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1914 -1918

From New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War - 1914 - 1918 by Lieut. Colonel A D CARBERRY (Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd 1924)


3/1379 ALLAN Make Private DOD 23Jun1918 New Zealand
3/2609 ANDERSON Hubert Calder Private DOW 23Oct1918 France
3/163 ANDRUS Henry Corporal DOD 10Sep1918 United Kingdom
3/154 ARTHUR-WORSOP Francis Henry Private KIA 09May1918 France
3/1752 BAILEY Joseph L/Corporal KIA 16Sep1916 France
3/6 BAKER Geoffrey Hugh WO1 Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/2882 BALLANTYNE David Inglis Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/313 BATCHELOR Ferdinand Campion Lt-Colonel DOD 31Aug1915 New Zealand
3/165 BATES Ernest John Private DOW 04Oct1917 France
3/983 BEALING Ernest Charles Private KIA 25Nov1917 France
3/306 BEGG Charles Mackie Colonel DOD 02Feb1919 United Kingdom
3/1754 BELL Frank Beauchamp Private DOD 22May1916 France
3/156a BELL James Alexander Terras Captain DOD 29Dec1914 Egypt
3/562 BENFIELD Frederick Christopher Sergeant DOD 03Mar1916 Salonika
3/208 BENNET James William Private KIA 11Jun1915 Gallipoli
3/2018 BENNETT Percy Douglas Private DOD 09Nov1916 France
3/2152 BENZIE Sydney James Private DOD 02Dec1918 NZ ex France
3/834 BESWICK Albert Edward L/Corporal DOD 26Oct1915 Malta ex Egypt
3/564 BIRD James Samuel Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/2744 BLACK Colin Buxton Private DOW 15Oct1917 France
3/1824 BLACKMORE Henry John Private DOD 03Aug1918 New Zealand
12/1556 BLAKER Clement Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/534 BOGLE Gilbert Vere Captain KIA 17Sep1916 France
3/102a BONNIN Arthur Edward Private DOD 26Aug1915 Egypt
3/2344 BOOCK Bertram Staff-Sgt DOD 10Nov1918 New Zealand
29347 BOOKER John William Private DOD 22Nov1918 New Zealand
3/3050 BOSWELL L D Private DOW 12Oct1917 France
3/1675 BOWDEN Alfred John Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/1239a BOWELL Frederick Thomas Arthur Private DOD 13Feb1917 At sea to NZ
64615 BRADLEY Richard Henry Private DOW 30Oct1918 France
3/1687 BRIGGS Reginald Arthur Edward Private DOW 25Aug1918 France
3/1688 BROWN James Scott Private KIA 21Sep1916 France
3/388 BUTLER Alexander Edward L/Corporal DOW 05Oct1917 France
3/2698 BUTLER Richard Henry Private DOD 14Dec1917 France
3/3136 BUTLER William Henry Private DOW 13Jun1918 At sea ex France
3/3805 BYRON Clarence Hedley Private KIA 06Oct1918 France
3/761 CAMERON James Muir Private DOD 08Dec1916 At sea
3/1676 CARR Wilfred Gladstone Corporal DOW 29Dec1917 France
3/1763 CAUGHLIN James Private DOW 13Oct1917 France
3/84 CHADWICK Roland Sergeant DOI 03May1918 United Kingdom
3/2195 CHRISTIE Leslie Allan Captain DOD 10Nov1918 New Zealand
46116 CLARK Herbert Private DOD 10Sep1917 United Kingdom
3/1005 CLARK William Garfield L/Corporal DOD 11Nov1918 New Zealand
3/1129 CLARKE Hamilton Private KIA 07Jun1917 France
3/1385 CLEMENS Roy Private DOW 03Nov1918 NZ ex France
3/2544 COBB George Lynch Private - 27May1917 At sea
3/2614 COCHRAN Allan Carswell Private KIA 19Jun1917 France
3/2835 COLLINSON William Henry Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/2615 COOK Ernest Claud Private KIA 18Jan1918 France
3/392 COX James Private KIA 17Sep1916 France
3/938 CROSBIE George Lynch Private KIA 31May1916 France
3/240 CRUM Fred Albert Trooper DOW 09May1917 -
11422 CUNNINGHAM William Joseph Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/663 DAVIDSON Logan Leonard Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/492 DAVIES Arthur James Private DOD 17Sep1915 Mudros
3/2750 DEMPSEY William James Private DOW 28Nov1917 France
3/195 DENNISTON Thomas Hillier Sergeant DOD 28Jul1915 Malta ex Gallipoli
3/2723 DEVANEY Thomas Michael Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/2631 DONOHUE Laurence Patrick Private DOW 20Oct1917 France
3/667 DUNCAN William Munro Lieutenant DOD 15Jul1918 United Kingdom
3/127 DYSON Richard Herbert Sergeant DOD 05Aug1915 Egypt
3/891 ELLIOTT William Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/2767 FARLAND Norman Private DOD 25Nov1918 New Zealand
3/398 FISHER John William Private DOD 03May1916 At sea
3/3044 FRASER Alexander Private DOW 14Oct1917 France
3/2879 FREI John Private DOW 16Oct1917 France
3/894 FRICKER Bassell Saxe Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/844 GARMSON John William Private DOD 02Oct1915 Egypt
3/203 GILCHRIST Jack L/Corporal DOD 25Oct1914 At sea
10/3886 GILMOUR William Corporal DOD 07Apr1919 United Kingdom
3/498 GODDARD Douglas L/Corporal KIA 26Nov1916 France
3/117a GOODRICH Gordon CQMS DOD 10Nov1918 New Zealand
3/106 GORTON Thomas Joseph Private DOW 15Oct1917 France
3/1270 GOSNELL John Private KIA 29May1916 France
3/1512 GRILLS Frank Alfred Private KIA 25Aug1918 France
3/1735 GUTHRIE Thomas Errol Captain KIA 03Jul1916 France
3/128a HADDOCK William Private KIA 09Aug1915 Gallipoli
3/2813 HALL Horatio Private DOW 22Oct1917 France
74181 HANLON George Norman Private KIA 06Oct1918 France
3/3071 HARRIS Roy Captain KIA 05Apr1918 France
3/939 HARVEY David Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/2009 HAWKINS Benjamin George Private KIA 25Aug1918 France
3/3102 HAWORTH Ashley Aston Lieutenant KIA 01Feb1918 France
3/170 HEAVER William Private KIA 03May1915 Gallipoli
3/638 HERDMAN Robert Bruce Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/1242 HITCHCOCK Frank Norman Spurrell Captain KIA 21Oct1916 France
3/897 HOARE Stanley Hubert Private DOW 12Aug1917 France
3/2753 HODGSON Douglas Private Accident 21May1919 -
3/3972 HOME Leonard Arthur Private DOD 09Jul1918 United Kingdom
3/3046 HOOPER George Septimus Private DOW 24Mar1918 France
3/1774 HOPKINS Leslie Garey Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/1446 HORNER Raymond Private DOD 19May1916 New Zealand
3/690 HUFFAM Valentine Julius Blake Private DOD 21Jan1919 Germany
3/416 IBBOTSON Richard Private DOW 17Nov1915 United Kingdom
3/2148 INGLE William John Private DOW 28Jul1918 France
3/1043 INNES William George Private KIA 12Aug1917 France
3/2880 JAMISON John Private DOW 14Oct1917 France
3/1113 JOHNS Frederick Noel Major KIA 25Aug1918 France
3/1168 JOHNSTON Robert Norries L/Corporal DOW 06Apr1918 France
3/1047 JONES Charles Roger Private KIA 22Sep1916 France
6/1892 JOYNT William John Private DOW 14Oct1917 France
3/3027 KERR Alexander Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/3410 KIRBY John Patrick Private DOD 23Nov1918 New Zealand
3/595 KIRK Thomas Hugh Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/421 LAWSON Joseph Johnstone Corporal DOW 04Aug1917 France
3/103a LEWIS Harold Johns Private DOD 20Nov1914 At sea
3/3462 LIST John George Private DOW 08Dec1917 France
3/1336 LITTLE Neil Donald Corporal DOD 25Nov1918 New Zealand
3/1852 LLOYD Alexander Gordon Sergeant DOD 30Nov1918 New Zealand
3/1811 MacKENZIE Charles Duncan WO1 Drowned 09Dec1916 Australia
3/175 MACKLEY George Sergeant DOW 17Oct1917 France
3/2782 MAHER James Jerim Private DOD 26Nov1918 New Zealand
3/213 MALCOLM Alexander Private DOD 29Aug1915 At sea ex Gallipoli
3/3464 MARSHALL Leslie Richard Kemp Private KIA 30Aug1918 France
3/1737 MARTIN Arthur Anderson Major DOW 17Sep1916 France
3/1247 MAURICE Leonard Peter Private KIA 15Sep1916 France
3/602 McCAW William Armstrong Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/3507 McCOMBIE Robert Hercules Bridesake Private DOW 09Nov1918 France
3/427 McCUTCHEON Harry Private Accident 10Nov1916 United Kingdom
3/605 McGEE James Michael Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/167a McNATTY Walter Ernest Sergeant DOW 13Oct1917 France
3/3625 MILLS Frederick Charles Private DOW 17Oct1917 France
3/2582 MONK Frank Lyle Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/140a MORGAN William Alfred Reginald Corporal KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/1066 MORTON John Private DOW 15Sep1916 France
3/907 MOYLE Albert Robert Corporal DOW 16Sep1916 France
3/2739 MURRAY Albert Reynold Private DOW 09May1918 France
3/274 NAPIER Reginald William Private Accident 07Oct1917 France
3/913 NICHOLSON Claude Harold Private DOW 29Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/2029 OSBORN Travis Anderson Private DOW 17Sep1916 France
3/219 PATERSON Hugh Private KIA 07Jun1915 Gallipoli
3/4277 PATERSON William Fergus Captain DOD 14Nov1918 United Kingdom
11/120 PATTON Andrew Cunningham Act-Corporal KIA 05May1917 France
3/829 PEAT John Trevor Sergeant DOD 17Nov1918 Palestine
3/1075 PENLINGTON Frank William Private DOW 15Sep1916 France
3/916 PERRIN Clarence Hedley Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/140 PERRY Arthur Theodore Private DOW 22May1915 Gallipoli
3/554 PICKERING William Campbell Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/59 POLE Roland Alfred Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/714 POORE Leonard Smeaton Private KIA 25Aug1918 France
3/4361 PORRITT Arnaud Leslie Private DOD 04Mar1919 United Kingdom
3/507 PORTER Walter Charles Corporal DOW 14Oct1917 France
3/614 PRATT Alfred Mason Corporal Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/859 QUINN Charles Henry WO11 Accident 11may1917 New Zealand
18080 RAMSAY Harold Vivian Private KIA 02Apr1918 France
24/1466 RATTENBURY Charles Sampson Private KIA 20Sep1916 -
3/2804 READ Thomas Private KIA 25Aug1918 France
3/1721 READHEAD John Private KIA 22Sep1916 France
3/1083 REEVES John Herbert Private KIA 12Aug1917 France
3/621 REMMETT Alfred Howard Sergeant Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/622 RHODES Charles Victor Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/1419 RICE Josiah Henry Private DOW 16Oct1917 France
3/623 RICHARDS Peter Gilbert Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/3031 RIDDELL David Private KIA 12Sep1918 France
3/964 ROBINSON Harry Private KIA 23Sep1916 France
3/624 ROBINSON William Balmer Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/802 ROCHFORT Walker Private DOW 18Jun1917 France
3/921 ROGERSON Walter Burnett Private KIA 17Sep1916 France
3/626 ROSS John Turnbull Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/719 SAVAGE Thomas Copeland Major DOD 13Aug1915 Egypt
3/2874 SERPELL Samuel Llewellyn Captain KIA 15Dec1917 France
3/2496 SHAND Alexander Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
3/1190 SHARMAN Ernest Walter Private KIA 18Jan1918 France
6/1710 SHAW George Irvine Private KIA 19Oct1917 France
3/106a SHRIMPTON Hugh Robert Private DOD 29Sep1915 Malta ex Gallipoli
3/446 SINCLAIR William Smith Major DOD 25Jan1919 At sea
3/95 SINGLETON Wilfred L/Corporal DOW 26Jun1915 At sea
23/281 SKIVINGTON Edward Private DOW 28May1917 France
3/3018 SLADE George Alfred Private DOD 06Jan1919 UK ex France
3/225 SLOAN William James Private DOW 06Oct1916 UK ex Gallipoli
3/927 SMART William Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/2584 STAINTON Frank Harold Bates Private DOW 24Jun1917 France
11/587 STEVENSON Bertram Onslow Private DOD 24Jul1918 United Kingdom
3/819 STEVENSON Lindsay Sergeant DOD 20Dec1917 At sea
15094 STEWART James Private DOW 19Oct1917 France
3/1552 STRUTHERS James Reid Private KIA 12Oct1917 France
13/239 TAYLOR James Private DOW 22May1917 UK ex France
3/118a THOMAS Charles Ernest Lt-Colonel KIA 28Aug1915 Gallipoli
3/38 THOMPSON Clarence Dornford Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/453 THOMSON John Henry Corporal DOD 05Apr1918 France
34/301 THORN Ben Private KIA 20Nov1917 France
3/746 TOLHURST Alexander Molesworth Captain KIA 08May1918 France
3/2629 VAILE W R - Accident 10Jul1917 Palestine
3/1272 VENABLES Joseph Kenderick Captain DOW 09May1918 France
3/39 WALTER John Bruno Private Drowned 23Oct1915 Salonika (Marquette)
3/740 WARDS James Private Drowned 02Sep1915 At sea ex Gallipoli
70090 WARMINGTON Ernest James Private KIA 23Oct1918 France
3/114a WARWOOD Charles Alfred Sergeant DOD 02Oct1915 Mudros
10/1021 WEBB Ernest John Herbert Lieutenant DOI 17Nov1914 Colombo en route to Egypt
3/1800 WEBB Lewis Henry Barnes Private DOW 19Jun1917 France
75618 WESTERBY William James Private DOD 30Aug1918 United Kingdom
3/1258 WHEELER William Arthur Captain Misadventure 16Feb1918 New Zealand
3/2828 WILKINSON Albert Victor Private DOW 20Oct1917 France
3/297 WOLNER Clifton Roy CQMS DOD 08Nov1918 New Zealand
9/894 WOOD David Private DOD 16Jan1919 France
3/2053 WOOD George Huntly Captain DOW 11Aug1916 -
3/2196 WOOD Oscar John Private DOW 04Oct1917 France
3/735 WOTTON William Burnard Private KIA 22Sep1916 France
3/105 WRATHALL William Henry Private DOD 13Sep1915 UK ex Gallipoli
3/1458 WRIGHT George Bertram Private KIA 01Oct1916 France

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