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14 DECEMBER 1916

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

Page 19

RATCLIFFE, Private Frank of Gisborne, has been recommended for the Victoria Cross for rescuing wounded under fire in the Somme battle.

STAINTON, Lieut W H, who returned on the Ruahine, has been awarded the Military Cross for his services in the field.


BEVAN, Sgt Matthew – Maori Contingent *; BOREHAM, Pte H H – AIB; BROOK, Sgt W H – OIB; CLARK, Lt H M – NZ Engineers; COLLIER, S/M H – Rifle Brigade; CONNETT, Pte F C W – Rifle Brigade; COOKE, Capt C D – NZ Engineers; CROSSLEY, Pte W – Rifle Brigade; CULAJEVICH, Pte R – WIB; DONALD, Gnr A – NZFA; FAKE, Spr J A – NZ Engineers; FRANCIS, Pte C S – WIB; GARLICK, Tpr R – AMR; GITTOS, Pte H M – AIB; HENRIKSEN, Spr N – NZ Engineers; HICKEY, Major D A – HQ staff; KATTERNS, Pte J B – WIB; LEE, Cpl J L – AIB; MABEY, Pte W F – AIB; MASON, L/Cpl W L – NZ Engineers; McKENZIE, Gnr J N – NZFA; MEYER, Pte R – WIB; OLSON, Pte O H – WIB; OTLEY, Pte G – WIB; STAINTON, Lt W H – Maori Contingent *; STILLWELL, Cpl E – ASC; TREVETHICK, Sgt A C – Medical Corps.
* Will report at Wellington for duty


CUNNINGHAM, Lt Col Wm Henry, commanding 2 Battalion, Wgtn Regt – Order of St Stanislaus, 3rd Class
BRISTER, Sgt Stanley George, Cty Regt – Medal of St George, 2nd Class
KENNEDY, Pte Alex’r McLeod, Otago Regt – Medal of St George, 3rd Class
SIMMERS, Sgt Robert, Rifle Brig – Medal of St George, 2nd Class
Serbian Honours:
GODLEY, Sir Alex’r John, Major Gen (Ty Lt Gen), KCB, KCMB – White Eagle, 2nd Class
CHAYTOR, Edward Walter Clervant, Col (Ty Brig Gen), Cty Batt – White Eagle, 3rd Class
WILDER, Alan Standish, Captain, Wgtn MR – White Eagle, 5th Class
SCRIMGEOUR, Arthur, Trooper, Cty MR – Gold Medal
Military Cross:
MACKAY, N L, 2nd Lt, Rifle Brig
MARTIN, A L, 2nd Lt, Rifle Brig
ORBELL, R G S, Capt, NZMC attached to CMR
PRESTON, A H, 2nd Lt, Machine-gun Co.
SAXON, R J, Lieut, Rifle Brig
TURNER, F M, Lieut, Artillery
Distinguished Service Order:
STARNES, F, Capt, Cty Inf Regt
Distinguished Conduct Medal:
McQUEEN, W, Bdr, Field Artillery
Bar to Military Medal:
SIMMERS, Robert, Sgt, Rifle Brig
Military Medal:
ADAMS, T, A/Bdr, FA; AITKEN, S A, Tpr, OMR; ANDERSON, H, Pte, Cty Regt; ANGEL, R, Sgt, Pioneer Batt; ATKINSON, T, A/Cpl, FA; BARBER, F, Pte, Field Amb; BENNETT, W R, Sgt, Pioneer Batt; BIGGAR, T, Pte, Field Amb; BLACKMAN, A, Sgt, Otago Inf; BLACKWELL, R M, Sgt, FA; BOOTH, G R, Cpl, MG Corps; BROTHERS, W F, Sgt, Cty Regt; BROWN, W J, Gnr, FA; BURROWS, J K H, Pte, Otago Inf; CALAME, P E, Sgt, Ak Inf; CALDWELL, R T, Sgt, Otago Inf; CAMPBELL, W C, Rfmn, Otago Inf; CARTER, C R, Cpl, Ak Inf; CHAMBERS, W V, Rfmn, Otago Inf; CHURCH, R A, Pte, Field Amb; CINCHETTO, C V, Sgt, MG Corps; COLES, T, Pte, Cty Regt; CONNELL, C W, Pte, Wgtn Inf; COOKE, W B, Pte, Field Amb; COSBROOK, A J, Sgt, FA; COX, E V, Sgt, Ak Inf; CURRIE, D W, Pte, Cty Regt; DAVIDSON, D, Sgt, Ak Inf; DAVIE, H P C, A/Cpl, FA; DIBBLE, S D, Pte, Wgtn Inf; DURWARD, P, Dvr, FA DUTHIE, E D, Cpl, Otago Inf; ELLIS, R F, Sgt, FA; ENTWISTLE, C, Dvr, FA; FITZGERALD, N F, Sgt, Otago Inf; FLEMING, R I, Gnr, FA; FLETCHER, F N, L/Cpl, Otago Inf; FLUTEY, R H, Cpl, Pioneer Batt; FOOTE, H A, A/Sgt, Field Eng; GIBSON, L V, Pte, MG Corps; GILMORE, W B, Sgt, Ak Inf; GORDON, J, Spr, Field Eng; GOULDERN, H H, Cpl, Ak Inf; GOWERS, G, Rfmn, Rifle Brig; GREEN, C H, Cpl, Field Eng; HAMILTON, J, Pte, Otago Inf; HAMMILL, A, Pte, Cty Regt; HARRIS, F C, Pte, Wgtn Inf; HARTMAN, B, Pte, Field Amb; HARTY, L P, Sgt, Field Eng; HARWOOD, J A B, Rfmn, Otago Inf; HICKS, W J, Sgt, FA; HOLLYWOOD, J E, Spr, Mtd Signal Troop; INGPEN, N L, Rfmn, Otago Inf; JOHNSON, H R, Cpl, Wgtn Inf; KEMBER, R H, L/Cpl, Cty Regt; KINGHAM, W J, Spr, Field Eng; LEPPER, C P, Sgt, Wgtn Inf; LEWIN, C, Pte, Ak Inf; LYMER, E, Pte, Wgtn Inf; MANNING, C J, L/Cpl, Cty Regt; MARTIN, J, Sgt, FA; McQUILLAN, P, Spr, Field Eng; MICHAELS, L C, Cpl, Field Eng; MOLE, H P, Bdr, FA; MOORE, J J, CSM, Field Eng; MORITZON, L, Sgt, Field Eng; MURRAY, J W, Cpl, Otago Inf; ORR, N, Pte, Wgtn Inf; OSBORNE, S K, Pte, Cty Regt; OTENE, R, Cpl, Pioneer Batt; PAGE, H, Pte, Cty Regt; PALLISON, H J, Cpl, Field Eng; PEARCE, P G, Cpl, Field Eng; PERKIN, H A, QMS, Cty Regt; PINKHAM, W H, Spr, Field Eng; PRICE, A D, Sgt, Wgtn Inf; PURDIE, C L, Pte, Field Amb; QUINN, J P, Rfmn, Otago Inf; RALSTON, W, Pte, Field Amb; RAWHITI, H, Pte, Pioneer Amb; RAXWORTHY, C, Spr, Field Eng; RESTON, R A, Pte, Otago Inf; RICE, S, Sgt, Ak Inf; RIDDELL, W J, L/Cpl, Field Eng; RIGBY, K R, Gnr, FA; RILEY, F S, Gnr, FA; RIMMER, W C, Gnr, FA; ROACH, G H, Cpl, Wgtn Inf; RODGERS, J, Sgt, Otago Inf; ROSE, D, ASCM, Field Eng; ROSS, J D, Pte, Cty Regt; ROTOATARA, Sgt, Pioneer Batt; SCOTT, D C, QSM, Cty Regt; SHARP, S R, Cpl, Field Eng; SHEERIN, H, Dvr, FA; SIDNEY, T P, Cpl, Pioneer Batt; SMITH, E, Sgt, Field Eng; THOMSON, A F, Pte, Cty Regt; VIAL, A H, Sgt, FA; VOYLE, J W, L/Cpl, Otago Inf; WARREN, N, Rfmn, Otago Inf; WILLIAMSON, G, Cpl, Field Eng; WILSON, A, Pte, Field Amb; WILSON, C G, Sgt, Otago Inf; WILSON, H F, Sgt, FA; WOOD, R, CSM (now 2nd Lt), Wgtn Inf; WOODHALL, J, Sgt, Field Eng; WOODHEAD, G, L/Cpl, MG Corps; WRIGHT, R F, Pte, Wgtn Inf

Page 20


Four deaths have occurred in the training camps:
DODD, JOHN, L/Cpl, C Company, 22nd Reinforcements; MARSHALL, Norman Hazeldean, Pte, 23rd Mounted Rifles Reinforcement Died at Featherston Military Hospital on Sunday, both from pneumonia following measles.; STEPHENS, Frederick, Pte, died at Trentham on Saturday; MOSS, Frederick James, Pte, died on Sunday – both from septicaemia.

Page 22


BEAMISH, Mr J H, late of Auckland, has for some time been managing War Office contracts for the firm of Messrs E C Brittain & Co.

BOYNE, Mr Reginald, Auckland, has for the last 18 months been engaged on war work and is now engaged on the manufacture of aeroplanes.

ERLAM, Mr H, who left NZ with the main body and was given a commission in the Imperial Army after being wounded in Gallipoli, is now at Salonika. He served for 14 years in the Royal Navy and has the Persian Gulf medal.

GARSIA, Major Willoughby Clive Garsia, M.C., Hampshire Regt, has been appointed General Staff officer of the second grade.

HISTED, J E, 2nd Lieut, Royal Flying Corps, is confirmed in his appointment and is now a flying officer.

LEYS, Mr W Cecil, of Auckland, has returned from Salonika where he has been driving a motor ambulance for some months past. He hopes to be appointed to drive in France.

MORRISON, Dr M M, Auckland, who arrived in England in September 1915, was posted to a commission in the RAMC. In consequence of ill health, he has relinquished his commission.

MUNRO, F J, Gunner, late of the staff of the Weekly News, who joined the Royal Garrison Artillery as a Gunner at the outbreak of war, is now in London after 18 months service. He was recommended for a commission for gallantry in the field and is now gazzetted as a Lieutenant.

SEDDON, T E Y, Lieut, NZ Rifle Brigade, is a reluctant patient at the No.2 General Hospital suffering from an injured knee incurred while playing football behind the front.

SHAND, E T, Lieut, who was transferred from the Otago Mounted Rifles to a commission in the Royal Flying Corps.

SMEETON, W J, Lieut, Auckland, Royal Field Artillery, has been promoted Captain. He is only 21 years of age.

WILKES, T M, Captain, NZ Staff Corps, has been promoted to Brig. General vice Major V H LAMPEN, NZ Staff Corps.

WILLIAMS, H D, Lieut, Auckland Mounted Rifles, who is now attached to the Royal Flying Corps, has been promoted Observer.

Page 24

COLLINS, D – returned to duty; GUIDLEY, Pte E J – returned to duty; HOGG, Pte W – ill; INDER, Sgt A H – seriously ill; KAY, Lieut F B – wounded; LAWRENCE, K B – returned to duty; RAYMENT, W – returned to duty; RUSSELL, Pte E W – wounded.

Page 25

NEW ZEALAND HEROES – Military Cross Awarded

AVERY, Lieutenant; BONGARD, Lieut S, Whakatane; GALLOWAY, Lieut G; HALLY, Lieut; HARGEST, Lieut J, Otago; JOHNSON, Captain William; MAWSON, Lieut J B, Wellington; PRIOR, Capt Norman H – NZMC of Wellington who went over the parapet and dressed wounded men under intense fire; RICHARDS, Rev R, Chaplain, of Canterbury, who attended wounded men under heavy fire for 2 days.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

RIDDETT, Sgt Mjr; SCARFE,Corporal; SMITH, Pte A; SYME, Gunner – who rescued a gunner who was pinned among the debris in a burning gun pit.


CAMPBELL, Lieut H McD – Died of wounds; CORNWELL, Pte J M – KIA; DOUGHTY, Lieut R D – wounded; FRASER, Pte H – wounded; GROVER, Pte J – ill; LAMBERTON, Spr E A – returned to duty; MURNEY, Pte J J – ill; OLIVER, Pte O T – returned to duty; WELLS, T B, L/Cpl – ill; WOOD, Pte F H – POW.

Page 32

Private advice has been received in Gisborne on Friday showing that Pte Frank RATCLIFFE has been recommended for the Victoria Cross for rescuing wounded under fire in the Somme battle. He left with one of the early reinforcements.

RAWLINGS, Sergeant J L, brother of T W Rawlings, Mauku, recommended for the Distinguished Conduct Medal – advice from the O/C of the Regiment to which he belonged, intimated that he would have received it had he lived.


GALLOWAY, Malcolm, 2nd Lt, MC, son of Mr Thos Galloway, Dannevirke. His wife resides at Maranui, Wellington.
HARGEST, James, Lieut, MC, son of Mr James Hargest, Invercargill.
MAWSON, Joseph Bibley, 2nd Lt, MC, wife Mrs C M Mawson, resides in Queen St, Dunedin.
PRIOR, Norman, Capt, MC, son of the Rev S F Prior, Northcote.
RICHARDS, Robert, Chaplain Captain, MC, NOK given as Charles Richards, Brisbane.
SCARFE, E R, Cpl, DCM – NOK: E A Scarfe, Gray St, Gisborne.
RIDDETT, Sgt Major – NOK William Riddett, Essex.

Page 49

DALCOMBE, Charles Samuel, 22nd Reinforcements, died at Featherston Military Hospital from cerebo-spinal meningitis.

Page 56


AHERN, Lester J – Waikeria; BERTELSEN, Bernard E – Roto-o-rangi; BUCHANAN, John A – Taotaoroa; BUCKTHOUGHT, Hugh N – Raglan; CARSON, Joseph – Ohaupo; CURTIS, Peter J – Hamilton; FARRELL, George – Kaipaki; GALL, Hugh W – Ngaruawahia; GOODWIN, Watford – Hamilton (Home service); HENDERSON, Robert M – Kihikihi; KIRK, Herbert F – Mokauiti; LLOYD, Charles – Te Kuiti; LYALL, William C – Orini; MATCHETT, George – Matahura; McDONALD, Kenneth P – Ngaromao; McKINNON, Murdoch A – Kaipaki; McNEIL, Albert – Whangamarino; McPHERSON, William J – Te Awamutu; ROBERTS, Percy C – Pukerimu; RUSSELL, Jack – Pirongia; RUSTON, David H – Huntly; SMITH, Erich – Te Rau-o-Moa; SOBYE, William N – Oparau; STEWART, Arthur – Te Kuiti; TARR, Bertram C – Kaipaki; TEDDY, William – Te Awamutu; Von STURMER, Karl B – Hamilton; WALKER, Harry S – Orahau; WATTS, Percy H – Hamilton; WELLINGTON, Guy – Kihikihi; WILLIAMSON, Richard A – Gordonton.

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