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15 FEBRUARY 1917

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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C.B. (Military Division):
Brig General John T BURNETT-STUART, Rifle Brigade

Major General BABINGTON, C.B.

Military Cross:
BELL, Capt Francis Gordon, M.D., of Blenheim
BUDDLE, Capt Geoffrey Armstrong, R****** Engineers, Auckland
GRAY, Capt (Ty Major) William G
HARTGILL, Capt William C, R.A.M.C., S.R., Otago University, s/o Mr W H Hartgill of Dannevirke
HELLABY, Capt Frederick Allan, of Auckland Machine-gun Corps
MACQUARRIE, Capt Robert Stirrat
MERTON, Capt J Llewellyn C
MILES, Capt Reginald
MORPETH, Capt Robert Nicholl
SANDNAM, Hon. Capt George
STEWART, Capt J Garfield
STITT, Capt A Duncan
TRACEY, Lieut William Francis
WIDDOWSON, Lieut Stanley H W
WILSON, Capt Ivan Stuart, M.D., of Napier

Decorations bestowed by the King of Montenegro:
Order of Danilo – 2nd Class: Major General Sir A A RUSSELL, K.C.M.G.
Order of Danilo - 4th Class: Major George BARCLAY, NZE
Order of Danilo - 5th Class: Captain M Urquhart, 2nd Batt., Wellington Regiment

BOLES, Sergeant G H, has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal
DOVE, Lieut W W, Rifle Brigade, has been awarded the Military Cross for planning a raid
GOLDING, Private R T, of Auckland, Meritorious Service Medal
McCONACHY, Sergeant W, has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal
MOLLISON, Lieut B, has been awarded the Military Cross for penetrating the enemy’s lines and inflicting losses.
WAUGH, Gunner H, Meritorious Service Medal

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Auckland Mounted Rifles;
ALDRED, Capt M, to ty rank of Major; CHEESEMAN, Lieut C S, to be captain; HATRICK, Sgt H E, to be 2 Lieut.; HEMPHILL, 2 Lt H C, to ty rank of Lieutenant; McCOLL, Major J, to ty rank of Lieut-Colonel; WADE, 2 Lt H L, to be Lieutenant

Auckland Regiment:
CHAPMAN, Lieut L, to ty rank of Captain; CLAREBUT, A J, Hon. 2 Lt (Bandmaster) to be hon. Lieutenant

NZ Field Artillery
JOPLIN, Lieut C H G, to ty rank of Captain; REID, 2 Lt F F, to ty rank of Lieutenant

NZ Engineers – Field Companies:
GIBBS, Capt D J, to be Major; SALMON, 2 Lt C W, to ty rank of Captain; SHERA, Capt L M, to be Major

NZ Engineers – Divisional Signal Co:
MACKENZIE, Lt H C, to be Captain

NZ Rifle Brigade:
McLEOD, Lt B, to ty rank of Captain

Pioneer Battalion:
BROUGHTON, 2 Lt E R, to be Lieutenant; BRUCE, 2 Lt D, to be Lieutenant

Army Service Corps:
ANDERSON, Lt F H, to ty rank of Captain; DICK-CLELAND, Lt C B, to be Captain; DRYDEN, Lt J D, to be Captain; POTOINE, 2 Lt H A, to be Lieutenant; WASS, 2 Lt J J, to be Lieutenant; WHYTE, Captain J B, to ty rank of Major.

Medical Corps:
ACLAND, Major H T D, to ty rank of Lieut-Colonel; McKIBBIN, Captain T, to ty rank of Major


Appointment of the following officers proceeding on active service with the NZEF has been approved with the rank stated against their names:

AICKIN, 2 Lt T W, Mtd Rifles; AIREY, Lt F A, Infantry; ARCHEY, Lt G E, NZFA; BAIGENT, 2 Lt I E, Mtd Rifles; BARCLAY, J W, 2 Lt, Infantry; BARTON, Major J E, NZ Staff Corps; BENNETT, E B, Lieut. NZRB; BLOSS, W O, 2 Lt, Infantry; BOYD, Capt J R, NZMC; BUDDLE, H D, Lieut. NZRB; CARDALE, Lt D E G, NZ Staff Corps; CHAMBERS, 2 Lt M S, Mtd Rifles; CUDDON, Capt E W, Inf; CUTWORTH, Staff Nurse Constance, ANS ; DANSEY, 2 Lt G R, Pioneer Unit; DEAL, J R, 2 Lt, Infantry; DEMPSTER, Lt N H, NZMC; DOUGHTY, W T, 2 Lt, Infantry; DREW, H T B, 2 Lt, Infantry; FEAVER, F, Lieut. NZRB; FORREST, H A, Lieut. NZRB; FYFFE, C H, 2 Lt, Infantry; HANNA, J S, 2 Lt, Infantry; HANNAH, A M, 2 Lt, Infantry; HARDY, J L, Lieut. NZRB; HOLDEN, Lt H McC, Infantry; JAMES, Staff Nurse Dora, ANS ; KERR, Capt J, Infantry; LARSEN, A G, Lieut. NZRB; LAWS, G C, 2 Lt, Infantry; LUCAS, R B McG, Lieut. NZRB; LUKE, K E, Lieut. NZRB; MacLACHLAN, 2 Lt J w, ASC; MARSHALL, V, Lieut. NZRB; MATTHEWS, F W, 2 Lt, Infantry; MAUDE, E A, Lieut. NZRB; McKEOWN, A E, 2 Lt, Infantry; McLEAN, J, 2 Lt, Infantry; McLEOD, M K, 2 Lt, Infantry; McNIVEN, H G, 2 Lt, Infantry; McROBERTS, E O, 2 Lt, Infantry; MILLS, W A de C, 2 Lt, Infantry; MORGAN, Staff Nurse Harriette, ANS; NEALE, Rev L B, Chaplain 4th Class; NEAVE, D E, 2 Lt, Infantry; O’CONNOR, D, 2 Lt, Infantry ; OSBORNE, Lt W E, NZFA; PERRY, W, 2 Lt, Infantry; PETTEY, Capt T, NZMC; REID, A S, 2 Lt, Infantry; ROBSON, Rev G T, Chaplain 4th Class; ROCHE, Lt F A, Infantry; SANDERSON, Sister Ruth, ANS; SERPELL, Capt S L, NZMC; SHANNON, Lt H G, Tunnelling Co.; SMITH, Rev J D, Chaplain 4th Class; SPENCE, R, Lieut. NZRB; STUBBS, 2 Lt T E, NZRB; TATTLEY, Lt E W, Tunnelling Co.; WILLIAMS, Capt, J W, NZMC; YOUNG, Lt W H, NZMC.

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BRENNAN, Edward, farmer, Taheke; BRENNAN, Thomas, farmer, Taheke; BRENNAN, James, farmer, Taheke; BUCKINGHAM, Ernest Charles, sheep/dairy farmer, Victoria Valley; COOPE, Harry, Kaiwaka; DELL, Frederick, wireless operator, Awanui; FOSTER, Ernest Grensham, sheep/cattle farmer, Oruaiti; FOSTER, Harold Stanley, sheep/cattle farmer, Oruaiti; FOSTER, Howard Edward, sheep/cattle farmer, Oruaiti; HOUSTON, James William, storekeeper, Mangonui; LESLIE, Henry Robert, sheep/dairy farmer; LESLIE, Thomas Edward, bush contractor, Makeiri Bay; LLEWELLYN, H M, Northcote; LLEWELLYN, V L, Northcote; PRICE, Benjamin Walter, wireless operator, Awanui; SMITH, Allen, sheep farmer, Herekino; SMITH, John Allen Chapman, sheep farmer, Herekino; WALKER, Edward Ferdinand, mullet canner, Awanui North; WAVES, Thomas, gum digger, Waiharara; WHARFE, Charles, Tara, Mangonui


BECHER, A J, jr, Kaukapakapa; BOLER, Fred R, Tauhoa; BREWSTER, O G, Pukekawa; BUTTERWORTH, W J, Ellerslie; CAMPBELL, Duncan, Pukekohe; COOP, Harry, Kaiwaka; COOPER, A R, Orakei Rd, Remuera; CRELLIN, A E, Ponsonby; DAVIE, A A; DENHAM, W, Henderson; DONNELLY, John, Grey Lynn; EDMONDS, A C, Birkenhead; EDWARDS, W, Glenfield; FARMER, James, Tauhoa; FLYNN, G, Pukekohe; FOUBISTER, J L, Kohimarama; FOUHY, Daniel, Vincent St; FRIEDLANDER, M J, Pokeno; GIBBONS, Anthony, Kaiwaka; GREENWOOD, A E J, Leigh; GRIFFITHS, Ernest; HEPWORTH, F, Clevedon; HIEATT, Frederick, Woodhill; HOOD, M C, Onehunga; JONES, N R, Mt Eden; KINNAIRD, A; LAMONT, John, Rowsell’s; LEACH, C A, Maungaturoto; MANDER, R N, ; McCLEAN, Thomas, Kaiwaka; MITCHELL, L M, Pukekohe; PADDISON, F W, Great Barrier ; PAGE, C S, Papatoetoe; PETHERICK, A L, Warkworth; PORRITT, Julius, Oratia; RAUMER, Joseph, Puhoi; RIDDELL, John, SIMPSON, C W Pokeno; SMITH, William, Grey Lynn; STONE, W D, Kaiwaka; WALDRON, G C S, Vincent St; WALKER, J G, Papakura; WHARFE, Charles, Mangawai; WILLIS, T W, Ramarama; WOOD, Arthur, Cabbage Bay; WOODCOCKS, Martin, ; YATES, John, Te Hana.


ANDERSON, C W, Auckland; BIRD, H T, Kingsland; BISHOP, C A, Auckland; CASHMORE, A E, Epsom; CHAMBERLAIN, W T, Birkenhead; COGLE, H W, Auckland; CRISP, G A, Parnell; DUNN, John, Mt Eden; HARRISON, J E, Kingsland; HORNER, T C, Auckland; HOUSTON, Richard, Birkenhead; HOWE, C G, Parnell; HOWIE, S H, Auckland; HULL, R V, Mt Eden; HUMPHRIES, Richard, Mt Roskill; LANGFORD, G A, Auckland; LEWIS, H, Auckland; MASON, F E, Auckland; MAY, W A, Howick; McDOUGALL, John, Auckland; NICHOLLS, Richard, Auckland; PARSONS, V C, Grey Lynn; PITKETHLY, D W, Grey Lynn; REAR, James, Auckland; ROGERS, George Thomas, Mt Eden; SEBLEY, F L, Auckland; SHAW, F C, Devonport; STEVENS, C F, Avondale; THOMSON, B H B, Auckland; TOBIN, W G, Newton; TOWNSHEND, H B V, Auckland; VOKES, John, Mt Eden; WALLACE, R A, Birkenhead; WATERS, P C, Clevedon; WATKIN, E A, Epsom; WENIGER, Auguste F, New Lynn; WHITE, G A, Auckland.


DEEMING, J W, builder, Opua; DUNNING, Stanley F, sheep/cattle farmer, Awarua; GILLAN, Bruce, butcher, Kaikohe; GILLAN, Norman, butcher, Kaikohe; MATTHEWS, Albert Victor, storekeeper, Awarua; MATTHEWS, Ernest, storekeeper, Awarua; MOFFATT, John B, bank manager, Ohaeawai; PARU, Edward; SELL, Harold George, schoolmaster, Pakaraka; STRONGMAN, Reginald; WOODS, John Hugh, farmer, Ohaeawai.


BAZLEY, Julius Menzies, dairy farmer, Motukaraka; DANAHER, Frank Edmund, farmer, Motukaraka; LEES, Fred’k Andrew, storeman, Kohukohu; LENNON, John, farmer, Motukaraka; McMULLIEN, Wm Henry, sheep farmer, Waimamaku; NEILL, James, farmer, Tutekuhua; POWICK, Maurice, farmer, Wekaweka.

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CARPENTER, Trooper Richard E, third son of J H M Carpenter of Remuera, was awarded the Military Medal for bravery at the Hohenzollern Redoubt, France. He is an old boy of King’s College. He was in Canada when war broke out and went to England and joined the British forces. His younger brother, Bernard CARPENTER, left NZ with the Main Body of the Expeditionary Force and has been in France for some time.

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J.Co., 22nd Reinforcements:
DARLING, L/Cpl R – to be Corporal; FOSTER, Pte S – to be Lance Corporal; KING, L/Cpl J H – to be Corporal; MADDEN, Pte J F – to be Lance Corporal; McMURRAY, Cpl R – to be Lance Sergeant,; PARKHURST, L/Cpl J – to be Corporal; WOODS, L/Cpl B T – to be Corporal.

A.Co., 24th Reinforcements:
CLARK, Pte G C L – to be Lance Corporal; THAYER, Pte H R – to be Lance Corporal

BARTLETT, Pte A E – 26th Mounted Rifles, to be Lance Corporal
BROOK, Bugler D – C.Co., 23rd Reinforcements, to be Corporal Bugler
COCHRANE, L/Cpl J – to be Corporal
EDWARDS, W – HQ QM Stores – to be Sergeant
ELDER, Cpl A J – HQ QM Stores – to be Sergeant
KELLY, Pte W S – to be Corporal
McKENZIE, L/Cpl D – t be Corporal
STRANG, Pte W W – to be Corporal

SMITH, Captain R C – has taken up his duties as officer in charge of Papawai Camp.

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ALLBRECHTSEN, George – law clerk, Te Kuiti; ANDERSON, John – architect, Hamilton; ANNANDALE, Arthur F – farmer, Glen Murray; APPLEBY, Percy E – contractor, Ngaruawahia; BEET, Edward C – farmer, Pirongia; BENNETT, Gordon C – farmer, Kiokio; BILKEY, Ernest W – saddler, Ngaruawahia; BOCKETT, Dudley – town clerk, Te Awamutu; BROWN, Albert R – solicitor, Auckland; COOPER, Harry D – farm manager, Te Kuiti; CUBIS, William H – cheese factory hand, Cambridge; DARIBENY, John S – farmer, Auckland; DAWSON, Leonard C H – accountant, Hamilton; DUCK, John – farmer, Frankton; EADE, Kenneth P – printer, Hamilton; EDMONDS, Charles O – solicitor’s clerk, Hamilton; FINLAYSON, Walter – labourer, Ohinewai; FITZGERALD, Edgar W – clerk, Hamilton (home service); FLETCHER, Gerald V – milker, Koromatua; FORSYTH, Robert A – farmer, Ohinewai; FOW, Arthur L – clerk, Hamilton; FRASER, Charles J – chainman, Huntly; GRAY, Norman M – bank clerk, Ngaruawahia; GRIFFITHS, George E – telegraph operator, Hamilton; HAMILTON, Robert S – survey cadet, Hamilton; JOHNSTON, William E – farmer, Piopio; KILMISTER, Thomas – farmer, Waitomo; KINGSTON, Samuel – labourer, Taumarunui; LE PROU, Emile E – farmer, Te Rau-a-Moa; LEE, Percy D - farmer, Hangatiki; LESLIE, William – farmer, Waitomo; LITTLE, William T – ploughman, Cambridge; MACAULAY, John – runholder, Onewhero; MacFARLANE, Charles E – farm manager, Te Kuiti; MAGFORD, Bert – farmer, Puketotara; MAXTED, Claude L – farmer, Otorohanga; McDONALD, Andrew J – fencer, Poro-o-Taroa; McDONALD, Percy D - farmer, Kopaki; McFLINN, Edward – smith, Kihikihi; MORRAN, John – labourer, Te Kuiti; MORRISON, William T – farm hand, Hamilton; MULGREW, Alexander – bushman, Mangapeehi; NICHOLSON, Phillip H – farmer, Glen Murray; NORRIES, Charles J – tailor, Hamilton (home service); NORRIS, Hensleigh C H – solicitor, Hamilton; PHILLIPS, George H – farmer, Komokorau; POTTER, James H – painter, Hamilton; QUINLAN, William S – carpenter, Ngaruawahia; REID, William F – upholsterer, Hamilton; ROWE, Oswald E H – farmer, Cambridge; STOPS, George – farmer, Waimiha; TAYLOR, Allan R I – farmer, Te Awamutu; TROUP, Alfred – farmer, Ngapaenga; TYNAN, Daniel – farmer, Te Anga; WARE, Harold E – defence clerk – Hamilton

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