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29 NOVEMBER 1917

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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WIGLEY, Lieut Arthur James, on active service, discharged 8 October, England, to take up a commission in the Indian Army – Military Cross. NOK: Mother – Mrs A C Wigley, Parke Lane, Timaru.
ANDERSON, Sgt Henry – Bar to DCM. NOK: Father – A Anderson, Norfolk Island
BELLAMY, Herbert – Military Medal. NOK: S Bellamy, Huiroa
GILBERT, George – Military Medal. NOK: Father – R Gilbert, Caversham, Dunedin
JACKSON, Sgt Joseph – Military Medal. NOK: Wife – Mrs J Jackson, Trentham, Wellington
ROBINSON, Sgt Frederick C – Italian Bronze Medal. NOK: Mother – Mrs E Robinson, Foxton.
WALKER, Walter R – Military Medal. NOK: Aunt – Mrs J Short, England


Advice has been received by the Prime Minister that the Aparima, a well known vessel of the Union Steam Ship Co’s fleet, was torpedoed in the English Channel, sinking in five minutes. Serious loss of life is feared. The vessel was struck aft and the explosion was severe, accounting, it is believed, for the majority of the casualties. There had been no change in the personnel of the crew since the vessel left Auckland. Her complement consisted of 22 officers and men, 30 cadets and 61 Lascars, of whom 14 officers and men, 12 cadets and 31 Lascars, are reported to have been saved. As all the boats are accounted for it is feared that there is little hope of any further survivors.

BANNANTYNE, W J, Apprentice Cadet; BARGROVE, G R, Apprentice Cadet; CADWALLADER, W, Apprentice Cadet; CHALMERS, G W, Apprentice Cadet; CHRISTIAN, W, Cadet’s Steward; DALGLEISH, G S , Tutor; DANIEL, H, First Officer; HOARE, D, Apprentice Cadet; MACDONALD, G, Second Officer; MACKIE, J, Chief Steward; MARSHALL, A, Apprentice Cadet; MARSHALL, R, Apprentice Cadet; MASSEY, F, Apprentice Cadet; McDONALD, G, Apprentice Cadet; McKENZIE, I, Apprentice Cadet; MILLINGTON, R, Second Wireless Operator; NEWTON, S, Apprentice Cadet; PERRY, F, A.B.; PROUDFOOT, J, Apprentice Cadet; RAMSAY, A, Apprentice Cadet; ROGERSON, D, Chief Engineer; SHAW, W, Apprentice Cadet; SMITH, G, Apprentice Cadet; STACEY, A, Apprentice Cadet; TOWNSEND, M, Apprentice Cadet; WILLIAMS, W, Apprentice Cadet.

Safely Landed:
DOORLEY, G S, Captain, Master; ADAM, J, Cadet; ANNANDALE, N H, Cadet; BARR, H H, Fourth Engineer; BEVAN, E, Cadet; CLAYTON, J, Cadet; COOPER, G M, Third Officer; DAVIES, T H, Cadet; DENHOLM, A, Cadet; DWYER, A, Able Seaman; FLEMING, N S, Fifth Engineer; FOX, V, Able Seaman; GUNN, K A, Third Engineer; HIRST, W B, Second Engineer; JOHNSON, A, Boatswain; MAYS, H M, Seventh Engineer; McINTYRE, A, Able Seaman; McKEEGAN, J J, Sixth Engineer; McKINNON, L, Able Seaman; MILLWARD, W, Cadet; MURRAY, J, Cadet; SCANTLEBURY, W, Cadet; SHAKESPEARE, W, Cadet; SUTHERLAND, E, Cadet; VIPAU, A F, Wireless Operator; WILLIAMS, D, Cadet; 31 Lascars.

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DAVIES, R H, Major General, C.B., is commanding an important training centre at Cannock Chase.

YOUNG,R, Brig-General, was very unfortunate in receiving a wound the day after he took over command of his brigade. He was, in fact, in the act of taking it over from Acting Brigadier A E STEWART when he received a bullet wound through the neck. Injury to the lung has since developed and it is unlikely that General Young will be able to return to duty for a month or two.

FREYBERG, B C, Brig-General, Wellington, has again been seriously wounded on the western front.

CHESNEY, R O, Major, NZSC, has relinquished the appointment of D.A.A.G. to the NZ Division and is seconded for duty in England. He is succeeded by Major W L ROBINSON, hitherto second in command of the 3rd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment.

ACLAND, L G D, Major, M.C., of the ASC, is appointed D.A.A.G. at headquarters in London; and Captain A E T RHODES, CNR, to the corresponding post in Egypt.

WHITEHORN, A H S, Major, AMR, is in temporary command of the training units and depots in Egypt, in place of Lieutenant Colonel C R SPRAGG, WMR, who is commanding the Desert Column Rest Camp at Port Said.

KEENAN, P St J, Major, who has been commanding the Engineers’ Reserve Depot at Boscombe, has exchanged with Major C BARCAY, in command of a field company.

HELLABY, F A, Major, M.C. (Auckland), is now a divisional officer of the Machine-gun Corps.

REEVES, Fabian P, Flight Lieutenant, son of the Hon. W Pember Reeves, who was reported missing on 6 June, is now believed to have been killed on that date. He was only 21 years of age.

EMSLIE, A H, Captain, NZMC, has been transferred for duty from Walton to the Convalescent Hospital at Hornchurch.

McMASTER, A C, Captain, RAMC, Auckland, is now second in command of the War Hospital at Perth.

VEALE, A A, Lieutenant, RFC, Cambridge, who recently returned to duty after being badly wounded is now fighting instructor and home defence pilot at a flying station in the home counties, where he is regularly employed on anti-raid duty.

MACKAY, Leslie N, Sub-Lieut, RNAS (Auckland), who had a serious accident early in the year, is now recovered and back at duty.

CALDER, F C C, Flight Lieutenant, RNAS, Auckland, is under orders to proceed to an Eastern theatre. For the past two years he has been employed at flying stations in the British Isles and in France and for some time past he has been instructor at Dover.

WARD, Gladstone, Lieutenant, son of Sir Joseph Ward, after serving for more than a year in the mechanical transport branch of the ASC at various stations in the United Kingdom, left for Egypt in March. There he was detailed for duty in Palestine on the transport of the artillery. Later he was transferred to the Tank Corps, with which important unit he has been ever since.

Miss CONYERS, matron in chief of the Australian Army Nursing Service, has been granted six months’ leave of absence to visit Australia after nearly three years of war service.

SELLARS, Mr Arnold W, Auckland, has joined the Royal Flying Corps as a first class air mechanic. He was sent to France with an advanced scouting squadron, then was invalided Home and has now been given light duty.

BEAUMONT, Mr Walter E C, who has just joined in the England the NZ Field Artillery, is the well known Auckland sculler. For the last few years has been engaged in business between Canada and Great Britain.


ADAMS, Francis B, 2nd Lieut; CLERE, Frederick T, 2nd Lieut; COURTNEY, James, 2nd Lieut; COX, Norman D, 2nd Lieut; DYKES, James G, 2nd Lieut; FRASER, Norris N, 2nd Lieut (NZRB returns to duty); HALL, Harold T, 2nd Lieut; HUGHES, Lionel M, 2nd Lieut; HUNTINGTON, Stanley H, 2nd Lieut; MANDER, John, 2nd Lieut; MASON, Percy K, Lieutenant; McKELLAR, Alfred C, 2nd Lieut; McLAUCHLIN, William S, 2nd Lieut; MEREDITH-KAYE, Clarence L, 2nd Lieut; MITCHELL, Donald H, 2nd Lieut; MOORE, Walter, Lieutenant; PARK, Ronald S, Lieutenant; PAULSEN, Norman, M, 2nd Lieut; PINFOLD, Cyril M, 2nd Lieut; PRICE, Edward A, 2nd Lieut; SOMERS, Ralph B L, 2nd Lieut; STRACHAN, Peter D W, 2nd Lieut; THOMSON, Harold J M, 2nd Lieut; WADE, Robert H, 2nd Lieut; WELLS, John P, 2nd Lieut.

Medical Corps:
DERRICK, Thomas, Captain; ROBERTS, Walter S, Captain (returned to duty); RUGG, Harold, Captain.

Dental Corps:
RIORDAN, Thomas B, Lieutenant; SEED, William S, Lieutenant.

Chaplains’ Dept:
HAKIWAI, Rev Peni; JERMYN, Rev James A; MALLETT, Rev Cecil A; MURPHY, Rev James C.

Pioneer Unit:
ANGELL, Richard, 2nd Lieut

Pay Dept:
HUNTER, Douglas G G, Captain

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BARBER, Weston J, pupil, Kohimarama Flying School; CRABB, Murdoch A, farmer, Pokeno; DAVIES, John E, carter; DAVIS, William E, butter factory employee, Pukekohe; DICKEY, Charters, dairy farmer, Waiuku; DOUGLAS, John I, farmer, Kohekohe; DRINNAN, Roy G, farm manager, Kaukapakapa; DRUMMOND, Peter, master at Grammar School; DUGGIN, John B, traveller, Mt Eden; ELIOTT, Alfred C G, pupil, Kohimarama Flying School; ELLIS, George, signwriter, Grey Lynn; WRIGHT, Frederick.


Ex-members of the NZEF, having completed their cadet training courses, have been commissioned to the RFA special reserve:
KENT-JOHNSTON, Walter F, L/Corporal; MAHON, Leo G, Sapper; MARTIN, John, Sergeant, NZFA; WILSON, William E, QMS, NZE.

UMBERS, Clarence A, Corporal, NZASC, has received a first commission in the RFC and is posted to the general list.

CHRYSTALL, Gordon B, Sergeant, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, has completed his course at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and has received his commission in the RFA.

BAYLOR, H L, Private; CARR, I, Private; CHEAL, A E, Private; THOMPSON, R J, Private – trained at the NZ Flying School, Kohimarama, have obtained their commissions in the RFC.

Nominated for temporary Imperial commissions:
BURNS, T R R, Sergeant, ASC; DALL, G B, Sergeant, Divisional Signal Co.; STEVENS, F A, Sapper, Tunnelling Co.; WILLIS, B F, Sergeant, Rifle Brigade

To be trained in officer cadet units for commissions in the NZEF:
ADDISON, J H, Sgt – Machine-gun Corps; ALEXANDER, W, RQMS – Rifle Brigade; APANUI, A, Sgt – Pioneer Battn; BAXTER, J M, Bdr – Field Artillery; BEILBY, C S, Sgt – Tunnelling Company; BENNETT, P H G, CSM – Wellington Infantry; BLACKWELL, R M, Sgt – Field Artillery; BRODRICK, N A, Sergeant – Wellington Infantry; CAMPBELL, F, CQMS – Medical Corps; COE, A H, CSM – Cyclist Corps; COOTE, J C, Sgt – Machine-gun Corps; COTTRELL, W M, Sgt – Auckland Regt; COULING, J, CQMS – Canterbury Regt; DAGLEISH, R, Staff Sergeant – Engineers; DARLING, C, Sergeant – Otago Regiment; DAVIE, H P C, RSM – Field Artillery; DAWSON, W S, CSM – Otago Regiment; DOHERTY, J, CSM – Otago Regiment; DUDSON, W F, Corporal – Rifle Brigade; FOSTER, L B, Sgt – Field Artillery; GARDINER, G, Sgt – Pioneer Battn.; GLASSFORD, G J, RQMS – Wellington Infantry; HARRIS, R H, Sgt – Auckland Regt; HARTMAN, B, Sergeant – Medical Corps; HAYDON, E J, RSM – Otago Mtd Rifles; HOBSON, P McA, CSM – Auckland Regt; HOLMES, J G, Sergeant – Medical Corps; IREDALE, W, CQMS – Canterbury Regt; JOHNSTON, C G, Driver – Army Service Corps; KERSE, C A, Sergeant – Otago Regiment; LANCE, J, Sgt – Field Artillery; LESLIE, S L, Sergeant – Rifle Brigade; LIARDET, J H, Sgt – Machine-gun Corps; MARKS, R O C, Sergeant – Rifle Brigade; McCLENNAN, A, CSM – Auckland Regt; McGREGOR, W, Sergeant – Otago Regiment; McKILLOP, E R, Cpl – Field Artillery; MOORE, W A, Sgt – Auckland Regt; POTTER, R C, CSM – Wellington Infantry; PRICE, A D, CQMS – Wellington Infantry; RAINNIE, E S, Corporal – Otago Regiment; SANDERS, J R, Sergeant – Otago Regiment; STEAD, W A, Sergeant – Rifle Brigade; TAYLOR, R S, QMS – Wellington Infantry; TOD, A N, Sergeant – Wellington Infantry; WATSON, F C, Sgt – Machine-gun Corps; WILKINSON, M Te, Sgt – Pioneer Battn.

To go to the Imperial School of Instruction in Egypt for commissions in the NZEF:
BLAKE, H R, Sgt – Wellington Mtd Rifles; COATES, E A, QMS – Machine-gun Corps; DUNBAR, H W, Sgt - Auckland Mtd Rifles; HATTON, J T, Sgt – Auckland Mtd Rifles; LODGE, S H, RSM – Wellington Mtd Rifles; MARTIN, A, Sgt – Canterbury Mtd Rifles.

Left for NZ to take up commissions in Reinforcements:
BAILEY, A L, 2nd Lieut – NZ Rifle Brigade; BARRON, F D, 2nd Lieut – NZ Rifle Brigade; BOLES, G H, 2nd Lieut – Wellington Regt; DANIEL, V L M – Wellington Regt; DAVENPORT, E J, 2nd Lieut – Auckland Regt; GIBBONS, R B, 2nd Lieut – NZ Rifle Brigade; HALL, J H, Canterbury Regt; HAMILTON, G A, Canterbury Regt; HILL, L G, 2nd Lieut – Auckland Regt; McKENZIE, F E, 2nd Lieut, M.C. – Auckland Regt; MILLIER, B W, 2nd Lieut – Wellington Regt; PETTIT, H, 2nd Lieut – Wellington Regt; ROBERTS, T V – Auckland Regt; ROWE, L B, 2nd Lieut – Otago Regt; SEDDON, G H, 2nd Lieut – Otago Regt; SHAW, L J, 2nd Lieut – Auckland Regt; STEWART, M R – Auckland Regt; WILKINS, J, Wellington Regt.

Promoted to commissions in the Auckland Regiment:

Page 22

SANDERS, Lieut, V.C.

The following letter from His Majesty the King has been received by Mr E H Sanders of Takapuna.
“Buckingham Palace, September 13, 1917
“It is a matter of sincere regret to me that the death of Lieut Commander William E Sanders, V.C., D.S.O., R.N.R., deprived me of the pride of personally conferring upon him the Victoria Cross, the greatest of all rewards for valour and devotion to duty.
Signed: George, R.I.”


ASOHIM, Robert, farmer, Karapiro; FLEMING, George, farmer, Ngaruawahia; FOSTER, Edwin, dredge engineer, Ohaeawai; GORDON, John, farmer, Waiterinui; HAYES, Joseph R, farmer, Te Pahu; JORDAN, Thomas, farmer, Rukuhia; KELCHER, Matthew, railway surfaceman, Huntly; LYNCH, John, farmer, Papakura; McBURNEY, Alfred, farmer, Te Akau; PARKER, O, farmer, Ohinewai; RYDEN, John, farmer, Onewhero; SANDERS, Roy, millwright, Ohinewai; SMITH, Charles, farmer, Kurunui; SUMMERS, John, hotelman, Huntly; TWIDLE, John, labourer, Frankton; VICKERS, Frank, farmer, Tuhikaramea; WOOLEY, H, farm hand; ZOHS, D, farmer, Naike.

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BROWN, Pte Thomas, volunteer recruit; BUCKLAND, Alfred J, volunteer recruit, 29th Reinforcements; CLARK, Douglas Gordon, Mt Eden ; DOW, George, buttermaker, Clevedon; GHEZZIE, Isaac T R, farmer, Otaua; GOLDSMITH, William E, able seaman, s.s. Iris; GRAHAM, Charles C B, farm hand, Clevedon; GREENWOOD, William, farmer, Leigh; GUTHRIE, Hugh McK, hulk-keeper, Auckland; MOUNSEY, Richard; NELSON, William S, fellmonger, Onehunga; SLOANE, Joseph H, farmer, Pukehuia; VAUGHAN, Thomas F, farmer, Oneroa; WILLIAMS, A.

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