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16 MAY 1918

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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A vessel reached Auckland on Thursday with 500 soldiers and many passengers, over 100 of whom are wives of soldiers who married in England. Almost all the soldiers are ‘walking cases’, many of them wounded at Passchendaele, Messines and other engagements. The majority bore the marks of active service

ALLEN, Lt Col R C, DSO, Morrinsville, Officer in charge; HOUCHEN, Rev Clement, MC; HUME, Major Francis G, RNZA; LYONS, Captain Michael J, Devonport; MORITZEN, Lieut Louis, MC, MM, Adjutant of the ship; NICOLSON, Lieut H N

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A hospital ship with 541 invalided soldiers of all ranks reached Auckland on Tuesday. The majority of the men, who were the first to arrive in NZ wearing the hospital regimental ‘blues’ received their wounds fighting around Passchendaele in October. Two deaths marred the otherwise happy voyage:
Private C THOMAS, died at sea 12 days after leaving England – NOK: Nydia Bay, Pelorus Sound
Private C T W McKINLEY of South Dunedin, died and was buried at an American port with full military honours. The firing party was composed of American soldiers.

The men spoke highly of the treatment they received at American ports

COOK, Lieut Col P R, officer commanding: SPENCE, Capt G M, Adjutant

Medical Officers:
BAGLEY, Matron A – O/C Nursing Staff; DUDLEY, Major B J; HARDWICK-SMITH, Major; LEPPER, Capt B C A; LITCHFIELD, Capt – Dental Officer; MacDIARMID, Capt J B; VIVIAN, Capt H A

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MACDONALD, Chaplain Major Angus – article from the ‘Stornaway Gazette’

COUTTS, Trooper Edward, AMR, Palestine, killed whilst attending to a wounded comrade. Came from the Shetland Islands five years ago to learn farming.


Expected return of 841:
ABBOTT, W N (MC), Major, Bendigo ; AIRD, J, Raetihi; ALLISON, S, Hamilton; ASHTON, M R, Morrinsville; ATKINS, A G, Clevedon; ATKINSON, T R, Mt Eden; ATKINSON, V, Cpl (MM), Richmond; AUSTIN, W J, Cpl., Kihikihi; BAILDON, H L, Sgt., Archhill; BAILEY, L H, Capt., St Albans; BAKER, P F, Newton; BAKER, T M, Waipara; BALDWIN, W F, L/Cpl., Wairanga; BARNABY, W F, Auckland; BARTON, W H, Bayswater; BEASLEY, F L, Sgt., Parua Bay; BEATTIE, E E, Staff Nurse, Remuera; BELL, A G, Mt Albert; BENDALL, W, Waikumete; BENNETT, G J C, Auckland; BERNIE, J [?POW, Germany]; BERNING, H, AIF, POW Germany; BILKEY, O, Pukekohe; BISHOP, A G, Richmond; BLACKWOOD, R, Rangataua; BLOMFIELD, E A, L/Cpl., Takapuna; BLONG, A, Naumai; BLOOMFIELD, E R, 2nd Lieut., Auckland; BOOKLASS, G J, 2nd Lieut., Remuera; BOOTH, E O, Sgt, Onehunga; BREEN, C C, Sgt, Coromandel; BREGMEN, G O, Rangiriri; BRENNAN, A J, Onehunga; BRIGHT, W G, Archhill; BROACH, C H, Papanui; BROSNAN, R K, 2nd Lieut., St Albans; BROWN, H, Sgt, Waihi; BROWNE, J; BUCHANAN, H A, Rotorua; CARSWELL, J, 2nd Lieut., Wellington; CARTER, G B, Lieut., Gisborne; CARTER, W E, Major, Northcote; CLARKE, J, Sgt, Auckland; COLE, S, Northcote; COLLINS, D; COLLIS, H C, Auckland; COOPER, A E, Waihou; CORNWALL, F C (MC), 2nd Lieut., England; COTTON, C E, Kawakawa; COULAM, F, Sgt (MM), Ponsonby; COVIN, H A, Cpl., Birkenhead; CUTHBERTSON, D, 2nd Lieut., England; DALHOUSIE, R H, Sgt, Auckland; DARE, R H J, Auckland; DAY, L J, Rev., Hokitika; DEAL, J R, 2nd Lieut., Gore; DEE, N C, Mt Albert; DELAVEAU, J, Te Aroha; DENBY, C W, Auckland; DICKSON, D A, Epsom; DIXON, S, Kohukohu; DOBSON, G, Hikurangi; DORMER, R C, Remuera; DOUBLEDAY, L W, Cpl., Parnell; DOUGLAS, J, Tauranga; EASTWOOD, R E A, Te Aroha; EDWARDS, E, Newmarket; ELLIOTT, E H, Devonport; FALLON, J E, Devonport; FARRELL, E, 2nd Lieut., Pahiatua; FLEMING, A S, Sgt, Waikaka; FORREST, R, Mangapeehi; FRANCIS, F A, Ponsonby; FRASER, A M, Parnell; FREAR, A C, Totara North; FROST, E E, Pirongia; GAMBLING, S H, Paeroa; GEARY, P E, Sgt, Hamilton; GORDON, C H, Major, Dunedin; GRAY, H A W, Lieut., Levin; GREEN, H H, Parnell; GRUBB, H T, Cpl, Auckland; HAI, G, Thames; HAIRE, G W, Cpl., Auckland; HAMILTON, T G, 2nd Lieut., Fendalton; HANAN, E G, Staff Nurse, Parnell; HARDING, C, Grafton; HARDING, N L, Grafton; HARLAND, A J, S.Sgt., Ohura; HARRISON, E A, 2nd Lieut., Whangarei; HART, F, Takapuna; HARVEY, C, Mt Eden; HARVEY, F, Major, Dublin; HARVEY, J R, L/Cpl, Hira; HASLEMORE, J, Auckland; HASZARD, H, Ponsonby; HAWORTH, L R P, Onehunga; HEATH, E, Staff Nurse, Tuparoa; HEATHCOTE, E M, Sgt, Auckland; HENDERSON, E M, Auckland; HENDRY, W J, Auckland; HERBERT, J S, Whangarei; HEWITT, W J, Ponsonby; HICKS, R, Waitakere; HOGAN, P, Auckland; HOLLIS, E, Lieut., Wellington; HOLM, C E R, Owhanga; HOOD, I J, Sister, Masterton; HOOPAPERE, T, Cpl, Whakatane; HOPKINS, W H, Sgt, Avondale; HOWE, R A, Parnell; HUGHES, H H, Ponsonby; HUME, J J, Kauwhata; HUNT, F J, Otorohanga; HUNTER, L J, Parnell; HUSE, W, 2nd Lieut., Palmerston North; IHAIA, H, Matata; JACKSON, H, Auckland; JENKINS, C E, Waikino; JUMBO, H, Matata; KAVANAGH, C C, Grey Lynn; KELSEY, W H, Auckland; KENDON, C W, Auckland; KEVEY, C H S, Parnell; KIDD, D S, Lieut., Walton; LAMONT [?DALMONT], R, Newmarket; LASERON, E B M, Mt Roskill; LAURIE, J, Sgt, Auckland; LEDINGHAM, A R, Te Puke; LEE, J H, Waikato; LEEF, E T, Whirinaki; LEPINE, W A, Auckland; LINDSAY, A E, Auckland; LITT, M J, L/Cpl, Auckland; LLOYD, L J, Sgt (DCM), Onehunga; LOADSMAN, A C E, 2nd Lieut, London; LONG, A C, Lieut., Mt Eden; LORD, H J W, 2nd Lieut, Masterton; LOVELOCK, D W, Auckland; LOVERING, W L, Auckland; LOW, I D, Huntly; LUDWIG, R G, Henderson; LYNCH, J, L/Cpl; LYNCH, P, Newmarket; MACKLEY, C, 2nd Lieut., Wellington South; MARSHALL, F, 2nd Lieut., Masterton; MASON, A, QMS, Auckland; MAURICE, H, Auckland; McALISTER, W, Rotorua; McBRIDE, H G, Kaukapakapa; McCANDLISH, G, Morrinsville; McCLURE, D W, Hamilton; McCONKEY, J E, Te Awamutu; McDIARMID, D C, Huntly; McDONNELL, T S, Auckland; McGILP, C (DSO), Major, Birkenhead; McLAUGHLIN, W, Mt Eden; McMILLAN, C H, Cpl, Northcote; McMILLAN, S, Auckland; MILLER, D, Staff Nurse, Chelsea; MOORE, J J (MM), Lieut., Ireland; MORRIS, W J, Helensville; MORRISON, M, Sgt, Te Aroha; MOSES, C R, Sgt, Ponsonby; MULVIHILL, D, L/Cpl, Auckland; NGAPERA, J, Cpl, Rawene; NUTTER, A J, Remuera; O’NEILL, A, Tauranga; OLIVER, A, Te Kuiti; ONYON, J, Sgt; OSMAN, R G, Papakura; OWENS, E J, Auckland; OWENS, R H, 2nd Lieut., Ponsonby; OXLEY, H, Auckland; PAGAN, J, Lieut., Palmerston South; PAKO, T, Te Kao; PANIERA, M, Waipu; PARKER, W, Kaitara; PATON, H S, Pukekawa; ;PAUL, J, Te Awamutu; PENNELL, T, Devonport; PITKETHLEY, J, Ponsonby; PLUGGE, A, T.Col, Newmarket; POLLOCK, H, Takapuna; POPE, W J B, Remuera; PREBBLE, S G, 2nd Lieut, Gore; PRESCOTT, J L, Lieut., Birkenhead; PRETTY, E, Morrinsville; PRICE, F, Matron, Nelson; PRICHARD, I G, Lieut., Spring Creek; PROCTOR, N H, Auckland; QUELCH, T, Auckland; RADD, T H, Tirau; RATCLIFFE, L J, Frankton; READ, S H, Auckland; REARDON, E, Auckland; REAY, J L, Auckland; REED, W T, Chelsea; REEVE, G, Raurimu; REEVE, J F, Rotorua; RICHARDSON, W G J, Remuera; ROBB, M, Onehunga; ROBERTS, H, 2nd Lieut., Wellington; SAIES, A, Whangaroa; SAPSFORD, C S, 2nd Lieut., Wellington; SAVAGE, O, Matata; SCARROTT, F E, Kingsland; SHAW, L, Cpl (MSM), Mt Albert; SMALE, F R, Whatatutu; SMALL, W D, Sgt (MM), Epsom; SMITH, J, Auckland; SMITH, L A, Morrinsville; SMITH, V H, Auckland; SMITH, W M, Mt Eden; SMYTH, N M, Kaiparoro; SOFFE, J L, Cpl, Richmond; STOTT, A L H, Auckland; STUART, J, Devonport; SWINTON, A C, Bay of Plenty; TAHAU, P, Taupo; TAPPER, R, 2nd Lieut., South Dunedin; TAYLOR, T J, L/Cpl, Auckland; THOMSON, E J, Staff Nurse, Roslyn; TILBY, J J, Auckland; TIMMINS, T, Cpl, Te Aroha; TORBET, T A, Auckland; UNSWORTH, J, Birkenhead; WALKER, W H (MC), Capt., Rotoiti; WALSH, J S, Ohakune; WALTERS, G G H, L/Cpl, Grey Lynn; WAPP, E H, Raglan; WATERSTON, C, Lieut., St Albans; WEBSTER, F, Cpl, Mt Roskill; WHITE, G H, S.Sgt, Hauraki Plains; WILCOX, J R, Buckland; WILLIAMS, D O, 2nd Lieut, Masterton; WILLIS, C R, 2nd Lieut., Lyall Bay; WILLIS, H, 2nd Lieut., Wellington; WILSON, F C, Taurangarere; WILSON, R T, Onehunga; WINTER, O, Avondale; WOOD, W G, Lieut., England; WOODCOCK, C, Penrose; WOODS, C, Lieut., Napier; WRIGHTSON, R W, Capt., England; YOUNG, H C, Warkworth; YOUNG, L R, Cambridge.

On Duty, not attached to NZEF:

Returning draft No.157, consisting of nine men, is also due to arrive this month. The only Aucklanders are D BLACK, Auckland and H SKELLERN, Mamaku.

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ANDREWS, Charles W, Kaipara Flats; BEVINS, Cyril B, Epsom; CAMPBELL, Archibald, Grey Lynn; CAMPION, Albert G B, Park Rd; DAVIES, W G, Mangere; ELMSLEY, John, Remuera; GREEN, William, Remuera; KIRKU**, Thomas H, now in camp; SHERRY, Patrick W, Helensville.

ANDERSON, A G, motor mechanic, Opotiki; BLACK, J, applied for return of a son; BLACK, Mrs M, applied for return of her wounded son; DAVIES, Mrs, Tauranga, applied for return of a son; DRABBLE, Mr C, farmer, Pongakawa; HENDERSON, H G, farmer, Paengaroa; HENDERSON, Mrs G W, applied for extension of time for her son; JURD, Stanley Arthur, Kutarere; LETTS, L W G, electrician, Opotiki; PARKINSON, Mrs, applied for return of a son suffering from fever; PRUDEN, Mrs, applied for return of a son

The report that Major F B KNYVETT formerly of Auckland, died recently, has happily proved to be unfounded. The cablegram from New York published about three weeks ago referred to the death, not of Major Knyvett but of Captain R H KNYVETT, an Australian officer who was wounded at the front in November 1916 and who on his return to Queensland delivered a number of stirring recruiting messages. He was granted a commission in the RFC as Captain and engaged by the American Co. to deliver war lectures throughout the United States. He was married in the United States to Miss Lilian MAUDE, niece of Mr Cyril Maude, the actor, and the late General Maude.

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McCAW, Captain W C, FRCS, NZMC, has undergone an operation at the No.2 NZ General Hospital, Walton, the index finger of his left hand having been amputated.

McLEAN, Lt Col H J, MD, FRCS, who has been commanding the NZ Entrenching Group, Field Ambulance, is to command No.3 NZ General Hospital, vice Lieut Col P C FENWICK, CMG, MD, FRCS, who goes to the command of No.1 NZ General Hospital.

Lieutenants G B ISDALE and W H YOUNG, NZMC, have both been promoted to Captain rank. Captains R STOUT, MD, FRCS, and A S ADDISON, M??, both of the NZMC, are to command sections of a field ambulance with rank as Major.

The following postings of NZ medical officers have been approved: ALDRED, Captain B F, also of No.1 NZ Field Ambulance, is now in charge of the No.2 Machine-gun Battalion. BARRON, Captain R D, who has been RMO to the 3rd Battalion, Canterbury Regt., now takes charge of the NZ Entrenching Group, Field Ambulance. BREWIS, Major A S, goes from No.2 NZGH to the NZ Reserve Depot CHRISTIE, Lieut R I, goes from the NZ Base Depot at Moascar to the 4th (Anzac) Battalion, Imperial Camel Corps. DANIELL, Captain J S, who was commanding the NZ Medical Reserve Depot until he became ill, has been posted to the No.2 NZGH. HORSBURGH, Captain P G, who has been on duty at the NZ Convalescent Hospital, goes to Brockenhurst HOSKING, Major A from the NZRB Reserve Depot goes to Walton HOUCHEN, Rev R C, MC, CF, is on his way to NZ having been placed on the NZ roll on account of ill health caused by wounds. MacMILLAN, Lieut A N takes charge of No.1 NZ Field Ambulance after having been Reinforcements Officer at the base thus succeeding Captain T G HARPER, who goes from the No.1 Field Ambulance to be RMO, 2nd Battalion, Auckland Regt. McCAW, Captain A T, goes from the No.4 Field Ambulance to No.2. REID, Captain O J, RMO, AMR, is now to be RMO, NZ Training Units and Depots in Egypt. ULRICH, Captain F F is in England for training in orthopaedics; he has been at the NZ Stationary Hospital in France. WHITTON, Captain N S, MC, now RMO to the AMR.

BARTLEY, Rev F S, from NZFA Reserve Depot to NZ Command Depot; BLADIN, Adj. J S, from NZ Wing, 22nd Corps Reinforcement Camp, to NZ Base Depot; O’NEILL, Rev P J, from 1st NZ Infantry Brigade to No.1 NZ General Hospital; LOPDELL, Rev P E, from NZ Wing, 22nd Corps Reinforcements Camp, to NZ Rifle Brigade, Reserve Depot.; MINOGUE, Rev P J, from No.1 NZ General Hospital to 1st NZ Infantry Brigade; WATSON, Rev W A, newly appointed to 4th NZ Infantry (Rec.) Brigade

APPLEGARTH, Mr R G, Land & Survey Dept., Auckland, is now in Paris in charge of the medical and surgical supplies department of the American Red Cross. He was obliged last year to give up his x-ray work at one of the French hospitals, his fingers having been affected. Fortunately, it is now hoped the trouble will not be permanent.

New Zealanders serving with the Imperial forces, who have lately been officially gazetted as wounded, include:
FAWCETT, F H, Wellington, Cavalry Special Reserve; KNIGHT, Corporal C, Auckland, Machine-gun Corps; PATERSON, J, Onehunga, Cavalry Special Reserve; TALL, Gunner H P, Dunedin, Royal Horse Artillery

BELL, Major J McIntosh, of the Canadian Black Watch, formerly director of biological survey in NZ, has returned to England from Russia where he had been engaged under the Foreign Office. He is at present in hospital.

BEAUMONT, Lieut B W, RNVR (Auckland), has been transferred to an Italian port for duty after having been stationed for a while on the East Coast of England. He was honorary secretary of the NZ Yacht Squadron, Auckland.

HAGGITT, Mr A N, a New Zealander, is an RFA cadet at Topsham Barracks, Exeter.

GOODFELLOW, Captain J G, Royal Engineers (Auckland), who has been in France since early in 1916, has been appointed to the command of a field company, Royal Engineers, with the rank of major. This is one more instance of the appreciation which British military officers are showing of the valuable work performed by young New Zealanders attached to the British regiments. There are now quite a number of very young majors who are of New Zealand birth.

HART, Brig General H, DSO, (Wellington) who commanded the Fourth Brigade from is formation until it was absorbed in the others, has been transferred to command the Second Brigade, in place of Brigadier General W G BRAITHWAITE, CMG. General Braithwaite, who previously belonged to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, has now severed his connection with the NZ Division on taking up the appointment of B.G.G.S of a British Corps.

PATTRICK, Staff Nurse A, of Christchurch Hospital, who came Home recently by the hospital ship Marama, has been appointed matron of the London Institution for Infants.

CALDWELL, Captain K L, MC, RFC (Auckland), has been promoted from Flight Commander to Squadron Commander, with the rank of Major.

MICHAEL, Corporal H W, MM, London Regiment, has been wounded. He comes from Auckland.

WAUD, First-class Air Mechanic P C, RFC, is posted as believed drowned. He came from Auckland.

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DONOVAN, Mr R of Auckland, chief cook on the Wairuna when it was captured by the raider Wolf, has returned to NZ. He was carried as a prisoner on the Wolf until the Spanish steamer Igotz Mendi was taken. He was transferred to this vessel and owes his liberty to her being wrecked on the coast of Denmark.

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