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01 NOVEMBER 1917

These are extracts from the Auckland Weekly News magazines and have been extracted with permission.

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Seventeen officers, members of the NZEF, arrived in Auckland from the front last week. All of them left the Dominion as privates and, with the exception of 2nd Lieuts G BOLES and F E McKENZIE, both of whom received their commissions in the field, and Lieut M STEWART, who was promoted in England after he had been severely wounded in France, all of them were selected in France for commissions. They were sent to the Officers Cadet Battalion, 4th, OIC, at Oxford, England, for a thorough course of training and immediately they qualified were gazetted. After three weeks leave the officers will proceed to camp prior to proceeding again to the front. The names of the officers, all of whom are second lieutenants, together with the names of their next of kin, are:

BAILEY, Albert L – H J Bailey, Napier
BARRON, Frank D – Mrs O R Barron, Dunedin
BOLES, George H – J Boles, Thames
DANIEL, Victor L M – Mrs E A Daniel, Wellington
DAVENPORT, Edgar J – S J Davenport, Marton
GIBBONS, Bertram – J Gibbons, England
HALL, James – Mrs J Hall, Te Aroha
HAMILTON, George A – H Hamilton, Southbrook
HILL, Leslie G – S Hill, Wellington
McKENZIE, Frank E – K McKenzie, Mangarimutu
MILLIER, Bertram W – F Millier, Hastings
PETTIT, Harry – Mrs M L Pettit, Nelson
ROBERTS, Thomas V – Miss M E Roberts, North Sydney
ROWE, Leonard B – R ROWE, S. Australia
SEDDON, George H – Miss Seddon, King’s View Rd, Mt Eden
STEWART, Malcolm R – J R Stewart, Aramoho
WILKINS, John – J Wilkins, Dannevirke

Lieut A BAILEY went away with the 1st Battalion of the Rifle Brigade and took part in an action on the western frontier of Egypt against the Senusai. He was mentioned in despatches for good work during the Battle of the Somme.

Lieut J HALL was mentioned in despatches for good work at the Battle of the Somme.

Lieut F BARRON, who went away with the 1st Battalion of the Rifle Brigade, took part in the action against the Senussi in Western Egypt.

Lieut H PETTIT was mentioned in despatches for gallantry subsequent to the sinking of the transport Marquette.

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BILKEY, Edwin L, Buckland; COUGHLIN, Maurice P, farmer, Puni; MUIR, Edward F, farmer, Onewhero.

ANDREWS, George, fitter, Waihi; BOSWELL, Thomas, miner, Waihi; BOYLE, John, miner, Thames; BRYDEN, Alexander, coal-dealer, Waihi; CORBETT, Patrick, farmer, Hikutaia; COWAN, Robert, farm hand, Gordon; EDMOND, Andrew, labourer, Thames; EUSTACE, Percy, metal turner, Waihi; FRANKLIN, Charles, farmer, Waikino; GORDON, Alexander, carrier, Waharoa; GRACEY, William, tailor, Waihi; HARE, Howard, agent, Paeroa; JACKSON, David, farmer, Te Aroha West; MARLEY, Fred., farmer, Waihi; WARD, George, farmer.

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REIDPATH, Lance Corporal J G, a soldier on garrison duty in Samoa, has discovered that during his absence on service he has been called up in the 10th ballot in the Hauraki group. He enlisted in January of last year and has been on service ever since.

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Lieutenants E FOLEY, Mt Eden, and R GILLESPIE, Hunua, both Main Body men who gained their commissions at the front, have returned to Auckland. Both enlisted as Troopers in the 3rd, Auckland, Mounted Rifles. They took part in the Gallipoli August defence after which only 28 men remained to be evacuated. Bothy have served right through the Sinai campaign, taking part in other engagements from El Arish to Rafa. Lieut FOLEY has not yet received a wound. Both have returned on duty.

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Bar to Military Medal:
CARRUTHERS, Capt W, Infantry; ESPIE, W C, Infantry; KELSALL, E, Infantry; PORTER, D W, Infantry.

Military Medal:
ANDERSON, L/Cpl W F, Medical Corps; ANDERSON, Sgt J A, Infantry ; ANGUS, Sgt R, Infantry ; APA, Cpl J, Pioneers; BALLE, Sgt J T, Infantry ; BEAUFORT, F E, Infantry ; BECKENHAM, L/Cpl J E, Medical Corps; BEEBY, C W, Infantry ; BELK, R W, Signal Co.; BIGHAM, Sgt H, Infantry; BIRTLES, Sgt J A, Infantry; BISHOP, J, Infantry ; BLACKBURN, P, Infantry ; BREWER, J H, Infantry ; BRIERLEY, Cpl W, Infantry ; BROKENSHIRE, A T, Field Engineers; BROWN, Sgt W J, Field Engineers; BROWN, T, Infantry ; BULLEN, P, Infantry ; BURKE, J A, Infantry ; BURNLEY, Cpl L A G, Infantry ; CHAPMAN, L/Cpl W C, Infantry ; CHAPPELL, Sgt F L, Infantry; CHURCHILL, J L, Infantry ; CLACK, J W, Infantry; CLELAND, T B, Infantry ; CLEMENS, R, Medical Corps; CODY, J S, CQMS, Infantry; COLEY, J B, Infantry; CONQUAY, A, Pioneers; COUGHEY, J, Infantry; COULAM, Sgt F, Infantry; COWIE, L/Cpl G M, Infantry; CRUICKSHANK, Sgt A, Infantry; CUNNINGHAM, Sgt J T C, Infantry; CUPPLES, F L, Medical Corps; CURRAN, Sgt T M, Infantry; DE LUEN, Cpl F, Infantry; DENIZE, H V, Infantr; DONOVAN, C A, Infantry; DOUGLAS, A McF, Medical Corps; EDWARDS, E E, Infantry; ELLIOTT, Sgt W C D, Infantry; ELSOM, Sgt C S, Field Engineers; FAITHFUL, W H, Infantry; FRASER, Sgt D, Infantry; GAWLOR, S, Infantry; GEANGE, T, Infantry; GILBERT, L/Cpl W B, Field Engineers; GOLDSTONE, L/Cpl C, Signal Co; GRASSCOCK, W D, Infantry; GUNN, L/Cpl D, Field Engineers; GUNN, Sgt F, Infantry; HALLIGAN, L/Cpl R H, Infantry; HAMIL, L/Cpl F W, Infantry; HAMLIN, K W, Infantry; HAMMOND, Cpl S A, Infantry; HANSEN, T, Infantry; HARTMAN, L, Artillery; HARVEY, Cpl R A, Infantry; HASTIE, Sgt G, Infantry; HATFULL, L/Cpl T, Field Engineers; HAYTON, L/Cpl G, Infantry; HEESE, L/Sgt B, Infantry; HINCHCO, A, Infantry; HOLGATE, H C, Infantry; HOPKINS, L C, Medical Corps; HOWATSON, A S, Infantry; HOWE, Sgt W, Infantry; HOWIE, W J, Infantry; IRVINE, Sgt C W McL, Infantry; JAMES, J E, Infantry; JAMIESON, R, Infantry; JEFFS, Sgt A S, Infantry ; JENKINS, Sgt D A, Infantry; JOHNSON, J A W B, Medical Corps; JONES, D, Infantry; JONES, L/Cpl S W, Infantry; JOPP, J A, Infantry; KELLIHER, L/Cpl J, Infantry; KIDMAN, Sgt C H, Medical Corps; KILLOY, Sgt T, Infantry; KNIGHT, T W, Infantry; LEARY, Cpl L, Signal Co; LOADER, L/Cpl C, Infantry; LOCKER, Cpl W L, Infantry; LODER, S, Medical Corps; LOFFHAGEN, Cpl J M, Ammunition Column; LUFF, E L, Infantry; MATTHEWS, C, Infantry; MAYNARD, Cpl L R, Infantry; McCULLAGH, J H, Infantry; McGONAGLE, D L, Infantry; McINTYRE, D R, Infantry; McKANE, Sgt A H, Infantry; McKENZIE, D, Infantry; McKENZIE, L/Cpl J W, Medical Corps; McKENZIE, L/Cpl N N, Signal Co; McLEAN, Sgt D, Infantry; MEAD, A D, Infantry; METCALFE, M, Infantry; MILLER, D, Infantry; MILLS, J M C A, Artillery; MINTROM, Sgt F H, Infantry; MITCHELL, C C A, Infantry; MOFFAT, L/Cpl W, Infantry; MOFFATT, L/Cpl P, Infantry; MOLESWORTH, L/Cpl C E, Infantry; MORRIN, Sgt W P, Infantry; MORRIS, C S, Infantry; MORRIS, P, Infantry; MOSS, Sgt J C, Infantry; NANKERVIS, W H, Infantry; NEEDHAM, D G, Infantry; NEWTON, A W H, Medical Corps; NICHALLS, Cpl, T W, Pioneers; O’BRIEN, T, Infantry; O’CONNELL, T, Medical Corps; OCKINLEY, Sgt W R, Infantry; OWEN, J, Infantry; PATERSON, A J, Artillery; PAYNTER, L/Cpl L H, Infantry; PEART, F W, Infantry; PHILPOTT, E W, Artillery; POINTON, L/Cpl A E, Medical Corps;POTTER, W, Infantry PRICE, L/Cpl W V, Infantry; PULLAR, E W, Infantry; QUINLAN, E J, Artillery; RALPH, W A, Infantry; RICHFORD, J L, Artillery; RITCHIE, L/Cpl L, Infantry; ROBINSON, Cpl N M, Infantry; ROWE, Cpl H C, Signal Co; SAUNDERS, W, Medical Corps; SHAW, H, Infantry; SIM, A F, Infantry; SMITH, C L, Infantry; SPARKS, Cpl A, Pioneers; SQUIRES, Sgt B C, Infantry; STRINGER, Sgt J M, Artillery; STRONACH, Cpl D W, Field Engineers; TAFFE, L/Cpl J T B, Infantry; TANGATAKE, W, Pioneers; THOMPSON, A C, CQMS, Infantry ; THORN, B, Medical Corps; TROTTER, Sgt W J R, Infantry; TRUMAN, F L, Infantry; VEITCH, C G C, Medical Corps; VERRAN, J S, Infantry; VINCENT, Cpl R W, Medical Corps; VINCENT, Sgt G A, Infantry; VINE, Sgt S J, Artillery; WADE, E, Infantry; WALLACE, J, Infantry; WARD, Cpl W, Signal Co; WATKINS, L, Infantry; WATSON, Sgt S V, Infantry; WHITE, L/Cpl C, Infantry; WILEY, H E, Infantry; WILLIAMS, Sgt H, Signal Co; WILLS, Cpl E J, Infantry; WILLS, K C, Infantry; WILLSMITH, C T, Infantry; WILMAN, L/Cpl A J H, Signal Co; WITHELL, R P, Artillery; WOTHERSPOON, P, Infantry; WRIGHT, L/Cpl A, Infantry.

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At the latest Investiture held by the King at Buckingham Palace the following awards were conferred:
ACLAND, H T D, Lieut Col, C.M.G.
MYERS, B E, Lieut Col, C.M.G.
WYLIE, D S, Lieut Col, C.M.G

CONINGHAM, Arthur, Captain, Royal Flying Corps, Wellington: Distinguished Service Order & Military Cross.
GARDNER, M M, Lieut Col, NZFA: Distinguished Service Order
HARDIE, Robert, Major, Machine-gun Corps, Distinguished Service Order
HARKNESS, Donald E, Blight Lieut, Royal Navy, Nelson: Distinguished Service Cross (from Holland on a month’s parole, having been interned there since September of last year.)
McHUGH, H, Captain, NZ Cyclists: Military Cross
McKINNON, Hugh, Captain, NZ Infantry: Bar to Military Cross
McLEAN, W, Captain, NZI: Military Cross
ROBINSON, F C, Sgt, NZE: Italian Bronze Medal for military valour
SPROTT, M W C, Lieut, elder son of Bishop Sprott, Wellington: Military Cross
WELLS, E, Lieut, NZMR: Military Cross
WIGLEY, A, Lieut, NZE: Military Cross

BEETHAM, R F R, Lieut, WMR, has been wounded and his place as ADC to the General Officer commanding the NZ Division has been taken by Lieutenant W G WOOD, Wellington Regiment.

YOUNG, R, Colonel, CMG, DSO, Canterbury Regt, was appointed to command the 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade in place of Brig General F E JOHNSTON who was killed in action. Col Young has now been wounded and Lieut Col A E STEWART, NZRB, is temporarily appointed to the command.

Promotions in the Auckland Mounted Rifles – To be Lieutenants:
HOVEY, G, 2nd Lieut
JOHNS, W H, 2nd Lieut

WILDING, H G, Captain, Auckland, has been promoted major in place of Major A E HORWOOD, M.C., RNZA, who was killed in action. Lieut H P WARNOCK, with the rank of captain, succeeds Captain H G Wilding.

McKENZIE, A G, Captain, DSO, Auckland Regt, is taking a special course in England, and Captain A C HUBBARD, M.C., temporary major, takes his place.

HOLLAND, G H Captain, M.C., also of the Auckland Regt, is taking a course in England and Lieut H R VERCOE temporarily succeeds him.

PALMER, C H, Sub-Lieut, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Auckland, who has been at a northern naval base, has now been appointed to HMS Research for special service.

BEAUMONT, R W, Sub-Lieut, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Remuera, has been posted to duty at the naval bases, Taranto, Italy.

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