYSON                    On 26 December 1917, Private C F Dyson, killed in action France.  [AWN 09.01.1919]


LUND                       Private Alfred Lund, 16th Reinforcements, killed in action 30 December 1916






AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  16 January 1919




ARMSTRONG          Gunner Henry Armstrong, 21 October 1918, KIA France, youngest s/o Amanda & the late Nathaniel Armstrong of Rimunui; aged 29 ˝.  [AWN 16.01.1919]

He died that we might live in peace, he fought for freedom not for fame,

On New Zealand’s Roll of Honour, has been inscribed our hero’s name.


MISSEN                    Sgt David Curry Missen, 14352, 14th Reinforcements, later Corporal of the 2nd Battn, 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade, KIA, 7 January 1917, in a trench raid.  Buried in Wye Farm Military Cemetery, 3 miles south of Armentieres; husband of M A Missen, Hamilton.  [AWN 16.01.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  23 January 1919




GORDON                 On 1 October 1918, KIA, France, James, s/o Mrs Gordon, England.  [AWN 23.01.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  30 January 1919




VEALE    Lieut Allan Veale, RFC, on 22 January 1918, killed in France.   [Sister – W Bell] [AWN 30.01.1919]                                    

                No more amid the strain and shock of war, no more his eyes shall rest on scenes of strife

                Nor shall he listen to the battle’s roar, with death and sorrow, pain and suffering rife.

                His work is done, his path of duty o’er, beneath a foreign soil his body lies.

                Until the day that Christ with wondrous power shall raise his own and take them to the skies.

                Dear boy we know for you that all is well, yet in our hearts a sorry deep remains

                But to our Saviour, God, our grief we tell and prove the grace that evermore sustains.





AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  6 February 1919




TODD                       On 23 January 1919, while on active service with Australian Forces, Colonel J T (Barney) Todd, brother of Mrs W T Cole and W Todd, of Burleigh St and Mt Eden.  [AWN 30.01.1919]


HAMILTON               Raymond and Percy, sons of Mr H and the late J K Hamilton of Whitianga.  [M.H.H.]

                                [AWN 30.01.1919]


HARDWICK              W Hardwick, husband of Mary Hardwick, died of wounds France 31 January 1918.  [AWN 30.01.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  13 February 1919




BROWN                   Pte E O Brown, died of pneumonia at Tidsworth, England on 13 February 1918, husband of E Brown, Matakana.  [Maud & Joseph Anderson]  [AWN 13.02.1919]


SHAW                     James Malcolm Fleming Shaw, died of sickness in France 11 February 1918, brother of Jessie C Shaw.  [AWN 13.02.1919]


SYDER                    Harry, 31st Reinforcements, died of bronchial pneumonia, Tidsworth Military Hospital, England, 9 February 1918, husband of Minnie.  [AWN 13.02.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  20 February 1919




BOUCHER                On 6 February 1919 of pneumonia at Prees Military Hospital, England, Arthur Francis (Wox) Boucher, 21st Reinforcements, second son of Mr & Mrs E W Boucher, Rotorua: aged 23.  [AWN 20.02.1919]


CULLEN                   Harley, fourth son of Benjamin & Georgeina Cullen, Waipu, died of wounds 16 February 1918, at 10th Casualty Clearing Station, France.  [Parents, sisters & brothers] [AWN 20.02.1919]


LYONS                    Rifleman William Lyons, younger son of C & M Lyons, Cambridge Tce, Christchurch, died of sickness at Etaples, France, on 17 February 1918.  [AWN 20.02.1919]







AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  27 February 1919




FEBEY                     Sapper Charles Febey, died of measles and pneumonia, Crag Head Hospital, Bournemouth, England, on 13 February 1918, friend of E K Chappell.  [AWN 27.02.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  6 March 1919




PETERS                   Sapper T E Peters, 21 February 1919, at Rugeley Military Hospital, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England, 14th Reinforcements, youngest son of Mrs J Peters, 19 Wellpark Ave, Grey Lynn.  [AWN 06.03.1919]


McKENZIE                Frank, died of wounds in France 1 March 1917, aged 21.  Nephew and cousin of J E Timperley and family, Parua Bay.  [AWN 06.03.1919]


SMITH                      Leigh Ford, late of Waerenga, KIA Armentieres, 21 February 1917.  [AWN 06.03.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  13 March 1919





GODKIN                   L/Cpl Arthur George Godkin, AMR, 9th Reinforcements, died at Ismalia 12 March 1916. [Mother]  [AWN 13.03.1919]


McHUGH                  8/3690, Sapper Eric McHugh, 9th Reinforcements, died of wounds, France, 13 March 1917, youngest s/o Fanny and the late H J McHugh, brother of Mrs Phillips, Harry, Willie, Archie and Duncan McHugh, all on active service, nephew of M Edwards.  [AWN 13.03.1919]



AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  20 March 1919




HOCKEY                  Harry (Pat), died of pneumonia while on duty in France, 8 March 1918, brother and brother-in-law of W & BG Hockey, Te Kopuru, friend of E & A Doyle, Te Kopuru. 

                                [AWN 20.03.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  27 March 1919




HUGHES                  Lt Lionel Murray Hughes, NZRB, KIA Hebuterne, France, 27 March 1918, aged 22, who lies buried where he fell.  [Father, mother, brothers, sisters]  [AWN 27.03.1919]


SHARP                    12/3838, William Campbell Sharp, 1st, Auckland, Infantry Battn, NZEF, KIA France,

                                26 March 1918, aged 20 yrs 8 mths, s/o H E & M Sharp, Oratia, brother of G L, H E and R G Sharp, and sister J Bray.  [Brother and uncle]  [AWN 27.03.1919]


THOMPSON             Robert W, KIA France 27 March 1918, 18th Reinforcements.  [C & J Schmidt & family, Westport]  [AWN 27.03.1919]







AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  3 April 1919




CRANBY                 26 November 1918, Caudery near Cambrai, France, J Leonard Cranby, 13-2422, 3rd Battn, NZFA, on active service 3 ˝ yrs, left with 7th Auckland Mtd Rifles for Egypt, transferred to France to Artillery: aged 23 ˝ yrs.  Born Napier, Hawkes Bay.  [Mother and brothers]  [AWN 03.04.1919]


ANDERSON             Henry R R Anderson of Kennedy Bay, KIA 30 March 1918, in his 31st year, brother of Pte S ANDERSON on active service.  [Parents, sisters & brothers]  [AWN 03.04.1919]

                                He took his place within the line, he knew no fear, he gave no sign,

                                He stood amid the battle cries with the young laughter in his eyes.

                                Wounded, he winced not, pain defied, and when his last hour came smilingly died.


BUTLER                   [Husband] Joseph Connor Taylor Butler, KIA, France, 27 March 1918.  [AWN 03.04.1919]


BOYCE                    Sgt John Stanley Boyce, second s/o David and Hannah Ellis Boyce, Claremont, Amberley, KIA France 28 March 1918, late Rifleman, C Co., 4th Battn, NZRB, aged 20.  [AWN 03.04.1919]


COOPER                  Gunner Mancel John Cooper, 26th Reinforcements, KIA, France 29 March 1918, aged 28.  [Wife & children Jack & Gladys Cooper, Dannevirke]  [AWN 03.04.1919]

                                There is a grave whereon the moonbeams linger though not an eye may see,

                                Only my heart turns there where lies a treasure, God knows how dear to me.

                                He left his home in perfect health in the pride of his manhood days

                                We little thought how soon he would be laid in a hero’s grave.

                                In a far away grave he is sleeping, one of God’s brightest and best

                                May the Heavenly winds blow softly over the sweat hallowed spot,

                                Though the sea divides your grave from me, you will never be forgot.


McCONNELL            Trooper David McCONNELL, KIA, Palestine 30 March 1918.  [Mother, sisters, brothers, Mangapai]

                                [AWN 03.04.1919]


NEILSON                  Lieut Alexander R Neilson, 3rd Battn, NZRB, died of wounds received in action in France 28 March 1918.  [Parents, sisters & brother]  [AWN 03.04.1919]


REEVE                     Lieut William REEVE, A Co., 2nd Battn, NZRB, KIA 29 March 1918, s/o Wm J & Bertha V Reeve, Feilding.  [AWN 03.04.1919]


SANDERSON           Pte Robert SANDERSON, KIA France, 30 March 1918.  [Mother, sisters, brothers]  [AWN 03.04.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  10 April 1919




CARROLL                Francis Edmonds (Frank), KIA, France 3 April 1918, brother of S & A Whalen, Tomarata.  [AWN 10.04.1919]


GIBB                        Trooper Robert James Gibb, KIA, Palestine 30 March 1918.  [Father, sisters & brothers]  [AWN 10.04.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  17 April 1919




PARK                       4 March 1919 in Germany, of bronchial-pneumonia and influenza, Lieut A V Park, 2nd Wgtn Battn, husband of Annie, 98 Featherston St, Palmerston North, youngest s/o Thomas Park, Parkstone Ave, Parkstone, Dorset, England: aged 33.  [AWN 17.04.1919]


MARSHALL             Cpl W A Marshall, DCM, KIA, Strazeele, France, 17 April, nephew of Jeannie D Elliott, New Plymouth.  [AWN 17.04.1919]


McRAE                    Trooper M I McRAE, KIA, Palestine, 30 March, s/o H Penney (Mother)  [AWN 17.04.1919]

                                He lies at rest in a foreign land, amidst the noble slain

                                And the bugle’s call to duty all, will never be heard again.

                                He laid his young life bravely down and the halos of glory shine

                                Round the hero who did his duty well on the hills of Palestine.


REEVE                     Rifleman George Spencer Reeve, KIA, France 6 April, husband of M Reeve.  [AWN 17.04.1919]


SHEPHERD              Pte U A, KIA France 27 March 1918, nephew of aunt H Penney.

                                The bugle call and roll of drum for him will sound no more

                                And our hearts are sad for that gallant lad who left his home to join the flag and fight for his native shore.

                                His memory lives in the hearts of those for whom he fought and fell,

                                The green grass waves o’er the soldier brave and naught but a cross will make the grave of the lad we loved so well.




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  24 April 1919




MAUNDER               Roy, only s/o A H & A L Maunder, Maunu Rd, Whangarei, KIA 25 April 1918.  [AWN 24.04.1919]


McGREGOR             Pte Andrew P McGREGOR, 18 April 1916, brother of Christina McGregor.  [AWN 24.04.1919]


TROUP                     Pte J A, 16th Waikato’s, KIA 25 April 1915  [Sister & family, Ngawaka, Taihape]

                                [AWN 24.04.1919]

                                Tis now we miss you, as the boys come marching home.


WILLIAMS                Gunner Colin S Williams, 23/647, KIA 10 April 1918, Ploogestreet Wood, friend of 13/1079, Sgt P V OAKDEN, 6th Howitzer Battn, NZFA.  [AWN 24.04.1919]






AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  1 May 1919




BRAMLEY               Pte Hudson Armond Bramley, 28th Reinforcements, KIA France 28 April 1918, husband of Annie, youngest s/o James T & Ada Bramley, brother of Isabella & J W Stark, Opotiki.  [AWN 01.05.1919]


SYMONS                 Sgt Harris M Symons, First Main Body, 7th Battn, NZFA, 30 April 1917, died of wounds, Walton on Thames Hospital: aged 23, s/o A M Symons.  [AWN 01.05.1919]

                                Brave Knight!  Not soil of wrong thy spotless shield may stain,

                                Thy keen sword served thee long and not in vain.




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  08 May 1919





FATT                       James, 7th Reinforcements, KIA, Dickebusch, Belgium, 6 May 1918, friend of J & P McBreen, Marua.   [AWN 08.05.1919]


PLUMMER                Pte Edwin John, 13th Reinforcements, KIA France 6 May 1918, brother of Arthur & Irene Plummer, Ohakune.  [AWN 08.05.1919]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                                  15 May 1919





DRIFFILL                  Pte C H Driffill, Waitemarama, KIA France 18 May 1916.  [Parents & sisters, Ivy]  [AWN 15.05.1919]


RAKIRAKI                Pte John Rakiraki, Auckland Inf., 2nd Battn, Pioneer & NZ Battery, 3 May 1918, Tourgeville, France.  [J P Rakiraki & family]   [AWN 15.05.1919]

                                Our thanks to all those who have been kind to our boy when absent and far from home.




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  22 May 1919





MOODY                   William (Boy), Whakatane, KIA Dardanelles, 19 May 1915, Main Body: aged 24.  [Moody family sisters & brother, Whakatane].  [AWN 22.05.1919]


WALLACE               Pte Gordon, 36698, 29th Reinforcements, fourth s/o Thomas & Margaret Wallace, Victoria Valley, KIA France 23 May 1918: aged 26  [Parents, brothers and sisters}

                                [AWN 22.05.1919]