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1914 -1918

From New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War - 1914 - 1918 by Lieut. Colonel A D CARBERRY (Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd 1924)

71702 ABERNETHY N C Private 02Nov1918
3/1379 ALLAN M Private 12Oct1917
70027 ANDERSON P J Private 23Oct1918
3/1140 ANDERSON T Private 03Aug1917
3/968 ANDREWS E W Private 25May1918
3/163a ANDRUS H Private 08Aug1915
3/384 ANGUS J H Corporal 13Sep1918
3/2859 ARDAGH P A Captain 07Jul1918
3/3482 AUSTISS G O Private 05Dec1917
3/3535 AUTON R Private 05Apr1918
3/2610 AVERY W L Private Date Unknown
3/3726 BADDILEY J W Private 27Oct1918
3/3144 BAEYERTZ R Private Date Unknown
3/314 BAIGENT C V Major 09Aug1915
3/3022 BAIGENT L C Private 04Nov1918
3/1922 BAILEY A G Private 23Sep1916
3/828 BAILLIE J R Private 29Jan1918
3/1257 BAIN J B Private 30Sep1917
3/2016 BAKER R A Private Date Unknown
3/2051 BANKS B W Private 24Aug1918
3/3856 BARKE A Private 12Oct1918
3/1380 BARLOW W Private Date Unknown
3/1142 BARRETT J C Private Date Unknown
3/2594 BAXTER R H Captain 29Mar1918
3/232 BAYLISS H S Private 22Sep1915
3/1143 BEAUCHAMP M F W G Private 22May1916
3/649 BECKINGHAM J E W L/Corporal 12Oct1917
3/206 BEGG A T Private 29Apr1915
3/303 BEGG C M Colonel 27Jun1915
3/1144 BEGG J W D Private 06Sep1918
3/837 BELL P H Private 21Nov1915
3/837 BELL P H Private 13Oct1917
3/111a BENNETT A C Corporal 07Aug1915
3/2152 BENZIE S J Private Date Unknown
3/2926 BERRY J A Lieutenant 25Jun1917
3/1755 BESLEY S V Private 16Sep1916
3/2088 BESTALL L D Private 22Oct1917
3/2453 BEWICK A D Private Date Unknown
3/880 BLACK A A Private 20Sep1916
3/3023 BLACK A E Private Date Unknown
8/3487 BLACK H Private 03Dec1917
24/691 BLACKBURN H C Private 27May1917
3/982 BOURKE C H S/S 04May1917
3/1149 BOVARD W H Private 07Jun1917
3/3549 BOYD E F Private 03Apr1918
3/1686 BRADSHAW J W Private 05Sep1918
3/132 BRAWN L C Private 14Sep1915
3/1150 BRIGHT G S Private Date Unknown
3/3117 BROOKIE P G Private 15Sep1918
3/881 BROWN A C Corporal 16Oct1917
3/971 BROWN J F Captain 17Sep1916
3/2871 BRUETON B Private 30Jan1918
25/588 BUCKLAND W T Private 04May1917
24/1607 BURNS B P Private 27Jun1917
3/882 BURRY H N F Corporal 04May1917
3/3136 BUTLER W H Private Date Unknown
3/3451 BYRON A E Private Date Unknown
3/1739 CADDICK A E Sergeant 12Aug1917
3/3024 CAIRNS J E Private 13Sep1918
3/2020 CALDER W H Private 12Oct1917
3/2488 CALEY A Private 04Sep1918
3/2488 CALEY A Private 10Jun1917
3/864 CAMERON N G Private 11Aug1915
3/2425 CAMPBELL W Private 16Oct1917
3/162 CARNEY J Private 25Apr1915
3/1259 CARR E J W Private 17Oct1917
3/2883 CARTER T G Private Date Unknown
3/162a CATES C Private 13Aug1915
26246 CAVANAGH W T Private 15Oct1917
3/3199 CHAPPELL W J Private Date Unknown
3/1691 CHARLES J L Private 19Sep1916
3/1800 CHEVASSUS P J L Private 29May1916
3/2856 CHILDS T W Y Captain 27Jul1917
3/3800 CHRISTIE S F Private 30Oct1918
3/2713 CLAPHAM L Private 05Sep1918
3/3488 CLARK E R Private 05Apr1918
3/3119 CLARKE E W Private Date Unknown
3/1001 CLARKSON C W Private 22Sep1916
3/886 CLEMANCE C W Private 21Sep1916
3/658 CLISSOLD F O Private 25Jan1918
3/996 CLOTHIER W A Sergeant 27Oct1918
3/3553 COLE C H F Private 30Jan1918
3/2487 COLLIER G E Private 15Oct1917
3/842 COLLIN L Private Date Unknown
3/1154 COMER J F Corporal 12Aug1916
3/2160 COMPTON S G Private 03Dec1917
3/3919 CONIBEAR O Private 24Oct1918
3/2615 COOK E C Private 22Jul1917
3/96 COOK W E Corporal 01Oct1916
3/12 COPELAND R S/Major 01Oct1916
3/391 COUCH A B Private 13Aug1915
3/2507 COUCHMAN H H Private 27Nov1917
3/3555 COWAN D A Private 05Apr1918
3/3876 CRABTREE E A Private 30Oct1918
12/360 CRAIG G Lt-Colonel 05May1915
12/360 CRAIG G Lt-Colonel 10May1915
3/2218 CRAWFORD R J Private 05Feb1918
3/3072 CRAWSHAY V G Private 04Dec1917
19120 CRONIN J M Private 13Oct1917
3/241 CULPAN H C Corporal 12Oct1917
3/2101 CUMBERBEACH T H C Private 19Jul1917
3/995 CUMMINS A B Private Date Unknown
3/193 CURRY E E Private 14Jun1915
3/490 CUSACK W P Private Date Unknown
24/111 DARROCH E C R Private 05Apr1918
3/843 DAVIDSON J Private 24Nov1915
3/888 DAVIS A R Private 13Sep1918
3/3454 DAVIS O O Private Date Unknown
3/2573 DAWSON W C W Private 29Nov1917
3/3560 De LISLE E W Private 30Aug1918
6/1214 DEARSLY R A Captain 19Jun1916
3/3559 DELARGEY F T Private 03May1918
6/2497 DENNIS E A Private Date Unknown
3/86 DICK C K Corporal 19Sep1915
3/2458 DICK F Private 25Jan1918
3/2939 DICKISON L Private 12Oct1917
3/3823 DOBBS L Private 26Oct1918
43081 DOBSON J Private 13Sep1918
3/129 DODDS A C Private 08Aug1915
70258 DOUGLAS P J Private 30Oct1918
3/100a DRAKE E A Private 12Aug1915
3/1396 DREDGE C M L Sergeant 04Jun1917
3/242 DRURY L G Private 25Apr1915
16/1999 DUNCAN J D C Captain 15Sep1916
3/1766 DUNN J F Private 20Sep1916
3/196 EAGLE F Sergeant 07Jun1917
3/144 EAST A F D Private 10Aug1915
3/2897 EDIE E K Captain 12Aug1917
11/759 EDNEY O Private --Aug1915
3/1160 EDWARDS E E Private 19Apr1917
3/1375 ELLIOTT V E Private 27Jul1917
6/1523 ELLIS H Private Date Unknown
3/1269 ELLWOOD A Private 05Jun1916
3/1015 ELTRINGHAM G Private 07Jun1917
3/3562 ESTALL H W Private 29Jan1918
3/1745 EVANS R C Sergeant 26Aug1918
3/1923 EVANS W L Private 07Jun1917
11773 EVERISS D Private 25Apr1918
3/397 EVES J B Corporal 12Aug1916
3/820 FALLA H Private 18Jun1917
3/668 FAMA G J Private 21Sep1916
3/857 FARIS J E Captain 06Oct1917
3/1699 FARNSWORTH E Corporal 04Jun1917
3/3151 FENWICK C C Private 29Jan1918
3/30 FIELD H Sergeant 21May1915
3/2136 FIFE K Private 30Apr1918
3/1677 FINDLAY H O Sergeant 06Oct1917
3/305 FINDLAY S H Private 28Aug1915
3/1700 FLEMING J L Private 25Aug1918
3/103 FORD A A Private 08Jun1915
3/1018 FORRESTER J - Date Unknown
3/2012 FOSSETTE W E Private 25Aug1918
21382 FOSTER C L Private 04Jun1917
51562 FOSTER E G Private 26Aug1918
3/1769 FREETH H J Private 12Oct1917
3/2879 FREI J Private 16Aug1917
3/2549 FYSON A F Private 25Aug1918
3/1025 GASKELL G O Private 01Oct1916
3/2164 GAUNTLETT C G Private 15Oct1917
3/3147 GEDDES J Private 05Jan1918
3/322 GEDEN G V L/Corporal Date Unknown
6/233 GILBERT D Private 22Sep1916
28020 GILBY G B Private 22Sep1916
3/2839 GILLESPIE R D Private 12Oct1917
58679 GILMOUR D H Private 26Oct1918
3/1702 GILMOUR W Private 04Sep1918
3/1027 GOLDSMITH E L Private 16Sep1916
3/2478 GOOCH N R Private 25Jan1918
3/1118 GOOD H A Captain 14Sep1916
3/166 GOODER N L/Corporal 15Oct1917
3/2616 GOODMAN H A Private Date Unknown
3/673 GORDON C M Private Date Unknown
3/1024 GOULD S H Private 14Oct1917
3/250 GRAHAM J Corporal 09Jul1915
70140 GRAHAM R Private 23Oct1918
3/3025 GRAY A Private Date Unknown
3/3734 GRAYSON F R W Private 04Nov1918
3/107 GREEN F V Corporal 27Mar1918
3/3949 GREEN G T W Private 19Dec1917
3/675 GREEN L W Corporal 12Oct1917
3/2677 GREER W L Private 15Oct1917
3/1021 GRIFFITHS G Private 15Oct1917
3/546 GUNNING H Private 05Aug1915
7/637 GUTHRIE N R Lt-Colonel 21Aug1915
3/2751 GUYTON P J Private 12Oct1917
3/1163 HAIR J B Private 05Dec1917
3/679 HALL G W - 19Feb1918
3/3495 HANCOCK T E H Private 08Dec1917
3/680 HANTLER H J Private 05Apr1918
34371 HARDIE J H Private 13Sep1918
3/3045 HARE H B - 25Aug1918
3/1031 HARRISON R Private Date Unknown
49899 HARVIE A H Private 05Sep1918
3/1028 HASLETT J S Private 10Aug1917
3/878 HAY A G Private 12Oct1917
3/3143 HAYDON V Private 25Aug1918
3/1032 HAYES S M Private 01Oct1916
3/221 HAYWOOD W Private 25Jul1917
3/685 HAZELWOOD T O Private Date Unknown
3/115 HEALD C H Private 16Aug1915
8/1749 HEALEY T J Private 05Apr1918
3/1771 HEBDEN W J Private 16Sep1916
3/166a HEGAN L QMS 12Aug1916
3/258 HENDERSON R A Corporal 12Oct1917
3/3703 HENDERSON W Private 02Oct1918
3/1706 HEPPLESTON G Private 12Sep1916
3/3633 HICKMOTT G W E Private Date Unknown
3/1521 HILL J L Private Date Unknown
12186 HILTON T Private Date Unknown
3/896 HOARE A E Sergeant 20Sep1916
3/412 HOARE G H L/Corporal 30Sep1918
24/1567 HOGUE R J - Date Unknown
3/2684 HONORE E N Private Date Unknown
3/3128 HOOK R Private 04Oct1917
3/2087 HOOPER O R Private 19Sep1916
3/1746 HOUNSELL W K L/Corporal 27May1917
3/3148 HOWES A J Private 05Jan1918
3/2209 HUGHES J G Private 18Oct1917
3/1030 HUME A L Private 17Sep1916
3/26286 HUNT G R Private 07Jun1917
3/1707 HUTTON L J Private 12Oct1917
3/326 INGRAM R H Corporal 14Aug1915
3/3047 JACKSON W E Private 19Oct1917
3/3502 JAFFREY H T Private Date Unknown
12/1087 JAMES A Private 16Sep1916
3/3076 JAMES J Private 11Apr1918
3/994 JAMIESON R J - 22Sep1916
3/2760 JEFFS R J - Date Unknown
3/262 JENKINS T O L Private 30Oct1918
3/2125 JONES D G Private 25Jul1917
3/3002 JONES G O Private Date Unknown
3/1775 JONES N W Private 26Sep1916
3/2084 JOY C R Private Date Unknown
51740 JUDD H L Private 29Nov1917
3/1523 JUPP J W Private 15Sep1916
3/1523 JURY H T Private Date Unknown
3/3048 KEEN E F Private Date Unknown
3/2027 KEEN R R Private 12Oct1917
3/2532 KELLER R Private 05Apr1918
3/744 KELLY J Corporal 27OCt1915
3/3028 KERR E Private Date Unknown
3/3571 KERR H Private 25May1918
23/1711 KERR J Private 10Aug1917
3/2482 KIDD A Captain 29May1917
3/3460 KINGS H S G S Private 13Sep1918
12/3680 KINGSTON G Private 03Dec1917
3/3139 KINVIG N J M Private 12Sep1918
3/962 KLENNER A W Private 16Sep1916
12417 KUMMER H H Private Date Unknown
3/1171 KYLE L A Private 25Aug1918
3/1403 LANGFORD T H C Private 20Jul1917
3/2755 LARK H J Private 14Oct1917
3/420a LASERON E B M Private 29Nov1917
3/2226 LAWRY W M Private 24Aug1918
3/2816 LAYTHER A J Private Date Unknown
72916 LEACH R M Private 27Oct1918
3/3359 LEITCH S Private 05Apr1918
24/1211 LENNETT A W Private Date Unknown
3/1173 LEONARD S L Private Date Unknown
3/1405 LEWIS S R Private 27Aug1918
6/1899 LLEWELLYN M Private Date Unknown
8/2973 LOW F R W Private 14Sep1918
52682 MACALPIN A T Private 15Aug1918
3/1530 MACKIE H J Private 22Sep1916
3/89 MANEY C E Corporal 07Oct1917
26/1640 MARSHALL J Private 25Jan1918
3/1120 MARSHALL J A Captain 02Jun1917
3/1057 MARTIN H Private 16Oct1917
3/1680 MARTIN N L Corporal 16Sep1916
3/1732 MATTHEWS B E Private 16Sep1916
3/2463 McALLISTER G Private Date Unknown
3/2063 McCARTHY H C Private Date Unknown
3/1232 McCARTHY I Private Date Unknown
24/851 McCARTHY J Private 15Sep1916
3/1277 McCAW J Private Date Unknown
17/339 McCONNELL T D Corporal 12Aug1916
3/433 McCRAE D Private 09Aug1915
3/1712 McCULLOCH R Private 17Nov1916
12/187 McEWAN F - Date Unknown
3/852 McFARLANE W S Private 20Sep1916
3/1068 McILRAITH E S G Private 29Nov1917
3/1786 McKENZIE A W Private 16Sep1916
3/2201 McLAUCHLAN F A Private 27Aug1918
- McLEAN H J Lt-Colonel 27Aug1915
3/2512 McLEOD G M Private 30Mar1918
3/91 McNAUGHTON G S Private 25Apr1915
8/2996 McPHERSON D C Private 26Aug1918
3/2230 McPHERSON J Private 27May1917
3/3575 MEIKLE T Private 19Feb1918
3/3466 MELTZER I Private Date Unknown
3/2175 MILLAR T C Private 07Jun1917
3/1249 MILNE A K Private 21Sep1916
3/1249 MILNE A K Private 25Aug1918
3/707 MOELLER R Private Date Unknown
3/2703 MONRO F R W Private Date Unknown
3/3512 MOORE F B Private 19Feb1918
3/1065 MOORE J C Private 25May1918
3/909 MORAN H D L/Corporal 23Sep1916
3/425 MORRIS E L/Corporal 09May1918
3/3029 MORRISSEY W F Private 15Oct1917
3/907 MOYLE A R Corporal 16Sep1916
3/709 MUNRO P Corporal 05Oct1917
3/2533 MYERS L M Private Date Unknown
3/274 NAPIER R W Private 25Apr1915
3/676 NEILL H Private Date Unknown
3/1220 NELSON A D Captain 02Oct1917
3/466 NELSON T H C Private 27Aug1915
3/1412 NEVILLE G Private Date Unknown
2/1597a NICHOLSON J J Private 10Nov1916
18172 NICHOLSON J S Captain 11Aug1918
3/276 NICHOLSON L D Private 25Apr1915
12/242 NICHOLSON T B Private Date Unknown
3/145 NORRIE E R Sergeant Date Unknown
3/434 OATES W L Private 28Aug1915
3/1787 O'CONNOR T J - 20Sep1916
3/1183 O'HARA J C Private 15Sep1916
3/818 OLDS J Private 20Jul1917
3/2477 OLSON A J Private Date Unknown
3/2151 OMUNDSEN O Private 02Feb1918
49453 O'SULLIVAN N C Private 13Sep1918
12/2431 PADLEY W G Private 03Oct1917
5/139 PARKER T Private 05Apr1918
3/1076 PARKINSON W H QMS 01Oct1916
3/2451 PARNELL R P Private 13Oct1917
3/940 PATERSON S A Private 17Nov1917
3/1545 PATON H B Private 22Sep1916
6/1146 PEARLESS W R Lt-Colonel 07May1915
3/3365 PENMAN J A Private 25Jan1918
51626 PENWRIGHT L E Private 04Sep1918
11111 PERRY T Private 05Apr1918
3/917 PETERS V C Private 25Aug1918
3/2886 PETERSEN A O Private 03Dec1917
3/3030 PETHER S G Private 29Apr1918
3/1186 PETRIE A J Private 01Oct1916
3/2608 PETTIT L D Private 04Sep1918
7/159 PHILLIPS F L Private Date Unknown
3/3517 PHILLIPS I Private 19Feb1918
24/1782 PICKERING W T Private Date Unknown
3/279 PIRIHI N Sergeant 23Jun1915
3/279 PIRIHI N Sergeant 25Aug1918
3/507 PORTER W C L/Corporal 14Sep1916
3/3846 POSSENNISKIE H L Private 30Oct1918
12/2087 POWICK E J Private Date Unknown
3/3367 PRETTY E Private 23Nov1917
3/1243 PRIOR W H Captain 10Jun1917
3/2234 QUARTERMAIN L B Private 13Sep1918
3/2250 QUIN A J Private 25Jan1918
3/1084 RAISTRICK F Private 25Jun1917
3/1417 RANKIN A Private Date Unknown
11/206 REDSTONE L H R Driver 12Aug1916
17/281 REEVES J W Private 23Sep1916
3/1791 REGAN T J Private 07Jun1917
3/3472 REIDY M J Private 28Mar1918
3/440 REYNOLDS T E H Private 25Apr1915
3/2921 RHIND S O Captain 18Feb1918
3/2184 RICHARDSON V H Private 01Oct1916
3/282 ROBERTS A WO1 12Sep1918
3/3518 ROBINSON C W Private 28Mar1918
24/1801 ROTHERY A V Corporal 25May1918
3/2464 ROWBAND F A N Private 05Jan1918
3/965 ROWE G S Private 15Aug1916
3/1421 ROY W Private 31Dec1917
3/1279 RUSSELL C H Private Date Unknown
3/1639 SALISBURY W J Private 07Jun1917
53969 SANDERSON A E Private 02Oct1918
3/2186 SCOTT B L Private Date Unknown
3/2874 SERPELL S L Captain 12Oct1917
3/183 SHORT A V Captain --Sep1916
3/1137 SIEVEWRIGHT W McL Private 17Sep1916
3/1723 SIMCOE B A Private 16Sep1916
3/2481 SIMCOX J E L Captain 30Aug1918
3/2416 SIMSON R A Private Date Unknown
3/2470 SINCLAIR L H Private Date Unknown
3/2627 SINDLE C McG Private Date Unknown
3/722 SKINNER W Private 21Sep1916
6/3466 SLADE H R Private 16Oct1917
3/225 SLOAN W J Private 11Jun1915
3/1280 SMITH E T Private Date Unknown
3/2127 SMITH F W Private 04Dec1917
3/928 SMITH J J Private 21Sep1916
3/2039 SMITH L Private 01Nov1918
3/2498 SMITH T B Private 29Nov1917
3/137a SMOUT H G Corporal 29Mar1918
3/3473 SNEDDON W D Private 07Aug1918
3/2860 SPEDDING I N N Captain 31Dec1917
3/926 SPENCER W A H Private Date Unknown
3/1797 SPOONER F W Private 10Jun1917
3/1897a SQUIRE F J Private 07Jun1917
3/3528 SQUIRE H V Private 13Sep1918
3/1197 STAPLEY R H Private 18Sep1916
58615 STEDMAN S I Private 25Aug1918
3/1798 STEPHENSON L J Private 17Nov1916
6/555 STORY C F Private 21Sep1916
3/2757 STRACHAN A Private Date Unknown
24/295 STRAIGHT C Private 15Sep1916
25612 STUNELL H R Private 27Mar1918
3/1088 SWANICK R Private 18Oct1917
3/2316 SYCAMORE W Private 04Oct1917
3/150a TAIT W S Sergeant 27Aug1915
3/1200 TATE F T Private 20Sep1916
3/1201 TAYLOR A E Private 01Oct1916
13/239 TAYLOR J Private 15Sep1916
3/1672 THOMAS F W Sergeant 23Sep1916
3/2471 THOMPSON F Private 16Aug1917
3/90a THOMPSON W G Private 09Aug1915
3/1565 THOMSON W J Private Date Unknown
3/2307 TIERNEY G T W Private 08Oct1917
31766 TILSLEY W A H Private 29Nov1917
23/304 TODD W C Private Date Unknown
8/2487 TOY W Private 27Mar1918
3/1685 TOZER S T Private 24Jun1915
3/155a TROTTER A M Captain 09Aug1916
3/1429 TUCK F Private 12Oct1917
3/1243a TURNER W Private Date Unknown
3/1099 URWIN G Private 20Sep1916
3/1205 VEITCH C G C H Private Date Unknown
3/3399 VERRY F W Private 28Jul1918
3/181 WACHNER A Private 15Jun1915
3/457 WAKELING W L/Corporal 07Jun1917
3/1568 WALKER A Private 04Oct1917
3/1726 WALKER L Private 23Sep1916
14/656a WARD E Private 01Sep1918
3/3688 WARD H Private 13Sep1918
3/2825 WATKIN R A Private -
3/1102 WAUGH A F Private 16Sep1916
3/1800 WEBB L H B Private 23Sep1916
3/1728 WEBSTER L F Private Date Unknown
3/3590 WEIGHT L J Private Date Unknown
3/2474 WEIR J K Private 25Jan1918
6/2332 WELLS J E Private 19Sep1916
6/3502 WELLS R C Private 20Sep1916
4/0 WHALLEY G Corporal Date Unknown
3/934 WHITE R N Sergeant 30Sep1917
51937 WHITLEY F Private 29Jan1918
3/1124 WHYTE A S Captain 13Apr1918
3/1567 WHYTE E E Private 20Jun1916
3/2827 WIGHT C B Private 12Oct1917
3/294 WILCOX P L/Corporal Date Unknown
3/2211 WILKS F Private 20Jul1917
3/731 WILLIAMS G F Private 22Sep1916
3/94a WILLIS T S Private 11Aug1915
3/1207 WILSON E J Corporal Date Unknown
68136 WILSON F Private 30Oct1918
3/3480 WINKELMANN A C T Private 24Aug1918
3/2536 WOOD G Private 08Oct1917
32979 WOOD H J Private Date Unknown
10/3793 WOODING F C Private 22May1916
3/186 WOOLLEY F Private 16Sep1916
3/169a WORSOP A A K Private 27Aug1915
3/736 WRIGHT A H B Private 22Sep1916
3/1731 YEOMAN A B Private 21Sep1916
3/3183 YOUNG J B Private 25Aug1918

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