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1914 -1918

From New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War - 1914 - 1918 by Lieut. Colonel A D CARBERRY (Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd 1924)

SSW - Brought to the Notice of the Secretary of State for War

16801 ABBOTT Harry Private MID
3/382 ABBOTT William Norman Captain MC
3/642 ACLAND Hugh Thomas Dyke Major CMG, CBE, SSW
3/823 ADDISON Arthur Stanley Captain MC
3/2607 AICKIN Casement Gordon Captain SSW
3/966 AITKEN Harold David Corporal MM
10/159a AITKEN William Major MC
3/4031 ALLEN Sydney Chalmers Captain SSW
3/155 ALLPRESS Albert Edward L/Corporal MM
3/645 ANDERSON Louis John Private MID
3/838a ANDERSON William Finlay L/Corporal MM
3/836 ANDREWS Edward Ernest Private MM
3/384 ANGUS John Nicol Private MM
3/2859 ARDAGH Patrick Augustine Captain DSO, MC, MID
3/1141 AUSTIN Alan Talbot Westwood Private MM
3/314 BAIGENT Cyril Victor Atmore Major OBE
3/2015 BAILLIE Frederick Williams Private MM
3/647 BAKER George Albert Sergeant SSW
3/160 BARBER Francis Private MM
5/747 BARKER Wilfred Wynn Driver MM
3/2913 BARNETT Louis Edward Lt-Colonel CMG, SSW
3/2594 BAXTER Robert Herbert Lieutenant MC
3/115a BEAUCHAMP Herbery Rolf Haultain CSMajor DCM, MID
3/649 BECKINGHAM James Edward L/Corporal MM
3/306 BEGG Charles Mackie Colonel CB, CMG, MID, French Croix de Guerre
3/1144 BEGG Isaac William David Private MM
3/1122 BENHAM Philip Blaxland Captain MC
3/1804 BERNAU Henry Ferdinand Lt-Colonel OBE, SSW
3/233 BIGGAR Thomas Private MM, MID
3/738 BISS John Albert Private MID
3/2019 BLACK John Lionel Sergeant MID
3/1747 BLACK Martin Cathcart Sergeant MM
5/534 BOGLE Gilbert Vere Captain MID
3/1317 BORRIE William Gillies Captain MC, MID
3/652 BOWERBANK Frederick Thompson Major OBE, MID x 3, SSW
3/3549 BOYD Edward Ford Private MM
3/1686 BRADSHAW Job William Private MM
3/2001 BREWIS Andrew Seymour Major OBE, SSW
3/2147 BREWSTER Rex Carrington Captain MC
3/971 BROWN John Falconer Captain OBE
3/2375 BRUCE Frank Private MM
3/881a BRUCE William Captain OBE, SSW
3/316 BUCHANAN Henry Meredith Major OBE, MID
10/1127 BUCKLES William Sergeant MID
10/2539 CACHEMAILLE Eurgene Desire S/Sergeant MID
3/648a CAMERON Frederick Major DSO, MID
3/164 CAMPBELL Frank Sergeant MM
3/1008 CANTOR William Private MM
3/2959 CARBERRY Anderson Robert Dillon Lt-Colonel CBE, MID
3/317 CARDNO John Finlayson Private DCM, MID
3/85 CARRUTHERS Walter Private MM and Bar
3/4238 CARSON James Private MM
3/1383 CARVER Spencer Franks Private MM
3/2856 CHILDS Tom William Jones Captain MID
3/390 CHISHOLM Cecil Ashburn Private SSW
3/2925 CHISHOLM Percy Captain MBE
3/302 CHURCH Robert Alan Private MM
11/1301 CLAGUE Joseph L/Corporal MM
3/886 CLEMANCE Clement William Private MM
3/1385 CLEMENS Roy Private MM
3/996 CLOTHIER William Alfred Sergeant MM
23/2128 COLBECK Wilfred Seymour Major OBE
3/744 COLLINS William Ernest Colonel CMG, MLC, SSW
3/1154 COMER James Flower Corporal MID
3/158 COMRIE James Private DCM, MID
3/82 CONNOR John Captain MC
3/96 COOKE William Bertram Corporal MM and Bar
3/12 COPELAND Royden SMajor MID
3/2133 CORRY William Alfred Private MM
13/360 CRAIG George Lt-Colonel DSO, MID x 2
3/1114 CRAWFORD James Garfield Captain MC
15/606a CRAWFORD-WATSON Lewis Private DCM, MID
3/3072 CRAWSHAY Vivian Guy Private MM
3/2011 CUPPLES Frank Leslie Private MM
- DALSTON Norman Howard Maxwell Captain MBE, SSW
3/3454 DAVIS Owen Osborne Private MM
3/2989 DAWSON Charles McBeath Captain MID
3/2877 DEMPSTER Norman Harrison Captain MC
3/1765 DICK Edward Victor Sergeant MID
3/1416 DOBIE James Doudlas Private SSW
3/2056 DOUGLAS Andrew McFayden Private MM, MID
3/1509 DOWNEY Samuel George Private MM
3/100a DRAKE Edward Allen Sergeant SSW
3/1396 DREDGE Gerald Monteville Leigh Sergeant MM
3/667 DUNCAN William Munro SMajor MID, SSW
3/1767 DYE Percy Private MID
3/196 EAGLE Franics Sergeant MM
3/144 EAST Alfred Private MID, Serbian Gold Medal
3/321 EATON Harold Freemantle Sergeant MSM
3/1837 EDWARDS Somers Herueka Private MM
3/1745 EVANS Richard Carrick Sergeant MM
3/820 FALLA Hugh Toneycliffe Private MM
3/1699 FARNSWORTH Edward Ernest Corporal MM
3/2917 FENWICK David Eardley Captain OBE, SSW
3/822a FENWICK George Ernest Oswald Major OBE, SSW
15/118 FENWICK Percival Clennell Lt-Colonel CMG, MID, SSW
3/669 FERGUS Thomas Major SSW
3/576 FERGUSON Robert Andrew S/Sergeant MSM
3/149a FINLAYSON Ernest Matthew Captain MID
12/591 FINN Bertram Sibbald Captain DSO, MID
3/670 FISHER Francis Vivian Sergeant MID
3/180a FLINTOFF Robert Wilton Private SSW
3/123 FOSTER Francis William S/Sergeant MSM
3/846 FOSTER William Alexander SSMajor MSM, SSW
10225 FOXWELL William Francis Private SSW
3/79 GILLETT John Brungess Private SSW
3/1113 GOLDSTEIN Herbert Myer Captain MC, MID
3/1116 GORDON Kenneth Farquharson Captain MC
3/3394 GOW John Graham Captain MC
3/674 GRAY Henry Percival Sergeant SSW
3/895 GRAY Randolph Norman L/Sergeant MM
3/107 GREEN Frank Victor Corporal MM
3/3494 GREEN George Thomas Wilfred Private MM
3/251 GREENWOOD James Henry Sergeant MM, MID
7/637 GUTHRIE Robert Neil Captain MC, MID
3/408 HALLETT Frank James Palmer L/Corporal MSM
3/255 HARTMAN Basil Private MM
3/256 HARTMANN Frederick William Sergeant MID
3/257 HAWES George Henry S/Sergeant MSM, MID
3/410 HAWKE Albert Roy Corporal MM, MID
3/2955 HAY Sydney Hartley Captain MBE
3/1518 HEATH Alexander Howard Private SSW
3/170 HEAVER William Private MID
3/2814 HEEKIN Thomas Private MM
3/258 HENDERSON Richard Alexander Private MM
3/1042 HENDRY Colin Alexander Corporal MID
3/168 HENRY William James Private DCM, MID
3/113a HERCUS Charles Ernest Major CBE, DSO, MID x 4
3/1738 HERON David Henry Hayr CQMS MM
3/2249 HINDMARSH Henry Leonard QMS MSM
3/957 HOGG Robert Henry Major OBE, SSW
3/943 HOLMES Oliver Stewart Private MM
10/1093 HOME George Lt-Colonel CBE, OBE
3/1774 HOPKINS Lesley Carey Private MM
3/3286 HORSBURGH Percy Gilbert Captain MID
3/89 HORWELL Walter Wardell L/Corporal MM
3/3376 HOSKING Arthur Major MBE, SSW
3/2619 HUME Charles Joseph Private MSM
3/549 HUNTER Ewen McGregor Private Belgian Croix de Guerre
3/2700 INGRAM Samuel Private MM
3/72 ISAACS David Nathen Captain MBE, SSW
3/532 IZARD Arnold Woodford Major OBE
3/692 JACK David Private MID
- JACK William Lieutenant MBE
3/2014 JACKSON Harry Private MM
3/210 JACKSON James Gardiner Sergeant Belgian Croix de Guerre
3/1113 JOHNS Frederick Noel Captain MC
3/2929 JOHNSON John Arnold Walter Beach Private MM
3/2531 JOHNSTON George Private MID
3/1790 JOHNSTONE Allan Murray S/Sergeant MM
3/2125 JONES David George Private MM
3/693 JONES Hugh Aled SSMajor MID, SSW
2/657a JORY Philip John Major DSO, MID
3/1736 JULIAN Thaddeus Captain SSW
3/180 KEESING Henry William Sergeant MM, MID
3/1283 KEMP Frederick William Captain MC
3/125a KERR Robert Arthur QMS MSM, MID
3/127 KIDMAN Claude Henry Sergeant MM and Bar
3/1171 KYLE Leo Alphonsus Private MM
10/1551 LAKEMAN Alfred Sergeant MSM
3/3827 LANE William George Private MM
3/2755 LARK Albert Private MM
12/2363 LAUGHTON George Freeston Corporal SSW
3/172 LOFTUS Frank Sergeant Belgian Croix de Guerre
3/696 LONDON Raymond Pearce Sergeant MM
30818 LONERGAN Septimus Private MID
3/2958 LOWE Edward Cronin Captain MBE, SSW
3/697 LOWRY Leonard George SMajor SSW
3/2523 LUMSDEN Frederick William Captain MC
3/3305 MACDONALD William Marshall Lt-Colonel CBE, SSW
3/704 MAGUIRE Charles Evans Major MID
11/732 MANSON William Corporal MM
3/550 MANTTAN Herbert Benjamin S/Sergeant MID
3/601 MARCHANT Eric Lachlan Major OBE, MID x 2
3/3663 MARKS John Davis Captain MC
3/1737 MARTIN Arthur Anderson Major MID
9/856 McAUSLAND James Corporal MM
12/2407 McBREEN Edward Private MM
24/851 McCARTHY James Private MM
3/3346 McCAW Alexander Todd Captain SSW
17/339 McCONNELL Thomas Donald Corporal MM
3/185 McCORMICK Kenneth Major DSO, MID x 2
3/604 McGAVIN Donald Johnstone Major-General Sir CMG, DSO, MID x 4
3/2123 McGHIE John Captain MC
3/911 McKENZIE James William Corporal MM
3/855 McKIBBIN Thomas Major CBE, OBE, SSW
3/609 McLAREN Peter Charles WO1 MSM, SSW
11/710 McLEAN Henry John Lt-Colonel CBE, MID
3/1062 McLENNAN Adolph Duncan QMS MM and Bar
3/94 McLEOD Donald Sutherland Sergeant MM
3/90 McNIVEN William Alexander Sergeant SSW
12/965 MELVILLE Cecil Balfour S/Sergeant SSW
3/1781 METGE Daniel Dickinson Private MM
3/2912 MILL Thomas Lt-Colonel CMG, CBE, SSW
3/1430 MILLEA Francis Patrick Private SSW
3/424 MILLER George Leslie Sergeant Belgian Croix de Guerre
3/267 MILLIGAN Percy George Sergeant MM
3/58 MIRFIN Melville S/Sergeant SSW
3/153a MITCHELL John Captain MID
3/269 MOOR Frederick William Sgt/Major DCM, MID x 2
3/1411 MOORE Frederick Douglas Private MM
2/809 MULLIGAN Alexander Simpson Lieutenant DCM, MM
3/709 MUNRO Peter Private MID
3/273 MURRAY Donald Norman Watson Lt-Colonel CMG, DSO, MID x 3
3/2911 MYERS Bernard Ehrenfried Lt-Colonel CMG, SSW
3/1783 MYERS George Private MM
4/1572 NAUGHTON Michael John L/Corporal SSW
3/1307 NEIL James Hardie Lt-Colonel DSO, MID x 3, Belgian Croix de Guerre
3/1220 NELSON Arthur Dysant Captain MC
3/1070 NEWMAN Joss Foster Private MID
24/1149 NEWTON Alfred William Private MM
3/112a NEWTON Charles Treweeks Hand Lt-Colonel DSO, MID x 2
3/145 NORRIE Edwin Roland SSMajor MSM
9/569 O'CALLAGHAN Jasper Warner Corporal MM
3/1665 O'CONNELL Timothy Private MM
3/818 OLDS James Private DCM
3/182 O'NEILL Eugene Joseph Colonel CMG, DSO, MID x 3
3/827 ORBELL Ronald Graeme Scott Captain MC, MID
3/2521 ORCHARD Albert John Captain SSW
3/711 OTWAY Arthur Robert Sergeant SSW
3/2493 PAINE Ernest Ivan Private MM
3/712 PARKES William Henry Colonel CMG, CBE, SSW, Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England Knight of Grace
3/1076 PARKINSON William Hans QMS MSM
3/1072 PARSONS Thomas Christopher Sergeant MSM
3/1184 PARSONS Thomas William Private DCM, MM and Bar
12/3776 PATTERSON Samuel John Private Italian Bronze Medal
6/1146 PEARLESS Walter Relf Lt-Colonel MID
3/1788 PEARSON Reginald Martin Private MM
3/829 PEAT John Trevor Corporal MID
3/165a PERRY Walter James Sergeant MM
3/278 PHILSON Geoffrey Hope L/Corporal MM
3/2961 PICKERILL Henry Percy Major OBE, SSW
11/734 POINTON Arthur Edward L/Corporal MM
8/454 POWERS Arthur Thomas Private MM
3/615 PRENTICE Alexander S/Sergeant MSM
3/1243 PRIOR Norman Henry Captain MC
3/146 PURDIE Charles Laidlaw SSMajor MM, MSM
3/1718 PYE-SMITH Percy Reginald Private MM
3/1547 RADCLIFFE David Stanley Private MM
3/280 RALSTON Walter Private MM
- RICHARDS - Captain DSO
23/266 RICKETTS Jack Edward Private MM
6/1150 RITCHIE Thomas Russell Major SSW
3/282 ROBERTS Arthur SSMajor DCM, MM
3/1475a ROBERTS Henry SSMajor SSW
3/142 ROBINSON Gilbert Richard S/Sergeant MSM
4/51a ROUNTREE Edward Gilbert QMS MSM, SSW
3/2158 RUSHBROOKE Walter Henry Private MID
3/1792 RUTHERFORD Kenneth McKinlay Private MM
6/3857 RYAN Daniel Private MM
3/1189 SAIL Herbert Lancelot Private DCM
3/81 SANDHAM George Captain MC
3/1231 SAUNDERS-LODER William Private MM
3/720 SCLATER John Robert S/Sergeant MSM
3/2444 SELL Frederick Harry T/Sergeant SSW
3/2874 SERPELL Samuel Llewellyn Captain MC
3/1722 SHARPE Frederick James Private MM
3/3035 SHERRARD Thomas James S/Sergeant MSM, SSW
3/183 SHORT Aubrey Vincent Captain MC, MID
3/184 SHORT Hugh Major OBE, SSW
2694 SIMCOX James Edward Llewellyn Captain MID
3/445 SIMPSON John Cormack Major SSW
3/748 SIMPSON William Hamilton Captain SSW
3/95 SINGLETON Wilfred L/Corporal DCM, MID
6/3466 SLADE Henry Ralph Private MM
3/2748 SLEIGHT G H B Sergeant MSM, MID
3/105a SMITH James Gordon T/Sergeant SSW
3/1192 SMITH Sydney Thomas Private MID
3/3080 SMITH William Private MM
3/1555 SMYTH John Falls Private MM
3/2860 SPEDDING Ivan Norman Captain MID
3/1196 STAINTON William George MM
3/2916 STAPLES-BROWNE Richard Charles QM/Captain MBE
3/1197 STAPLEY Robert Henry L/Corporal MM
3/447 STEEDMAN Andrew Black L/Corporal DCM, MID
3/1198 STEPHENS John Private SSW
8/1845 STEWART Alexander Private MM
8/3079 STEWART Andrew Donald Private MM
3/3 STOUT Thomas Duncan McGregor Major DSO, OBE, MID
3/510 STUNELL Charles Edward L/Corporal MM
802 SULLIVAN A M (Australian) Corporal MID
3/2313 TAIT Henry Caldwell Captain MBE
3/2 TAPPER Kenneth Edwin Captain OBE
12/2487 TCHERNEGOVSKI Wilfred Ivan Lees Private MM
3/298 TEWSLEY Cyril Hocken Lt-Colonel CMG, SSW
23/301 THORN Benjamin Private MM
3/454 TOMES Sydney Private SSW
3/2941 TOVEY Arthur Hamilton Captain SSW
8/2487 TOY William Gordon Private MM
3/745 TRACEY-INGLIS Russell Colonel CBE
3/725 TWEEDY William Glenholme Captain MBE, SSW
3/3614 TYSON James Henry 2Lieutenant MM
3/2206 UNWIN William Howard Captain SSW
3/1205 VEITCH Christopher Gorvett Clement Private MM
3/1272 VENABLES Joseph Kendrick Captain MC
3/456 VINCENT Robert William Corporal MM
3/2044 VOLLER Reginald Ellis Private MM
3/3645 VOSS Holger Private MM
3/291 WADE Percy Todd Private SSW
3/457 WAKELING Walter Sergeant MM
3/726 WALLIS Wilfred Stanley Captain SSW
3/299 WALTON Robert Henry Major CBE, MID x 3
3/40 WHALLEY George Corporal MM and Bar
3/463 WIDDOWSON Eric Arthur Major DSO, MID
3/95a WILLIAMS William Arthur S/Sergeant MID
3/229 WILSON Albert Private MM
3/295 WILSON Reginald L/Corporal MM
25978 WILSON Samuel Private MM
3/617 WITHERS Robert Lanktree Captain MID
3/2053 WOOD George Huntly Captain MID
3/2501 WRIGHT Allister MacLean SSMajor SSW
3/737 WRIGHT Tom Private MID
3/643 WYLIE David Storer Colonel CMG, CBE, SSW
3/2198 WYLLIE Eric Melvyn Captain MC

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