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MAY 1915

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission. Thanks to Jackie Walles for these.

May 1915

ABBOTT, Cpl Ameral Christopher, Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regt, died in hospital. Mother: Mrs Isabella SCOTT, Southbridge, Canterbury. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

ADAMS, F H, 9th Battn, Australian Infantry, eldest son of Mr J H Adams, Sylvan Ave, Mt Eden, has been wounded in action. The wounded man was in Australia when the war broke out and immediately joined the Australian Imperial Forces. [AWN 13.05.1915, p.56]

ALLEN, Lieut H G — Was 21 yrs of age, s/o Mr G Allen of Warrington Rd, Remuera. For two years Lt Allen was at the Royal Military College of Duntroon, Australia. On March 10, 1913, he was appointed second lieutenant on probation, in the 16th, Waikato, Regiment and he received his full commission before he left the Dominion in the expeditionary force. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

BARCLAY, 2nd Lieut C C — The fifth officer reported to be missing. He is 22 yrs old and prior to the departure of the force was a stock agent in Waimate, Sth Canterbury, where he was born. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

BARDSLEY, Pvt Dan, 25, single, died at sea 29 April, en route to being invalided home. [AWN 06.05.1915] P.20

BAYLY, Major R H R — Born in Auckland, 10 October 1880, educated at King’s College and Auckland University College. For some time employed as a teacher by the Auckland Education Board and then made an extensive tour abroad, during which he was for a time teaching in the north of England. On returning to Auckland about 6 yrs ago, Major Bayly joined the staff of King’s College and was master in charge of the lower school when he joined the Expeditionary Force. Two of his brothers are engaged in farming at Pukekohe where the family resided for many years and his three sisters live in Milton Road, Mt Roskill. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.56

BLUCK, Captain A C — Received his commission in the 4th Waikato, Mounted Rifles Regt on October 7, 1912. As a civilian he was engaged in farming at Te Awamutu. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

BURGESS, Major W L H — S/o Rev George Burgess of Whitiki nr Papakura. Advice that he had been wounded was received by relatives in Auckland from the Commonwealth authorities. In 1913 he joined the Commonwealth Military forces with the rank of Captain, under the system of exchange of officers and was attached to the Tasmanian forces. When the Australian Imperial Forces were organized Capt Burgess received his majority and was given command of the 9th Battery. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.21

BURNARD, 2nd Lieut E M — Was a lance-sergeant in the 14th Platoon, D Co., Canterbury Battalion, when the force was dispatched from the Dominion. He has since received a commission. [AWNB 20 May 1915] p.22

CAMERON, Miss, Matron in Chief, NZ nurses who sailed by the Marama for Sydney .She has been Matron in charge of the St Helens Hospital, Christchurch and previous to that was at the Waikato Sanatorium for two years and for five years at St Helens, Christchurch. She was trained in Australia, having been a member of the staff of the Owen’s District Hospital, Victoria. [AWN 27.05.1915, p.18]

CARPENTER 2nd Lieut D R — Sixth s/o Major Robert Carpenter, formerly Asst Adj & Quartermaster-General at Auckland and now superintendent of the Veterans’ Home. He was born at Onslow, Middlesex and was 22 yrs of age. He came to Auckland with his parents and was educated at the Grafton School and the Grammar School and from the latter proceeded to the Royal Military College, Duntroon. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

CARTER, Lieutenant Walter F, officer in command of the machine-gun section of the 3rd, Auckland, Mounted Rifles, returned to NZ from Egypt last Wednesday and returned to his home at Northcote. While assisting in disembarking horses in Egypt on December 6, he fell down the hold of a transport and received injuries to the back of his neck and head. He has returned on sick leave. [AWN 13.05.1915, p.18]

CHAYTOR, Colonel E W C — S/o Mr J C Chaytor of Marshlands, Marlborough. He served in the South African war from 1900 to 1902, being in charge of the Third NZ Contingent from 19 May to 26 May 1900, when he was severely wounded and in command of the 2nd Regiment Eighth NZ Contingent from 19 March 1902. Col Chaytor was mentioned in despatches and was awarded the Queen’s Medal with three clasps and the King’s Medal with two clasps. Upon his return from the war he filled the position of assistant-adjutant-general to the NZ defence forces and later went to England where he p[assed the staff College course at Camberley. In December 1910 he was appointed officer in command of the Wellington military district, with headquarters at Palmerston North — a position which he held until July 16 last, when he was re-appointed adjutant-general to the NZ Defence Forces. He is the wearer of the Colonial Forces Officers’ Decoration. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

COWAN, Lieut James George — Born at Cromwell, Otago, 26 yrs ago. He was a school teacher and resident at Oamaru. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

DAWSON, Lt Alan Douglas Gibb, KIA — s/o Mr Alexander Dawson, Shelly Beach Road. Old boy of Auckland Grammar School & Lieutenant in the School Cadets. Captain of school swimming team. ????? champion of Auckland schools at 10 yrs. Member of team which won the Campbell Vase for shooting 1909/10. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

DAWSON, Major T H — Born in Auckland and educated at King’s College. He joined the College Rifles when the corps was formed in 1897 and left it to join the Fourth Contingent for the war in South Africa as a sergeant-major. During the progress of the war he received a commission in the Border Regt. He holds the Queen’s medal with three clasps and the King’s medal with two clasps. Shortly after the close of the war Major Dawson resigned his commission and returned to Auckland. Since then, and until his departure last year, Major Dawson has practiced as a solicitor. He was a member last year of the Management Committee of the Auckland Rugby Union and president of the College Rifles Football Club and the present patron of the latter club. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

DODSON, Lieut F H — Son of Mr Dodson of Takapuna, was 24 yrs of age and was born at Hukanui in the Waikato. He was an auctioneer for the NZ Loan & Mercantile Agency Co Ltd., being last employed at Tauranga and was a single man. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

DODSON, Lt F H — the Mayor of Tauranga, Mr E E Macmillan, moved that a letter of condolence be forwarded to his mother. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

DOUGALL, Lieut W K — Youngest s/o Mr J J Dougall of Christchurch. Born at Christchurch and educated at the Boys’ High School where he took a leading interest in the cadets and school sports. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

FFITCH, Lieut H H — youngest s/o Mr & Mrs Henry Ffitch of Fendalton, Christchurch. He was 27 yrs of age and an officer of the old College Rifles volunteer corps and was afterwards in the territorials. He was a prominent footballer. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

FISHER, Private Walter Temple — Died aged 21 from wounds received at the Dardanelles, was a s/o Mr Stephen Fisher of Feilding and grandson of the late Hon. James Temple Fisher, Postmaster General in Sir George Grey’s Cabinet. Mr W Fisher, official assignee of Auckland, is an uncle of the late Pte Fisher and other relatives are Mrs Herbert Wright, Eastbourne, and Mr Percy Fisher, Feilding. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

FLOWER, Lieut W E F D — Platoon commander in the 6th, Hauraki, Co. He was originally an acting-fields instructor in the Dept of Agriculture. He was then transferred to the Thames, where he received a commission in the 6th, Hauraki, Regiment. On the outbreak of war, he volunteered for service and went away with the main expeditionary force. He was a married man with a young family and was about thirty years of age. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

FORSYTH, Lieut A E — Platoon commander in the Nelson & Marlborough Co of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion and came from Motueka. He was in command of the platoon which was engaged in the Suez Canal fight. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

FRANDI, Captain Ateo — Well known in Wellington and formerly commanded No.31 Co (Wellington) Senior Cadets. He had served in the volunteers and the territorials during the past 24 yrs. Capt Frandi was born at Pisa, Italy, on May 4, 1874. He was not married. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

GRANT, Major David — A most popular officer of the South Canterbury Regiment. He was a member of the large butchering firm of Grant and Seaton of Timaru. Seven years ago he left Duntroon where he had held a commission in the Duntroon Rifles and settled in Timaru. At the outbreak of war he went to the training camp and was there promoted to the rank of major. As an officer he was keen and thorough and very highly respected by his men. He leaves a widow and three chdn. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

GRESSON, Captain K M — brother of Mr M Gresson, a Christchurch solicitor, and was himself reading for the law. Capt Gresson is 23 yrs of age. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

GREY, Rifleman Arthur Milburn, King’s Royal Rifles, has been wounded in the head by shrapnel at Ypres. His next of kin is Mr E H Grey of Church Rd, Epsom. Rfm Grey volunteered for service in Fiji and left with the Fiji Contingent, being drafted into the King’s Royal Rifles on arrival in England. [AWN 27.05.1915, p.45]

HARROWELL, Major Edwin — Born in England but is intimately related with the Dominion by long residence and by active association with his defence forces. He had been living in Auckland for some years when the war in South Africa began and went to the front with the first contingent. He was appointed by the Imperial Govt to take charge of the rifle associations in Fiji and during the past five or six years has been Police Commissioner in the New Hebrides. He was in Auckland on furlough in August and having obtained permission, joined the 3rd Infantry Regt and was appointed second in command of the Auckland Infantry Battalion in the expeditionary force. [AWNH 20 May 1915] p.22

HARSANT, Tpr Frederick George, aged 29, 5th Reinforcements, died at the Wellington Hospital of pneumonia. Third s/o late Mr Roger Harsant, Waikato, & grandson of late Dr Harsant, Onehunga. Lived at Gumtown, Mercury Bay and was a first class rifle shot. [AWN 06.05.1915] p.55

HUGGETT, Lance Corporal Morris — S/o Capt M Huggett, who was formerly master of the Melanesian Mission’s old steamer Southern Cross and is at present in the service of HM Customs in Auckland. L/Cpl Huggett was a pupil at the Auckland Grammar School. He served during eight months on the Craig line of sailing ships and was then apprenticed to the engineering trade. While the force was in Egypt he was promoted to the rank of lance-corporal. He was 21 yrs old. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

HUGO, Lieut L W A — Born at Napier 30 yrs ago. He was a compositor by occupation and was employed in Wellington. He was on the unattached list and had served for seven years in the Zealandia rifles. He was a single man. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

HYAMS, Alex., Royal Fusiliers, died Flanders. S/o Frank Hyams formerly Dunedin, grandson of late Mr Bendix Hallenstein. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.21

LOACH, Major A E — 13th, North Canterbury & Westland, Regt, was second in command of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion when the expeditionary force left NZ. According to a Press Assn message from Christchurch, was received from her husband on Monday by Mrs Loach: "Progressing well; received promotion". As the officer commanding the battalion, Lt Col D McB Stewart, was killed in action during the earlier operations, it is presumed that Major Loach has been appointed to the command of the battalion. He is an officer greatly admired and respected by his men. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

LOGAN, 2nd Lieut Preston — S/o Col Robert Logan, at present Administrator of Samoa. Lieut Logan received a course of instruction at the Royal Military College, Duntroon & since returning to Auckland had been engaged in farming in the North. Prior to joining the expeditionary force he held a junior subaltern’s commission in the 11th North Auckland, Mounted Rifles Regt. He was a member of the Northern Club. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

LOVELL, L/Cpl James, Samoan Relief Force, has died from pleurisy & cardiac complications. Born England 27 June 1874, 7 yrs in 1st & 2nd Border Regts. He was a sailor & was previously employed by the Union Steam Ship Co. NOK: Brother, William Lovell, Calcutta, India. [AWN 27.05.1915] p.18

MACFARLANE, Lieut J B — A cablegram was received by Mr J B Macfarlane of Gillies Ave, Epsom, from his eldest son, Lieut J B Macfarlane, 3rd, Auckland, Company, stating that he had been wounded but as the message also contained the world ‘well’, it is presumed that his injury is not serious. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

MATHESON, Lt Ron, aged 38, Imperial Light Horse (Boer War) — KIA, German South West Africa. Mother & brother still residing in Tauranga. Mining agent. Sister — Mrs C P Stichbury, Jervois Road. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

MAURICE, Lieut F D — 24 yrs of age. Prior to joining the expeditionary force he was one of the masters at the Waimate District High School. He had a brilliant educational career at the Timaru High School and Canterbury College. An enthusiastic hockey player, he was a member of the executive of the South Canterbury Hockey Assn. Lieut Maurice’s father resides in London [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

McCARROLL, Major J N — Was engaged in farming near Whangarei when he joined the Expeditionary Force. After having been associated for many years with the volunteer forces, he was appointed second in command of the 11th Mounted Rifles Regt, his commission dating from November 26, 1912. He is about 37 yrs old. He is married and his wife and 2 chdn reside at Whangarei. Several brothers are engaged in farming in the northern district. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.56

MENTEATH, Lieut C B — S/o Mr A S Menteath, one of Wellington’s best known lawyers. He was born in Wellington on 5 March 1892, and before going away with the NZ forces was engaged in farming with Mr R E Beckett of Hinau. He was single. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

MORGAN, 2nd Lieut Harry — Was about 35 yrs of age, a native of Birmingham but had resided in the Auckland district for many years. He was in business in the city as a land agent and had his home at New Lynn. He was connected with the territorial movement as commander of the 88th (Auckland) Senor Cadet corps. He leaves a wife and one child. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

MORPETH, L/Cpl Gerald, second s/o H D Morpeth, Town Clerk of Waihi, wounded at Dardanelles. Second of three sons at the front who are on the casualty list. Prev. reported that Lt Niccol MORPETH had been slightly wounded. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

MORTON, Captain A B, served in the South African war in 1901-2. He held the Queen’s medal with five clasps. He won a commission in the NZ Staff Corps on the inauguration of the Territorial system of training and was in command of the No.1 Group of the Auckland Military District. Captain Morton left New Zealand with the Expeditionary Force as staff captain to the Infantry Brigade. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.56

OGILVIE, L/Cpl Edgar — KIA, elder s/o W P Ogilvie, Richmond, aged 25, born Auckland, attended Newton West School, later worked for S Barry, Optometrist — Canadian Expeditionary Force. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.21

PAINE, 2nd Lieut S W — Who was reported on Friday to have been killed in action on May 20, had been actively associated with the Field Engineers for eight years and received a commission in No. 8 Co (Auckland) in 1911. He joined the expeditionary force as a sapper but shortly afterwards received a commission. Born in Auckland, Lieut Paine was 24 yrs old. He was an old boy of the Auckland Grammar School. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.21

PEARLESS, Surgeon Lieut-Col W R — One of the medical officers attached to the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, born in Sussex. He was previously on active service in the South African war, having accompanied the 8th, New Zealand, Contingent. Until the outbreak of the war he had resided in the Wakefield (Nelson) district for 30 yrs, except during the time he was in South Africa. All this time he was connected with the NZ defence forces and for about 10 yrs — up until about 18 months ago — he was principal medical officer for the Nelson-Canterbury district. Col Pearless holds the V.D. decoration. [AWN 20 May 1915, p.22]

RICHARDS, Lieut H L — Born in Auckland 14 July 1891 and was the second s/o Archdeacon Richards of Lawrence, Otago, who is at present on his way to England. He received his education at the Lawrence High School. He entered the Dunedin branch of the NZ Loan & Mercantile Co in 1900 and while in Dunedin joined the B Battery. A fortnight ago he was reported to be wounded and missing but he is now reported to have been killed in action last Thursday. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.56

RICHARDS, Lieut Robert — The s/o Archdeacon Richards and a brother of Lieut H L Richards. He was 28 yrs of age. He was educated at Christ’s College for 3 yrs and for 3 yrs at the Merchant Ventures Engineering College, Bristol. While in England Lieut Richards joined a howitzer battery in the Warwickshire Territorial Artillery Brigade and ultimately attained the rank of Sergeant. Returning to NZ in 1911 he secured a commission and was a subaltern in B Battery, Dunedin. Prior to the war he was employed as a draughtsman by the Otago Harbour Board. [AWN 27 May 1915] p.56

RICHARDSON, Lieut H G — Son of Mr G J Richardson of Remuera, was 23 yrs of age. He received his education at the Auckland Grammar School. Recently he was associated with his father in the Richardson Piano Agency, AMP Bldgs. On August 7, 1912, he received his commission in the Coast Defence detachment of the 3rd, Auckland, Regiment. Lieut Richards left NZ with the second reinforcements. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

ROBSON, L/Cpl Robert Cole — KIA, aged 21, s/o Mr & Mrs W Robson, Mt Eden. Born Hastings, Hawkes Bay. Prominent in school sport at Auckland Grammar School. Worked on a sheep station at Hawkes Bay. First Expeditionary Force. [AWN 13.05.1915] P.22

ROWLLINGS, Lieut Edward Talbot, NZSC — Reported to be wounded, is the eldest s/o Mr E W Rowllings of Victoria Ave, Mt Eden. Lieut Rowllings, who is not yet 21 yrs of age, accompanied the third reinforcement draft for the Wellington Infantry Battalion. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

RUDDOCK, Sapper E O — Second s/o Archdeacon David Ruddock of Napier. Educated at St John’s College, Auckland, and was studying medicine at Edinburgh University when the war began. He enlisted in the British contingent of New Zealanders. A list was published stating that Sapper Ruddock was dangerously ill with acute appendicitis and a friend in Auckland has received a telegram from Archdeacon Ruddock, stating that his son died during an operation on May 11. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

SAUNDERS, Lieut J L — S/o Rev W R Saunders, a minister of the Congregational Church, and is about 25 yrs of age. Lieut Saunders was educated at Otago University and after taking the degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery, was appointed to take charge, early in 1913, of the newly opened dental dept of the Christchurch Hospital. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

STEADMAN, Lieut Noel — S/o Lt Col T H Steadman, officer commanding the 15th, North Auckland, Regiment. Educated at the Whangarei High School and at King’s College. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

STEWART, Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Macbean — Son of the late Dr Macbean Stewart. Born Ashburton 1877; educated Christchurch Boys High School where he took a lively interest in the cadets. After leaving school he was for a number of years accountant for Messrs Kempthorne, Prosser & Co. and then established the firm of Stevenson, Stewart & Co., shipping agents. Lt Col Stewart md the d/o Mr R Hill Fisher, the well known Christchurch sharebroker and accountant and leaves a widow and 3 chdn. In the volunteering days Lt Col Stewart was well known as captain of the old Highland Rifles and under the new defence system he was at once a strict disciplinarian and exceedingly popular officer. He was in command of the 1st Canterbury Regiment of Infantry. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

TANGNEY, Private Eugene, 8th, Southland, Co, Otago Infantry Battn, main body of the NZEF, died of pneumonia on 6 April. His next of kin is Miss Mary Tangney, Good Shepherd Convent, Mt Magdala, Hallswell, Christchurch. He was 25 years of age. [AWN 06.05.1915, p.17]

TAYLOR, Chaplain T F — chaplain of the Canterbury Infantry Regt. He came from Nelson and quickly gained the confidence of the men. He was always ready to lend a helping hand or give needed advice. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

WALKER, Captain H J I, s/o Mr & Mrs Henry C H Walker of Remuera. Telegram from Secretary of State for War states: ‘Deeply regret Captain Walker, 1st Royal Warwickshire Regt, killed in action April 25. Lord Kitchener expresses sympathy.’ Attended King’s College, was a distinguished athlete & a mainstay of the first fifteen. He was Senior Athletic Champion at 16 yrs of age. Advice received 22 Jan that he had been promoted to Captain. His name was mentioned in despatches the following month for "gallantry and distinguished service in the field". He was 25 yrs of age. [AWN 06.05.1915] p.17

WEST, Lieut F L G — educated at the Wellington Boys College and afterwards took his Ll.B. degree at Victoria College. About a year ago he joined the legal firm of Buddle Button & Co. He took an active interest in the territorial movement and held a commission in the 5th, Wellington, Regt before his transfer to Auckland. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

WILDING, Mr Anthony, the well known tennis champion, has been killed in action. [AWN 13.05.1915, p.56]

WILLIAMS, Private J — well known in local amateur circles as a cross-country runner. He had a large experience of this form of sport in England and on coming to Auckland he joined the Auckland Harriers of which club he eventually became captain. At the amateur sports carnivals held in connection with the recent exhibition. Mr Williams was placed in more than one long-distance event. In business Mr Williams was a member of the clerical staff of Messrs Collins Bros. Ltd. [AWN 28\7 May 1915] p.21

WILLIS, Corporal W B de L — Eldest s/o Archdeacon Willis of Cambridge and was 27 yrs of age. He was a surveyor under the Lands Dept and answered the call for service from the northern gumlands. He was educated at St John’s College. [AWN 20 May 1915] p.22

WILSON, Lieut E R — S/o Mr Wm Wilson of Wallace St, Ponsonby, for many years a commercial traveller for Messrs Archibald Clark & Sons Ltd. He was a keen volunteer and he held for some time a commission in the Wairarapa Field Artillery. His appointment as a lieutenant in the 17th, Ruahine, Regt was made on 10 June 1913. He was 34 years of age, was a splendid type of officer and was very popular with his regt. [AWN 6 May 1915] P.52

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