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AUCKLAUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                23 March 1916





GODKIN                   Arthur George, on 12 March 1916, on board the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital,

                                Ismailia, (9th Reinforcements, ARM) s/o Clara Godkin, aged 18 yrs 11mths. 

                                [AWN 23.03.1916




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  20 April 1916





STEELE                    John, KIA on 8 August 1915 at Gallipoli, eldest son of David & S A Steele of  Pompallier Tce, Ponsonby, aged 28 yrs.    [AWN 20.04.1916]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  4 May 1916





SNOWDEN               KIA  8th August 1915, Thomas, aged 38, s/o late Andrew & Ellen Snowden of Kaeo

and nephew of A Snowden, Kaeo.   [AWN 04.05.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                           8 June 1916





COMER                    Reported killed in action at Kaiajik Aghala, Suvla Bay, Gallipoli on 27 August

                                1915, George Inman, eldest s/o the late Benj. & Mrs Comer, Hangatiki. 

                                [AWN 08.06.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           15 June 1916





DRIFFILL  William Charles Howell, only s/o William & Margaret Driffill, of Waiotemarama,

Hokianga, aged 21 yrs.   [AWN 15.06.1916]          

Ogle of Mangakura, aged 20 yrs.   [AWN 15.06.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           22 June 1916





BABB                      On 5 June 1916, died of wounds, Arthur P T Babb, Sergeant, 1st Battalion, NZ Rifle

Brigade Infantry Regiment, eldest s/o E Wilson, Whangaripo, aged 20 yrs.   [AWN



HELDT                     Killed in action 5 June 1916 – Captain Edmond R Heldt, youngest s/o A E & F Heldt of

Devonport, aged 22 yrs.  [AWN 22.06.1916]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                  29 June 1916





LINNELL   On 23 June 1916 at Military Hospital, Upper Hutt, of pneumonia, Private F R (Dick)

                                Linnell, 16th Reinforcements, 3rd s/o George F Linnell, Kawaka.  [AWN 29.06.1916]


MOORE                    Killed in action 30 May 1916, France, Frederick William Wallace, 3 s/o John A Moore,

                                Forebank, Havelock Suburban M: aged 34 yrs.   [AWN 29.06.1916]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                                             13 July 1916





STREET                   On 14 June 1916 at 26th General Hospital, Etaples, Northern France, Charles Edward

                                Street, h/o Amelia Maud Street, Oaklands, Smart Rd, Fitzroy, New Plymouth and 4th

s/o Romolus Street, Woodlands, Bell Block, aged 36.   [AWN 13.07.1916]


DOIDGE                   Private Albert Branton (Bert) D, 12th, Nelson, Co (Main Body), Gallipoli, 11 July 1915.

                                [AWN 13.07.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           20 July 1916





BOWMAR                On 9 July 1916 at Military Hospital, Wellington, Private John Morris Bowmar, 16th

Reinforcements, second s/o J & M Bowmar of Kuaka, Waipu, aged 21.   [AWN 20.07.1916]              


HUNTER                   On 29 June, killed in action in France, Frederick William, s/o Charles & Jessie

                                Hunter, Cambridge; aged 26 yrs.   [AWN 20.07.1916]


VIPOND                   On 10th July, at Upper Hutt Military Hospital, Pte J A Vipond, 17th Reinforcements

                                Only s/o Joseph & Ella Vipond of Matakana; aged 27 yrs.  [AWN 20.07.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           27 July 1916




BATLEY                  On 19 June, killed in action in France, Private Norman Pariao Batley, youngest s/o Robert T & Emily Batley, Moawhangao, aged 24 yrs.   [AWN 27.07.1916]


HEYWOOD              On 23 June 1916, died of wounds in France, Private Henry Lambert (Bert) Heywood, eldest s/o Rose & the late Henry Heywood, North Albertland, aged 23 yrs.  “Nobly he gave his life for us.”   [AWN 27.07.1916]


JOHANSON             On 3 July 1916, killed in action, Oscar Herman “Hockey” Johanson, eldest s/o Herman Johanson, Awhitu, aged 31 yrs.   [AWN 27.07.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           3 August 1916





GORRIE                   On 19 July 1916, killed in action, France, while leading his men in action, Lieut John William Gorrie, s/o H T Gorrie.   [AWN 03.08.1916]


MACKWOOD           On 17 July, in hospital, England, of cerebro-spinal fever, Rifleman John Herbert Mackwood, aged 21, third s/o William & the late Mary Ann Mackwood, grandson of James SKEAT, Te Aroha West.   [AWN 03.08.1916]


WAGENER               On 3 July 1916, killed in action, France, L/Cpl Wilfred Alexander Wagener, youngest s/o Mr & Mrs Edward Wagener, Pukenui North, North Auckland, aged 28.  [AWN 03.08.1916]


WALLACE               On 14 July, killed in action, France, Bertram, sixth s/o George & Florence Wallace,

                                Devonport, Auckland.   [AWN 03.08.1916]



AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                           10 August 1916





BEAUMONT             Sgt Oswald Beaumont, AMR, killed in action, Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli, 8 August 1915.

“He wears immortal honour and is joined with those who fought for Britain and are dead.”                [AWN 10.08.1916]


BIRD                        Trooper Joseph Hohepa Bird, killed in action, Gallipoli, 8 August 1915.  [AWN 10.08.1916]


LEE                          Edward, killed in action 10 August 1915.  Brother and brother in law of L & N Nicholson.  [AWN 10.08.1916]


MASTERMAN          George, killed in action Gallipoli 8 August 1915.  (M & C Brosnan)   [AWN 10.08.1916]


McKAY                    Sgt Alexander Peter McKay, NZEF, killed in action, Gallipoli 8 August 1915.  [AWN 10.08.1916]


McKAY                    Trooper A D D McKay, Main Body Expeditionary Force, killed in action, Gallipoli, 8 August 1915.  [AWN 10.08.1916]


McLENNAN              Donald A McLennan, 4th Reinforcements, wounded at Gallipoli 10 August 1915; died on hospital ship 13 August 1915.  [AWN 10.08.1916]


PATON                    Trooper John Sutherland Paton, killed in action on Hill 971, Gallipoli, 8 August 1915. (Father with troops)  (M Paton)   [AWN 10.08.1816]


RICHARDS               Herbert (Bert) killed in action at the Dardanelles 8 August 1915, cousin of Mrs Isabel Bourke, Hinemoa St, Rotorua.  [AWN 10.08.1816]


SNOWDEN               Private Thomas, 4th Reinforcements, killed in action at Gallipoli 8 August 1915, cousin of R & E Snowden, R P E Snowden, T Snowden, L & M Snowden; brother of E & B Ratu, H & I Snowden; nephew of R & A Snowden.   [AWN 10.08.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                               17 August 1916





HARRISON              Trooper C B (Ben) Harrison, killed in action 8 August 1915 Gallipoli, brother of

J Harrison.  “They lost the battle but did their best, They were far outnumbered – you know the rest.  But each like a hero stuck to his post, a handful of heroes against a host.”   [AWN 17.08.1916]


HILDER                    Basil, died at sea of wounds received at Gallipoli 8 August 1915, brother & sister in law of Milton J & Annie Hilder, Kaihu, Northern Wairoa.  [AWN 17.08.1916]


HILL                         Private Reg. Inkerman Hill, 11th Regt. Main Body, killed in action at Gallipoli 8 August 1915, aged 20.  [AWN 17.08.1916]


OLEN                       Victor Albert, s/o Edward and Annie Olen, Taneatua, Bay of Plenty, killed in action

                                8 August 1915 at Hill 971, Sari Bair, Gallipoli.  [AWN 17.08.1916]


PRICE                       Private Thomas William Price, killed in action 12 May 1915 and

PRICE                       Trooper James Percival Price, killed in action 8 August 1915

                                Sons of William Charles & Sarah Price.   [AWN 17.08.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                           24 August 1916





BIRD                        Trooper Joseph Hohepa (Joe), fell in action Dardanelles 8 August 1915, formerly

of Whakatane.  ‘He died a hero’.  Sisters in law Martha and Lizzie Wharewera, Kapariere of Whakatane.   [AWN 24.08.1916]


LAMB                      Farrier E T Lamb, killed in action Dardanelles 27 August 1915, brother of I Lamb,

                                Kaingaroa.  [AWN 24.08.1916]


WRIGHT                   Trooper Arthur Francis (Frank), killed in action Gallipoli 28 August 1915, aged 22 yrs10 mths.  [AWN 24.08.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                31 August 1916





LAMB                      Farrier E T Lamb, killed in action, Dardanelles 27 August 1915.   Mrs Ellen Lamb

                                & family.  [AWN 31.08.1916]


MOORE                    Killed in action, Egypt, Alexander (Joe) youngest s/o John A Moore of Havelock Suburban, Marlborough; aged 22.   [AWN 31.08.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                14 September 1916





KING                        19/20 July, killed in action, Herbert James, second s/o J S & S J King, Parakahau,

                                Aged 21 yrs.  [AWN 14.09.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                28 September 1916





CLARKE                  30 July 1916, died of wounds, France, Captain Peter Clarke, fifth son of Mrs Clarke,

                                Fraser St, Temuka.  RIP.   [AWN 28.09.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                12 October 1916





KROGMAN              15 September 1916, France, died of wounds, Bombardier William George (Bob) Krogman, b/o Mrs N J Connor, Hastings, Hawkes Bay; aged 28 years. 

‘In a distant land he lies at rest in his soldier’s grave; His battle fought, his name enrolled on the scroll of the deathless brave.’          [AWN 12.10.1916]


SELLWOOD             15 September 1916, France, killed in action, Ted., eldest s/o William & Maude

Sellwood of Mercer, aged 20 years and 4 days.   [AWN 12.10.1916]


SMITH                      15 September 1916, France, killed in action, Private Frederick George Smith,

Eldest s/o George & Rose A Smith, Karamu, Waikato; aged 19 years.  [AWN 12.10.1916]


WILKINSON             15 September 1916, France, killed in action, Eric Leslie, younger s/o George &

                                Mary A Wilkinson, Oruru, Mangonui; aged 23 years.  ‘He gave his life for King

                                And country’.  [AWN 12.10.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                19 October 1916





ARMSTRONG          20 September 1916, killed in action, France, William (9th Reinforcements), second s/o

Mr & Mrs Joseph Armstrong, Matakohe, Kaipara; aged 30; brother & brother in law of J H Stockley, Hikurangi.   [AWN 19.10.1916]


BEDGGOOD            25 September 1916, died of wounds, France, Corporal H W C Bedggood, only s/o Mr

                                & Mrs E Bedggood, Kaihu; aged 22.   [AWN 19.10.1916]


BRAITHWAITE         27 September 1916, killed in action, France, William Henry, only s/o Joseph & Elizabeth Braithwaite, Matakana; aged 31.  [AWN 19.10.1916]


JOYCE                     Killed in action, France, 15 September 1916, Walter Joyce (3 Battalion, Rifle Brigade) only s/o Mr & Mrs W E Joyce, Gore, Southland; aged 21.  [AWN 19.10.1916]


McGIMPSEY            22 September, killed in action, France, Sapper R McGimpsey, s/o James & Elizabeth J McGimpsey, Otiake; aged 23.   [AWN 19.10.1916]


McKAY                    Killed in action, France, Private James Cameron McKay, s/o James & Isabella McKay of Gumtown; aged 23.   [AWN 19.10.1916]


SQUINOBAL            21 September, killed in action, France, Albert George Squinobal; aged 26.  [AWN 19.10.1916]


PIVOTT                    18 September 1916, died of wounds received in France, Rifleman Edwin Pivott, 9th

                                Reinforcements, youngest brother of Mrs J Rogerson, Church St, Onehunga.   [AWN 19.10.1916]


UNDERWOOD          2 October, died of wounds received in France, Percy Underwood, s/o William & Emily Underwood; aged 23.  [AWN 19.10.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                26 October 1916





CLARK                    15 September 1916, killed in action, France, Rifleman Joycelyn Clark, NZ Rifle Brigade, second s/o Henry Charles & Catherine Clark, of Maramarua; aged 26.  [AWN 26.10.1916]


KROGMAN              15 September 1916, died of wounds received in France, Bombardier William George

                                (Bob) Krogman, brother of Mrs W J Connor, Hastings; aged 23.  [AWN 26.10.1916]


MATTHEWS             27 September 1916, killed in action, France, Arnold Ernest Matthews of Manurewa,

Son of William Matthews, Nottinghamshire, England.  Inserted by friend C R & E Matthews, Upper Hutt.   [AWN 26.10.1916]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                 2 November 1916





BENNETT 6 October 1916 of appendicitis at the NZ General Hospital, Brockenhurst, England,

                                Gunner Samuel Bennett, eldest s/o Mr & Mrs T Bennett, Tirohanga, Opotiki; aged

20 ˝ : brother of L Tairua & V Parkinson : eldest grandson of Matiu Ranapia, Otorohanga, Opotiki.  [AWN 02.11.1916]


DEWAR                   Private Ernest Dewar, killed in action, France, on 15 September, youngest son of late Mr Dewar, Matau, Taranaki.  [AWN 02.11.1916]



MITCHELL                22 September, killed in action, France, Rifleman Findlay Mitchell, late of Waimate, South Canterbury, s/o Mr & Mrs M Mitchell, Elmbank, Newmilne, Scotland.   [AWN 02.11.1916]


NELSON                  2 October, on the battlefield in France, Alfred Theodore Nelson, eldest s/o M J & A

                                Nelson; aged 28.  [AWN 02.11.1916]





AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                9 November 1916





BALL                       Private Harry James Ball, eldest s/o Mr & Mrs J J Ball, Matakohe, Kaipara, died of

                                wounds received in France, 21 September.   [AWN 09.11.1916]


STEWART               Killed in action, France, 16 September 1916, Colin Stewart, s/o Agnes Stewart

                                and the late Alex. Stewart and husband of Daisy Stewart; aged 22. 

                                ‘For honour and for country he died, in God and in peace he lives.’  [AWN 09.11.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                16 November 1916





HALLMOND             Killed in action on 3 October, Phillip, second s/o Frederick & Mary Hallmond,

Tangowahine, Northern Wairoa; aged 21yrs 3mths.    Brother and brother in law of C & J B Carr, Mokau.  [AWN 16.11.1916]


HOLBEN                  3 November 1916, died of wounds at Abbeville Somme Hospital, France, 2nd Lieut

                                Robert Alexander Holben, NZFA (late 5th Battery), only s/o Mr & Mrs E R B Holben,

                                Palmerston North; aged 23.  [AWN 16.11.1916]


McGUIRE Killed in action, France, 17 September, Patrick Joseph McGuire, second s/o late

Bryan McGuire of Reefton, West Coast, SI and brother of James McGuire, South Westland; Jack McGuire, Hamilton; and Nellie McGuire, Eketahuna.   [AWN 16.11.1916]


RITCHIE                    27 September 1916, killed in action, France, Private Charles Alex. Ritchie, youngest

                                S/o Alex T Ritchie, Kohukohu, Hokianga; aged 25.  [AWN 16.11.1916]


STANCLIFFE            26 September, died of wounds received in France, Thomas, s/o Mr & Mrs J R Stancliffe, Rangiahua; aged 31.  [AWN 16.11.1916]




BUCKLAND             31 October, Auckland, William Thorne Buckland, h/o William Buckland, South Head,

                                Kaipara; aged 40.  [AWN 16.11.1916]

CADNESS                6 November, Whakatane, of scarlet fever, Winifred Russell, w/o Ernest Cadness; aged 34.  [AWN 16.11.1916]


DUNN                       4 November, at residence Hill Farm Kaitaia, Robert Horatio Dunn, h/o M S L Dunn;

                                Aged 71 ˝.   [AWN 16.11.1916]


McGRATH               9 November 1916, suddenly, Manurewa, w/o James McGrath; aged 49.  [AWN 16.11.1916]


STEVE                     26 October 1916, at his residence Waimanonui, John, h/o Amelia Steve; aged 34.

                                [AWN 16.11.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                                23 November 1916




NORTH                    22 September 1916, killed in action, France, Montague Stanley North, NZ Rifle

Brigade, fourth s/o Jas. & A E North, Maunu Rd, Whangarei; aged 20.  [AWN 23.11.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                30 November 1916





BUCHLER                On 17 September, killed in action, France, John Walter, second s/o the late Arthur Buchler, Te Kiri, Taranaki.   [AWN 30.11.1916]


GRAHAM                 On 16 September 1916, killed in action, Flers, battle of the Somme, Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham, third s/o Alice & late William Australia Graham, of The Lodge, Hamilton, Waikato; aged 26yrs 9mths.   [AWN 30.11.1916]


SKELTON                killed in action, Somme offensive, on 15 September 1916, Lance Corporal Roy Albert

Edward Skelton, 1st Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade, s/o Mrs Leonard Hammond, Whakatu, Hawkes Bay, and grandson of George & Elizabeth NEALE of Hastings and formerly of Hamilton;  aged 19.  [AWN 30.11.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                7 December 1916





ANDERSON             13 November, died of wounds received in France, Lance Corporal John Robert (Jack)

Anderson, second son of Mr & Mrs J Anderson, Stratford; aged 22yrs 3mths; nephew of F Bines.  [AWN 07.12.1916]


WRIGHT                   27 September 1916, killed in action, France, Henry (Harry), fourth son of John & Jessie Wright, Ruakaka; aged 22.  [AWN 07.12.1916]




AUCKLAND  WEEKLY  NEWS                                                                                21 December 1916





GORDON 15 September, killed in action, France (previously reported wounded), John Archibald,

Second son of J C & C Gordon, late of Dairy Flat and Waiharaha; aged 19.  [AWN 21.12.1916]


WATCHORN            16 September 1916, killed in action, France, John Frederick, son of Mrs & the late W                                           Watchorn of Hobart, Tasmania; aged 30.   [AWN 21.12.1916]




AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS                                                                  28 December 1916




SCOTT                     22 November, died of wounds received in France, Hugh Barr Scott, son of the late

                                Mrs I Scott, Hillhead, Fifeshire, Scotland.   [AWN 28.12.1916]