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NZEF - 1914- 1919

From The Wellington Regiment - NZEF - 1914 - 1919 by W H Cunningham (DS), C A L Treadwell (OBE) and J S Hanna. (Ferguson and Osborn Ltd, Wellington 1923)

ADSETT George Private 10/3166 MM
AFFLECK Edward Sergeant 10/2399 Belgian Croix de Guerre
ALEXANDER Risk Private 10205 MM
ANDERSON Allen Draper Private 23784 MM
ANDERSON Victor Godfred Corporal 10/3826 MM
ANDREASSEN Theodor August Sergeant 10/2841 Belgian Croix de Guerre
ANDREW Jocelyn James Sergeant 10/4048 MM
ANDREW Leslie Wilton Corporal 11795 VC
ANDREW William Private 52923 MM
ANDREWS Alfred Private 29335 MM
ANGUS Robert Sergeant 10/3468 MM
ARNOLD Albert Craig Corporal 10/734 MID
ARTHUR Norman Alfred 2nd Lieutenant 10/750 MID
ASHBY Frederick Edwin Lieutenant MC and Bar
ATKINSON Ernest William Private 45810 MM
BAKER Frank Sergeant 14556 DCM, MM
BALL William Edwin L-Corporal 38645 MM
BARBER Frederick Charles Private 11/2299 MM
BARGH Charles Private 31212 MM
BARGH William Corporal 10/3476 MM, MID
BARKER Charles Robert Private 10/1731 DCM, MID
BARR Kenneth Private 10/4448 DCM
BARTON Gerald Arthur Arnold 2nd Lieutenant MC
BATY John Alexander Corporal 41734 MM and Bar
BEACOCK John Arthur Sergeant 33508 MM
BEAUFORT Francis Edward Private 41720 MM
BECK Matthias L-Sergeant 10/2855 MM
BELBIN Frederick Arthur Private 20285 MM
BELL William Dalrymple Corporal 10/2523 MM
BENNETT Philip Henry George Corporal 10/274 DCM, MID
BICK Henry Arthur CSM 10/262 MID
BILLING Ernest Alfred L-Corporal 10/3832 MM
BIRD Andrew Faulds Corporal 11780 MM
BLACK Edward Leslie Private 15672 MM
BLACK Hugh McLeish L-Corporal 23790 MM
BLAKE Joseph Roy Corporal 11805 MM
BLAKEMORE Herbert Boden Private 24/976 MM
BLENNERHASSETT Arthur Reginald Lieutenant 23070 MID
BLUNDELL Edward Kennedy Sergeant 28078 DCM
BOARD Sydney WOII 20290 DCM
BORLASE William L-Sergeant 10/3493 MM
BORRIE David Private 63284 MM
BOSCAWEN Hugh Townshend Lieutenant 13/11 MID
BOWIE John Hutchinson CSM 23/1564 MID
BOYCE Thomas L-Sergeant 6/2488 MM
BOYD Robert Auld CSM 10/3199 DCM
BOYLEN Phillip Corporal 13866 MID
BRADLEY Albert Corporal 10207 DCM
BRANDT Harry John Sergeant 11/2646 MM
BRIALEY Ernest Slater Private 44437 MM
BRODRICK Norman Aylmer Sergeant 10/2081 MID
BROWN George Private 10/2873 MM
BROWN Talford Private 33511 MM
BROWN W S 2nd Lieutenant MC
BROWN William Edward Private 10/2874 MSM
BROWN William Symington Private 8/1943 MM
BUCHANAN George Herbert Private 34504 MM
BUCKERIDGE Ernest Private 69442 MM
BULLICK Thomas L-Corporal 13588 MM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
BULLOCK Walter Whiston Corporal 10/2876 DCM
BURDEKIN Cyril Blake S-Sergeant 10/1427 MSM
BURGE William Ralph Lieutenant 37050 MC and Bar
BURGESS Cecil George Sergeant 10/3203 MID
BURKE John Arthur Private 24/701 MM
BURNLEY Leonard Alfred Gledhill Corporal 10/2878 MM
BURNS Stanley Reginald Private 62499 MM
BURNSIDE Robert John Private 13/2417 MM
BUTLER Alfred James L-Corporal 22304 MM
BUTTERWORTH James Seddon Private 14386 MM
BYRNE Norman Private 61529 MM
CADE John Robert Captain 22599 MID
CAMERON John Connell A-S-Sergeant 15/136 MSM
CAMERON Kenneth Private 13513 MM
CAMPBELL Robert Private 12694 MM and Bar
CARBINES Arthur Vivian Private 10/706 MID
CARINS Leigh Thomas L-Corporal 10/2542 DCM
CARRIG Thomas Sergeant 10/3446 MSM
CARRUTHERS Walter Corporal 3/85 MM and Bar
CASTLE Sydney Jackson SSM 10/2048 MSM, Medaille d'Honneur (Avec Glaves)
CHAMBERLAIN Norman Frederick 2nd Lieutenant 10/2546 MID
CHAPMAN William Charles L-Corporal 10/4073 MM
CHAPPELL Fred Evans Sergeant 10/2886 MM, MID
CHARTERIS Robert Sergeant 11840 MM
CHAYTOR Frank Clervaux 2nd Lieutenant 10/603 MID
CHIRNSIDE Thomas Private 15700 MM
CLARK Horatio Ormely Douglas CQMS 13733 DCM
CLARK Joseph William Private 38121 MM
CLELAND Thomas Burt Private 31233 (31223) MM
CLOSEY Frederick William Private 56558 MM
COLLIN Bryan Alwyn Private 10/2556 MM
COLLIS Frank Sergeant 10/314 MM
CONNELL Christopher William Private 10/303 MM
COOK Charles Frederick Denman Major 10/543 DSO, MID x 2
COOKE Harry Private 14587 MM
COOKE W B 2nd Lieutenant MC, MM
COOKSLEY William Ernest Corporal 10/3519 DCM, MM
COOMBES Alex Nichlos Private 10/3520 MM
COOMBES James Albert Private 10/3521 MM
COOPER Matthew QMS 10/1449 MSM
COOPER William Saunderson Captain 10/1450 MID
CORKILL Roy Sergeant 10/2901 DCM
CORNWALL F C 2nd Lieutenant MC
COUSINS Edmund George Lieutenant 10/474 MID
COWIE Guy Montrose L-Corporal 11623 MM
COX Edward Percy Major 10/659 MID
CRAWFORD Thomas Henry Lieutenant 10/926 MC
CREED George Stanley Private 10/2565 MM, MID
CROCKER Thomas Richard Corporal 31230 (31330) DCM
CRONE Charles Private 10/729 MID
CRUTCHLEY Leonard Corporal 10/3230 MM
CUNNINGHAM William Herbert Lt-Colonel 10/1085 DSO, MID x 3, Order of St Stanislaus 3rd Class (Russian)
CURHAM D W Lieutenant MC
CURRAN Thomas Michael John Sergeant 10/308 MM
CUTHILL Robert James L-Corporal 22326 MM
DABNER Herbert Private 41763 MM
DALLARD Cecil James Private 33314 DCM
DALLINGER James Type Lieutenant 10/162 MC
DAVIS Daniel SM 10/5000 MSM
DAWBIN Henry James L-Corporal 41758 MM
DEAN Arthur Edward Private 10/3530 MID, French Medaille Militaire
DEVERY Carl Norman Sergeant 10/1466 DCM
DIBBLE Samuel Trevor Corporal 11/1271 DCM, MM
DILLON Alfred Hugh Private 30562 MM
DINNIE Cecil Hay Sergeant 10/3159 MM, MID
DIXON Lionel Marmaduke 2nd Lieutenant 10271 MC
DODDS James Toru Kingi Corporal 31965 MM
DONOVAN Charles Alfred Private 10/2921 MM
DUFFILL George Private 10/626 Serbian Gold Medal, Mentioned in Army Corps Routine Orders
DUNCAN Alexander Grindell Corporal 10/966 MID
DUNFORD Donald Joseph L-Corporal 13745 MM
EDWARDS Ernest Edward Private 38001 MM
EDWARDS Harry Thomas Carter Sergeant 10/1105 MSM, MID
ELLIOTT William Clarke Dickens Sergeant 10/2596 MM
ERIKSEN Erik Sergeant 12364 MSM
ESSON John Jacob Lt-Colonel 15/8 CMG, MID
EVANS Walter Andrew L-Corporal 14600 MM
FARQUHAR George Rough Private 49881 Belgian Croix de Guerre
FERNANDEZ Jack Corporal 11/367 MM
FINDLAY Edward Alfred Private 25/177 MSM
FINN Hugh McLean Private 57212 MM
FINUCANE Edwin Martin Sergeant 10/2932 MM
FITZGERALD John Private 11/1546 MM
FLETCHER Walter Harold Major 10/2135 MID
FLY Maurice Hubert L-Corporal 10/2937 MM
FOOT Stephen Cornelius Sergeant 10/3878 DCM and Bar
FORDE Michael Joseph Sergeant 22238 DCM
FOSTER Jonathan Horsfall WOII CSM 26085 DCM
FOWLER Stanley James Edward Private 25503 MM
FOWLER William Kemp Lieutenant 25995 MC
FRANCIS William Arthur L-Sergeant 10/2139 MM
FRASER Donald Sergeant 10/1239 MM
FRASER James Dunlop Corporal 5/767 MM
FREEMAN Ray Sergeant 10/2142 MID
FROST Edward William Joseph Private 10/3552 MM
FROST William Edward CSM 10/213 DCM, French Croix de Guerre
FULLER Edward Geoffrey L-Corporal 23820 MM
GAFFNEY Thomas Private 10/348 MHS
GALLOWAY Malcolm Scott 2nd Lieutenant 10/2146 MC
GAMBRILL Reginald Frank Major 10/2145 MHS
GASTON Sydney Sergeant 10/1240 DCM
GEANGE Thomas Private 10/2151 MM
GERRAND John Fergusson Private 31996 MM
GILBERT Hugh Porter Corporal 9/1556 DCM
GILLING Albert Sergeant 8/1474 MID
GILSHNAN (GILSHMAN) Sidney Egmont Sergeant 10/362 MM
GOLDING Sidney William Private 10/360 MM
GOLDINGHAM Keith Annesley Sergeant 10/2492 DCM
GOLDUP John Marshall CQMS 10/1242 MID
GORDON Claude John L-Corporal 9/1558 MM
GORDON Peter Augustus Sergeant 10/1068 MM and Bar
GORDON William Patrick Corporal 13750 MID
GRACE Thomas Marshall Percy 2nd Lieutenant 10/127 Mentioned in Army Corps Routine Orders
GRANT John Gilroy Sergeant 10/2950 VC
GRAY William Alexander Private 10/2429 MM
GREENBANK Leonard L-Corporal 52995 DCM
GRIFFIN George Harry Sergeant 10/600 MSM
GRIFFIN (GRIFFEN) Martin Corporal 10/1504 MM
GRIFFITHS John Henry Corporal 38690 DCM
GUNNELL Arthur James Sergeant 10/1507 Belgian Croix de Guerre
GURZELL J Sergeant 11/55 (Stanley GUNN) French Medaille Militaire
GUTHRIE Stanley Gordon 2nd Lieutenant 10/990 MC
HALDANE Walter James L-Corporal 30375 MM
HALL Alfred Michael L-Corporal 10/575 MM
HAMLIN Kenneth Hamlin Private 31261 MM
HAMMERSLEY James Michael L-Corporal 31262 MM
HAMPTON Henry Corporal 10/3579 MM, MID
HANNAN William Curran L-Corporal 10/3581 MM
HANSEN Carl Walter L-Corporal 10/2953 MM
HANSON Frederick Melrose Horowhenua L-Corporal 70738 MM
HARDY John Harold Corporal 10/1250 MM
HARRIS Frederick Charles Private 24/1388 MM
HARSTON Ernest Sirdefield Captain 10/1074 MID
HART George Henry Curtis Private 15717 MM
HART Herbert E Brig-General 10/133 CB, CMG, DSO, MID x 4
HART Herbert E TB-General 10/133 French Croix de Guerre
HARVEY Robert Arthur Corporal 10/2960 MM
HASTEDT Blair Cleveland 2nd Lieutenant 10/756 MID
HATTON Robert Sergeant 10/2961 MM
HAWTHORNE Victor Herbert Sergeant 10/15 MSM
HAYDEN Horace Edward Private 10/723 MID
HEATON Fred Sergeant 10/4115 DCM
HENDERSON Arthur Roy Private 38697 MM
HENDERSON Ernest Private 20525 MM
HENDRY Herbert Sergeant 40700 MID
HENSON Joseph Herbert Hasard L-Corporal 10/3292 MM
HERBERT Ernest Job Private 10/2641 MSM
HERBERT Lancelot Tuckwell Captain 46909 MID
HESSE B A L-Sergeant 33647 MM
HILL Cecil Thomas L-Corporal 28139 DCM
HILL W S 2nd Lieutenant - MHS
HINDS Charles Private 39533 MM
HOLDERNESS Hildebrand Lt-Colonel 23747 MID
HOLLIS R V 2nd Lieutenant MC and Bar
HOLMES Walter Anderson Sergeant 10/3296 MM
HOPKINS Charles Private 61645 MM
HOWATSON Andrew Stuart Private 10/3601 MM
HUDSON Randolph Private 57089 MM
HUME George Hansbrow Captain 10/2806 MC
ILTON William Edward Private 14638 MM
IRVINE James Private 14642 MM
JACKSON John Kenneth Edward Lieutenant 10/395 MID
JACKSON Roy Mello Private 41562 MM
JACQUES William Henry Private 10/4130 MM
JAMES William Horace CSM 10/1861 DCM
JARDINE Leonard Handforth Lt-Colonel 10/1049 MC
JENKINS David Arthur Sergeant 10/2658 MM
JENSEN Archibald Roderick L-Sergeant 15732 MM
JENSEN Ernest Private 39823 MM
JOHANSEN (JOHANSON) William Leonard Sergeant 10/1865 MM
JOHNSON Albert CSM 10/824 MID
JOHNSON Albert Ernest Private 15733 MM
JOHNSON Harold Roy Corporal 10/793 MM
JOHNSON James Private 10/3921 MM
JOHNSON Oscar Herbert L-Corporal 10/3614 MM
JOHNSTON Edward Cosslett L-Corporal 31293 MM
JOHNSTON Sainsbury Private 10/392 MID
JONES David Private 11/2134 MM
JONES Stuart Wallace L-Corporal 23838 MM
JONES William Henry Captain 19213 MID
JOPP James Alexander Private 25534 MM
KASPER Harold Ludwig Sergeant 28153 MM
KAY Leslie Vincent Sergeant 10/921 MHS
KEIR John Captain 30100 MC
KETTLE Dudley Major 15/18 MC, MID, French Croix de Guerre
KINDBERG Andrew Private 22998 MM
KING Edward L-Corporal 10/3317 MM
KING T L R Lieutenant MC
KIRK J R Captain MBE
KITTO Arthur Sergeant 10/411 MID
KNIGHT Norman Raglan Private 31302 MM
LAMB John Brigmand Private 10/3320 MM
LAMB Sidney Private 29031 MM
LANANZE (LANAUZE) Edgar Private 59391 DCM
LANG Frederick Private 47439 DCM
LARKINS Harold Private 61312 MM
LARSEN Douglas Herbert Private 28168 MM
LAW Allan Edward Sergeant 10/196 Belgian Croix de Guerre
LAW Nelson Henry Private 20173 MM and Bar, MID
LEE C E Lieutenant MC
LEE George James Private 40020 MM
LEE John Alexander Private 16560 DCM
LEPPER Charles Brison Lieutenant 10/868 MM, MC
LEWIS William John Sergeant 14651 DCM, MM
LINN Ernest John Corporal 20370 MM
LITTLE Ernest Corporal 10/987 MID
LITTLE Norman Fenwick 2nd Lieutenant 14029 MC
LORD Clifford Charles Private 23004 MM
LOVEDAY Leslie George Vivian Private 10/3938 MM
LOVELOCK Frederick Private 12/3080 MM
LOW James Cowan Private 10/3328 MM
LUFF Thomas Richard Sergeant 10/2211 MM
LYMER Ernest Private 10/3638 MM
MACASKILL Murdoch Sergeant 10/1282 DCM
MACGUIRE Thomas Francis L-Corporal 10/1894 MM
MACKENZIE Kenneth Sergeant 33396 MM
MACKLAN (MACKLAM) Alexander Private 22262 MM
MACKRELL Huia Heslop Sergeant 10/817 MM
MAHONEY Frank Private 10/2228 DCM, MID
MAIR Alexander Davidson Sergeant 13701 MM
MALONE Edmond Leo Lieutenant 11/699 MC
MALONE William George Lt-Colonel 10/1039 MID x 2
MATTHEWS Charles Private 28176 MM
MAY William Henry L-Corporal 12427 MM
MAYNARD Frederick Conway CQMS 10/4415 MSM
McCARTHY John Patrick Private 9/1588 MM
McCHESNEY Hugh John L-Corporal 10/450 Belgian Croix de Guerre
McCLENAGHAN William Thomas Private 49157 MM
McCOLL Alexander Captain 10/18 MID
McCRACKEN James Corporal 20392 MM
McCROSTIE Duncan Campbell L-Corporal 22272 MM
McCULLY Alec Corporal 13/3058 MM
McELLIGOTT John Private 11909 MM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
McFARLANE Henry Maldon Corporal 10/3008 MM
McGONAGLE Douglas Leslie Private 24/1435 MM
McGRATH Charles James Private 10/3671 MSM
McISAAC A R 2nd Lieutenant MC
McKAY George Riddall Sergeant 10/3011 MM
McKEAN William CSM 11/1570 DCM, MM
McKINNON Hugh Edgar Major 10/135 MC, MID
McLEAN William Hugh Captain 10/3806 MC, MID
McLELLAN Alexander Private 65077 MM
McLELLAND William Henning Corporal 10/2693 MM
McONIE George Private 10/3022 MM
McPHEE John Private 12240 MM
McSAVENY George 2nd Lieutenant 10/681 MC
MELLES Alexander George Lieutenant 16/1303 MC and Bar
MENZIES Clement Edward Sergeant 10/2235 DCM
MENZIES Gavin Horace Sergeant 30609 MSM, MID, Medaille d'Honneur (Avec Glaves)
METCALFE Mark Private 10/4142 MM
MILLAR John Sergeant 24/1426 MM
MILLER William CQMS 10/1920 MSM
MITCHELL Charles SM 10/1293 MSM
MITCHELL Conway Clemens Alexander Private 32029 MM
MOFFITT William L-Corporal 23848 MM
MORGAN Charles Matthew Private 11785 MM
MORGAN Frederick Hector Edward Captain 10/3640 MC
MORISON Bruce Haultain Lieutenant 10/663 MC, MID
MORISON David Gordon Horace Bruce 2nd Lieutenant 33073 MC
MORRIS Charles Stanley Private 42155 MM
MORRIS Pierce Private 10/3957 MM
MOSS James Clarence Sergeant 10/2250 MM
MOYES David L-Corporal 51055 MM
MUIR Allan Stanley Captain 10/2481 OBE, MID x 2
MUIR Thomas Corporal 7/1121 DCM, MSM
MURPHY Daniel Private 29449 DCM
MURRAY William Sergeant 7/2291 DCM
NARBEY William Francis Major 10/658 MID, French Croix de Guerre
NEALE James Private 10/1109 MID
NEEDHAM Dennis Gilbert Private 20397 MM
NETTLEINGHAM Frank John L-Corporal 47458 DCM
NEWELL David William Private 11920 MM
NICHOLAS Leonard Rudolph Sergeant 10/593 MM
NICHOLLS John Charles Private 29460 MM
NICHOLLS Thomas Henry Corporal 29458 MM
NICHOLSON Albert John Sergeant 45894 MID
NICHOLSON Mager Private 31337 MM
NICOL Robert Kenneth 2nd Lieutenant 10/2499 MC
NIELSEN Marinus Private 10/4159 MM
NIELSEN Rasmus William Edward Private 64113 MM
NILSSON Ernest Sergeant 25/220 MM
NIMMO Alton James Lieutenant 10/4438 MC
NORMAN Charles Sergeant 10/1066 MSM
NORTHE Robert Percy Corporal 10281 MM
NOSEDA Paul Rodolfo Lieutenant 45897 MBE
NOTTON Arthur Corporal 10/904 DCM
O'CONNOR Frank Private 10/1307 DCM
O'CONNOR Robert John Private 62623 MM
O'DONNELL Harold Dennis Corporal 20404 MM
O'DOWD Timothy Edward SSM 10/190 MSM, MHS
OKEY Royden Lydiard 2nd Lieutenant 10/761 MC
OLIVER William Thomas Private 27105 MID
ORAM Harry Major 12/3913 OBE, MID
ORR Norman Private 24/1454 MM
O'SHANNESSY John Patrick Corporal 10/909 MID
OTTO Walter Edward Private 10/4162 MM
OVENDEN Walter Blake Corporal 9/1599 MM
OVEREND Wesley Corporal 10/1943 MM
PARK Alexander Private 12464 MM
PARSONS R W G S-Sergeant 15/2049a MSM
PATERSON Alexander Corporal 10/2732 DCM
PAYNTER William Herbert Private 10/2275 MM
PEART Frederick Waldemar Private 32055 MM
PEDERSON Edward Private 10/500 Serbian Gold Medal
PENNEFATHER Stephen Sidney 2nd Lieutenant 10/1318 DCM, MC
PETERSEN Ernest Peter L-Corporal 40047 MM
PETTIT Harry 2nd Lieutenant 3/612 MC, MHS
PHAUP Thomas Walker L-Corporal 30636 MM
PIKINGTON Ullett Sergeant 10/1952 MM
PIRRIT David Andrew Private 33600 MM
POLLOCK William Lieutenant 8/263 MID
POOTS Robert L-Corporal 10/3371 MM
PORTEOUS Lawrence Victor Captain 11765 MBE, MHS
POTT Gideon Frederick 2nd Lieutenant 10/2737 MC
POTTER Joseph Private 8/2100 MM
POTTER Robert Cecil Sergeant 10/902 DCM
PRESTON Allan Henry Lieutenant 10/910 MID
PRICE Arthur Davis 2nd Lieutenant 10/1051 MC, MM
PRICE Harold George Corporal 2/1815 MM
PRIDEAUX Francis SM 15/76 MID
PRIEST James William Private 10/3706 MM
PRIMROSE Henry Loftus Private 18703 MID
PURCELL Albert Private 14147 MM
QUENNIN (QUEENIN) Bertram G L-Corporal 28918 MM
QUINLAN Andrew T-Sergeant 10/1623 MID
QUIRK William John Sergeant 11942 MSM
RAMSEY William Edward Private 12474 MM
RANDELL Philip Lowry Private 10/2288 MM
RAUCH John Norman Captain 10/3145 MC
RAYNOR Charles William Private 33442 MM
REES William Bertram Private 47643 MM
REID Austin Edward Private 53067 MM
REID John Robert Private 10/778 MID
RENDALL William Stevenson Private 23/2526 MM, MID
RENNER Cecil Corporal 10/2292 MM
RENNIE Louis Sergeant 10/601 MM
REVELL Eric James L-Corporal 10/3715 MM
RICHARDS Robert Reverend 18/3 MC
RICHARDSON Frank Gunning L-Sergeant 10/3068 MM
RICHARDSON Thomas Private 49263 MM
RICHMOND Thomas Murray Edward Private 53414 DCM
RICKARD Edward Private 10/3719 MM
RIDDIFORD Richard E W Lieutenant 9/1623 OBE, MC, MID x 2
RITCHIE Lawrence Robert L-Corporal 31353 DCM, MM
ROACH Gordon Hamilton Corporal 10/151 MM
ROBERTSON John Hector Sergeant 1/175 Medaille d'Honneur (Avec Glaves)
ROBINSON Cecil George Hazeldean Lieutenant 1/338 MC
ROBSON James L-Corporal 23875 MM
ROGERS Henry Frederick Private 9/1510 MM
RONALDSON Arthur C Corporal 24/1800 MID
ROSE David Edward Lawrence S-Sergeant 15/139a MSM
ROSE John Murray Captain 10/692 MC, MID, French Croix de Guerre
ROSS Fleming Major 10/3144 MID
ROSS Malcolm Private 59978 MM
ROSSITER Albert Arthur Private 23879 MM
RUANE Andrew Thomas Private 23/2083 MM
RUSHBRIDGE Henry West Private 39103 MM
RUSTON (RUSTERHOLZ) Phillip L-Corporal 10903 MM
RYAN John Edward Private 10/3994 DCM
SAMMONS William Alex Private 22498 MSM
SCHOCH John Bruce Private 10/2384 MM
SCIASCIA Charles Sergeant 10/518 MM
SCOTHERN George James Private 29496 MM
SCOTT John Douglas Private 63426 MM
SCOTT Robert Francis Coghill Captain 10/2482 MID
SCOTT Walter Ernest Corporal 10/2469 MM, MID
SEARGE Edward Reginald Francis L-Corporal 10/1331 DCM
SELBY Robin CSM 15/161 MID
SHEEN Walter L-Corporal 29505 MM
SHELDON Harold John Drummond Lieutenant 10/3148 MID
SHERIFF William Private 30408 DCM
SHORT Isaac George Sergeant 30650 DCM
SHORT John Lawrence Major 10/146 MID
SIM Wilfred Joseph Private 1/409 Medaille d'Honneur (Avec Glaves)
SIMS Arthur Frederick Private 10/3737 MM
SKELLEY Percy William Captain 41235 MID
SMITH Albert Private 10/4576 DCM
SMITH Archibald John Private 10/2765 MM
SMITH Arnold George Thomas Private 65468 MM
SMITH Horace Benjamin Corporal 13713 MM
SMYLIE Alexander Corporal 15792 MM
SPARKE Sydney Thomas Sergeant 12/460 MID
SPICER Allan Thomas Private 10/3394 MSM
STEDMAN Alfred James Private 11/1370 MM
STILL Archie Ernest Private 15793 MM
STRAHAN Thomas Alexander L-Corporal 25962 MM
STUART Donald Mansfield Corporal 10/3095 MM
SWAN Clement Stevenson S-Sergeant 10/487 MID
SWAN James Whiteford Private 10/1674 DCM, MID, Mentioned in Army Corps Routine Orders
TAIT George Aubrey Geddes Private 11976 MM
TANNAHILL John Sergeant 10/2778 DCM
THOMAS John Trevor Lieutenant 32549 MC
THOMASON Herbert Henry Sergeant 6/369 MM
THOMSON Colin L-Corporal 44535 MM
THOMSON Robert Private 29513 DCM
TOD Alexander Naismith Sergeant 10/3760 MM
TOTT Frederick George Sergeant 10/2782 MM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
TOYE David Alfred Wilson CSM 10/2009 MSM
TREADWELL Charles Archibald Laurance Lieutenant 8/3133 OBE, MID
TREBES William Corporal 10/4210 MM
TRESSIDER Allan Leslie Sergeant 10/192 MSM
TRUEMAN Frederick Louis Private 10/3113 MM
TUKE Edmund Atheliston Corporal 23/1918 MM
TUNLEY Francis Charles Sergeant 10/2379 DCM
TUOHY James Sergeant 10/59 MSM
TURNBULL Arthur Private 7/1794 MM
TURNBULL Frank Kingdon Major 10/131 DSO, MC, MID x 3
URE Robert John Private 28241 MM
URQUHART Murray Captain 10/660 MC, MID, Order of Danilo, 5th Class (Montenegrian)
VARNHAM Frederick Stuart Captain 10/2015 MC, MID
VENNING Samuel James Private 16015 MM
VERRAN James Stanley Private 15811 MM
VESTEY Matthew Private 10/4215 DCM
VIAL William George L-Corporal 66162 DCM
WALLS C Chaplain Captain MC
WARD George Albert Private 14704 MM
WARD Martin Sergeant 12/960 DCM
WARD Thomas Lindsay 2nd Lieutenant 10/2823 MC
WARE William George Clinch Private 10/2787 MM and Bar
WASLEY William Arthur Sergeant 10/674 MM
WATSON John Ashton Private 40410 MM
WATSON Robert McKenzie Sergeant 1/43 Medaille d'Honneur (Avec Glaves)
WELLS Cecil Miller Sergeant 10/3424 MID, Italian Bronze Medal
WESTON Claude Horace Lt-Colonel 10/2478 DSO, MID
WHITE Alfred Thomas Captain 11/2005 MC, MID
WILDSMITH Charles Thomas Private 31386 MM
WILEY Horace Frederick Private 28252 MM
WILKIE Phillip Sergeant 23908 MM
WILLIAMS Alfred John 2nd Lieutenant 6/775 MID
WILLIAMS Frank John Private 55877 MM
WILLIAMS Thomas Henry QMS 10/76 MID
WILLIS Howard John Private 15825 MM
WILSON Andrew William L-Sergeant 14711 MID
WILSON Arthur Mowbray de Lacy L-Sergeant 10/605 MM
WILSON Edmund Robinson Lieutenant 10/75 MID
WOOD R Lieutenant MC
WOOD Robert CSM 10/766 MM
WORTHINGTON Leonard Edward John Private 17/221 MM
WRIGHT Arthur L-Corporal 10129 MM
WRIGHT Frank Private 10/4219 MM
WRIGHT Roy Frederick Private 10/1711 MM
WRIGHTSON Richard William Captain 10/1372 MC, MID
ZEINERT Albert L-Corporal 47495 MM

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