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08 MARCH 1917

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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Gold Medal (Servia):
DUFFILL, Pte George, Wellington Infantry
EAST, Pte Alfred Francis Drake, NZMC
GAULT, Pte Alfred, Auckland Infantry
PEDERSON, Pte E, Wellington Infantry
SOUTAR, Pte Wm John, Canterbury Infantry

Silver Medal (Servia):
CHAMPNAY, Pte Norman Darcy, Auckland Mounted Rifles
HOLMES, Pte Peter Dalrymple, NZ Engineers
LEESE, Act Cpl Ed Alex,, 1st Australian Light Horse, attached NZ Artillery Divn
BOOCOCK, Pte James Mould, NZ Divisional Artillery
NOAKES, Pte Ernest Lyle, Auckland Infantry
WHITE, Pte Wm Ch., NA Divisional Artillery

Medal of St George (Russia):
CARTER, Tpr Alfred Chilton, Auckland Mounted Rifles
ALEXANDER, Tpr Fredk Johnston, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

Distinguished Conduct Medal:
HOLDER, Sgt F N, NZ Field Artillery

Military Medal:
BELL, Sgt T, Canterbury Infantry; CLARK, Pte N, Auckland Infantry; EASTGATE, Cpl H S, Rifle Brigade; FRASER, Cpl J R, Auckland Infantry; GRIDLEY, Sgt A J, Auckland Infantry; HENLEY, Sgt N G, Rifle Brigade; KEYS, Cpl P L, Engineers; LLOYD Gnr J C H, Field Artillery; McMASTERS, Sgt A A, Engineers; McQUEEN, Sgt A A, Auckland Infantry; MOORE, Sgt G V T, Divisional Signal Company; NICHOLSON, Rfm N A, Rifle Brigade; PRATT, Spr R J, Divisional Signal Company; ROBINSON, A/Bdr, K J, Field Artillery; WILSON, Cpl H G, Divisional Signal Company.

Bar to Military Medal:
COOKE, Cpl W B, Medical Corps; RAWHITI, Pte H, Pioneer Battn; SIMMERS, Sgt R, Rifle Brigade.

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DRINKWATER, William, Seaman; LATTA, Joseph K, fireman; MARCHANT, George P, fireman; SCOTT, Reg E J, engineer on Huia; SINCLAIR, Fred J, seaman; SMITH, Harry, seaman; SOARS, Walter M, seaman; SOMERVILLE, Roland C, mate on Huia; TUCKER5, Henry F, cook, Mt Eden; WELSON, Chad, seaman

BARNETT, Melville C H – Glenbrook; BARNETT, Moss S H – farmer, Glenbrook; COX, James S – farm labourer, Waiuku; COX, William G – Waiuku; DALTON, John – farmer, Pukekohe; DALTON, Robert – farmer, Pukekohe; McGAHAN, John Charles – farmer, Tuakau; McGAHAN, Francis O – coachbuilder, Tuakau

McSHANE, James; McSHANE, Joseph, contractor, Onewhero; McSHANE, William, farmer, Pukekohe.

BEATTY, John, butcher, Pukekohe; DENIZE, Alwyn L, farmer, Waiuku; DENIZE, Oscar G, farmer, Waiuku; DOUGLAS, James T, farmer, Pukekohe; DOUGLAS, John H, farmer, Kohekohe; DOUGLAS, William Robert; HOLLAND, George W, builder, Otahuhu; HOLLAND, Robert A, builder, Otahuhu; HUNT, Henry L; HUNT, Vernon; HUNT, William J, dairy farmer, West Tamaki; MAGUIRE, Francis, farmer, Tuakau; MAGUIRE, John, farmer, Tuakau; MARTIN, Andrew A Davie, farmer, Woodcocks; McCONNELL, Sydney P, farm asst, Aka Aka; McELWAIN, Norman R, farmer, Glenbrook; MILNER, William A, boilermaker, Parnell; RYDER, F G, Tuakau/Onewhero; RYDER, J H, Tuakau/Onewhero; SEARLE, Harry, Newmarket.

BEVINS, Cyril E, produce merchant, Epsom; BREWSTER, Oswald G, farmer, Pukekawa; CARMICHAEL, J C, Taumarunui; CRISP, G A, wharf labourer, Parnell; DOBSON, William T, farm labourer, Onewhero; DOWLING, J F, grocer’s asst, Piopio; FINNIS, H L, farmer, Te Kuiti; GIBBONS, Anthony, farmer, Kaiwaka; GORDON, Harry, Rangiriri LEACH, Charles Albert, farmer/butcher; McCLEAN, Thomas, farm labourer, Kaiwaka; PALMER, F R, farmer, Mahoenui; PETERSEN, J C, farmer, Otorohanga; PRATT, George, driver, Te Kuiti; STEVENSON, J D, farmer, Waitomo Caves; SWINDLEY, Henry E, steward, Auckland; WALKER, Percy W, farmer, Parahi; WALLACE, Calder, chemist’s asst; WALLEN, A W, farm labourer, Te Kuiti.

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The presentation of four medals, three to the next of kin of members of the NZEF and one in person to a soldier, was made subsequent to the official reception of the invalided soldiers at the wharf at Auckland on Monday by Sir James Allen, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Defence. He said his tasks was not without a measure of sadness. He regretted exceeding that three of the young men who had merited distinction for their brave and courageous conduct on the field of battle had not lived to personally receive the medal they had earned. The fact that so many New Zealanders had been singled out for decoration for meritorious conduct showed that they possessed the same great and noble virtues that were the heritage of every Britisher – courage, endurance, bravery and devotion to duty and last, but not least, loyalty to comrades and to country.

ALEXANDER, Lieutenant G D, Divisional Signal Co., NZE, deceased, Distinguished Conduct Medal
BEDGGOOD, Lance Corporal W W C, deceased, Military Medal
RIMMER, Gunner W C, deceased, Military Medal
FLEMING, Gunner R I, Devonport, Military Medal

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BLOMELEY, A – clerk, Kingsland
CLELAND, R A – cinema operator, Devonport
COLLIER, H E – land agent, Symonds St
DALTON, J H – farmer, City
FAWCETT, J W – teacher, Mt Albert
HANSON, R H W S – clerk, City
HAYMAN, R A – clerk, Mt Eden
JENKINSON, R F – importer, Remuera
KIRKMAN, T H – fitter, Devonport
MOWBRAY, H L C – law clerk, City
PARKES, F – agent, Ellerslie
PATERSON, J I – labourer, Grey Lynn
RALLS, H G – farmer, Manurewa
SMALLFIELD, E J – surveyor, City
WARD, F E – agricultural instructor, Herne Bay
WATSON, E C – accountant, Graham Street


EVANS, Major A Winter, has been promoted to command a battalion of the NZ Rifle Brigade in place of Lt Col COWLES, who is returning to NZ, and Major P H BELL succeeds Major Winter Evans.

HURST, Captain J L Frazer, NZMC, of Whangarei, is returning to NZ.

BELCHER, Major E A, formerly headmaster of Christ’s College, has been appointed by the Army Canteen Committee to organise in the coming season the increased production of local products necessary for the army at home. Major Belcher, on returning to England via America, received a commission in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and was second in command of a service battalion until it was absorbed. He then transferred to the NZEF.

ALEXANDER, Thomas M; BLOMFIELD, Norman E; FELL, Anthony C; FORDHAM, Cedric V; HARDIE, James A; PIPER, Thos H; TAYLOR, Witt F.

TURNBULL, William I - are all New Zealanders who have been given commissions in the RNVR, and have recently arrived from the Dominion to take up duty in the R.N. Auxiliary Patrol Motor-boat Service.

O’RORKE, Lieut D C, King’s Royal Rifles, son of Mr E D O’Rorke of Auckland, has been promoted captain while commanding a company, the appointment dating from November last.

FINLAYSON, Lieut D A, has been transferred from the Auckland Mounted Rifles to the Auckland Infantry.

SEDDON, Lieut T E Y, who injured his knee in France some time ago and has been on leave in England, has been seconded from his regiment (Canterbury) for duty as company commander at the command depot at Codford.

The following promotions from the ranks to commissions in the NZEF are announced in the last divisional orders. They have all completed their training in officer cadet units:
CHAMBERLIN, Pte A O T, NZMGC; FRASER, Sgt J W, Cty Regt; HALL, Pte H F, Auckland Regt; HANNA, Cpl G P, Otago Regt; LANG, Cpl S M, Wellington Regt; McLEAN, CSM G A L, Wellington Regt; OLIVER, Cpl S, Wellington Regt; ROBBIE, L/Cpl G A, Wellington Regt; STANDRING, Bdr H E, Otago Regt; WILKIE, Cpl C F, Otago Regt; WITHELL, Cpl E C D, Canterbury Regt.

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BRADLEY, Trooper; COWAN, Trooper; CRAWLEY, Trooper; ELLISDON, Trooper; KENNEDY, Trooper; SMITH, Trooper; TAYLOR, Trooper


Sir Douglas Haig, Somme

ADAMS, 2nd Lt R Sefton – RFA; ADAMS, Lieut C G – Artillery; ALLEN, Major R C – Infantry; ALLEN, Major S S – Infantry; ALLEY, Capt E B – Infantry (died of wounds); ANDERSON, Lt J E – RE; ARDEN, 2nd Lt N H – Infantry; ARDEN, Lt Col J H M – serving with British Regiment; ARTHUR, 2nd Lt N A – Infantry; AVERY, Major H E, DSO – Army Service Corps; BABINGTON, Major Gnl J M, KCMG – Lancers; BAILEY, Rflm (act.Sgt), A L – Infantry; BARCLAY, Major G, V.D. – Engineers; BASSETT, Major J C – RGA; BEGG, Col C M, CMG – Medical Corps, Staff; BELL, Lt W H D – King Edwards Horse; BIRDWOOD, Lt Gnl Sir W R–serving with British Regt; BLAIR, Major D B MC – Infantry; BOGIE, Capt G V – Medical Corps, Staff (killed); BRAITHWAITE, Brig Gnl W G– Royal Welsh Fusiliers; BREACH, Cpl (act.Sgt) S F – Infantry; BRIDGER, Cpl W – ASC, Dunedin & Wellington; BRISTED, Lt G T – RE; BRODRICK, Sgt N A – Infantry; BROWN, Lt Col C H J, DSO – Infantry; BRYDON, Capt R O – Infantry (killed); BUCK, Major P H – Infantry; BUCKLEY, Lt Col G A M – Leinster Regt; BURNETT-STUART, Gnl J T – Rifle Brigade; BURROWS, Lt E – Infantry (killed); CAMPBELL, Brig Gnl C L K – Lancers; CAMPBELL, Lt (ty Capt) H – Infantry; CARBERY, Major A R D – Medical Corps, Staff; CHARTERS, Lt Col A B, CMG – Infantry; CHAYTOR, 2nd Lt F C – Infantry; CHESNEY, Major R O, NZSC – Staff; CLARKE, Sapper (act Sgt), R A – Engineers; COCHRANE, Brevet Lt J K – Leinster Regt; COLLINS, Brevet Lt Col, Hon R H – Berkshire Regt; COLQUHOUN, Major D – Infantry; CROFT, 2nd Lt K B, MC – RFA; CUNNINGHAM, Lt Col W H – Infantry; CURRIE, Lt D McD – Cameron Highlanders; CUTHBERTSON, Lieut D McP – Artillery; CUTHILL, Lieut J E – Infantry; DAGLISH, Sapper (act Staff Sgt), R – Engineers; DAILEY, Capt G C – Infantry; DANSEY, Lt H D – Infantry; DAVIES, Captain H A – Artillery, died of wounds; DAY, Cpl (act.Sgt), J E – Infantry; DIGBY-SMITH, Major A – Infantry; DINNEEN, Capt J D – Infantry (died of wounds); DIVE, Capt (ty Major) G H, RAMC, DSO – serving with a British Regt; DONKIN, Capt F L (late Lieut RA) – RFA; EASTWOOD, Capt T R – Rifle Brigade; EDWARDS, Brevet Major H M (Major NZE) – RE; EDWARDS, Lieut C J K – Artillery; EDWARDS, Pte (act.Sgt), H T C – Infantry; ELLERSHAW, Lt Col A – RGA; ELLISDON, Lt (ty Captain), F J H – Infantry (killed); ELSWORTH, Capt L A – York & Lancaster; FINCH, Capt R – Army Vet Corps, NZ Army Vet Dept; FORD, QMS Artificer W E – Artillery; FULTON, Brig Gnl H T – Indian Army; GABITES, 2nd Lt H S – Infantry; GIBBS, Capt D J – Engineers; GLASGOW, Brig Gnl W J T–serving with British Regt; GODLEY, Lt Gnl Sir A J – serving with British Regt; GOODFELLOW, 2nd Lt J J – RE; GRAINGER, Captain M O – Infantry; HARDIE, Capt R D – Machine-gun Corps; HARRIS, Capt E – Infantry (died of wounds); HART, Lt Col H, DSO – Infantry; HERBERT, Lt Col A H – Staff; HOLDERNESS, Capt H – Infantry; HUMPHRIES, Capt C F G – Highland Light Infantry; HUTCHINSON, Capt G R – Army Service Corps; IORNS, Sgt A W – Infantry; JOHNSTON, Brig Gnl F E – North Staffs Regiment; JOLLY, Capt W D – Infantry (killed); KENNEDY, 2nd Lt (ty Lieut) – Infantry; KETTLE, Captain D – Staff; KING, Lt Col G A, DSO – Infantry; KNYVETT, Major F B – RFA; LAMPEN, Major F H – NZSC; LASCELLES, Major E – Rifle Brigade; LIGHTBOUND, 2nd Lt A – East Lancashire Regt; LINDSAY, Lt Col M E – Dragoon Guards; LITCHFIELD, Lt E M – RAMC; LUXFORD, Capt J H – Machine-gun Corps; MADOCKS, Lt Col W R N – RA; MAKGILL-CRICHTON-MAITLAND, Lt Col M E – Grenadier Guards; MANSON, Lt A J M – Machine-gun Corps; MARTIN, Cpl (act.Sgt) J A – Infantry (killed); MARTIN, Major A A – Medical Corps, Staff (killed); MASSEY, 2nd Lt (ty Lieut) F G – Infantry; MASTERS, 2nd Lt G – Infantry; MAY, Capt C C – Manchester Reg (killed); McCLELLAND, L/Cpl W T; McCOLL, Capt A B – Infantry (killed); McFARLAND, 2nd Lt R D – Infantry; McGILP, Major C – Artillery; McGREGOR, 2nd Lt A G – Infantry; McKENZIE, Lieut J G – Artillery; McKENZIE, Major A G – Infantry; McLEAN, Capt W H – Infantry; MEAD, Capt O H – Infantry; MELVILL, Lt Col C W – Infantry; MILLAR, 2nd Lt A C H – Yorkshire Regiment; MOORE, 2nd Lt S - NZ Artillery (died of wounds); MOORE, Lieut W L – Artillery; MORRIS, Sgt G E – Infantry (killed); MURRAY, Lt Col D N W – Medical Corps, Staff ; PARKS, Capt J B – Essex Regt; PEAKE, Capt T M – Middlesex Regt; PENNYCOOK, Major W S – Infantry; PLUGGE, Lt Col, A, DSO – Infantry; POW, Major J – Infantry; POWELL, Capt W H – RFA; PRIDHAM, Lt Gnl G R – RE; RAYMOND, 2nd Lt W Dudley – Yeomanry; RICE; Capt (ty Major) S – Infantry; RIDDIFORD, 2nd Lt R E W, MC – Infantry; ROGERS, Captain V – Artillery; ROSE, Major (ty Lt Col) A M, DSO – RAMC; ROSS, Major F – Infantry (killed); RUSSELL, Major Gnl Sir A H–serving with British Regt; RUSSELL, Sgt B J – Artillery; SAXBY, Major C G – Infantry; SCOTT, Capt (ty Major) R F C – Infantry; SHEARER, Sgt A – Infantry; SHELDON, 2nd Lt H J D – Infantry; SHEPHERD, Capt N F – Infantry; SKELSEY, Capt F W – Engineers; SMITH, 2nd Lt P W – Infantry; SMITH, Lt Col, G S, DSO – Infantry; SMYTHE, Major R B, NZSC – Staff; SPROTT, 2nd Lt M W C – Norfolk Regiment (s/o Bishop Sprott, Wellington); STARNES, Capt F – Infantry; STEWART, Lt Col A E – Infantry; STEWART, Lt Col H, MC – Infantry; STOCKER, Capt E D H – Liverpool Regiment; STRANG, Capt J D K – Infantry (killed); STUDHOLME, Major J – Canterbury Mounted Rifles; SUMNER, Lt W C I – Infantry; TEMPERLEY, Major A C – Norfolk Regiment; THOMPSON, Sgt (act.Staff Sgt Farrier) A E - NZ Div Train ; THOMPSON, Sgt Major, J N – Engineers; THOMS, Major N W B B, M.C., NZSC – Staff; TURNBULL, Capt F K, MC – Infantry; TURNER, Ty Capt J L, M.C., R.A. – Artillery; TYLER, Sgt (act. Battery SM) S V – Artillery; URQUHART, Capt M – Infantry; VERNON, 2nd Lieut R G – Artillery; VIAL, 2nd Lieut R F – Artillery; WARD, Sapper W – Engineers; WHITE, Lt A T – Infantry; WHYTE, Capt J B – Army Service Corps; WILLCOX, Capt H H D – Notts & Derby Regiment; YOUNG, Lt Col R, CMG, DSO – Infantry

MEN IN THE BALLOT – Insufficient Addresses

HUGHES, Charles Miller – c/o Post Office, Auckland, some time c/o B Walter, Glen Murray; PEAT, Edward C H E – labourer, Clevedon, Papakura, Manukau, Auckland; KING, James – labourer, Dardanelles, Vincent St, Auckland, some time of Maungaturoto; ADAMS, Donald Archibald – shearer, Star Hotel, Otahuhu, Auckland, some time c/o R Seavill, Waingaro

RICE, William Walter – flaxcutter c/o R Phillips, Waharoa, Rotorua Line, some time of Foxton, Manawatu; OSBORNE, George Edward – labourer, Tahuna Post Office; SLACK, John – farming, Corona Poultry Farm, Te Aroha

BEND, Cecil – painter, Dargaville; CLARK, John – bushfelling, Kohukohu, Hokianga; CLARK, Thomas Charles – labourer, Public Works Dept, Omana

TAYLOR, Bertie Edward – shepherd, Claudelands, Waikato; WEBSTER, Alexander Bruce – bricklayer, Horotiu Post Office; WILLS, Albert – farm labourer, Pukekawa; BRADY, James – labourer, Post Office, Te Kuiti; SINTON, Ernest John – carrier, c/o Messrs Charlton & Willis, Te Kuiti; CROPP, James Alfred – farmer, Frankton Junction

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BAMFORD, Eric A, Frankton; BARTON, Feodore, E, Frankton; BEAUCLERK, Fyers A, Rangiriri; BOX, Frederick E, Cambridge; BRIGGS, Frank T, Huntly; BROWNE, Francis K S, Roto-o-Rangi; BRUCE, Daniel L, Taniwha; BURCHALL, Henry A, Te Awamutu; CLARKE, Herbert W, Mangapehi; COLLINS, William F, Rangiatea; COOK, Walter S, Tuhikaramea; COOPER, Herbert, Hamilton; FAULDS, Joseph, Mahanui; FINDLAY, Ernest, Te Awamutu; GALVEY, Frank B, Te Awamutu; GILMORE, David, Te Mata; ILLERENSHAW, Reg. A, Rangiatea; NIALL, Gerald H, Te Kuiti; PRATT, Murray, Otorohanga; REDGATE, Arthur, Rangiatea; REDGATE, George N, Te Awamutu; RHODES, Robert, Otorohanga; SHAW, Alexander, B, Taupiri; SMITH, Edwin, Frankton; STEEL, Thomas J, Kiokio; SUTHERLAND, George F, Otorohanga; TEASDALE, George A, Te Kawa; VOICEY, John H, Cambridge; WEBBER, Arthur H, Cambridge

WAIUKU RECRUITS, 30th Reinforcements

DOUGLAS, A, Kohekohe; JACKSON, C, Waipipi; LONDEN, J, Aka Aka; McDONALD, T, Otaua; ROBSON, H J, Otaua; SHORT, C W, Otaua; THOMSON, T M, Waiuku; WRIGHT, J H N K, Waiuku.

Miss B ERNEST, of Auckland, who has been engaged in hospital work in France, has been mentioned in despatches. On a visit to England when war broke out, she enlisted as a nurse and in July 1915 was sent to France where she has been ever since. She is the daughter of Mr & Mrs Ernest, Campbell St, One Tree Hill.

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RETURNING SOLDIERS – Sick & wounded from England

Under the command of Major J T GRAHAM of Mt Eden.

Non-commissioned officers returning for commissions:

HOOKER, QMS B, of Utiku. He was a member of the main body of the Expeditionary Force and belongs to the Machine Gun Section of the Wellington Mounted Rifles. He went through the Gallipoli campaign and was in France for a considerable time. His only break in a continuous period of service since October 1914 was a spell of three months in hospital in England suffering from gastro enteritis.

MILLNER, Sergeant J S of Dannevirke. He joined one of the early reinforcement drafts as a member of the Wellington Mounted Rifles. He later went to France where he transferred to the Artillery. He has now been wounded.

PATON, Sergeant Major W, who has been slightly wounded twice, in the head and leg, is also a main body man. His home is at Papakaio near Oamaru. He has been serving in Gallipoli and France.

Under the command of Major BLACKETT, M.C.
ABBOT, Lieut
BLACK, Lieut
NEELY, Captain

Non-commissioned officers returning for duty/commissions:

COLE, Sgt L W, New Plymouth, was at the Somme battle
HILL, Sgt W J R, Auckland, was formerly a member of the literary staff of the NZ Herald. He was one of the original members of the Samoan Force and later joined the 5th Reinforcements. He was wounded at Gallipoli and was 23 days in the battle on the Somme.
JOLLY, Sgt Major F G, Christchurch, was at Gallipoli and subsequently appointed to the staff of the Sling Camp, Salisbury.
JONES, Sgt Major F A, Christchurch, was at the Somme battle
POHIO, Sgt Major H H, Christchurch, on the Peninsula and in France


BATES, G – Distinguished Conduct Medal.
BOWLER, 2nd Lieut D C
MATTHIAS, Lieut G of Timaru. Formerly on the permanent staff and was in charge of the Ashburton sub-area.

No.2 GROUP, PAEROA – 27th Reinforcements

Non-commissioned Officers:
PYE, J D, Waihi

BELL, W, Te Aroha; BLUETT, S H, Morrinsville; BOYDEN, H B, Ngatea; BRATTIE, I J H, Ngatea; BROWN, E C, Waihou; BURRETT, H J, Thames; CHURTON, A M, Waihi; COOK, S G M, Walton; CRAPP, A A, Coromandel; CUNNINGHAM, J G, Tirohia; FITZGIBBONS, J H – Waihi (returned soldier); GRATTON, T A, Te Aroha; JONES, A E, Waihi; LANGLEY, F N, Cambridge; LLOYD, R, Te Aroha; LOMAS, P, Thames; LOPES, A, Tairua; MACKEN, H C, Tairua; MILNE, A A, Putaruru; MODRICK, G, Thames; MULHOLLAND, T, Coromandel; SARICH, N S, Thames; SAVAGE, B, Kopu; STRONG, A, Thames; SUTCLIFFE, W, Thames; WALLIS, G B, Pipiroa; WERNER, A, Paeroa; WOOD, H, Komata North.

Supplementary Quota:
CARTER, C R, Waihi; DEARLOVE, A H, Waihou; FERGUSON, A G E, Te Aroha West; GREEN, C J, Waihi; HARRIS, T, Putaruru; HURDEN, L G, Waitakaruru, NCO; JENNINGS, P J, Horahora; MURDOCH, M, Waihi; SHEEHAN, P, Te Aroha.

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Among the recipients of the Military Medal on the hospital ship which arrived on Monday is Private J McKENDRY, whose parents reside at Gore.

Captain PUTNAM, NZMC, of Palmerston North, who has been engaged during the past year with the NZ No.1 General Hospital in Egypt and England, has returned to the Dominion.

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BRIGHT, Regt Quartermaster Sergeant, married, was run over by a motor car at Featherston on Friday night and killed.

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