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1914 - 1918

From With the Machine Gunners in France and Palestine - The Official History of the New Zealand Machine Corps in the Great World War - 1914 - 1918 by Major J H Luxford NZMGC. (Whitcombe and Tombs 1923)

ADDIS Daniel Lambert Private 07Jun1917 KIA 16520
ADDIS John Vere Private 05Dec1917 KIA 42732
ALLAN John L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 26/382
ALLEN Edward John Private 12Oct1917 KIA 32494
ALLEN James Powter Corporal 04Oct1917 KIA 20943
ALLINGHAM Allan Private 26Sep1918 DOW 25425
AMBROSE Kenneth Duncan 2nd Lieut 15Sep1916 KIA -
AMES Albert Edward Private 07Jun1917 KIA 11592
ANDERSON Arthur Trooper 14Nov1917 KIA 12569
ANDERSON Martin Private 04Oct1917 KIA 14548
ANDERSON Ralph Private 06Jul1917 DOW 5/282
ANDREWS James Raitt Dickson Private 27Oct1916 DOW 24/31
ARNOLD Frederick Samuel Private 04Oct1917 KIA 25430
ASKWELL Sidney Herbert Sergeant 02Sep1918 DOW 21762
ATKINSON Arthur Feltom L-Corporal 08Oct1918 KIA 37960
ATKINSON Edward George Private 12Oct1917 KIA 26761
ATTWOOD Sidney James Private 03Dec1917 DOW 23945
AUTY Robert George Private 13May1916 KIA 6/2350
BAGLEY J J Private Died after discharge NZ 22917
BAILEY Jack Cameron Private 09Jun1917 DOW 7/1439
BAILEY Willie Private 07Jun1917 DOW 26371
BAILLIE Raymond Ivan Private 14Sep1918 DOW 54270
BAIRD W P Corporal 14Nov1917 KIA 11/857
BALFOUR Norman Buchanan Private 07Jun1917 KIA 10/14
BALLANTYNE R J Private Died after discharge NZ 17875
BALNEAVES William Earnslaw Private 15Sep1916 KIA 9/665
BARRETT Frederick Private 23Oct1918 KIA 62236
BAXTER Islay Whittington Corporal 15Sep1916 KIA 23/66
BEANLAND J T Private 11Oct1917 KIA 5/1191A
BEANLAND Stanley Private 15Oct1917 DOW 10298
BEAUMONT Bertie Benjamin Private 26Dec1917 KIA 36394
BELCHAMBER Leslie Henry Corporal 24Aug1918 KIA 21180
BETHUNE John Trooper 01Apr1918 DOW 11814
BILLING Frederick Rolland Private 16Nov1916 KIA 22927
BILLING Roy Given Private 20Apr1918 DOW 31060
BINGHAM Clifton Willoughby Private 13Sep1918 KIA 34565
BISHOP Alfred Eric Trooper 16Aug1918 Died 50721
BLACKIE Bernard Private 08Jun1917 KIA 6/3252
BLACKIE O C Sergeant Died after discharge NZ 6/2937
BLAKE Harold David Private 12Oct1917 KIA 26377
BOCK Ernest Theodore Private 12Sep1918 KIA 29609
BOLSTAD Samuel Herman Private 12Oct1917 DOW 17877
BOLTON Philip Leslie Alfred Private 04Oct1917 KIA 31010
BOULTON Lawrence William Private 12Oct1917 KIA 39940
BRACEWELL Walter Arthur Private 23Oct1917 DOW 26780
BRADFORD Henry Andrew Private 12Oct1917 KIA 8/3188
BRAIK L P Private Died in New Zealand 25096
BREMNER John Robertson L-Corporal 26Jun1916 KIA 11/213
BRETT Merson Templer Gore Private 03Oct1916 KIA 12/2653
BREWER Rueben Joseph Private 19Sep1916 KIA 9/1263
BREWER Thomas Lieutenant 03Oct1917 DOW -
BRIDSON Phillip Sydney L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 12/998
BRILL Frederick Andrew L-Corporal 15Jun1917 KIA 10/1752
BROOKE Frederic John Medows Zachary Trooper 18Dec1917 Died 43296
BROWN David Harold Binns Private 04Oct1917 KIA 23962
BROWN James L-Corporal 15OCt1917 DOW 21769
BROWNLIE Anthony Eugene Sergeant 14Nov1917 KIA 11/1122
BRUCE William James Stuart Private 08Oct1918 KIA 6/3999
BUCHAN William Private 24Oct1917 DOW 21971
BURN Frank Fraser Sergeant 05Dec1917 KIA 8/3877
BURNAND Harry Hamilton Hursthouse L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 25/84
BURNES James Allen Private 27Mar1918 KIA 9/584
BURT William Ramsay Private 22Jul1917 DOW 12132
BURTON Percy Private 03May1918 DOW 40433
BUTLER Patrick Joseph Private 11May1919 Died 18193
BUTTERWORTH Arthur Private 17May1918 DOW 24/1609
CALDER John George Private 12Sep1918 DOW 41390
CAMERON David Duthie Private 13Feb1918 KIA 40103
CARLYLE Walter Ernest Private 20Oct1918 Died 25110
CARNE William Private 16Oct1917 Died 16529
CARTER Ernest Joseph Private 07Jun1917 KIA 27668
CATTON Charles William Private 15Sep1916 KIA 12/4152
CAUGHLEY James Private 20Jan1918 KIA 44895
CHADWICK William Vanstone Private 13Sep1918 KIA 54678
CHINNERY-BROWN Douglas Alexander Private 20Feb1919 Died 29611
CLARK George Watson Sergeant 05Jan1917 DOW 91550
CLARK Percy John 2nd Lieut 11Oct1917 KIA -
CLARKE Albert Henry Private 15Sep1916 KIA 8/743
CLARKE Leslie Hurstfield Private 20Nov1918 Died 55837
CLAYTON James Private 17Jul1916 DOW 24/715
CLOSE Percy Melville Private 22Jan1918 DOW 33237
CLUTTERBUCK Albert Edward Private 29Sep1917 KIA 13314
COATES Eric Albert 2nd Lieut 14Jan1918 Died -
COFFY Richard Bernard Sergeant 01Oct1916 KIA 25/951
COLES Charles Henry - 20Dec1917 KIA 6/21008
COLLINGS John Langdon Sergeant 22Jan1918 DOW 25/1701
COLTMAN Cyril Warren Sergeant 14Jul1916 KIA 24/649
CONNELL John William - 09Nov1918 Died 21790
CONNELL P Driver - Died 2/120a
COOK Thomas Albert Trooper 10Nov1916 Died 11/2641
COONEY Leonard William Corporal 21Oct1917 Died 8/2416
COPESTAKE Leslie Trooper 23Sep1918 Died 50728
CORADINE John Sergeant 03Aug1917 KIA 26/46
CORBETT James Stewart Private 21Sep1916 KIA 6/2404
COUTTS Wyman L-Corporal 17Oct1917 Died 6/2404
COX William Edwin Batchelor L-Corporal 04Dec1917 DOW 13/2173
COYLE John Christopher Corporal 08Oct1918 KIA 6/4015
CRANSTON Frank Mullen Private 15Jun1917 KIA 22947
CRAVEN L A Lieutenant 04Oct1918 DOW -
CRESSWELL Benjamin Private 17Sep1916 KIA 13/2176
CROOT George Ernest Private 27Aug1918 KIA 40438
CURTIES Erick Private 05Oct1917 DOW 39428
DABINETT Francis Milne Private 07Oct1918 KIA 48425
DAVIES Frederick William Private 28Nov1917 KIA 44215
DAVIES Richard George Llewellyn Private 27Sep1916 KIA 8/2811
DIGGLE William Private 07Jun1917 DOW 23988
DIXON Charles Sugden Private 05Nov1917 DOW 17059
DORIA Percy L-Corporal 16Oct1917 DOW 22953
DOUGALL Robert James L-Corporal 08Oct1918 KIA 25112
DOWDEN Walter Eric L-Corporal 19Feb1918 KIA 13/3019
DUCKWORTH Robert Francis Corporal 28Oct1918 DOW 42744
DUFFY William Patrick Private 02Sep1918 KIA 34652
DUNCAN David Private 06Nov1918 DOW 42062
DURRANT Arthur Frank Private 20Sep1918 DOW 20124
EDGECUMBE Henry Francis Lieutenant 15Nov1918 Died -
EDLIN Edgar Vincent Private 13Sep1918 KIA 28273
EDRIDGE Albert 2nd Lieut 30Mar1918 DOW -
ELDER Walter Newton Private 07Jun1917 KIA 23991
ELEY Charles Henry Private 03Nov1918 Died 15096
ELLIOTT Vernon Douglas Private 17Nov1918 DOW 54277
EMMERSON Sydney Laurence Sergeant 19Oct1918 Died 13/795
ERCEG Andrew Private 04Oct1917 KIA 23993
FAIL Clive Lawrence Private 07Jun1917 KIA 13389
FARMER Henry Roger L-Corporal 07Nov1917 DOW 1/762
FAULL Henry James - 26Sep1916 KIA 10/2797
FEARN William George L-Corporal 14Nov1917 KIA 11/2314
FENNELL John James Private 06Nov1918 DOW 66139
FINLAYSON Peter Private 07Jun1917 KIA 24/139
FISCHER Joseph Edward - 05Dec1917 KIA 29612
FITZGERALD John Lawrence Private 04Jan1918 KIA 55845
FITZWILLIAM Alfred Herbert Sergeant 13Sep1918 KIA 13/51
FLANAGAN James Lieutenant 13Feb1918 Died -
FLAVELL Francis Leopold Trooper 14Nov1917 KIA 13/1027
FLOWERDAY Albert Edward Private 06May1917 DOW 21245
FOGARTY John Francis Private 05Apr1918 KIA 34572
FOOTE Hermann Private 01Oct1916 KIA 8/4448
FOWLER Cyril Douglas Gilroy Lieutenant 26May1918 KIA -
FRANSHAM Stanley Private 07Jun1917 DOW 20984
FRASER William Paterson L-Corporal 23Oct1918 KIA 3/688
FREEMAN Sydney Walter Ernest Trooper 14Jan1918 Died 11/877
FRY H Private 09Aug1922 Died 11856
FRYER Robert Hyslop Trooper 21Nov1918 Died 16395
GAIN Thomas William Private 03Oct1917 KIA 10/2611
GALPIN William Frederick Trooper 20Jul1917 DOW 11/2318
GEORGE Ernest John L-Corporal 27Mar1918 KIA 22009
GIBBS John L-Corporal 22Jul1917 KIA 5/1241a
GIFFEN James L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 22012
GILBERT Samuel William Private 05Jun1917 KIA 17067
GILCHRIST Alexander Corporal 15Sep1916 DOW 8/645
GLENDINNING James Jackson L-Corporal 14Nov1917 KIA 11/804a
GOAD Robert Private 17Jul1918 DOW 38374
GODDARD Herbert George Private 07Jun1917 KIA 12/3332
GODFREY Frank L-Corporal 08Oct1918 KIA 14/253
GOODWIN Erdington Lieutenant 28Aug1918 DOW -
GORDON Daniel Private 28Aug1918 KIA 14610
GOSLING Thomas WO II 29Aug1918 DOW 10/1497
GOW Daniel Amie Campbell Private 03Dec1917 KIA 32516
GOWER Arthur Private 12Oct1917 KIA 29615
GRAHAM Allan Private 29Apr1917 KIA 23/768
GRAHAM Hugh Murray Private 04Nov1918 KIA 68576
GRANTHAM William Walden Private 12Jan1918 KIA 36513
GREEN Hedley Charles Trooper 21Apr1917 DOW 17609
GREENWELL George Private 11Sep1916 KIA 24/1062
GREENWOOD Ernest Percy Private 04Nov1918 KIA 54684
GRIGOR James Williamson Private 03Oct1917 KIA 28276
GUNN William George Corporal 05Dec1918 DOW 23/440
HAINES Henry Francis Sergeant 27Mar1918 KIA 12/2313
HALDANE W C Private Died after discharge NZ 22968
HALLY Colin Lieutenant 06Apr1918 KIA -
HAMILTON Colin Private 03Dec1917 DOW 26609
HAMILTON William L-Corporal 06Nov1917 DOW 12/3667
HANDYSIDE George Corporal 20Jan1918 DOW 24/463
HANSON Arthur Wellesley Private 03Aug1918 KIA 21258
HARNEY Robert Matthew Private 09Jun1917 DOW 10/1839
HAROLD Michael John Private 10Nov1917 KIA 18219
HAROLD William Edward Private 07Jun1917 KIA 22662
HARPER C G 2nd Lieut 13Aug1916 DOW -
HARTMANN Hans Trooper 06Nov1917 KIA 12686
HASTE Frederick Dale Corporal 12Oct1917 KIA 10/2177
HAZLETON Thomas Lindsay Private 15Sep1916 DOW 6/3036
HEATH Frederick Private 15Jun1917 KIA 10/1843
HECTOR James Corporal 16Sep1916 DOW 8/1892
HELLIWELL William Taylor Private 26Jun1917 KIA 26407
HENDERSON Alfred Corporal 04Sep1918 KIA 2/1003a
HENDERSON William Trooper 19Oct1918 DOW 43165
HENDRY John Currie Private 15Sep1916 KIA 8/3127
HILL Claude Henry Corporal 25Nov1917 KIA 16467
HINCHCLIFFE William Henry Private 23Oct1918 KIA 33643
HINES S M Private 06Dec1917 Died 12194
HISLOP B A Private 10Jun1917 KIA 29617
HODGE Alfred Reynolds Private 02Sep1918 KIA 48336
HODGSON Alfred Frank Private 06Oct1917 DOW 22802
HODSON Edward Michael O'Hara Private 12Sep1918 KIA 31645
HOGG Alexander L-Corporal 03Dec1917 KIA 12/4013
HOGG Edward Andrew Private 30Aug1918 KIA 31781
HOLST Henry Corporal 15Nov1917 DOW 13/1047
HOOPER Charles Leonard Sergeant 07Nov1918 DOW 26000
HOUGHTON Henry Pryce Private 04Oct1917 KIA 18804
HOWDEN Peter 2nd Lieut 21Oct1917 DOW -
HOWE R A Private Died after discharge NZ 38391
HUNT Leslie Libeau Private 07Jun1917 KIA 21824
JACK Thomas Henry Corporal 07Jun1917 DOW 8/1755
JAMES Charles Edward Private 05Jun1917 KIA 9/444
JAMIESON Irvine Clyne Private 22Jul1917 KIA 32595
JELLYMAN Norman William Private 08Jun1917 KIA 24174
JENKINS William Robert L-Corporal 05Apr1918 KIA 24175
JERMY George Maurice Corporal 02Oct1916 DOW 10/1863
JERMY William John Private 01Oct1916 KIA 10/3610
JOHNSTON James Henry L-Corporal 10Dec1917 DOW 9/1187
JONES Ronald Seaforth Sergeant 24Aug1918 KIA 5/599
JONES Sydney Revington Corporal 29Jul1916 KIA 12/937
KAY Stanley Angus Sergeant 27Mar1918 KIA 9/1695
KEIG John Private 05Apr1918 KIA 10356
KELLETT David Lindsay Private 11Sep1916 KIA 25/812
KELLY John Joseph Private 12Mar1917 KIA 26/110
KENNAN J J Private 29Aug1918 KIA 22995
KENNY David Alexander Captain 06Apr1918 Died -
KIBBLEWHITE Edward Henry Turner Lieutenant 16Sep1916 KIA -
KILKENNY Michael Hagen Private 12Oct1917 DOW 24801
KIMBELL Frederick Leslie Private 20Jan1918 KIA 35372
KING Charles Frederick Private 15Nov1918 DOW 10458
KIRK Wilfred Blythe L-Corporal 18Feb1917 Died 24/184
KNIGHT Archibald Private 09Jun1917 DOW 17079
KNOWLES John Lieutenant 16Dec1918 Died -
KNOX Alexander L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 26/1630
KNOX Robert Corporal 24Aug1918 KIA 23/475
KORTEGAST Hugh Sarsfield Private 12Oct1917 KIA 27657
LAKE Harry Allan Wilson Private 26Aug1918 KIA 40821
LANG Joseph William Private 15Nov1916 KIA 15/140
LANGSKAIL Stewart Private 11Aug1917 KIA 8/2643
LAWRENSON James Sergeant 01Aug1916 KIA 12/2010
LEAROYD Hyde Kelso Private 04Oct1917 KIA 16042
LEE Aubrey George Private 04Apr1917 DOW 10127
LEE Percy David Trooper 30Mar1918 DOW 43736
LEITCH John Dinnie Trooper 28Nov1917 DOW 7/224
LEWIS George Forrester Private 02Oct1917 KIA 24026
LEWIS George Thomas Private 22Aug1918 DOW 38913
LITTLE Joseph Frank Private 29Sep1916 KIA 15/144
LITTLE Victor Private 15Jun1917 KIA 23002
LOCHHEAD William Harcourt Trooper 11May1918 DOW 16103
LOCK Basil George Private 07Jun1917 DOW 23/488
LORD Seth L-Corporal 04Oct1917 KIA 16565
LORGELLY William Sergeant 25Aug1918 KIA 20179
LOWNDES Arthur Private 05Oct1918 DOW 21282
LOWRY Leslie Tuhoe Trooper 10Dec1918 Murdered 65779
LUTY Albert Private 20Sep1916 KIA 10241
LYONS Thomas Private 08Apr1918 DOW 41406
MACNAMARA Donald Wallace Private 21Sep1916 KIA 7/758
MAGUIRE Daniel Thomas Private 12Oct1917 KIA 12/1704
MAKER W J Private 04Oct1917 KIA 9/1332
MANSFIELD William Henry 2nd Lieut 07Jun1917 KIA -
MANSON Percy Robert Trooper 30Mar1918 KIA 13/3048
MANSON William L-Corporal 06Nov1918 DOW 26/1044
MARCUSSEN Christian Diedrich Private 04Nov1918 Died in New Zealand 25116
MARSH John Edward Caleb Private 12Oct1917 KIA 24202
MARTIN Peter Joseph Private 12Oct1917 KIA 29905
MASON Albert Chernell Private 27Mar1918 KIA 25558
MASON Edward Albert Private 13Oct1917 DOW 24389
MASON Richard Burnside Trooper 10Aug1916 DOW 11/1341
MAWHINNEY Frederick William Private 13Oct1917 DOW 30248
MAYALL William Douglas Private 28Apr1918 DOW 35474
McCAW Alfred John Private 16Sep1916 DOW 23/223
McCAW Peter Rankin Private 26Feb1918 Died 26/359
McCLENAGHAN James Henry Private 27Dec1917 DOW 26432
McCLYMONT Malcolm Stewart Private 07Jun1917 KIA 22065
McCLYMONT Robert Frederick Private 14Dec1917 KIA 40457
McCONKEY Arthur Edgar Private 08Oct1918 KIA 33654
McFARLAND Thomas Nigel Corporal 12Oct1917 KIA 8/252
McINTYRE Archibald Private 12Oct1917 KIA 38567
McINTYRE Peter Lieutenant 07Jun1917 KIA -
McIVOR Allan Horton Trooper 20Oct1918 Died 36008
McKAY John Private 12Sep1918 KIA 62210
McKAY Leonard Harold Private 07Apr1918 DOW 37935
McKAY Maxwell Private 07Jun1917 KIA 24/1143
McKENZIE James Private 25Jun1917 DOW 10/589
McKENZIE William Norval L-Corporal 10Jul1918 KIA 34968
McKINNON R B Private Died in New Zealand 10/2447
McLEAN William Robert Private 24Apr1918 DOW 20208
McLEISH John Private 21Sep1916 KIA 6/4110
McLELLAN S Private 13May1918 KIA 6/1650
McLEOD Andrew Private 06Aug1916 DOW 9/1713
McMENAMIN Charles Sergeant 07Jun1917 KIA 9/624
McMILLAN Lewis Alexander L-Corporal 08Jun1917 KIA 10/2451
McMILLAN Robert Andrew Corporal 21Sep1916 DOW 26/1008
McNAMARA T Private Died in New Zealand 24196
McPHAIL Donald Booker Private 17Sep1917 KIA 8/3697
McPHEE Archibald Private 25Jun1917 DOW 28287
McTAVISH Roderick Private 31Aug1918 KIA 9/736
McVEIGH James Edward Private 09Jan1918 KIA 29653
MICHIE James Dalzill Private 12Oct1917 KIA 38422
MILGREW James Maurice Private 13Oct1917 DOW 12/1098
MILLER Frank L-Corporal 25Nov1917 KIA 7/1102
MILLER S E Private 21May1918 Died in New Zealand 8/4174
MILLER William Arthur Private 07Apr1918 KIA 17933
MILNE James William Private 31Aug1918 DOW 27718
MITCHELL Matthew George Private 05Dec1917 KIA 25/124
MOGG William James Private 16Sep1918 DOW 26129
MOHR Keith Corporal 26Mar1918 KIA 13/3185
MOLLONEY John Albert Private 05Jun1917 KIA 26130
MONAGHAN Hugh Private 16Nov1916 DOW 12222
MOORE John William Chapman Private 08Nov1917 DOW 29695
MOORE William Henry 2nd Lieut 07Oct1917 DOW -
MORGAN Wilfred Joshua Private 06Sep1918 KIA 41598
MORRIN James Private 08Jun1917 DOW 23584
MORRIS W L Private 04Feb1917 DOW 23/831
MORRISON Austin Lindsay Private 15Sep1916 KIA 24/845
MORROW William Private 23Jul1917 KIA 28284
MOYLE George Alexander Private 03Oct1916 KIA 13/2351
MULLAN Thomas James Private 12Jul1918 Died 34577
MYERS Sidney Private 29May1916 KIA 11/1729
MYLES Sidney Austin Wilson Private 04Nov1918 KIA 59696
NEILSEN Vincent Charles Private 10Dec1916 DOW 23030
NEILSON George Espen Private 17Aug1917 DOW 21311
NELSON Bert L-Corporal 05Dec1917 KIA 13/2873
NEWBERRY John Watling Private 13Sep1918 KIA 10/3354
NICHOLSON Charles Stanley L-Corporal 15Sep1916 KIA 23/535
NICHOLSON Frank Reginald Reynolds Private 06Nov1918 DOW 62878
NICHOLSON Oliver Charles Edward Private 12Sep1918 KIA 62212
NIXON Alfred Ernest Private 07Apr1918 DOW 38899
NOLAN W J Private Died in New Zealand 25119
NOONAN John Joseph Private 15Jun1917 KIA 12244
O'BRIEN F R R Sergeant 20Aug1917 DOW 11/1049
O'CONNOR James Private 05Aug1917 KIA 17097
O'CONNOR Thomas Bernard Sergeant 18Jul1918 DOW 11/1263
OLDMAN Francis Edward Private 23Jul1917 KIA 17098
OLIVER Arthur Scott Sergeant 24Nov1917 KIA 8/2458
OTT Charles George Private 10Oct1918 DOW 62879
PAPPS Harry Cole Corporal 04Oct1917 KIA 9/1476
PARK John Sergeant 19Oct1918 Died 11/1383
PARNHAM Eric James Private 04Oct1917 KIA 29625
PARSONS Sydney Herbert Private 04Aug1917 DOW 27952
PEARCE William Private 12Oct1917 KIA 5/894
PEARSON John Corporal 04Nov1918 Died 12/2236
PEART Harold L-Corporal 31Aug1918 DOW 40460
PELVIN George Andrew - 26Nov1917 DOW 13638
PENNINGTON Lionel L-Corporal 17Sep1916 KIA 10/757
PENROSE Leonard Francis Edward Sergeant 30May1917 DOW 25/563
PERCY Leonard Murray Private 17Sep1916 DOW 9/1720
PERRETT Sidney Benjamin L-Corporal 05Nov1917 KIA 11/1052
PERRY Edward Jevon Herbert L-Corporal 31Mar1918 KIA 25121
PETERSEN Augustus Charles L-Corporal 28Aug1918 KIA 13639
PROFFITT William Reynolds Lieutenant 04Oct1917 KIA -
QUAIFE Lawrence Lionel Trooper 16Oct1918 Died 24924
REID Robert Aitken Trooper 11Jan1917 DOW 11/2509
RENALL Richard Percy L-Corporal 28Mar1918 KIA 12242
RESTALL Ralph Wise Private 20Oct1917 DOW 35090
REXWORTHY Edward Mitchell Pharazyn Private 04Oct1916 KIA 3/293
RIBBON Charles Trooper 27Mar1917 DOW 12476
ROBBS George Francis Private 31Jul1917 KIA 8/2113
RODGERS M Private Died in New Zealand 20423
ROSS Hugh Private 15Sep1916 KIA 24/2083
ROWLAND John Beetham Trooper 14Nov1917 KIA 11/2366
RUSSELL William John L-Corporal 24Nov1917 KIA 29655
SAMUEL Claude Montefiore Lieutenant 12Sep1918 Died -
SANDERSON James Duncan L-Corporal 25Jun1917 KIA 9/1105
SANG Richard Claude L-Corporal 13Oct1917 KIA 11346
SANSBURY Ewart Teare Private 21Aug1918 DOW 44526
SAULBREY Thomas Percival Private 14Oct1917 DOW 31792
SCOTT Walter George Private 09Jan1918 KIA 30647
SHARP Walter Frederick Private 27Sep1918 Died 28293
SHEEHY Thornton Private 04Oct1917 KIA 31187
SHELTON Frederick Private 10Nov1918 DOW 14494
SHERIDAN Gordon Ellis Private 12Aug1917 KIA 24229
SHIELDS Herbert Matthew Private 03Oct1916 KIA 10059
SHIPPARD Courtney Noel Private 10Jul1916 KIA 10/49
SIMPSON Gordon Sergeant 30Mar1918 KIA 13/651
SIMPSON Gordon Stanley Corporal 13Jan1918 KIA 21903
SIMPSON J N Private 25Nov1918 Died in New Zealand 9/1489
SIMPSON James Thomas Trooper 25Nov1917 KIA 11/1596
SMART Charles L-Corporal 31Mar1918 DOW 7/1142
SMITH David Leonard Private 02Mar1917 Died 8/1839
SMITH Francis Guthrie Trooper 05Aug1916 KIA 7/1557
SMITH John Charles L-Corporal 13Sep1918 KIA 13644
SMITH Oscar Charles 2nd Lieut 26Aug1918 KIA -
SMITH Reginald Percy Private 15Nov1917 DOW 24071
SMITH Sidney Clarkson Private 27Sep1916 KIA 12/2477
SMITH Thomas Sergeant 12Oct1917 KIA 25/1818
SMITH Thomas James Private 25Jun1917 DOW 24457
SNOW Frederick James Private 27Mar1918 KIA 41419
SPARROW Charles George Private 05Feb1918 DOW 39426
SPEIRS Robert Stirling Private 27Aug1918 KIA 6/1985
SPRAGGS Alfred George L-Corporal 07Oct1918 KIA 9/1976
STAINES Jack Leslie Private 31Mar1918 KIA 37949
STEDMAN John Sergeant 24Jan1919 Died 10/2320
STEPHENSON Phillip Augustus Private 26Sep1916 KIA 12/2854
STEVENS Leslie Gordon L-Corporal 11Oct1918 Died 11/383
STEVENSON Allan Private 03Oct1917 KIA 27976
STIRLING Jack Private 04Oct1917 KIA 25124
STOCKMAN Leslie Campbell Sergeant 04Nov1918 KIA 17870
STONE W H Private Died in New Zealand 23/1202
STRATFORD Joseph William Corporal 17Sep1916 KIA 10/2397
STUART Alfred Private 14Oct1917 DOW 30310
STUART Frank Private 29Aug1917 DOW 24241
STUBBS Eric Guy Lieutenant 03Oct1918 DOW -
SUTHERLAND Clair Nelson Private 12Oct1917 KIA 41118
SUTHERLAND Douglas Stuart Private 30Oct1918 DOW 9/1743
SUTHERLAND George Sinclair Private 25Aug1918 KIA 42721
SUTHERLAND James Fulton Private 08Jun1917 KIA 21523
SWANICK Jas Private 01Oct1916 KIA 23/1836
SWEET Charles Private 21Oct1917 DOW 31794
SWINBOURNE Christopher Private 10Dec1918 Died 10/4201
TAIT James Arthur Private 08Jun1917 KIA 25125
TANSEY Lionel Matthew 2nd Lieut 12Mar1919 Died -
TAYLER William Christopher Private 03Jan1918 DOW 24/2295
TAYLOR Charles Private 07Aug1917 DOW 23/145
TAYLOR Edgar Private 12Oct1917 KIA 22134
TAYLOR Thomas Gledhill Trooper 05Nov1918 Died 50047
THOM James Private 03Oct1918 KIA 27625
THOMPSON Alfred Bruce Private 23Dec1917 KIA 41422
THOMPSON James Private 12Oct1917 KIA 13131
THOMSON James Douglas 2nd Lieut 28Aug1918 DOW -
THORNTON Percy Private 07Jun1917 KIA 24084
TICHBORN Ernest Private 29Nov1917 KIA 40139
TROWERN H C Private 08Nov1918 Died in New Zealand 31193
TUCKER Roy Charles Private 15Sep1916 KIA 24/2299
TURNER Charles Frederick Private 08Sep1918 DOW 20461
TYRIE Stuart Private 26Sep1916 KIA 12/1416
UPSTON Percival James Sergeant 31Jul1917 KIA 6/2787
VALENTINE Ernest Harold Private 14Jan1918 DOW 31380
VALLANCE Alexander Private 16Nov1918 Died 17455
VOWDEN Charles Frederick Harold Private 26Jun1917 DOW 20561
WAINWRIGHT Norriss Poultney Private 02Oct1918 DOW 55872
WAITING Henry Private 03Nov1918 DOW 47799
WALDRON Arnold Spain Private 24Dec1917 KIA 32599
WARREN Ralph William Lieutenant - Died -
WATERTON George Bertram Private 09Aug1917 DOW 21539
WATSON Frederick William 2nd Lieut 07Jun1917 KIA -
WATSON Thomas Henry Lieutenant 02Oct1916 DOW -
WATTAM Horace Howard Private 07Jun1917 KIA 21125
WEATHERALL J H Trooper 14Nov1917 KIA 35342
WEBB Alexander Corporal 18Sep1916 KIA 9/1370
WELCH William Private 18Sep1916 KIA 12/2879
WELLS Joseph Evan Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 18198
WHITE Arthur William Private 16Dec1917 KIA 33662
WHITE George Daly Private 04Oct1917 KIA 10/2358
WHITE John Cyril L-Corporal 07Jun1917 KIA 7/1816
WHITTLE William Private 27Mar1918 KIA 35445
WIGhtmlN Belford Annan Private 21Feb1918 KIA 45177
WILKIE Oliver Duncan Private 03Jan1919 DOW 38922
WILKINSON Reginald Private 13Sep1918 KIA 25047
WILLIAMS Hector Edward Goble Private 15Sep1916 KIA 8/4054
WILLIAMS Joseph L-Corporal 12Oct1917 KIA 8/1860
WILLIAMS Keith Gaster 2nd Lieut 08Jun1917 KIA -
WILSON Harry William Private 04Oct1917 KIA 25763
WINSKILL George Sergeant 27Mar1918 KIA 6/1431
WISHAW B G Trooper 17Oct1918 Died 11/1996
WISNOFSKI Alexander Charles Arm-Sergt 06Nov1918 Died 11/1612
WOOD Gordon L-Corporal 30Mar1918 KIA 11/942
WOODHEAD George CSM 09Dec1917 DOW 6/575
WORSLEY Harold James 2nd Lieut 14Oct1916 DOW -
WYATT Alexander John Private 27Sep1916 KIA 12/2626
YOUNG Ronald Davis Sergeant 30May1918 KIA 23921

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