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NZEF - 1914 - 1918

From THE AUCKLAND REGIMENT - being an account of the doings on Active Service of the First, Second and Third Battalions of the Auckland Regiment. by 2/Lieutenant O E Burton (MM and Medaille d'Honneur). (Whitcombe & Tombs 1922)

3/823 Captain ADDISON Arthur Stanley MC
18808 2/Lieutenant AITKEN William Patrick MC
15/5 Lt-Colonel ALDERMAN Walter William CMG, DSO, MID x 3
32495 Sergeant ALEXANDER Charles Stewart DCM
10089 Private ALEXANDER James MM
12/3538 Lt-Colonel ALLEN Robert Candlish DSO and Bar, MID x 3
12/2600 Lt-Colonel ALLEN Stephen Shepherd CMG, DSO and Bar, MID x 4
14212 Private ALLOM William Harcourt MM
28643 Private ANDREWS Albert James MM
12/2632 Sergeant ANDREWS William Thomas MM, MID
28313 Private ANNAND David Burnett MM
3/2859 Captain ARDAGH Patrick Augustine DSO, MC, MID
28316 Private ARTHUR Lionel Creighton MM
13/3000 Private ASHWIN Lumley Ferris MM
11382 Corporal BAIN James Henry MM
12/3246 Sergeant BAKER Harold MM
5/650a Corporal BAKER John Fulham MM
13/542 Sergeant BALLE James Theodore MM, MID
35476 Sergeant BARR John Porteous MM
30742 Private BARTLE John Ralph MM
42881 SSM BATES William DCM
23592 Private BATH Algar Frederick Francis MM
24303 Major BEAMISH Francis Evanson Home
12/2947 Corporal BEEHRE Henry Malcolm MM
12/516 SSM BETHELL John Gordon MSM
12/2950 Private BIDDICK James Herbert MM
12/1555 QMS BIRNIE George DCM
30908 Private BISHOP James MM
11367 Sergeant BISHOP Thomas Augustus MM
23958 Private BISHOPRICK Alfred Eric MM
59856 Corporal BLACK Clarence MM
12/3254 Sergeant BLACK David Colquhoun MM
12/4137 Corporal BLACK Thomas DCM, MSM
7/309 Lt-Colonel BLAIR Duncan Barrie DSO, MC, MID x 2
24313 Lieutenant BLAMFIELD Martin MC
12/689 Lieutenant BOND Alfred James MID
12/4513 Captain BOOTH Charles Henry MBE
12/2650 Sergeant BOYD Thomas MID
11387 Sergeant BRADLEY John Henry MM
23/1567 Sergeant BRADY Alfred Thomas MM
38336 L/Corporal BRAY Charles MM
26783 Sergeant BREWER John Henry DCM, MM
6/3259 Corporal BRIERLEY William MM
12/3263 Private BRIGHT William George MM
12/3264 Private BRINSDEN Norman Percival Medaille Barbatie Si Credentia (Italian)
15/14 B/General BROWN Charles Henry Jeffries DSO, MID x 2
12/3268 Sergeant BROWN Edward Broadley MM
12/3569 Private BROWN William George DCM, MM
12/1905 Sergeant BRUNTON Norman Theodore MM
18758 Sergeant BUCKTHOUGHT Norman Walter DCM
11375 Sergeant BUCKWORTH Charles Garthon DCM
12/3272 Private BULLEN Robert Harold MM
3/483 Sergeant BURTON Ormond Edward Medaille D'Honneur (French), MM
12/914 Sergeant CALAME (CALAMO) Paul Emil MM
12/1576 Sergeant CAMERON Kelvin Eric MM
20297 Private CAMERON Ross MM
63822 (33882) Private CAMPBELL Allan MID
36408 Private CAMPBELL Keith MM
13/2542 L/Corporal CAMPION Donald Aubrey MM
12/1911 Corporal CARTER Charles Raymond MM
24314 Lieutenant CARTER John Clarence MC, MID
12/2893 RQMS CHILD Cecil Hubert MSM
21209 Private CHITTY Thomas William MM
48621 Private CHURCH Duncan McDonald MM
12/1589 Private CLARK Ned MM
40145 Lieutenant CLARK Stanley Oren MC
27687 Captain COATES Joseph Gordon MC and Bar
38664 Private COCHRAN Hector Roy MM
25197 Private COLE-BAKER Douglas Patrick Gordon MM
10/1295 2/Lieutenant COLLINS-MORGAN Charles Edward MC
12/525 Sergeant CONLAN Francis John Serbian Silver Star (2nd Class)
12/321 Lieutenant COOPER Allen Claude MC
12/2983 Private COPPELL Robert William MM
12/2674 Private COUCH Charles Archibald MM
12/2252 Sergeant COULAM Frank MM
40668 Lieutenant COUSINS Philip Sidney MC
32822 Corporal COWIE Robert MM
12/528 Sergeant COX Arthur Benjamin MM, MID
34330 Private COXHEAD Sydney Muir MM
12/73 Sergeant CRAWFORD Edward Haywood MM
31957 Private CRAWFORD Thomas Henry MM
55585 Private CRAY Donald MM
14/131 Private CRICHTON James VC
12/1933 Corporal CROWHURST Samuel Alfred MM
38879 Private CURRY Charles Joseph Hugh MM
24/1635 Sergeant CUSACK James DCM
12/3603 Sergeant CUTHBERTSON William James MM
33849 Corporal DACRE Life Marwell MM
12/1185 Sergeant DAVIDSON David MM, MID
12/2263 Private DAVIES John Medaille Militare (French)
23305 Private DAVIS John Samuel MM
11432 Private DAWSON James Richard MM
12/349 Major DAWSON Thomas Henry CMG, CBE, MID x 2, Home x 2
12/2995 Corporal De LUEN Frederick MM
12/2268 L/Corporal DEAN Edward James MM
42301 Private DENIZE Harry Vincent MM
12/1190 Captain DEVEREUX Geoffrey De Bohun MC
23/1613 L/Corporal DEWAR Owen Baillie MM
26814 CQMS DIMERY Stanley MSM
66239 Captain DINNEEN James Dalton MID
12/335 Lieutenant DITTMER George MC
3/633a Reverend DOBSON Charles James Hamilton MC, MID
47414 Private DONGHI Henry Alexander MM
12/530 Private DOWNIE Henry Charles MM
26576 Sergeant DOWSING Charles Edward MM and Bar
12/3622 Lieutenant DUIGAN Denis Frank MC
12/3625 Major DUTHIE Norman Alexander DSO, MID x 2
12334 Private EDWARDS Charles MM
12/738 2/Lieutenant ELLIS Frederick Allen MID
12/2281 Lieutenant ELLISDON Frederick Joseph Herring MID
13/2002 Captain EVANS James MC and Bar, MID
32945 CSM EVANS John Henry DCM
1/624 Private FAIRWEATHER Sydney MM
12/1994 Private FAITHFULL Walter Henry MM
24357 2/Lieutenant FARRELL James Patrick MID
12/2695 Sergeant FINLAYSON Leon MID
12/3012 Private FINNERTY James MM
13/329 2/Lieutenant FITCHETT Wilfred Byron MID
31407 L/Corporal FLAVELL Robert Henry MM
52403 Private FLOWERDAY Herbert Nolan MM
20319 Private FLYNN John Anthony MID
12/3218 Captain FORBES Alexander McRae MC
28121 L/Corporal FORD George Charles DCM
12/808 L/Corporal FORREST Stanley Vincent MSM
12/3321 Private FORREST Thomas Fraser MM
4/400 Sergeant FORSYTH Samuel VC
12/104 Sergeant FOX Edward Vincent MM
12/1627 Sergeant FRANCIS (FREW) James DCM, MID
12/540 Corporal FRASER John McIntosh MM and Bar
12/2700 Sergeant FRASER John Roy MM
26827 Corporal FRESHNEY John Benjamin MM
12/1627 Sergeant FREW (FRANCIS) James DCM, MID
11450 CQMS FROST Linden Harold MID
12/2706 Lieutenant GARROWAY Robert MC
23827 Private GATES Frederick George MM
12/470 Private GAULT Alfred Serbian Gold Medal
25226 Private GAWLER Spencer MM
10/3264 L/Corporal GILES Sydney MM
12/3328 L/Corporal GILL Arthur Milne MM
12/2710 L/Corporal GILLESPIE Leonard William MM
12/2711 Sergeant GILMORE William Bernard MM
1/639 (12/2540) L/Corporal GIRVEN Evan MM
11458 Private GLASSOCK William David MM
31625 L/Corporal GLOGOSKI Ernest Walter MM
12/2923 Lieutenant GORDON Angus William MC and Bar
12/577 CSM GORDON Thomas Joseph DCM
12/116 Corporal GOULDEN Herbert Hilton MM
12/361 S/Sergeant GOULDING Robert Thompson MSM, MID
7/1800 Captain GRAINGER Montgomery Owen MID
15/131 Major GRANT Samuel Alexander MID
12/2602 Captain GRAY Wynne Peton MC and Bar, MID
3/251 2/Lieutenant GREENWOOD James Henry MC, MM, MID
20335 Private GRIFFIN Arthur MM
14101 Corporal GRIFFITHS Claude Cedric MM
14418 Private GRUNDY Harry Reginald MM
12/627 Sergeant GUNN Frank MM
54357 Private GUNN James MM
55306 Private GUTHRIE Robert Allan MM
12/3662 Sergeant GUY Thomas Francis MM
35637 Private HADFIELD Roy Hubert MM
23935 Lieutenant HALLY Colin MC
35354 Private HALVORSEN George MM
12/3348 Private HANSEN Ira Theodore MM
12/2724 Corporal HARDING Eric Stanley MSM
23308 Corporal HARDING Ralf Walden MM
12/2611 S/Major HARRIS Cyril Victor Neville MSM
6/3358 Private HARRIS William John Croix de Guerre (French)
23/1659 Sergeant HART Reginald George MM
12/775 Sergeant HASTIE George MM
12/137 RQMS HATT Alfred Richard MSM
60116 Private HAVILL Jack MM
38693 Corporal HAY Arthur Cecil MM
12/3356 Sergeant HEWLETT Theophilus Norris DCM
12/566 Sergeant HILL James Leslie DCM
12/2567 2/Lieutenant HILL William John Rusden MC
14261 Private HINCHO Alfred MM
12/1008 S/Sergeant HODGE Harold Stanley MSM
12/373 Lieutenant HOLLAND George Henry MC, MID
12/3050 Private HOWE Arthur MM
12/2333 Sergeant HOWE Onesunius William MM
12/3051 Private HOWIE Walter John MM
14347 Captain HUBBARD Arthur Charles MC
33883 Sergeant HUME Kenneth Gordon MID
52325 Private HUNTER Edward John MM
40323 Private HURLEY Francis MID
12/3055 Sergeant INCH Victor William MM, MID
28589 2/Lieutenant JACK Alexander Douglas MC
11482 Private JACKSON Frank MM
30813 Private JACQUES Phillip MM
10/3608 Private JAMIESON Robert MM
14/44a Private JOHNSON Arthur Roland MM
12/3062 Private JOHNSON Herbert Arthur DCM, MM
38401 Private JONES Ernest John MM
49678 2/Lieutenant JONES James Adam MC
12/931 Sergeant JONES Thomas MSM
14272 Sergeant JORDAN Erick DCM
24/1699 Sergeant JUDSON Reginald Stanley VC, DCM, MM
8/3652 S/Sergeant KEEGAN Herbert Clarence MID
10236 Private KELSALL Every MM and Bar
33184 Lieutenant KING Hubert Leigh MC
32023 Private LAND Ira George MM
41980 Lieutenant LANG Ferdinand Wilton MC
9/1884 Lieutenant LANG William Robert MC
12/2755 Private LAUDER Arthur MM
30112 2/Lieutenant LE PETIT Nairn Victor MC
12/3075 L/Corporal LEIGH Thomas John MM
24394 Private LEO Edward Mathew MM
12/2015 Sergeant LESSELS David MM
12/1699 Private LEWIN Charles MM
12/280 Corporal LIPPIATT George Edward Kenneth MID
12/3709 Private LIVESY Rothwell MM, MID
18890 Sergeant LLOYD Leonard John DCM
12/3387 Sergeant LOCK Sidney George Snow MM
12/399 Sergeant LOGAN Daniel Munroe MSM
14284 L/Corporal LOOKER Wilfred Leslie MM
12/2556 2/Lieutenant LORIE Arnold MID
24094 Private LUFF Edward Louis MM
32527 2/Lieutenant MACKAY William Calder MC
12/4051 Corporal MAHONY Wilfred Frederick DCM
12/906 (23/1437) Private MANNING Frank Emanuel MM
12/1710 Private MARONI Clemente John MID
44756 Private MARTIN Albert MM
40341 Private MATEER Frank Emanuel MM
12/982 Sergeant MAWHINNEY William MSM
23/1731 Corporal MAYNARD Lionel Richard MM
12/3751 2/Lieutenant McADAM Hubert Malcolm MC
12/2047 Private McBEATH Clyde MM
12/184 WOI McCARTHY Herbert Raymond MSC
12/13 Major McCLELLAND Charles Harold DSO, MID
25604 Corporal McCORQUODALE Donald Archibald MM
14470 Private McCOSKRIE Clarence Osbourne MM
12/4045 Sergeant McCREANOR Joseph DCM
10/2445 Private McCULLAGH James Walter MM
12/2052 Private McDIVETT Reginald MM
47917 Private McDONALD Charles George MM
12/3219 Major McFARLAND Robert Duffus MC, MID
13/102 Private McGILL John Campbell MID
12/603 Private McGOVERN James John MSM
12/3756 Sergeant McGOWAN Edgar Augustus MM
12/3217 Captain McGREGOR Alan Godfrey MID
11330 Sergeant McGREGOR James Leslie Croix de Guerre (French)
12/3758 S/Sergeant McINNES Walter MID
12/3110 L/Corporal McINTOSH Charles MM
47911 Private McKAY William John MM
12/4231 Sergeant McKECHNIE James MM
10067 Lt-Colonel McKENZIE Alexander George DSO, MID
12/1736 Private McKENZIE Edward George MM
12/190 Lieutenant McKENZIE Frank Ezekiel MC
23/977 S/Major McKENZIE James Harvey MSM
12/1783 Corporal McKENZIE Kenneth DCM
1/721 (13/2223) Sergeant McKENZIE Norman Alexander MM
64713 Private McLEAN Thomas Alexander MM
12/3398 Private McLENNAN Alexander DCM
12/3761 Sergeant McLEOD James Duncan MM and Bar
25289 Corporal McMAHON Percy Roy MM
12/1305 Corporal McMILLAN Neil MM
12/602 Sergeant McQUEEN Allan Alexander MM
44768 L/Corporal MEAD Arthur David MM
12/413 2/Lieutenant MELVILLE James Alexander MID
11498 Private MENZIES Arthur Briton MM
14348 Lieutenant METCALF Louis Wilfred MC
12/2034 Captain MEWETT James Edward Hedley MBE, MC
12/2392 Private MIDDLEMISS William Peter MM
12/3729 Private MILLER David MM
12/775 2/Lieutenant MILLER Hugh Kennedy MC
14460 Private MILLER Owen McLean MM
12/2392 Corporal MITCHELL Gilbert Gregory MM
13/2347 L/Corporal MOFFAT Leonard Petherick MM
5/436 Corporal MOFFITT James MM
14291 L/Corporal MOLESWORTH Charles Edward MM
12/67 Lieutenant MONCRIEF Ernest George MC
11502 L/Corporal MOODY Frederick Henry MM
12/3737 L/Corporal MOON William Henry MM
31680 Private MOORE Kenneth Stuart MM
21306 Corporal MORGAN Leonard Owen MM
12/295 Captain MORPETH Robert Nicoll MC
12/2398 Sergeant MORRIS Bennett John MSM, MID
12/4061 Sergeant MORRIS Henry Michael MM
12/1725 CSM MOSS Earnest Stanley DCM
25157 Private MOYNIHAN Denis Croix de Guerre (French)
12/2790 Sergeant MUIR Archibald Henry MM and Bar
34409 Private NADEN Frederick MM
27139 Private NANKERVIS William Henry MM
19210 Captain NAPIER William Esmonde Lennox MC
65001 Private NARBEY Archibald Andrew Phillip MID
15/170 Private NARBOROUGH Richard Bryant MSM
60180 Private NEAL Herbert Rickites MM
3/1220 Captain NELSON Arthur Dysant MC
18897 Lieutenant NICHOLLS Gerald Henry Croix de Guerre (Belgian)
12/606 Private NOAKES Ernest Lyle MID, Serbian Silver Medal
25571 Corporal NORTH Leonard Griffith MM
10250 Sergeant O'BRIEN James Lawrence DCM
33111 Lieutenant O'GORMAN Frederick Roper MC
12/204 L/Corporal OLDHAM William Alfred MM
28403 Sergeant O'REGAN Patrick James MM
7/1567 Major ORR Eric Hamilton DSO, MID
12/3119 Private OWEN John MM
8/4067 Lieutenant OXENHAM Charles MC
42186 Sergeant PADDY William Charles MM
21083 Private PARSONS John MM
12/3121 L/Corporal PATTON Hugh Lindsay MM
25/800 L/Corporal PAYNTER Leonard Howard MM
30845 Private PEGLER Martin Day Croix de Guerre (Belgian)
30844 Private PEGLER Stanley Poole MM
12/2925 Corporal PETHYBRIDGE William Thomas MM
12/1 Colonel PLUGGE Arthur CMG, MID x 2
24297 Lieutenant PORRITT Eric Ainslie MC
12/617 Private PORTER Claude William MM and Bar
7/2414 Sergeant PRENDERGAST Peter MM and Bar
14478 L/Corporal PRESTON William Edward MM
30843 L/Corporal PRICE Walter Victor MM
23/1728 Private PRINCE Alfred Thomas MM
12/3449 Sergeant PROCTOR William Alfred DCM
19218 Lieutenant QUARTLEY Arthur Gilbert MBE
14479 Private QUINN Charles MM
12/3135 Corporal RAMSEY Alfred Norman Croix de Guerre (Belgian)
30089 Corporal RAMSEY William Parker Croix de Guerre (Belgium), MID
18583 Sergeant RANDELL William Edgar DCM, MID
12/4078 Private RAY Kenneth MM
10418 Sergeant REES Edward Thomas MM
12/1015 Lieutenant REID William John DCM, MID
12/2926 Sergeant RICE Stephen Dominie MM
21333 Private RICHARDSON Joseph Fitzpatrick MM
32065 Private RICHTER Ola Gordon Conrad MM
12/276 CSM ROBERTS Charles Patrick MM
12/3458 Corporal ROBERTSON John Forbes MM
14483 Private ROBINSON Fred McIntyre MM
13810 Private ROBINSON George MM
12/626 Corporal ROBINSON Nathaniel Martin MM
12/3795 Sergeant ROBINSON Stanley DCM
14/62 Sergeant ROGERS John Henry MM
27141 Corporal ROPER George James MM
12/2828 Sergeant ROSSITER Charles MM
33141 Sergeant ROWE Arthur Neville MM
12/625 Sergeant RUFF James Albert Percival MM
28796 Private RUFFORD Albert MM
28371 Private RUSSELL Harold Frederick MM
14487 Private RYAN Francis Leo MM
14488 Corporal RYDER Charles Alfred MM
12/3805 Sergeant SAGE Albert Henry MM
24/1813 Private SCOTT Herbert MSM
13/2366 Private SEARLE Edwin MM
12/3151 Corporal SEATTER John Insin MSM
13/455 Lieutenant SEAWARD Cyril Frederick MC
12/1005 Captain SEDDON Samuel Thomas MC, MID
1/763 (11542) Sergeant SELBIE Daniel William MSM
12/2905 Lieutenant SENIOR Charles Hastings Alexander MC
12/2832 L/Corporal SHAW William Raymond MM
23266 Private SHEAHAN John MM
42417 Private SIMONS Leslie William MM
18862 Sergeant SINEL Kenneth Croix de Guerre (Belgian)
12/293 Major SINEL Wilfred Courtney DSO, MID
25326 Corporal SLATER George MM
5/1338 Private SLOAN Montague Haydon MID
7/2427 Corporal SMILLIE James MM
52477 Private SMITH Edgar Hardwick MM
24/1822 L/Corporal SMITH Edward Munro MM
7/2425 Private SMITH Robert Richard MM
26932 Private SPEAKMAN John Balmer DCM
10068 Captain SPEEDY Alexander Pringle MID
12/1799 Corporal SPENCER William Henry DCM, MID
12/1799 Private SPITTLE Charles MM
12/850 Sergeant SQUIRE Bertram Charles MM
12/178 L/Corporal STACEY Donald Edward MID
12/3481 Private STACEY Edward Ernest MM
12/3834 Sergeant STEELE Joseph MSM
33954 Corporal STEWARD Albert De Bolton Peel MM
10/1997 Lieutenant STEWART Frederick MC
44795 Private STIRLING Norman Douglas MM
12/257 RSM STITCHBURY William Stanley DCM
42227 Private STOKES Alfred MM
14502 Private STOW James Crighton MM
24076 Corporal STUART Godfrey Leslie DCM
19185 Private SUTHERLAND Henry MM
22291 CSM SUTTON William MM
12/3164 L/Corporal TAAFFE James Thomas Benjamin MM
24/1555 Sergeant TARBUTT Lancelot Odard Samuel MM
56047 Private TAYLOR Edward MM
23/1213 Sergeant TAYLOR James Albert DCM
12/1062 Corporal TEMPANY George Alfred DCM, MID
23/2289 Sergeant THOMAS Leonard MM and Bar
4/137a S/Sergeant THOMPSON Albert Edward MSM
12/886 2/Lieutenant THOMPSON Andrew Stevenson MSM, MID
33973 Private TILBY William Henry MM
12/472 Lieutenant TILSLEY Robert MC, DCM, MID
12/2493 2/Lieutenant TODD Norman Theodore MID
16982 Private TODD William MM
12/3171 Sergeant TOMBS Holly Gibson Croix de Guerre (French)
12/2862 Private TORRENS William John MM
12/267 Bugler TREACHER Donald Roy MID
12/878 Sergeant TRIBE Leslie DCM
12/1811 Private TRIBE Louis Rewi MM
12/912 Sergeant TROTTER William John Russell MM
12/4285 Private TROUGHEAR Albert MM
12/474 Captain TUCK George Albert MC, MID
33659 Corporal TUCK Harold James MM
11371 Sergeant TURLEY Cyril Ernest MM
20460 Private TURLEY Joseph Turley MM and Bar
12/3495 Private TURNBULL Lawrence MM
12/2500 S/Sergeant TURNER William Irvine MID
14508 Private UNDERWOOD Herbert MM
38858 Lieutenant VAUSE Harry MC
16/161 Captain VERCOE Henry Ray DSO, MID
40694 Lieutenant VICKERMAN Keith Longburke MC
12/3853 Lieutenant WALKER Douglas James Bruce MC
12/1125 Captain WALLINGFORD Jesse Alfred MC
12/1006 Sergeant WATERSON Duncan Currie DCM
55001 Private WATKINS Henry Thomas MM
26946 Private WATKINS Louis MM
12/1020 2/Lieutenant WATSON Frederick William DCM, MID
12/1845 Major WATSON James Taylor CBE, Home
12/3862 Sergeant WATSON Stanley Vivian MM, MID
12/2606 Captain WATSON William MC
40401 Private WEBB Maitland MM
14513 Private WEBSTER Arthur Snowden DCM
25976 Sergeant WELCH John MM
12/9 Major WEST Frances Leveson-Gower Croix de Guerre (French)
12/895 Major WESTMACOTT Herbert Horatio Spencer OBE
12/3505 L/Corporal WHITE Cyril MM
12/3193 Private WHITEHOUSE Cyril Hale MM
16028 Private WHITELAW Leslie Archibald MM
13/3091 Private WILKIE Robert Abraham MM
12/3159 Corporal WILLIAMS S G MM, Croix de Guerre (French)
14519 Sergeant WILLIAMS William Edgar MM
29119 Corporal WILLS Edward John MM
38472 L/Corporal WILSON Allen George Keith MM
28608 Corporal WILSON Conrad Ralph MM
34458 Private WILSON Joseph Henry DCM
12/4122 Corporal WINKLEY John Robert MM
12/1840 Captain WOOD Roy Waldo Fry MBE, Home x 2
12/1841 2/Lieutenant WOODWARD William John MC
22217 Lieutenant WORLEY Ralph Palliser MID
10976 Private WOTHERSPOON Peter MM
12/3520 Private WRIGHT John Deloitte MM
10/3796 2/Lieutenant WYLIE Leslie Turner Croix de Guerre (Belgium), MID
12/669 Private YORKE Charles Daniel MM
12/3025 Private YOUNG Alfred MM
10/451 Lt-Colonel YOUNG Robert CMG, CB, DSO, Legion d'Honneur, (Croix de Chevalier) MID x 5

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