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These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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DURRANT, William J, O’Neill St; KIRKER, James L, Devonport; LITTEN, John C, Howick


ALDERTON, Thomas J H, c/o A B Donald Ltd; ANGOVE, T J W F G, Crummer Road; ARMITAGE, John H, Devonport; BABB, Arthur P T, Bourne St; BEAT, Charles C, Avondale; BEEHAN, Kyrle St J, Grafton Rd; BENNINGTON, Francis T, Crummer Road; BONGARD, Arthur, Devonport; BREMNER, Andrew D, Drury; BREWER, Herbert E, Glanville Tce; DICKEY, Cecil V, c/o Northern S.S.Co.; DOHERTY, James O, Newton Rd; DOWNARD, Fred’k N R, Kuaotunu; DOYLE, Henry T, Halston Rd; DU FLOU, Leopold L J, c/o Bank of NZ; GIBBONS, Hugh P J, Devonport; GLANFIELD, Donald, Onehunga; GOULDING, Fritz S, Gladstone Rd; GRACIE, Alexander, Takapuna; GRANTLEY, George R C, Newton Road; HAMILTON, Alexander, c/o Westport Coal Co.; HAYES, Harry, Stewart St HILL, George N, Remuera Rd; HOGAN, George R, Browning St; HOSKING, Frederic A, Waikumete; HUDSON, John S, Khyber Pass Rd; JONES, Thomas M, Upper Vincent St; KAYES, James L H, Bellevue Rd; KILBURN, David A, Mount St; LANGLEY, James H, Reimers Ave; LAWS, Charles H, Hopetoun St; LONG, Arthur C, Cromwell St; MACKERSEY, Erol M, c/o Messrs Reed, Bailey & Towie; MACKY, Thomas R B, Devonport; McDOWELL, William H R, Bath St; MILLS, Arnold E, Gt North Rd; MUNRO, Paul A, Oakland Rd; NATUSCH, Guy P, c/o NZ Herald; NEAREY, Edward, c/o Newton Post Office; OLDBURY, Charles A, Bellevue Rd; RUSSELL, G H; SAGE, Albert H, George St; SENIOR, Stanton E, Gardener Rd; SHACKELFORD, Harold W, Marsden Ave; SIMPSON, Frank R, Green Lane; TARBUTT, Lancelot O S, Avondale; THORPE, David J Y, 95 Beresford St; TOWLE, Charles R, Owens Rd; TUNKS, Wilfred D, View Rd; VAUSE, Stanley, Onehunga; WHITE, H M.



BELL, W P, Tauranga – 6th Hauraki Regt
FORSYTH, J, Waitoa – 6th Hauraki Regt
KENNY, C, Paeroa – 6th Hauraki Regt
McKINNON, N K, Waihi – 6th Hauraki Regt
PRUDOM, A F, Te Puke – 6th Hauraki Regt
SCOTT, N R S, Ngarua – 6th Hauraki Regt
WAGSTAFF, G M, Waihou - 6th Hauraki Regt

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THOMAS, Lt Col Surgeon C E, KIA, Dardenelles. Born India 1864, came to NZ 1890. Was in the volunteers as Lieutenant of the Timaru Navals, then Captain when it was renamed Port Guards. He was with the 5th Contingent of the Boer War. Engaged on transport ships between Gallipoli, Malta and Alexandria.

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TILSLEY, Sgt Robert, 6th, Hauraki Co., whose mother resides in Hobson Street, has received the D.C.M.

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AUSTRALIAN CASUALTIES (New Zealanders serving with Australian troops)

Killed In Action: EDMISTON, F; LEECHE, W A ; WELCH, Pte W B.

Wounded: BAILEY, W J; COLVILLE, G; CROFT, L P; DIMOCK, V; DOCHERTY, H; HACKWORTH, C J, disemb. Malta; HAYWARD, H; KAILL, Cpl A R, hosp, Malta; McCULLAGH, J; McEVOY, J (2nd time); MORRISON, W H; PICKERING, L/C H E; SCOTT, S J; SHAW, B G; THOMPSON, H W, hosp. Heliopolis; WEIR, M (2nd time); WILSON , Pte J W, hospital Alexandria.

Ill: HERBERT, B W J, disembarked Malta; HUTTON, Lt H M, prev. reported wounded, in hospital Malta; MAHON, J, prev. reported wounded, in hospital Ghezireh.

Died of Wounds: McGILL, L/Cpl; WRIGHT, R C

Died of Illness: DOBBINSON, Dvr R W, hospital Ghezireh ; LINGLEY, Bugler E, hospital London; WYNYARD, Cpl R.

MILLER, Capt J K, prev. reported ill, is now out of danger
SHEEHAN, J, prev. reported wounded, now returned to duty.

There are over 1,000 New Zealanders in military hospitals in various parts of Great Britain.

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Eleven non-commissioned officers & men of the NZEF to whom the Distinguished Conduct Medal has been awarded.
ABBEY, Sergeant A W, British Section, Field Engineers
BARLOW, Private Harry, Canterbury Infantry
BENNETT, Corporal P H G, Wellington Infantry
COMRIE, Private J, Medical Corps
FINDLAY, Private Allen, Canterbury Infantry
HENRY, Private W J, Field Ambulance
REID, Corporal W J, Auckland Infantry
RODGER, Sergeant W, Canterbury Infantry
SCRIMSHAW, Sapper E G, Field Engineers
TILSLEY, Sergeant Robert, Auckland Infantry
WATSON, Private L C, Medical Corps



Many thrilling experiences are related by Sgt Robert TILSLEY, D.C.M., 6th, Hauraki, Company, in a letter written to his mother, who resides in Hobson Street. He was wounded on June 6 and after a period of treatment in hospital at Valetta, was sent to England. On July 20 he took part in a recruiting campaign in Hastings, speaking of the NZ territorial training system.

According to a cable message received yesterday, Sgt Tilsley was decorated for checking a bomb attack, but he does not describe this incident in his letter. The only reference to it is that on examining his clothes after he was wounded he found they were torn all over with grenades.

Sgt Tilsley took part in the assault on Achi Baba on the famous 8th May. “That day will be remembered by all of us that went through it, to the end of our lives. At 11 a.m. we left our trenches on the offensive, meeting a hail of bullets as we moved off. We gained a water course with only one casualty, Lieut ALGIE getting a slight hit on the leg. The mud and water were up to our knees but nevertheless we pushed ahead. We eventually reached the firing line which was held by the Royal Scots & Munsters and here we rested a while. As our mission was to push forward, it was not long before we were on the move again, going ahead in short rushes. One of these rushes took us on to a daisy field where we were literally mowed down, such a good target we made. It would have been madness to have stayed there, so we rushed to the left and lined a small ridge. By this time we had lost our officers, so we dug ourselves in to await orders. It was just as well, as the enemy got an enfilading fire on to us with machine-guns. It was impossible for the remaining companies to join us, as everybody who attempted to do so was cut down. We were temporarily cut off and, as nobody took charge of us or knew our objective, I assumed command and took our bearings. Next thing to do was to get in touch with our company commander and the rest of the company. How I got over the ridge, about 50 yds, I never knew, as I was followed by machine-gun fire all the way, the bullets stirring up the dust at my feet. About halfway across I found three of our machine-gun men, who had tried to get up but had been wounded. Eventually I found our O.C., and received orders to get the company to sap up to our position. I got through again without being hit. Later on, as things were progressing fairly well up our end, I again tried to get across and was successful.

“At 5.30 word came along that there would be a general advance with Captain SINEL at our head, we left our trenches to take a position 500 yards ahead. As soon as we advanced, the Turks retired to their reserve trenches, leaving several machine-guns in their firing line and these played havoc among us. I could hear the bullets as they passed, some a few inches from my ears, others tearing through my clothes. My mates were falling all about me and one dropped beside me as I reached a watercourse, so I dragged him under cover and bound up his wound. We dug ourselves in again about 10 yards from the enemy’s trenches and here we stayed till about nine o’clock. In the meantime the regulars tried to reinforce us but they were cut up very badly. Consequently, we were unable to hold our position, so at nightfall fell back a little, taking as many wounded with us as we could. In the morning our company was put in the reserve trenches where we found the third reinforcements. Our company mustered 42 out of 120 who started.

“About twelve o’clock on Sunday night I was awakened and taken before the officers of the battalion and promoted sergeant for gallantry in the field. They made a great fuss over what I had done and told me I would be mentioned in despatches. It was a big surprise to me to be made sergeant and in the morning I had my hand nearly shaken off by the boys.”

Sgt Tilsley describes the return to Gaba Tepe on May 20. On June 2 his company was moved into the reserve trenches at Quinn’s Post, into the supports next day and into the firing line that night. “My particular job”, he says “was in a blockhouse at the end of an underground tunnel, 6ft from the enemy’s trenches in which I had three reliefs each of four men and one NCO. Our duty was to keep an eye on the Turks and shoot any who attempted to creep up at night and throw bombs at our trenches. The night was uneventful except for one bomb which broke through our roof but fortunately none of us was hurt. On Friday June 4, we went back into the supports. They asked for volunteers for a bayonet charge to take a certain part of the Turks’ trench that night. I was among the 17 who volunteered out of our company and we were all ready at 10 p.m. We took the trench all right, taking 36 prisoners and killing as many more, then getting to work to convert the trench for our own use. Before we had got very far the Turks counter attacked with hand grenades. At 7 a.m. I received orders to vacate the trench as it was no more than a death trap. I was now in charge owing to the officer being wounded. I got back into our trench all right and after seeing our colonel I was able to have a sleep.

“Sunday found us back again in the firing line. This time I had a good job, assisting our O.C. who was in charge of 1, 2 and 3 posts. On Monday the brigadier, Colonel BRAITHWAITE, sent for me and complimented me for bravery. I felt quite proud of myself. In the afternoon our C.O. asked me to go into a bayonet charge again with the 3rd, Auckland, Company. Sgt HOLLAND and I were the only two of the 6th, Hauraki's this time. I was placed in charge of the left half and at 10.30 gave the word to charge. I hopped out and got within three yards of the enemy’s trench, when I got a smack on the hand which made me drop my rifle. I went on and threw a grenade into the Turks’ trench. Then I jumped in myself and found the trench full of Turks. Having no weapon I turned back and hopped back to our trench and was sent down to the beach.”

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RECRUITS FROM THE COUNTRY - (No.4 Group, Hamilton)


ALEXANDER, J P, Cambridge; ALLEN, W R, Te Rapa; ALLEN, W, Waimihi; ASHBY, W J R, Ngaroto; BOARD, A, Hangatiki; BREGMAN, F W, Rangiriri; CAMPBELL, F W, Cambridge; CAMPBELL, J, Cambridge; CAVERS, F, Kawhia; COLEMAN, O P, Te Kuiti; COLLINS, W, Huntly; CORRIGAN, H J, Matangi; DISHER, A J, Drury; DOLAN, A W, Huntly; EARNEY, S H, Hakui; EAYRS, W H, Pukekohe; ELLIS, D J, Te Kuiti; FORD, A J, Te Kuiti; GEORGE, I F, Newstead; GREEN, R M, Koromatua; GUEST, A G, Hamilton; GUEST, D, Papakura; HALL, T H, Hamilton; HOLT, J, Waimai; HUESTON, J R, Waitoa; IRWIN, R W, Patumahoe; JENKINS, G, Cambridge; JOHNSTON, B J, Te Kuiti; KEARNEY, W, Hamilton; MacLEAN, D B S, Cambridge; McKINNON, W G, Kaipaki; McNAUGHT, W A, Te Kuiti; MEXTED, A H, Kiokio; MOYLE, C S, Te Kauwhata; O’HEARN, J R, Gordonton; O’NEILL, W T, Te Kauwhata; PETERS, J J, Pirongia; PETTY, P H, Raetihi; ROBINSON, W, Patumahoe; ROSE, P C, Marokopa; RUSSO, C, Roto-o-Rangi; SIMPSON, C H, Waingaro; TARR, W P, Cambridge; THOMAS, G H, Otorohanga; THOMPSON, W J, Gordonton; URQUHART, W J, Mairo; VARNEY, H G, Hamilton; WILLIAMS, R C, Cambridge; WILSON, E W Mc, Rangitiki.


ADAMS, G, Pukekohe; ALDRIDGE, A C, Mangapehi; ALLEN, W J, Hamilton; ANDERSON, J, Hamilton; ANNALS, F J, Pukekohe; ASHBY, C N, Ngaroma; ATKINS, T F, Oparau; BAKER, H S, Te Kuiti; BAKER, T G, Te Kuiti; BARTLEY, E D, Ohinewai; BENNETT, N C, Hamilton; BILBY, G, Matapara; BISHOP, R R, Tirau; BODMAN, N H, Rangiriri; BOUGHTON, A J, Te Kuiti; BOX, F, Cambridge; BOYLE, C H, Hamilton; BRADSHAW, J W, Huntly; BRASH, R, Hamilton; BRAY, A E?, Mercer; BREGMIN, G O, Rangiriri; BREWIN, J, Ngaruawahia; BRIGHT, E A, Huntly; BROOKE, W, Kihikihi; BROWN, A, Hamilton; BROWN, H, Bombay; BUCKSON, L T, Hamilton; BURROW, R W, Hamilton; CAIN, W, Patumahoe; CANDY, A A F, Te Awamutu; CARTER, H G, Hamilton; CASEY, P, Te Kuiti; CHARTERIS, J, Frankton; CHAUT, H A, Otorohanga; CHOAT, B J, Frankton; CLAUSEN, H C, Hamilton; COGLE, J F, Te Kuiti; COLE, A E, Pukekohe; COLHOUN, W J, Ngaruawahia; COLLIE, D R, Te Kuiti; CONNER, A, Mangatapu; CONNORS, D J, Rukuhia; COOK, M H, Frankton; CORBY, F J, Te Kawhai; COSTAR, W R, Manawaru; COSTELLO, F L, Te Kuiti; COUPLAND, R, Glen Murray; CRAKE, E H, Hamilton; CROSKERY, J, Kihikihi; CRUICKSHANK, E J, Tuakau; CUMMING, S, Huntly; DANCER, P T, Cambridge; DAVIDSON, W, Tehirua; DAY, W D, Mauku; DEMPSEY, W, Bombay; DEVILLE, P, Tauwhare; DICK, R V, Hamilton; DUFTY, J H, Huntly; EDMISTON, A J, Roto-o-Rangi; EKMAN, C E, Cambridge; FARRANT, R, Morrinsville; FENTON, H, Hamilton; FINN, H H, Hamilton; FINN, J, Tauwhare; FISHER, J, Hangatiki; FISHER, R, Te Kuiti; FITZLAFF, H G, Otewa; FLOOD, R, Buckland; FLORIMOND, D, Horotiu; FORD, F T, Mokauiti; FOXLEY, W, Tekawa; GEARY, P E, Hamilton; GEE, A N, Hamilton; GILL, P, Westfield; GOWER, H, Te Kuiti; GRANT, W G, Koromatua; GRANT, W R, Hamilton; GRAY, H S, Pukekohe; GRIMWADE, E N, Waerenga; GUMMER, F G, Paerata; HALL, F R, Mauku; HAMILTON, C E, Te Mapara nr Te Kuiti; HAPETA, J, Kihikihi; HARPER, L A, Te Kuiti; HAWKER, H J, Patumahoe; HENRICKSEN, C, Hamilton; HEWER, C A, Pukekohe; HEWITSON, W F, Moeatoa via Te Kuiti; HICKEY, J J, Gordonton; HICKS, M G, Te Kuiti; HILL C, Taupiri; HOLLAND, E J S, Pukekohe; HOLMES, J T, Hautapu; HOUGHEY, C, Bombay; HOUGHTON, H J C, Hamilton; HOWDEN, R, Hangatiki; HUME, D R, Glen Murray; HURLEY, J T, Orini; HUTCHINSON, W, Bombay; INNES, H G, Te Kuiti; JACOBSEN, W V, Pukekohe; JENKINS, W, Huntly; JOHNSTON, A H, Bombay; JOHNSTON, G, Leamington; JOHNSTON, J, Waiteruna; KELLY, G H, Hamilton; KELLY, J, Hamilton; KEMP, S D R, Hamilton; KIRKHAM, J G, Temawhai; LAING, B, Taupiri; LARSEN, A F, Otewa; LAUNDY, H, Pukekohe; LEACH, H, Hamilton; LEIGHTON, H S, Pokeno; LIPSCOMBE, L S, Te Kuiti; LITTLE, G, Mauku; LIVERSDAGE (sic), F, Koromatua; LOWRY, M J, Hamilton; LYLIAN, W C, Tuakau; MACANENY, E B, Huntly; MacDONALD, D, Te Kuiti; MACE, W H C, Frankton; MacKENZIE, G W, Pukekohe; MANSEL, R A, Tauranga; MARRIOTT, E, Frankton; MARX, E H, Roto-o-Rangi; MASON, W, Hamilton; MATTHEWS, T H, Otahuhu; McCAW, J, Huntly; McDONALD, J, Te Kuiti; McINDOE, N, Hamilton; McINTYRE, D, Te Aroha; McKENZIE, J, Pukeatua; McLEAN, H B, Hamilton; McLENNAN, W D, Puketutu; McLEOD, W P, Frankton; McWILLIAMS, C H, Hamilton; MEAD, W P, Ngaruawahia; MEDLAND, B, Horotiu; MEYER, A J, Hamilton; MILLAR, G A, Hamilton; MILNE, A L, Te Kuiti; MOISLEY, T H, Roto-o-Rangi; MONTGOMERY, O H, Otahuhu; MOODY, H R, Kihikihi; MOORE, C A, Te Kuiti; MORGAN, P, Taupiri; MUNRO, G R, Clevedon South; MURCOTT, V J, Mangapehi; MURPHY, J H, Hamilton; O’CONNOR, J, Pukekohe; OGIER, D, Te Kuiti; OLD, A, Te Kuiti; OLSEN, S J B, Mercer; PAINE, C B, Roto-o-Rangi; PARKER, J W, Frankton; PASCOE, T, Frankton; PATTERSON, J H, Rototuna; PEARSON, T H, Claudelands; PHILLIPS, R, Mangatapu; POLWARTH, L G L, Hamilton; POOLE, G T, Tuakau; POWER, S A, Te Kuiti; PRENTIS, V E, Te Kuiti; PRISCOTT, E, Mercer; QUARTERMAN, A E, Manunui, King Country; QUICKENDEN, T G, Kopaki; REEDY, P, Henderson; RIDGE, C P, Frankton; ROBINSON, S E, Matangi; ROGERS, H R, Ngaruawahia; ROSS, L D, Hamilton; ROSS, W B, Bombay; RUSSELL, J, Runciman; RYAN, J, Hamilton; SARICH, A, Huntly; SEABOURN, B, Cambridge; SEVENS, P C, Pokeno Valley; SHAW, W D, Ohaupo; SHEARER, A C, Mapiu; SMITH, C W, Piopio; SMITH, C, Piopio; SMITH, W A, Haeaea (sic); SNELL, W O, Hamilton; ST CLAIR, A, Matapara; STARNES, J, Frankton; STEVENS, T R, Pirongia; STEWART, D A, Pukekohe; STEWART, T H M, Hamilton; STOKES, E J D, Te Kuiti; STORRY, W, Hamilton; STRINGER, T H, Otahuhu; SUMMERS, A F, Glen Murray; SUTTIE, T A, Te Kuiti; SYME, A H, Kihikihi; TETZLAFF, H G, Otewa; THEW, R F, Hamilton; THOMAS, W G, Frankton; THOMPSON, W A, Bruntwood; TOMPKINS, A L, Hamilton; TREMAYNE, T O, Hamilton; TRISTRAM, J E, Hamilton East; TURNER, H A , Pio Pio; TWOMEY, T, Hamilton; VALENTINE, T A, Pukekohe; VEITCH, C G C, Hamilton; VICKERS, A L, Hamilton; VINE, J, Panmure; VOSPER, G, Cambridge; WADSWORTH, E, Waitanguru via Te Kuiti; WAKEFIELD, F, Hamilton; WALKER, J K, Wairoa; WALSH, C, Pukekohe; WALSH, H, Pokeno; WALSH, M F, Ngaruawahia; WARD, D J, Waiuku; WATKIN, H T, Ngaruawahia; WATSON, S V, Waiuku; WELCH, C H, Waimiha; WELCH, G C, Waimiha; WELLS, F D, Te Kuiti; WHITAKER, C A, Hamilton; WIDT, C F, Pira; WILSON, D, Hamilton; WOODS, J B, Aria; ZELLMANN, D, Te Kawa.

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A dinner was held for the men from this Department who have joined up, hosted by the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Mr H M Skeet.


DRAFT FROM HAMILTON – Non-Commissioned Officers

BAKER, F R, Hamilton; CLAPHAM, H N, Te Kuiti; FLANAGHAN, Jas., Drury; HITCHCOCK, G C, Te Kuiti; HORSMAN, A W, Otorohanga; HUNTER, J H R, Onewhero; HUNTER, R W, Onewhero; LUNDON, D J, Cambridge; SCOTT-HIGGINSON, W, Hamilton; SMITH, A J, Karanui; THOMAS, R A, Matangi; WOODS, S G, Te Awamutu; WORSLEY, H J, Hamilton

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