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1914 - 1923
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These names came from a file at National Archives in Wellington. Unfortunately there is no description in the file advising on the origin of the information, nor the reason for the list.

5/75 Driver ABBOTT Kenneth Alexander 24Nov1918 New Zealand
16/310 Private ADAMS James
14/94 Private ADAMS Mercer John 27Oct1921 New Zealand
20071 Private ADAMSON Leslie Ernest 21Sep1921 TB New Zealand
70149 Private AGNEW Sydney Samuel 03May1921
16/1183 Private AIAIA Akatea
25/77 Rifleman AITKENHEAD Edmund
16/1030 Private ALETAU 21Feb1920
25/933 Rifleman ALGAR Herbert 28Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
56998 Private ALLEN Percy Hugh 08Oct1920 New Zealand
25/479 Private ALLEN Walter New Zealand
13/2525 Driver ALLENDER Stanley 19Jul1920 New Zealand
12/3221 QMS ALLEY Frederick William 02Sep1920 New Zealand
57501 Trooper ALLISON John Biddle 09Feb1923 Struck by lightening New Zealand
6/2916 Private ALLWOOD John 20Jun1919 New Zealand
16/210 Private ANARU Hiko 25May1919 New Zealand
ANDERSON Arthur Edward aka Arthur Edward EVENSON
8/3464 Private ANDERSON Frederick 14May1921 New Zealand
6/1447 Private ANDERSON John Alexander 27Dec1921 Cerebial Haemorrhage New Zealand
12/298 Private ANDERSON Richard William 14Jan1923 Heart failure New Zealand
22912 Private ANDERSON Thomas 12Nov1918 New Zealand
25780 Rifleman ANDERSON Thomas 07Dec1921 New Zealand
45056 Private ANDERSON William 16Jan1921 Heart failure New Zealand
25/1042 Rifleman ANDERSON William 15Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
16/924 Private ANDERSON Wiremu
7/1939 Gunner ANDREW James 14May1920
22913 WOII CSM ANDREWS Charles Burness
9/1643 Trooper ANGUS James 18Nov1920 Brights Disease New Zealand
6/3607 Private ANGUS Robert 27Nov1918
6/4585 Private ANNAND John Douglas 29Sep1920 New Zealand
26498 L/Corporal ARCHER Thomas Foster 17Nov1920 New Zealand
15897 Private ARDERN Charles Joseph 12Mar1920 Drowned (aka Charles HARDING) New Zealand
5/146a Private ARMFELT Robert Bertram 10Jul1922 United Kingdom
12/1141 Private ARNS Charles 16Dec1921
23/1540 Private ARROL James 01Dec1919 New Zealand
65256 Private ARTHUR David Suicide NSW, Australia
46257 Rifleman ARTHUR Edward 23Feb1923 Suicide New Zealand
3/169a Private ARTHUR-WORSOP Archibald Kerr Jul1921 New Zealand
24/1329 Rifleman ASTON Wilfred Burt 15Nov1921 Appendix Abscess New Zealand
6/884 Sergeant ATKINS Arthur Albert 22Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
11/1771 Trooper ATKINSON Peter William 14Dec1918
23/1931 L/Corporal ATKINSON Philip Basil 19Jun1918 New Zealand
14551 Private ATTRILL Robert James 19Sep1920 Phthsis-Gas Poisoning New Zealand
3/130a Private ATYEO Frederick George 21Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
4/1561 Sergeant AUSTIN Walter James 16Mar1921
19618 Private AWITI Timi 27Nov1918 TB & Influenza New Zealand
23133 Corporal BADDILEY Augustus George 23Aug1920 Cancer New Zealand
23/1932 Rifleman BAGHDIKIAN Richard 14Nov1921 TB New Zealand
22917 Private BAGLEY John Joseph 28Jan1919 Accidentally killed
45273 Rifleman BAGLEY William 11Jan1923
13/271 Sergeant BAGNALL George Stevenson New Zealand
63995 Private BAI George 15Jul1920 New Zealand
3/314 Major BAIGENT Cyril Victor 19Jan1923 New Zealand
47840 Private BAIGENT Kempster Wakefield
3/231 L/Corporal BAILLEN Wilfred
29719 Private BAIN James John 02Dec1919 Phthsis New Zealand
76527 Private BAINBRIDGE William Stanley 26Mar1922 New Zealand
57362 Private BAKER Frank 20Nov1918 New Zealand
10161 L/Corporal BAKER James Edward 16Mar1921 New Zealand
40293 Private BAKER Theodore Russell 07Mar1921 War disability New Zealand
17875 Private BALLANTYNE Robert James 14Nov1918 New Zealand
28953 Rifleman BALLOCH David 28Nov1918 New Zealand
8/5 Private BALLOCH James McGregor 25Nov1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
37754 Private BANKHOUSE Arthur Thomas 13Apr1923 Suicide New Zealand
4/90b Private BANKS Harold Kirby 29Sep1918 United Kingdom
6/1459 Private BANKS Kenneth 01Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza At sea
10/711 Private BARBER William Henry 18Sep1922 New Zealand
8/733 Private BARKER Cecil 23Nov1918 New Zealand
8/7 Private BARLOW Frederick 28Jun1918 New Zealand
6/864 Corporal BARLOW Robin Tudor 13Jul1918
2/450 Driver BARMAN William John 08Dec1918
23/2149 Private BARNES George 09Nov1918 New Zealand
36304 Private BARNES Leonard Charles 25Jul1920 New Zealand
6/3244 Private BARRABALL Stanley Edward 08Jan1922 New Zealand
37759 Private BASAN Conrad 20Jul1920 New Zealand
43715 Trooper BATCHELOR Peter John 04Sep1921 New Zealand
6/195 Private BATTERS George William 08Mar1920 New Zealand
19/392 Private BAXTER Benjamin Charles 18Feb1918 New Zealand
42263 Private BAYLY Beresford Richard 29Sep1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10/588 Private BEABLE Arthur Henry 01Feb1923 New Zealand
4/35a Sapper BEAMISH Richard 25Mar1917 New Zealand
2/451 Driver BEAUMONT Charles Frederick 19Nov1918 New Zealand
43939 Sapper BEAUMONT Joseph Alfred 27Apr1920 New Zealand
37456 Sapper BECK Douglas Henry 21Jan1919 New Zealand
49323 Private BECK James Robert Ewen 14Nov1918 New Zealand
13864 Private BEGBIE Cyril 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
32613 Sergeant BELESKY Ernest Mathew 26Feb1923 New Zealand
10/293 Private BELFIT George 08May1919 War disability New Zealand
28396 Private BELL Edward Francis 11Oct1920 TB New Zealand
3/485 Private BELL Lawrence Wellington Drowned
25/1209 2/Corporal BELL William Frederick 25Nov1920 Rheumatic Fever New Zealand
1/01 Lieutenant BELL William Henry Dillon 31Jul1917 Killed in action
24970 Gunner BENNETT Cyril Harold 07Nov1921 New Zealand
32591 Rifleman BENNETT Jonathan 15Sep1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
36151 Driver BENNETT Leslie Francis 20Apr1923 New Zealand
55405 Private BENSON George Duckworth 12May1921 New Zealand
9/1151 Driver BERWICK Robert Francis 10Feb1919 TB New Zealand
10/2073 Private BEST Arthur Joseph 21Oct1920 New Zealand
25160 Private BEST Charles Isaac 21Nov1918 New Zealand
13/302 L/Corporal BETTELHEIM George Reeve 26Apr1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
12/556 Private BICKERTON Charles Frederick 06Nov1918 New Zealand
4/375 Farr Sgt BIGGAN Michael Joseph New Zealand
6/2542 Private BIGGS George Herbert 18Nov1921 New Zealand
13/2719 Gunner BILKEY Ovey 12Nov1918 New Zealand
17/19 Private BINCROFT Harry New Zealand
19980 Sergeant BIRD Leslie Bertram 10Nov1920 New Zealand
33820 Private BIRKETT Herbert 09Nov1918 Influenza United Kingdom
10/1743 Private BISHOP William JOhn 25Aug1917 New Zealand
13/2533 Trooper BLACK George
6/2937 Sergeant BLACKIE Owen Campbell 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
21189 Private BLAIKIE Alfred James 22Sep1917 New Zealand
8/996 Private BLAIKIE Duncan New Zealand
7/563a Driver BLAIN Alexander 07Jul1918 New Zealand
10543 Bombardier BLAIR Ronald 23Aug1919 New Zealand
16/1340 Private BLAKE Charles 26Jun1921 New Zealand
6/1243 Private BLOCKSAGE Ernest 21Nov1918 New Zealand
10/53 Private BLOOR John 03Jan1922 New Zealand
4/84a Sapper BLOW Kynnesley 12Apr1918 Killed in action
12/508 Private BLUNDELL Percy 07Dec1922 New Zealand
29343 Private BLYTHE Henry Robert 07Jun1920 New Zealand
12/33 Private BOARDMAN Alfred Selwyn 11Dec1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
51467 Private BOARDMAN Frederick Hobdill 28Mar1922 New Zealand
14753 CSM BODKIN Andrew 02Feb1923 New Zealand
50536 Gunner BOLGER James Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
80893 Private BOND George 15Jan1922 Nephritis New Zealand
6/3994 Private BONELLA Frederick 11Jun1919 New Zealand
30166 Private BOSLEY Arthur Ernest 24Feb1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
2/1831 Gunner BOTTOMS Len 27Nov1918 United Kingdom
11615 Private BOWDEN William Henry 26Mar1920
11/2042 Gunner BOWEN Albert 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/2531 Sergeant BOWMAN James 11Nov1921 Peritonitis New Zealand
7/1338 L/Corporal BOYD Thomas 05Dec1922 New Zealand
12/315 Bugler BOYD William 02May1917 New Zealand
4/1404 Sapper BOYES William Edward 17Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
47700 Private BRAID George 03Dec1920 New Zealand
25096 Private BRAIK Lancelot Garrow 18Nov1918 New Zealand
16/313 Private BRASS Rata 02Feb1919 New Zealand
29143 Private BREAKWELL John 04Sep1921 New Zealand
12/2534 Trooper BREEZE Joseph Jerome 25Jan1920 New Zealand
4/320 Signaller BRETT Leslie Henry 22Jul1917 United Kingdom
23506 Private BREW Daniel 24Nov1918 New Zealand
12733 Bombardier BREWERTON Lorenzo John 08Sep1923 Heart failure New Zealand
12/1900 Private BRIDDOCK John William Spare 05Aug1922 Drowned New Zealand
4/141 Private BRIGHT Leonard 08Nov1918 Phthsis New Zealand
58670 L/Corporal BRINGANS Andrew Dewar 21May1922 Consumption New Zealand
3/885 Private BRITTAIN Noel 04May1919 NSW, Australia
19/349 L/Corporal BROADFOOT John 27Nov1918 New Zealand
5/7 Private BROCKLEBANK William Holcroft 1917 France
4/1025 Private BROGAN Wilfred Augustine 30Jul1919 New Zealand
8/1411 Sergeant BROOK Walter Harold 25Nov1918 New Zealand
40283 Private BROOKS Arthur Richard 05Aug1922 New Zealand
74652 Private BROOKS Frederick Burdett 07Apr1923
10/2872 Corporal BROOKS William 12Feb1920 Suicide New Zealand
22744 Sergeant BROWN Charles Forbes 31Jan1920 New Zealand
73379 Private BROWN Christopher James 26Sep1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
27433 Private BROWN Daniel David 15Jun1919 Heart failure New Zealand
59503 L/Corporal BROWN Edmund Armstrong 11May1920 Heart failure New Zealand
13/3098 Private BROWN Edward Owen 24Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
21479 Rifleman BROWN Harries Wade 21Apr1921 New Zealand
BROWN Henry Leonard aka Henry Leonard PRESS
25/415 Rifleman BROWN James 13Nov1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
16/564a Private BROWN James 06Aug1920 TB New Zealand
25/720 Rifleman BROWN John Samuel 29Oct1918 New Zealand
8/1044 Corporal BROWN William George New Zealand
61522 Private BROWN William Gillerty 01Jul1919 New Zealand
50002 Chaplain BROWN William Walter 22Aug1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
25/1682 Rifleman BROWNE John Maconachie 28Apr1920 Drowned New Zealand
13/169 2/Lieutenant BROWNE Samuel George 15Sep1922 Drowned New Zealand
2/1958 Gunner BROWNING George T K Heart failure New Zealand
30027 Private BRUNT John 04Apr1920 New Zealand
34320 Private BRUNTON John Arthur 28Feb1922 Heart failure New Zealand
27449 Private BRYAN William James 05Jan1923 New Zealand
23/373 Rifleman BRYANT Henry 20Apr1918 Accidentally killed QLD, Australia
13/3127 Trooper BRYCE Brian Thomas 24Aug1919 Suicide New Zealand
23140 Private BUCHANAN John David 21Nov1921 TB New Zealand
6/2560 Private BUCHANAN Milner Irwin 24Jan1920 New Zealand
33826 Private BUDD Michael 01May1920 New Zealand
5/89a Corporal BULFIN Thomas Moore 23Nov1918 New Zealand
12/4145 Private BUMPUS Gerald William 18Feb1920 Drowned New Zealand
10/3157 Private BURBOROUGH John Thomas 11-18Jun1917 New Zealand
35157 Private BURDON Maurice 18Jan1921? New Zealand
18/29 Chaplain/Captain BURGIN John Robert 02Jan1920 New Zealand
11/852 Corporal BURKE Charles Frederick Andrew 14Nov1918 New Zealand
4/143 Sapper BURKE Denis Patrick 10Dec1915 New Zealand
70233 Private BURKITT (BURKETT) George Percival 04Nov1919 New Zealand
25/1660 Rifleman BURN Thomas Archibald 04Jul1919 New Zealand
11/1126 Private BURNES Adam Allan 23Jan1920 New Zealand
6/423 Private BURNS Archibald Gower 02Nov1919 Suicide New Zealand
10/1763 Private BURNS Arthur 25Sep1919 Cerebrial Hemorrage New Zealand
5/1421a Driver BURNS George Penman 03May1920 Influenza New Zealand
6/2035 Private BURNS Leslie Arthur 07Sep1922 New Zealand
12/98 Sergeant BURNS Thomas Roland Roth 1918 Aeroplane accident United Kingdom
44929 Corporal BURRETT Mervyn Alan 24Jun1921 India
18/8 Chaplain BURRIDGE Herbert William 26Dec1922 VIC, Australia
6/2483 Private BURT Cyril 18Feb1922 New Zealand
23964 Private BURTTON John 27Apr1922 Suicide New Zealand
22544 Sergeant BUTLER Alric 18Sep1921 Drowned New Zealand
68931 Rifleman BUTLER Victor Leslie 05Mar1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
13870 Private BYRNE William 26Nov1918 New Zealand
25458 Private CAIRNS George 06May1920 New Zealand
25/1702 Rifleman CAIRNS Timothy 12Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
4/1643 2/Corporal CALDWELL William Donaldson 21Dec1919 New Zealand
8/3516 Private CALLAGHAN John 15Jun1923 Intestinal Obstruction New Zealand
36411 Private CALLAGHAN Stewart 09Jul1919 New Zealand
75080 Rifleman CALVERT Gilber 19Jun1922 Internal Growth New Zealand
35788 Trooper CAMERON Duncan 02Aug1921 New Zealand
10/760 Private CAMERON Robert Dudley 1915 New Zealand
12/28 L/Corporal CAMPBELL Colin Mitchell 03Aug1918 Ulcerative endocorditis New Zealand
79637 Private CAMPBELL John Falconer 26May1919 Influenza New Zealand
25379 L/Corporal CAMPION Con Ivan 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
20963 Rifleman CAPPER Joseph John 10Feb1919 New Zealand
10/2884 Private CARD William Sinclair 21Mar1923 New Zealand
37912 Private CARKEEK Steve 02Jan1920 New Zealand
10216 Trooper CARMICHAEL Neil 17Dec1921 New Zealand
68670 Rifleman CARNEY William Ernest 21Dec1920 New Zealand
65947 Private CARPENTER Henry Edward David 26Feb1921 New Zealand
18761 Private CARPENTER Robert Amos George 19Mar1923 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
30175 Private CARR Arthur Isabert 24Jun1922 New Zealand
2/297 Gunner CARR John 15Nov1919 Consumption New Zealand
2/1393 Gunner CARRICK William 12May1920 South Africa
11/2054 Gunner CARRIGAN Philip James Aug1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
22737 Rifleman CARRINGTON Lawrence Westcote 20May1923 New Zealand
10/1204 L/Corporal CARSON Fred Boyd 22Jun1916 New Zealand
14/102 WOI SSM CARTER Charles Dalby 06Aug1920 Injuries New Zealand
21/43 Corporal CASEY Ernest Michael 17Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
12910 Gunner CASHMAN John 18Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
64298 Private CASSERLY James 17Jan1921 New Zealand
30345 Private CASSEY George Henry 09Oct1921 New Zealand
3/78 Private CASTLEHOW Leonard Fitzroy 24Nov1918 New Zealand
12976 Rifleman CATCHPOLE Edward Westell 07Nov1918 New Zealand
11/738a QMS CATERER Charles Frederick 22Feb1922 Haemorrhage New Zealand
46120 Private CAVANAGH Ernest Patrick 21Oct1921 Pleurisy New Zealand
65708 Sapper CHAAFE Michael John 24Jun1922 Accidentally poisoned New Zealand
18907 Private CHALLEN Henry Tipper 1920 Mesopotomia
11/12 Sergeant CHAMBERS John Harold 01Feb1919 Accidentally killed
51003 Private CHANT Percy Theodore 23Mar1922 New Zealand
55219 Private CHAPMAN Sydney 24Nov1918
33327 Private CHARLTON Charles Dalston 06May1923 New Zealand
63717 Private CHARTERS Samuel 23Dec1920 New Zealand
8/1950 Private CHASE Charles Frederick 12Aug1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
39652 Private CHETHAM Howard Franklin 01Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
6/1261 Private CHINN William Robert 20Nov1918 New Zealand
12/3956 Private CHIPLIN Thomas Walter 18Nov1919 Phthsis New Zealand
12/2569 Private CHITTY Albert Ernest 13Jan1918 Phthsis New Zealand
11429 Private CHRISTIAN James Sherman 10Nov1919 New Zealand
23/2510 Private CHRISTIE John 17Nov1918 New Zealand
49185 Private CHRISTIE Matthew 22Aug1921 New Zealand
74732 Rifleman CLANEY Henry 13Jul1919 Fractured skull New Zealand
14228 Rifleman CLANEY John 26Nov1921 New Zealand
25/962 Rifleman CLARIDGE Thomas George 07Jun1918 New Zealand
49215 Private CLARK Albert George 03Jul1920 Tubular Meningitis New Zealand
14399 Private CLARK Charles
12/1588 Private CLARK Frederick Arthur 02Apr1922 New Zealand
CLARK Patrick James aka James Patrick O'NEIL
34332 Private CLARK Samuel James 12Aug1922 New Zealand
8/24 Lieutenant CLARK Thomas Archibald 25Nov1918 Broncho-pneumonia New Zealand
74975 Private CLARK Thomas Henry 02Apr1922 Influenza New Zealand
12/1174 Private CLARKE Albert 11Oct1919 Drowned New Zealand
6/1810 Private CLARKE Charles Peter Patrick 23Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
13734 Rifleman CLARKE Peter Feb1919 United Kingdom
12/3590 Private CLARKE Walter John 05Jul1917 TB New Zealand
6/431 Sergeant CLEAR Cyril John 03Jan1919 Influenza New Zealand
8/1871 Private CLEARKIN James Robert 24Nov1918 New Zealand
6/4011 CQMS CLEARY Michael St Ledger 19Feb1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
29737 Private CLEAVER Robert (Frederick) 12May1922 TB New Zealand
11/537 Private CLEMOW Philip Crago 21Oct1920? TB New Zealand
11/221 Trooper CLIFF-McCULLOCH Walter Alexander Killed in action Imperial Forces
50481 Gunner CLIFFORD Cecil 24Mar1920 Suicide New Zealand
16/570a Private CLUNE James 05Dec1918 New Zealand
1/812 Private CLUTTERBUCK Thomas 22May1918
8/3532 Private CLUTTERBUCK William 09Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
2/2763 Gunner COAD Harold Ephraim Roy 26Jun1922 New Zealand
46852 Private COAD William Ernest 27Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
7/599 QM Hon Capt COADY Edward Patrick
9/1802 Private COADY Michael James 11May1921 New Zealand
12/326 Private COAKLEY Austin Edward 10Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
45045 Private COATES Ernest Sydney 14Oct1921 British North Borneo
8/2875 L/Corporal COCHRANE Francis Alfred 07Jun1919 Septicima New Zealand
10/305 Lieutenant COCK John Herbert 14Apr1917
12/169 Sergeant COCKS Edward 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
19408 Corporal COE Henry Caple 16Jul1920 Haemorrhage New Zealand
69057 Private COKER David Thomas 18Jan1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
13/676 Corporal COLDWELL George New Zealand
30545 Private COLE Wilford Ambrose Aug1919 New Zealand
11/1762 Lieutenant COLEMAN William Leslie 13Aug1920 Heart failure New Zealand
6/1490 Private COLES Thomas
3/11 Private COLLEY Frederick 23Nov1918
45480 Private COLLIER John William 08May1920 New Zealand
51008 Private COLLINS Albert Edward 28Nov1918 New Zealand
25/265 Rifleman COLLINS Albert Palmerston New Zealand
25/266 Rifleman COLLINS Christopher Feek 21Nov1918 New Zealand
13/2740 Driver COLLINS Dennis 05Oct1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
1/593 Private COLLINS Laurie Edwin 26Feb1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/2493 Private COLLINS Richard 25Jun1922 Heart failure New Zealand
10/978 Sergeant COLLINS Richard David 30Jun1918 New Zealand
13/27 Trooper COLLINS Sarsfield 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
24302 Captain COLUMB David Sutherland 05Feb1921 New Zealand
25/421 Rifleman CONDIE James Houston 20Jan1919 New Zealand
40886 Rifleman CONDON William 12Apr1923 Suicide New Zealand
10/303 Private CONNELL Christopher William 25Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
35829 Trooper CONNELL Frederick Thompson 06Feb1922 Malarial fever New Zealand
10/2174 Sergeant CONNELL John Daniel 17Dec1919 Heart failure (aka John Kenrick HARRISON) New Zealand
10/3516 Sergeant CONNELL Laurence Raymond 21Nov1918 New Zealand
2/120a Private CONNELL Philip 29Dec1920 Injuries New Zealand
13707 Private CONWAY Leo 20Jul1921 New Zealand
35412 Trooper CONWAY Percy Herbert 27Apr1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/2097 Private COOKE William Coleman 04May1920 Influenza New Zealand
15/30 Private COOKSON Arthur Harold
24/1961 Rifleman COOMBER John 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/26 Private COOPER Alexander Edward 05Oct1918 Pleurisy New Zealand
24/723 L/Corporal COOPER Arthur Leslie 28Jun1920 New Zealand
74935 Private COOPER Horace 04Jun1923 New Zealand
4/198a Sapper CORBETT Joseph 29Dec1919 Naraguta, Northern Nigeria
8/336 2/Lieutenant CORBETT Thomas 10Mar1920 New Zealand
8/1219 Private CORCORAN Thomas 07Jan1920 Suicide New Zealand
45988 Private CORIDAS Henry 15Oct1921 Cerebral tumour New Zealand
13/2742 Driver CORNMAN Jack William 13Nov1918 New Zealand
4/1499 Sapper CORNWELL Henry 01Jun1920 Septicaemic Pneumonia New Zealand
8/2777 Private CORRIGAN Francis William 10Sep1918 New Zealand
48704 Rifleman CORRIN John James 10Aug1922 New Zealand
8/1441 Private COSGROVE Joseph 21Nov1918 New Zealand
7/320 Sergeant COTTON Henry Malby 16Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
2/1146 Gunner COTTON Horace Stanley 24Sep1919 New Zealand
37771 Private COTTON Joe Bird 06Nov1921 New Zealand
20911 Lieutenant COTTRELL Wilfred Maxwell 21Mar1922 Suicide New Zealand
12/2252 Sergeant COULAM Francis 11Nov1918 New Zealand
6/2406 Private COVENY Frederick Charles 04Dec1918 New Zealand
70812 Private COX Leonard Albert 01Nov1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
26800 Private COX William Robert New Zealand
11624 Sapper COXHEAD Edward Frederick New Zealand
8/3543 Private COYLE Edward 12Apr1921 New Zealand
2/1404 Corporal CRAIG William Westwood 05Dec1921 TB New Zealand
6/2990 Private CRAMPTON Herbert 29Mar1923 New Zealand
13/679 Driver CRAPP Arthur James 10Apr1918 Killed in action France
14230 L/Corporal CRAPP Harry New Zealand
7/511 Lieutenant CRAVEN Leslie Alec 04Oct1918 New Zealand
8/2797 Private CREAGH Terence Esmond 10Feb1923 Meningitis New Zealand
24/1629 Rifleman CREELY Percy 26Oct1919 Injuries New Zealand
24/1359 Rifleman CRIBB James Frederick Leslie 13Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
45832 Private CRISP Thomas 01Jan1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10/632 Private CROCKETT William 20Apr1923 New Zealand
10/607 Private CROPP Carl Clement 23Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
11/1260 Sergeant CROSS Stanley Home Argentina
6/3671 Private CROSSEN George Lawrence 12Oct1919 TB New Zealand
4/1966 Sergeant CROUCHER Richard 23Jul1919 Killed in action Ismailia
25678 Rifleman CRUICKSHANK Charles David 10Jul1921 New Zealand
7/833 Driver CRUMBY William James New Zealand
2/1854 Gunner CULHANE Thomas James 31Mar1923 Accidentally drowned New Zealand
45074 Private CULLING Leo Felix 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/1786 Private CUMMING Martin 19Oct1921 TB New Zealand
3/995 Private CUMMINS Arthur Brierley 06Jan1919 New Zealand
24/95 Rifleman CUNNINGHAM Alan 21Nov1918 New Zealand
2/255 Bombardier CUNNINGHAM Michael James 18Nov1918 New Zealand
13/627 Corporal CURRIE Alexander George 10Dec1921 Egypt
51628 Rifleman CURRY John James 24Nov1918 Influenza
42853 Rifleman CURTIN Denis 29Jul1919 Influenza New Zealand
13885 2/Lieutenant CUTHBERTSON Frank 13Sep1921 TB New Zealand
12/3603 CQMS CUTHBERTSON William James 22Apr1920 Suicide New Zealand
7/2248 Trooper CUVERHOUSE Frank 20Nov1917 Died of wounds New Zealand
75299 Gunner DALES James McDonald 08Jan1921 Injuries New Zealand
25046 Sergeant DALL George Bruce 27May1922 New Zealand
33314 Private DALLARD Cecil James 02Sep1921 New Zealand
10/162 Captain DALLINGER James Type 22Jun1920 New Zealand
50373 Trooper DALTON Patrick Frederick 04Jan1921 New Zealand
73242 Private DALY Richard Oliver 14Jan1922 TB New Zealand
15508 Lieutenant DALZELL Nelson 21Feb1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
58140 Trooper DALZIEL Edwin Stokes 29Aug1920 Heart failure New Zealand
2/211 Lieutenant DANCEY Reginald William 12Jun1919 New Zealand
6/765 Corporal D'ARCY-IRVINE Roy George 02Jun1921 New Zealand
4/1340 Sapper DARGAN Sylvester 13Jul1920 New Zealand
8/2417 Private DAVEY Edmond Sep1917 Drowned New Zealand
21990 Private DAVEY William Cecil 04Aug1921 Cardiac failure New Zealand
10967 Rifleman DAVIDSON David 28Feb1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
5/119 Trooper DAVIDSON William James 10Dec1918 Meningitis New Zealand
19940 Private DAVIE Waru 27Aug1920 TB New Zealand
10/332 Private DAVIS Arthur Edwin 28Mar1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
10/2113 Private DAVIS Henry A'Court 17Dec1922 New Zealand
10/1462 Private DAVIS Thomas Joseph 16Nov1918 New Zealand
12/691 Private DAWSON Sydney Theodore
4/896 Sapper DAY William Henry 05Nov1918 New Zealand
28693 Private De GOFFE William Francis 22Nov1918 New Zealand
10/835 Private De LISLE Ferdinand Rangatira New Zealand
6/827 Corporal De VILLIERS Louis Valentine 22Nov1918 New Zealand
13/645 Private DEACON Francis 14Oct1920
45487 Private DEEBLE William 09Nov1918 New Zealand
11/2076 Private DEELEY Harry 16Apr1920 New Zealand
14237 Private DEMPSEY William John 25Sep1921 TB New Zealand
8/2418 Sapper DENNEHY Edward Scanlon 29Jan1923 TB
12757 Gunner DENNETT George 14Nov1918 New Zealand
11/1683 Gunner DENNETT Joseph John Baptist 07Dec1921 New Zealand
25213 Private DENT Frederick Robert 21Mar1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
17917 Private DENT Robert Alfred 20Jul1921 Enteric New Zealand
66146 Private DEVEREUX Peter Alexander 08May1921 Heart failure New Zealand
24825 Private DEVINE Arthur Ernest 22Nov1918 New Zealand
31614 Private DEVINE Hugh Albert 09Nov1918 New Zealand
46955 Private DEVINE Patrick 16Nov1918 New Zealand
24/1968 Private DICK John Charles Tandy 06Dec1922 New Zealand
26/768 Rifleman DICKEY Andrew 04Feb1920 New Zealand
13/2755 Gunner DICKEY James 28Sep1921 New Zealand
19/63 Private DICKINSON Charles 21Dec1917 Gastric trouble New Zealand
9/1822 L/Corporal DICKSON Neil 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
71509 Private DILLON Thomas 26Jun1922 Pernicious anaemia New Zealand
12153 S/Sergeant DIXON George Edward 15Mar1923 Pneumonia New Zealand
49803 Private DIXON Harold Percy 30Nov1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
12/533 Driver DOCHERTY Francis James 28Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
27000 Private DOCHERTY William John Alexander 21Nov1918 New Zealand
59872 Private DOHERTY William Frederick 24Aug1920 New Zealand
2/13 Bombardier DONALD Alfred 02Mar1922 Injuries New Zealand
24799 Private DONNELLY Joseph Patrick 04Jan1921 TB New Zealand
12/4165 Sergeant DONOVAN James John New Zealand
24146 Private DONOVAN John 06May1919 Heart failure New Zealand
12920 Gunner DONS Victor Christian Hjort 10Oct1922 Kidney disease New Zealand
13/655 Reverend DORE Patrick 15Jul1918 Wounds New Zealand
17/47 Trooper DOUGLAS Alexander Haltzmeyer 06Mar1919 Drowned New Zealand
10032 Private DOUGLAS John Reginald 17Nov1920 TB New Zealand
7/2249 Private DOUGLASS Hugh Valentine 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
9/1039 Sergeant DOUGLASS Oliver 23Jan1923 Disease New Zealand
19203 Major DOVEY Ernest Charles 11Jul1920 Cerebral Haemorrhage New Zealand
55283 Sapper DOW Ernest Herbert 29Jul1920 Heart failure New Zealand
37503 Sapper DOWDLE Wilfred Prichard 01Feb1922 Suicide New Zealand
41317 Private DOWNEY John James 24May1922 TB New Zealand
75768 Trooper DOWNS John 18Jan1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
6/1272 Private DOWNS William 27Jul1922 Diabetes New Zealand
51022 Private DOWSETT Charles Frederick 28Oct1918 Injuries New Zealand
24/406 L/Corporal DOYLE Charles 01May1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
8/365 2/Lieutenant DOYLE James Justin 15Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
7/951 Private DRAIN William Henry 01Jan1920 New Zealand
39969 Rifleman DRAKE John Powsland 11Nov1918 New Zealand
15883 Rifleman DRISCOLL John 06Aug1918 New Zealand
8/3561 Private DRISCOLL Thomas Michael 22Mar1920 New Zealand
26070 Private DRURY Arthur 11Aug1920 Wounds New Zealand
9/1824 Driver DRYDEN George 21Sep1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
27866 Private DRYDEN George Irvine Mouat 29Mar1918 TB Spine New Zealand
26/168 Rifleman DUGGAN Maurice 31Oct1918 Wounds New Zealand
38364 Private DUMERGUE Edward Frederick 21Nov1918 New Zealand
29897 Private DUNFORD Thomas 13Aug1918 New Zealand
21389 WOII DUNKLEY Eugene Francis Ambrose 18Jun1920 Drowned New Zealand
46318 Rifleman DUNN Thomas 26Jul1920 New Zealand
6/3690 L/Corporal DUNN William Robert Allan 05Aug1919 New Zealand
21432 Sapper DUNNE Robert William 17May1922 Disease New Zealand
42063 Rifleman DUNNICLIFF Thomas William 19Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
25/969 Rifleman DUNPHY James George 14Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/2903 Private DURHAM Joseph Leo 02Nov1920 Injuries New Zealand
9/1819 Driver DURRANT William James 26Jan1923 New Zealand
2/1835 Driver DYSON John Walker 07Oct1919 Drowned New Zealand
12/4169 Private EADES Walter Harold 25Apr1919 New Zealand
3/124 S/Sergeant EAGER Neale Fitzgerald 14Jun-04Sep1920 Killed in action Egypt
12/1051 Corporal EAMES Joseph 04Jun1919 TB New Zealand
2/304 Driver EATON Edward James 23Dec1919 Influenza New Zealand
38001 L/Corporal EDWARDS Ernest Edward 02Feb1921 New Zealand
79132 Rifleman EDWARDS Georeg Leopold 30Oct1922 TB New Zealand
19/378 Private EDWARDS James 19Dec1919 Drowned New Zealand
8/2905 Private EDWARDS Mason Charles 06Aug1919 New Zealand
19/73 Private ELLERBY (ELLENBY) Harold James Aug1919 Drowned Samoa
74383 Private ELLERY Vernon Albert 15Sep1921 Meningitis New Zealand
49296 Private ELLIOTT Alexander William 18Aug1918 TB New Zealand
ELLIS James aka Charles Roland MORTON
22/512 Staff Nurse ELLIS Mary Eliza 21Sep1919 Disease New Zealand
10/2128 Private ELLIS William Charles 06Jul1921 Disease New Zealand
17063 Private ELLISDON Francis Walter Frederick 07Sep1922 Peritonitis New Zealand
11/1147 L/Sergeant ELLISDON Thomas 17Jan1920 Enteric New Zealand
26755 Rifleman ELLISON Charles Sydney 12May1918 Phthisis New Zealand
39782 Private ELLISON Charles Thomas 09Jun1922 New Zealand
30774 Private ELTRINGHAM Stephen 15Dec1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23/1508 Rifleman EMMS Harold Arthur Jan1921 New Zealand
25/621 Sergeant ENNSON William John 05Nov1918 Appendicitis New Zealand
20684 L/Corporal EPIHA Tame 01Apr1919 Consumption New Zealand
3/2930 Captain EVANS Arthur Owen 26Oct1919 United Kingdom
6/2610 Private EVANS David Josiah 27Jul1919 Suicide New Zealand
49077 Private EVANS Frederick Siar Drowned New Zealand
12/2284 Private EVANS Henry 01Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/3547 Private EVANS Henry John 20Feb1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
39933 Rifleman EVENSEN Arthur Edward 25Aug1918 aka Arthur Edward ANDERSON New Zealand
58123 Trooper FAHEY John Francis 10Jun1922 Appendicitis New Zealand
4/67a Sapper FAIR Charles Patrick 21Aug1920 Disease New Zealand
12/219 Private FAITHFULL Dormar Cotterill 05Apr1923 New Zealand
12/3634 Private FAITHFULL Norman 05Dec1921 TB New Zealand
11/953 Private FALCONER David 15May1919 New Zealand
10/250 Corporal FANCOURT Harman 18Jan1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
2/649 Driver FARR Cecil Ernest 15Feb1921 Appoplexy New Zealand
4/1346 Sapper FARRELL Frank 06Nov1918 New Zealand
16/1042 Private FATAMAKA 01Sep1922 New Zealand
24/1375 Rifleman FAULKNER Frederick William 03Sep1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
7/925 L/Corporal FEA Ernest William 02Apr1920 Cerebra Spinal degeneration New Zealand
27482 Private FELTON Richard Astley Fuleiner 06Dec1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
40793 Private FENTON William 06Dec1920 New Zealand
12/3316 L/Corporal FERGUSON Edwin John Alexander 21Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
27161 Private FERGUSON Henry Brown 03May1918 New Zealand
40920 Private FERGUSON William Murray 15Dec1918 New Zealand
2/2120 Driver FERNANDOS John Aloysius 15Oct1917 New Zealand
23/1624 Private FERRIER Alexander 13Apr1922 Suicide New Zealand
3/893 Private FINCH Leonard 09Sep1921 Injuries New Zealand
27489 Private FINDLAY John 29Dec1919 New Zealand
4/1237a Sapper FINN James 11May1918 Phthisis New Zealand
23164 Rifleman FISH Ernest Robert Apr1921 TB New Zealand
27803 Private FISH Samuel Henry 18Jul1920 New Zealand
4/396 Sapper FISHER Clarence Alfred 23Aug1916 New Zealand
11/1549 Trooper FISHER Leonard Norman 20Jul1917 Injuries New Zealand
29160 Driver FITZGERALD David 03Feb1923 New Zealand
11/251 Sergeant FITZGERALD William Michael 26Jan1921 New Zealand
3/577 SSM FITZGIBBON David 09Oct1919 TB New Zealand
4/1348 Sapper FITZGIBBON John 07Mar1920 New Zealand
24/2192 L/Corporal FITZPATRICK Frederick Daniel 30Oct1918 New Zealand
3/4240 Private FLANAGAN Alfred Ernest 14Oct1921 Disease New Zealand
36588 Sergeant FLEMING Andrew Scoular 26Nov1918 New Zealand
22543 Rifleman FLEMING Francis Charles 03Dec1920 Disease New Zealand
11/873 Sergeant FLEMING Frederick Nelson 10Jun1921 United Kingdom
64483 Private FLOYD Samuel Henry 01Feb1921 New Zealand
8/1981 Private FLUTE David Wright 06Sep1922 Suicide New Zealand
13/2770 Private FOLEY William Dudley 27Feb1922 Injuries New Zealand
15513 Private FORBES Thomas 18Nov1918 aka Thomas FORD New Zealand
9/816 Private FORD Michael Henry Apr1921 New Zealand
FORD Thomas aka Thomas FORBES
8/748 Private FORDE John Patrick 18Nov1918 New Zealand
2/1616 Gunner FORREST Charles Henry 26Sep1922 New Zealand
12/2292 Private FORSTER Robson Cameron 17Oct1919 Tubercular Bronchial Pneumonia New Zealand
26/1591 Rifleman FOSTER Andrew United Kingdom
59632 Private FOX Reginald
46705 Private FOX William Henry 22Jul1922 Drowned New Zealand
30778 Private FRANCIS Charles Augustus 04Aug1922 New Zealand
16/173 Private FRANKS Samuel Osman 11Nov1921 TB New Zealand
6/1145 Private FRASER Alexander 16Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
23/1385 Rifleman FRASER Alexander Cuming 10Feb1922 New Zealand
8/198 Private FRASER David Thomson 27Nov1918 New Zealand
5/561 Driver FRASER Robert Bruce 06Aug1921 New Zealand
46012 Private FRASER Robert John 17Nov1918 New Zealand
12/3643 Private FRASER Robert Lyle Houston 30Aug1920 New Zealand
8/1075 Private FRASER Thomas 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
51305 Private FREE William Alfred 04Aug1919 Drowned New Zealand
21247 L/Corporal FREEM Thomas Barraclough 24May1920 TB New Zealand
2/2417 Sapper FREEMAN Harold William 22Jan1922 Cardiac failure New Zealand
37564 Sapper FREEMAN John James 14Jul1921 New Zealand
25/1101 Rifleman FRIEND John 15Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
4/731 Sapper FRISTON Erle Frederick 1920 QLD, Australia
11856 Private FRY Harry 09Aug1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
50847 Gunner FULLERTON Leslie Edward 04Mar1921 Jaundice New Zealand
3/1573 Corporal FULTON John Graeme Blundell 02Jan1923 Accidentally killed United Kingdom
20323 Private FULTON William David 05Feb1923 TB New Zealand
55714 Private FURLONG Henry O'Bernie 16Sep1918 New Zealand
27740 L/Corporal FURNISH Percy Talbot 11Apr1921 Sydney, Australia
31624 Private FURNISS William 12Nov1918 New Zealand
27484 Private FYFE Andrew 29Nov1918 New Zealand
3/528 Captain FYFFE William 25Apr1920 New Zealand
6/630 Private GABRIEL Seddon 20Nov1918 New Zealand
9/475 Private GAFFANEY James Eton 22Apr1919 Diptheria New Zealand
10/2612 QMS GALBRAITH James 11Jul1919 TB New Zealand
10/1490 Private GALLAGHER Patrick Joseph 30Aug1918
2/90 Gunner GALLIE Oscar Eugene 08Dec1917 Killed in action France
14257 Private GAMBLE Albert 07Feb1920 New Zealand
21248 Private GANDY Herbert 27Aug1922 Drowned New Zealand
11/632 Sergeant GARDNER John Henry 26Nov1918 New Zealand
26828 Private GARDNER William Alexander 03Sep1921 TB New Zealand
49532 Private GARVEY Patrick 02Aug1921 Accidentally killed Canada
18646 Rifleman GARWOOD Ernest James 30Aug1919 Internal Haemorrhage New Zealand
69345 Private GASKIN Arthur Robert 16May1919 Suicide New Zealand
23827 Private GATES Frederick George 02Aug1919 Drowned NSW, Australia
13747 Private GATTON Edward Marsh 29Apr1921 New Zealand
80930 Rifleman GAYNOR Leo Francis
11/53 Trooper GEANGE John Wallace 31Mar1917 Wounds New Zealand
12/359 Private GEMMING Thomas Alfred 26Apr1917 Disease New Zealand
31989 Private GIBBISON Andrew William 30May1920 TB New Zealand
2/2622 Gunner GIBSON Edward Joseph 11May1920 TB New Zealand
42082 Rifleman GIBSON Percy Charles 22Jan1922 New Zealand
13/2193 Corporal GIBSON Sidney 18Sep1920 Suicide New Zealand
29614 L/Corporal GILBERTSON Percy Alexander 24Nov1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
25/1127 Rifleman GILCHRIST Henry Clifford 10Mar1917 New Zealand
10/1824 Private GILES Charles Pedlar 27Apr1918 Wounds France
7/48 L/Corporal GILL John Thomas
13/312 Lieutenant GILLESPIE Robert 29Oct1920 Suicide New Zealand
6/3712 Driver GILLIES Norman Archibald 01Jan1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
15106 Rifleman GILLIGAN Leo 13Feb1920 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
23/149 Rifleman GILLIGAN Peter Murray 02Nov1920 New Zealand
46652 Rifleman GILMORE William 19Jun1922
2/50a Bombardier GILPIN Robert Rooke
43415 Gunner GLADING Stanton Henry 14Sep1921 New Zealand
43816 Gunner GLADING Stephen Charles 02Jun1923 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
12/2712 Private GLASGOW George May1920 United Kingdom
37541 Sapper GLASS Walter 28Aug1921 Cancer New Zealand
24/1988 Private GLAVIN Michael John 08Nov1921 New Zealand
10/3887 L/Corporal GLAZEBROOK John Joseph 21Jun1919 Heart failure NSW, Australia
44718 L/Corporal GLENN William John 12Mar1919 Heart failure United Kingdom
24161 Sergeant GLENNIE Alexander James 11Sep1922 TB New Zealand
10/110 Corporal GOLDFINCH William Richard 09Jan1920 New Zealand
10/4101 Private GOLDIE William 05Feb1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
23/764 Rifleman GOLDSBOROUGH Richard Horace 27Nov1918 New Zealand
12545 Private GOLDSMITH Albert William 29Jun1920 New Zealand
2/266 S/Major GOLLOP Charles Thomas 21Nov1918 New Zealand
12/1418 Private GOODALL William Henry c15Feb1920 Drowned New Zealand
10588 Gunner GOODWIN Ernest Arthur 27Dec1920 Drowned New Zealand
26/1038 Private GOODYER William Henry
11/2503 L/Corporal GORDON Claude Lindsay 05Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
23/151 Corporal GORDON John 26Jun1919 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23092 Private GORDON Midley 28Oct1922 Drowned New Zealand
8/45 Sergeant GORDON Robert 04May1922 TB of kidneys New Zealand
53180 Private GOUGH Leonard Norman 11JUn1920 Cardiac failure New Zealand
11/2104 Sapper GOULDING Frank Stuart Mar1920 Died of Injuries (kicked by horse) New Zealand
9/1047 Trooper GOURLEY Christopher Robert 05Sep1921 Drowned New Zealand
16/583a Private GOVERNOR Joe William 26Nov1918 Consumption New Zealand
25/872 Rifleman GRACE David Patrick 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
23/1992 Rifleman GRACE George Henry 20Apr1919 Cerebral abscess New Zealand
12/2305 Corporal GRACE Pierce Paul Christopher 24Feb1921 New Zealand
23/156 Rifleman GRAHAM Albert 19Jan1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
21251 Private GRAHAM George 11Apr1920 NSW, Australia
25229 Private GRAHAM Thomas 16Nov1918 New Zealand
38683 Rifleman GRAINGER William 21Nov1920 Accidentally killed (fall of earth) New Zealand
8/1246 Driver GRANFIELD Edwin Anthony 21Nov1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
14804 Rifleman GRANT John 21Nov1918 Influenza & Broncho-pneumonia New Zealand
24/1060 Private GRAY Charles Lowrie 21Nov1918 New Zealand
51381 Private GRAY James 07Dec1918 New Zealand
6/3720 Private GRAY James John Piercy 26Nov1918 New Zealand
41787 Private GRAY William George 01Dec1918 New Zealand
15/183 WOII SM GREEN Charles William 11Nov1918
16/1492 Private GREEN John Francis
12/1963 Private GREENSIDES Ernest 24Nov1918 New Zealand
8/384 Private GREIG George Ferrier 18Jun1919 New Zealand
6/241 Private GRIDLEY Arthur Robert 26Nov1918 New Zealand
17711 Rifleman GRIFFIN Edward James 07Nov1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
48417 Private GRIFFIN James 25Oct1921 New Zealand
45595 Rifleman GRIFFIN James Cameron 04Jun1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
41325 L/Sergeant GRIFFIN James Francis 06Jan1920 New Zealand
12/1424 L/Corporal GRIFFITHS Ernest 17Nov1918 TB New Zealand
25/540 Rifleman GRIFFITHS George 17Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
6/1301 Private GRIFFITHS William 16Dec1918 Diarrhoea New Zealand
35737 Trooper GRIMSEY Joseph Thomas 02Mar1922 Blood poisoning New Zealand
21/29 S/Sergeant GROUT Henry Crauston Jan1922 Accidentally killed (flying) New Zealand
11/263 L/QMS GROVES Alfred 25Sep1921 New Zealand
39988 Private GROVES James 22Dec1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23/159 Rifleman GROVES Richard 10Sep1917 Heart disease New Zealand
40550 Private GRUPEN William Frederick 04Oct1919 ? Killed in action
40550 Private GRUPEN William Frederick 14Nov1918 ? Sickness New Zealand
70165 Private GUILD Thomas 07Jul1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
11275 Sergeant GUNN Alexander 03Dec1918 Septic Pneumonia New Zealand
42653 Rifleman GUNN George Brown Inglis 17Dec1921 New Zealand
8/825 Private GURDEN Albert George 28Oct1919 Septic poisoning New Zealand
78884 Private GUTTERY Harry 14Jun1921 New Zealand
12/559 Private HACKNEY Arthur Norman 08Aug1918 Killed in action France
50700 Trooper HADFIELD Evered Rogers 03Dec1919 Drowned New Zealand
20786 Private HADFIELD Matthew Petewiki 10Jan1919 Influenza
19587 Private HAHUNGA Thomas 17Apr1923
38886 Rifleman HAILWOOD Eric George 25Mar1923 Gunshot wounds New Zealand
70263 L/Corporal HAILWOOD John William 08May1922 Pneumonia & Cardiac failure New Zealand
19623 Private HAIMONA Rarua 10Jan1920 New Zealand
16/134 Private HAIRA Kapu 08Oct1918 Heart failure New Zealand
22968 Private HALDANE William Coster 28Sep1920 Drowned New Zealand
13/77 2/Lieutenant HALIDAY Frederick Arthur 04May1921 New Zealand
7/603 Sergeant HALL Walter Ernest 25Dec1918 New Zealand
6/3335 Sergeant HALLIGAN Robert Henry 29Dec1922 New Zealand
72560 Private HALSE Henry Samuel 14May1921 New Zealand
52202 Private HAMILTON George 17Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza
9/2073 Trooper HAMILTON John 13Jun1917 TB New Zealand
31847 Private HAMPTON Christopher 15Jun1919 New Zealand
10/1832 L/Corporal HAMPTON Frank Oliver 19Apr1922 Accidentally killed New Zealand
12787 Gunner HAMSLEY Frank 18Nov1921 Gastro Enterostomy following gastric ulcer New Zealand
8/403 Private HANAN James Albert Newton 26Feb1922 New Zealand
3/2641 Sergeant HANAN Leonard Carswell 01Aug1919 New Zealand
3/3495 Private HANCOCK Thomas Edgar Hampton 29Apr1922 New Zealand
4/1306a Sapper HANCOCK William 30Dec1915 Suicide New Zealand
20898 Sapper HANDLEY Charles Burgoyne 03Sep1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
11/810 Trooper HANKINS Kenneth Arthur 14Feb1919 War service New Zealand
10/775 Private HANNA George Victor 23Apr1917 Phthisis (Pulmonary) New Zealand
23/162 Rifleman HANNA Thomas Wells 29Jan1922 Suicide by poisoning New Zealand
8/1254 Private HANNAH William 08Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
5/779 Driver HANSEN Hendrick 28Feb1920 New Zealand
23/2567 Rifleman HANSEN Lyall Sherlaw 20May1919 New Zealand
84437 Private HAORA Walter 22Jun1919 New Zealand
HARDING Charles see Charles Joseph ARDEN
6/249 SSM HARDING Gordon Vivian 23Nov1921 Pneumonia Pleurisy New Zealand
30581 Private HARDING William Frank 23Sep1918 New Zealand
24/1068 Rifleman HARE John 28Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
33878 Private HARE Sidney Warburton 09Feb1918 New Zealand
2/1233 Gunner HARKIN John William 06Oct1917 VDH & Syncope New Zealand
7/58 Trooper HARNETT John 31Jan1923 Gastric ulcer & stomach dilation New Zealand
8/771 Private HARNEY s/be KEARNEY William 13Jan1921? New Zealand
42658 Rifleman HARPER James Lyster 01Jan1920 Drowned New Zealand
3/1847 Private HARPER John 24Nov1918 Influenza
10/3588 Private HARRIGAN William George 23Nov1918
26/1621 Rifleman HARRIS Arthur 02Apr1919 New Zealand
79925 Private HARRIS Frederick Augustus 01Jul1919 Drowned Luegaw, Ireland
25/1758 Rifleman HARRIS Henry 13Dec1919 New Zealand
10/1516 Gunner HARRIS Rayner 06Nov1918 New Zealand
47138 Private HARRISON Dudley Edward 30Mar1919
4/1617 Sapper HARRISON Herbert United Kingdom
28339 Private HARRISON John 10Jun1918 TB Peritonitis New Zealand
HARRISON John Kenrick see John Daniel CONNELL
26/1198 Rifleman HARROP Charles 02Aug1917 Cystic disease - kidneys and uraemia New Zealand
1/515 Private HART Henry 17Jun1921 New Zealand
6/254 Private HARVEY William Frederick 05Nov1919
19/109 Private HARWOOD George 19Nov1918 New Zealand
72938 Rifleman HATCH Ernest Philip 12Nov1920 New Zealand
61277 Private HATCHER Edwin George 11Aug1921 New Zealand
12/750 Sergeant HATHAWAY Robert William 01Jun1922 Drowned New Zealand
9/2038 Private HAUGH Alexander Strangulation New Zealand
7/1358 Private HAWKE Henry Woodman 08Mar1919 British New Guinea
6/256 Private HAWKEN Percy 11Jun1916 New Zealand
12390 Private HAWKEN William Henry 11Mar1922 Suicide New Zealand
48335 Private HAWKHEAD William Newton 12Nov1918 New Zealand
2/1351 Bombardier HAWKINS Bertram James 14Feb1920 Australia
11/1808 Trooper HEALEY Arthur Connely 11Mar1919 Shock following operation New Zealand
35075 Driver HEALEY Bernard 27Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
4/746 Corporal HEATH Albert MacLaren 31Jan1920 Drowned New Zealand
10/2640 Private HEATH Patrick 19Nov1917 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
49508 Private HEATH Rodger 21Nov1918 New Zealand
28/1822 Private HEATHER James 25Nov1918 Influenza (aka James STANLEY) New Zealand
29988 Private HEATHER William 25Sep1917 Consumption New Zealand
16/1051 Private HEGOTUKI Niue Island
24/175 Rifleman HENDERSON Gordon Vivian 07Jan1919 Heart failure New Zealand
12/756 Private HENDERSON Henry 08Mar1920 New Zealand
47140 Rifleman HENDERSON John Archibald 21Jan1922 New Zealand
26617 Private HENDERSON Percy Bosworth 15Nov1918 New Zealand
51724 Private HENDERSON Thomas George Wilkie 23Sep1919 TB New Zealand
12398 Private HENDLE Ernest Campbell 16Apr1920 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
6/3347 Corporal HENNESSY Nickolas 13Dec1919 New Zealand
16877 Private HEPBURN Stanley 21Oct1921 New Zealand
26/1611 Private HERK John 11Nov1918 New Zealand
17/407 Sergeant HERON James Henry 09Aug1920 Pleurisy & Pneumonia New Zealand
9/709a Trooper HERRETT George 31Mar1921 Drowned Colac Bay
73668 Driver HERRINGTON Ernest George 05Aug1922 Influenza & Meningitis New Zealand
16/326 Private HETARAKA Peretiti 21Nov1917 New Zealand
2/608 Sergeant HICKS Frederick Thomas 14Feb1923 New Zealand
24/178 Rifleman HIGGINS John Harrington 17Nov1918 New Zealand
22730 2/Lieutenant HIGGINS Vivian 16May1923 New Zealand
10/2644 Sergeant HIGHLEY George James 27Feb1923 New Zealand
10/166 Private HILL Charles Richard 12Mar1923
9/1862 Private HILL Edward Thomas 05Feb1923 New Zealand
24/789 Rifleman HILL John Henry 01-08Oct1920 Sydney, Australia
8/3626 Private HILLARD Jack 11Nov1921 New Zealand
26/1063 Rifleman HINES Robert Alfred 17Apr1920 Cerebral Haemorrhage New Zealand
15286 Sergeant HINTON Francis Athol 09Nov1918 Killed - RAF
16/116 Private HIRINI Haimoa 10Jan1920 New Zealand
22800 Private HIRST Bertie Sydney
2/1980 Gunner HIRST George 13Jun1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
23/2003 Private HITCHINGS William Ernest 07Aug1921 Found dead
3/412 L/Corporal HOARE George Harry 19Sep1922 Murdered New Zealand
10/2647 Corporal HOARE John Richard 20May1920 Internal Haemorrhage New Zealand
12046 Driver HODGSON-STEVENS Anthony Rodovask 21Sep1919 New Zealand
3/1035 Private HODGES Sydney 31May1919 New Zealand
19624 Private HOKO Moa 21Jan1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
2/2027 WOII HOLDSWORTH Ira William 24Mar1917 Phthisis New Zealand
9/588 Trooper HOLLIS Henry 30Apr1920 Haemorrhage of Lungs New Zealand
16/1226 SM HOLMES Frederick 01Mar1918 Cardiac disease New Zealand
26105 Rifleman HOLMES John 10Nov1920 New Zealand
26/811 Rifleman HOLMES John Thomas 28Nov1918 Influenza & Bronchial Pneumonia
3/1 Lt-Colonel HOLMES Mathew 15Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
29019 Rifleman HOLMES William Graham 15Nov1918 New Zealand
3/1166 Private HOMER Charles William 27Oct1917 Accidentally killed - flying accident, Scotland Scotland
16/1376a Private HONEYCOMBE Norman 17May1918 Accidentally killed New Zealand
3/2684 Private HONORE Edwin Nolloth 19Aug1920
9/1573 Private HOOD James 08Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
8/228 Private HOOD Thomas Arthur 06-16Jan1919 Drowned New Zealand
5/244 Corporal HOOPER William Wallace Sep1922 Chronic Dyspepsia and duodenal ulcer New Zealand
16/1478 Private HOPA Murphy 23Aug1921 New Zealand
27799 Private HOPKINS Harry 21Apr1918 New Zealand
11671 Private HOPKINSON Charles Thomas 03Mar1921 New Zealand
12/1991 Private HOPPER Joseph 25Apr1922 United Kingdom
2/1177 Bombardier HORNBY William 29Mar1920 New Zealand
26/1609 L/Corporal HORNE Richard Charles 25Jun1920 New Zealand
3/1446 Private HORNER Raymond 19May1916 Septic Pneumonia and endocarditis and ostitis New Zealand
8/3630 Private HORTON Walter Herbert 10Jul1920 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
32337 Rifleman HOUSTON Robert Alexander 28May1920 New Zealand
10/380 Sergeant HOWARD Harry Elsmore 09Apr1917 Wounds United Kingdom
10/3298 Corporal HOWARD John Daniel 15Sep1919 Drowned Ponui Island
24/1690 Private HOWARTH Harold 15Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
38391 Private HOWE Robert Arthur 07Nov1918 New Zealand
12/3051 Private HOWIE Walter John 11Nov1922 Heart failure New Zealand
5/168 Driver HUBBARD Arthur 11Feb1918 Peritonitis New Zealand
22986 Private HUDSON Miles Frederick 15Feb1919 Inflammation of the brain New Zealand
36979 Rifleman HUGHES Thomas William 09Sep1922 Accidentally killed - railway New Zealand
23701 Sapper HUGHES Victor Francis
8/3631 Private HUGHES William 03Nov1918
26/801 Rifleman HULME Henry James 05Apr1920 Drowned New Zealand
3/446a Captain HUME Peter Gulland 31May1916 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
12192 Private HUMPHRIES Alexander Glendinning 21Nov1918 New Zealand
79145 Gunner HUMPHRIES Allan Stanton 11Nov1921 New Zealand
2/1279 Private HUMPHRIES David Horswell 26Mar1920 New Zealand
13334 Private HUNTER Andrew New Zealand
17/264 Private HUNTER James 22Nov1918 New Zealand
20158 Rifleman HUNTER Peter James New Zealand
16407 Trooper HUNTER Samuel Herbert 28Dec1917 New Zealand
17890 Sergeant HUNTER William 12Jan1921 Suicide New Zealand
13924 Sapper HURLEY Levi 23Nov1922 Typhoid Fever New Zealand
15116 Captain HURSTHOUSE John Fearon
6/2430 Private HUTCHISON Stanley 08May1923 New Zealand
10/3604 Private HYLAND George 27Nov1918 New Zealand
11/284 Lieutenant HYSLOP Ninian (Vivian) Steel 20Oct1917 Killed in action
16/1054 Private IMUI 03Jul1918 Niue Island
31127 Private INCH William Oliver 09Apr1922 New Zealand
8/3925 L/Corporal INGLIS James Robert 10Nov192? New Zealand
19971 Private INIA Morehu 25Oct1919 Chronic Nephritis and urenia New Zealand
44222 Private INNES Francis Moray 13Jan1922 Acute Indocarditis New Zealand
38395 L/Corporal INNIS Alfred Edward 03Aug1921 New Zealand
72563 Private IREMONGER Horace George 27/28Jul1921 Cardiac failure New Zealand
2/1927 Gunner IRVINE Harry
13/2205 Driver IRVING Thomas Leighton 08Apr1921 Pneumonia England
50062 Trooper IRWIN James Thomas 26Jan1920 New Zealand
6/1323 Private ISAACS William August 17Nov1919 Found dead New Zealand
4/21a Sapper IZARD Keith Halsted
12/2339 Lieutenant JACK Alexander Douglas 15Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
15731 Private JACKSON Edwin Alexander 10Nov1919 New Zealand
15/109a Private JACKSON Francis Marsden 09Oct1919 Acute Peritonitis and meningitis New Zealand
23/1078 Rifleman JACKSON William 03Jan1923 Pneumonia New Zealand
18889 Corporal JACOBSON Lionel Guy 01Nov1920 Australia
5/442 Private JAHN Gustave 06Feb1920 New Zealand
40008 Private JAMES Leonard 15Nov192? New Zealand
19/384 Private JAMES William 03Apr1921 Chronic Tibrosis of the lungs and dilation of the heart New Zealand
24/1402 Rifleman JAMES William Dudley 18Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
14643 Private JAMIESON Robert 27Oct1918 Influenza New Zealand
26627 L/Corporal JARVIS Ernest Haines 09Nov1918 New Zealand
11045 Rifleman JENKINS William James 10Dec1920 Carcanoma of the stomach New Zealand
12/997 Private JENNINGS George Samuel 19Nov1918 New Zealand
1/235 Private JESSOP Philip Ebenezer 19Mar1915 New Zealand
8/3640 Private JEWETT Joseph 14Sep1922 Cancer New Zealand
23/2211 Sergeant JOB Henry 29Sep1920 New Zealand
16/1452 Private JOHN David 20Jul1919 New Zealand
4/763 Sapper JOHNSON Ebenezer 12Jan1921 Suicide New Zealand
26/575 Private JOHNSON Ernest Lot 11Aug1919 New Zealand
9/616 Trooper JOHNSON Nelson 27Nov1915
26/578 Rifleman JOHNSON Thomas Knight 15Jul1920 New Zealand
12/384 Private JOHNSTON Archibald 13Apr1919 Found dead New Zealand
12/381 Sergeant JOHNSTON Ernest Richard 11Nov1919
2/2168 Gunner JOHNSTON Leonard George 13Jan1920 Drowned New Zealand
11484 Private JOHNSTON William 24Jun1922 TB War disability New Zealand
10069 2/Lieutenant JOHNSTON William Eli 20Jan1918 Heart trouble New Zealand
23/2571 Rifleman JOINES Thomas 20Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
6/2674 Private JOLLY John Ferdinand 20Jun1918 New Zealand
12/4206 Private JONES Alfred Charles 12Jul1920 West Africa
15064 Private JONES Charles 15Dec1918 New Zealand
4/40 Bombardier JONES Clarence William 12Nov1920 New Zealand
17/97 Corporal JONES Ernest Thomas 19Mar1920 Cerebral tumour New Zealand
10/415 Private JONES John 1915 New Zealand
33380 Private JONES Richard 21Aug1922 TB New Zealand
28489 Rifleman JORGENSEN Edward Theodore 01Sep1921 Suicide New Zealand
38403 Private JOY Bertie Harold 10Mar1923 TB New Zealand
10/3923 Private JOYES Charles 29Jun1917
22692 2/Lieutenant JUBB John Thomas 11Feb1923 TB New Zealand
16/511 Private KAANGA Te Kuru 25Jun1919
16/627 Private KAHUKURA Herewira 30Jun1921 New Zealand
16/1061 Private KALUPA New Zealand
16/332 Private KAMARIERA Ngarama 22Nov1919 New Zealand
20893 Private KANARA Rapata Wi 16May1919 New Zealand
16/1063 Private KANATAU
10/1540 Private KANE Michael 29Jul1919 Railway Accident New Zealand
16/9 Private KANI Tere 17Jan1921?
16/393 Corporal KAREHANA Herawini 12May1920 Pneumonia
12201 Private KATAVICH Peter Nicholas 06Sep1919 New Zealand
47673 Private KAVANAGH William 29Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
25/204 Rifleman KAY Hugh 28Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
64077 Private KAY John Thomas 11Jun1921 New Zealand
2/3028 Gunner KAY Robert William 13Mar1921 New Zealand
10/1269 Private KEANE Maurice 16Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
8/771 Private KEARNEY William 13Dec1918 On file as HARNEY (typo?)
7/1485 Private KEARNS Francis John 30Aug1922 New Zealand
36982 Private KEATING John 05Aug1919 Drowned New Zealand
5/193 Private KEAY Charles 01May1920 TB - right lung New Zealand
4/1438 Sapper KEIG Edwin Alexander 14Nov1918 New Zealand
24/490 Sapper KEIL William 24Feb1920 New Zealand
8/591 Private KELLETT John 30Sep1917 Nephritis New Zealand
24/205 Corporal KELLY Alfred Joseph 28Sep1920 New Zealand
13633 Private KELLY Robert Francis 27Apr1920 Injuries New Zealand
7/2558 Private KELLY William Patrick 15Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
38541 L/Corporal KELSALL Cyril Jeffrey 25Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
6/1330 Private KENNEDY Edward Hurd
17013 Sapper KENNEDY John Wilson 02Aug1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
1/28 Private KENNEDY Thomas Erroll Sheehan 11Jun1915 Measles & pneumonia New Zealand
80540 L/Corporal KENNELLY Maurice 12Jul1920 Pneumonia New Zealand
4/1057 Sapper KENNEY Leslie Charles 01Jun1921?
31658 Private KENNY William 09Nov1922 TB & Heart failure New Zealand
23/1088 Rifleman KEOGH John Lawrence 30Jan1920
41234 L/Corporal KERRY Earnest Victor 25Aug1919 New Zealand
41574 Rifleman KETTLEWELL Percy 24Dec1917 New Zealand
50918 Gunner KEYES Bruno Auber
35858 Private KIDD Arthur Preston 29Aug1918 New Zealand
9/155 Corporal KINDER Henry Stanley 16Oct1921 Phthisis New Zealand
52225 Private KING Edward 10Jul1920 Drowned New Zealand
24/816 Private KING Edwin Kenneth 04Nov1918 New Zealand
3/121 Private KING John William Influenza New Zealand
11/2138 Gunner KING Leonard William 23Jan1922 New Zealand
11/511 WOII KING Louis Harper 09Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
20021 Private KING Mahiti New Zealand
38037 Private KING Samuel Leonard 28Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza
24/2016 Rifleman KING Thomas William 14Jul1919 Pneumonia New Zealand
60628 Private KINGI Edward John 14Jan1920 New Zealand
19521 Private KINGI Heremaia 22Nov1918 New Zealand
18/30 Chaplain KINKEAD Thomas 17Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
17152 Bombardier KINLOCH Richard Edward Deacon 31May1920 Injuries
12206 Private KIRDY Frederick Stuart 17Nov1918 New Zealand
16/640 Private KIRI Ben 28Nov1918 New Zealand
12/3214 Captain KIRKER Douglas Russell 01Dec1918
65763 Private KIRKWOOD William 19Mar1921 New Zealand
24/486 Rifleman KITSON William Benjamin 18Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
2/516 SSM KITT Arnold John
23839 Private KITTO Archie 24Sep1918
15919 Rifleman KITTO William 31Mar1922 Cape Town
16/952 Private KIWARA Rongo 20Dec1919 Typhoid and complications New Zealand
11/1820 Trooper KNIGHT George Hartley 28Apr1920 New Zealand
40969 Rifleman KNIGHT John 23Nov1918 New Zealand
11/310 Trooper KNIGHT Orien Lindle 12Nov1918 New Zealand
70666 Private KNIGHT Samuel 15Aug1921 Accidentally killed New Zealand
60593 Private KNILANDS William 22Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/981 Private KNOWLES James 19May1918 New Zealand
25/1170 Rifleman KNOX George 16Nov1920 Pneumonia accelerated by gas poisoning New Zealand
12/1858 Private KNOX Patrick Christopher 10Nov1918 New Zealand
60543 Private KOTI Hone 1919
16/1058 Private KU 10Oct1917 Niue Island
3/3698 Private LABATT Andrew Mountjoy 27Apr1922 Carcanoma of the spine New Zealand
9/1189 Trooper LAIDLAW George 26Nov1918 New Zealand
12/2554 Private LAIRD Nicolls MacGregor 23Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
9/840 Trooper LAMB John 09Jan1919 New Zealand
2/1031 Driver LAMBERT Jesse 08Mar1917 New Zealand
12/1855 Gunner LAND Victor Robert 18Feb1922 New Zealand
6/3068 Private LANDER Walter 06Nov1920 New Zealand
10/2992 Private LANE Vere Edward 03Apr1920 Railway Accident New Zealand
8/3664 Private LANGSTON James 21Nov1918 New Zealand
13/983 Private LARKIN Frederick Stuart 21Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
10/2670 Private LARKIN John Alexander 21Nov1918 Sickness New Zealand
28168 Private LARSEN Douglas Herbert 15Apr1921 Accidentally killed at sawmill New Zealand
78046 Private LAUGHTON Albert James 03Jul1920 Pneumonia
1/464 Private LAURENSON Alexander Henry Fleming 12Feb1917 Nephritis Syncope New Zealand
10/2377 Private LAURENSON Horation Karl Pulmonary TB New Zealand
3/1733 Private LAURIE Keith Naylor 26Feb1922? Drowned New Zealand
28610 Private LAWRENCE Frank Stanley 23Jun1922 Motor accident New Zealand
69548 Private LAWSON Percy Sempell
2/1446 Gunner LAYTON Frederick George 19May1923 Suicide New Zealand
12/581 2/Lieutenant LE NOEL Noel Edwin 14Feb1922 TB New Zealand
15/204 Lieutenant LE QUESNE Robert 04Dec1919 Pulmonary phthisis New Zealand
39067 Rifleman LE VAILLANT Louis Xavier 14Dec1918 New Zealand
23/2218 Rifleman LEACH Richard
9/159 Trooper LEACH Walter Norman New Zealand
18069 Rifleman LEADER Henry James 29Apr1919 Exhaustion New Zealand
1/689 Corporal LEARY Ernest Richard Killed in action Imperial Forces
6/2183 Private LEDSHAM Samuel Armitage 09Sep1922 Consumption New Zealand
24023 Private LEE Edward 01Apr1923 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
23196 Rifleman LEE Harold John Apr1920 Australia
26863 Private LEE John Henry 17Nov1918 New Zealand
20715 Private LEEF George 30Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
16/1070 Private LEINI 06Mar1921 Niue Island
8/1091 Private LEISHMAN Robert 27May1920 Accidentally killed New Zealand
13/2585 Sapper LEMON Harry Manuel 20Oct1921 TB New Zealand
70763 Private LENIHAM Richard Clarence 07Dec1919 Heart failure New Zealand
5/99 Corporal LENIHAN Thomas Joseph 09Nov1922 TB New Zealand
10362 Private LEPPER Eric 19Apr1922 New Zealand
7/361 Corporal LESTER Norman John McLeod 29Jun1918 New Zealand
8/3761 Private LETHABY Alfred Clarence 07Jan1922 Hodgkins disease New Zealand
6/83 Private LEVERSEDGE John Charles 24Nov1918 Pulmonary TB New Zealand
26/676 Rifleman LEWIS Godfrey Leigh 26Nov1918 Pneumonia New Zealand
4/1055 Private LEWIS Thomas Gordon
26283 Private LINDON Daniel 14Jun1919 Duodenal Ulcer New Zealand
45102 Private LINDSAY Arthur David 02Dec1918 Influenza New Zealand
76055 Private LITCHFIELD Stewart Dakyne 02Jun1923 New Zealand
7/1378 L/Corporal LITTLE Adam
68972 Private LITTLE Thomas 15Aug1922 Heart failure New Zealand
41585 Sapper LITTLEBOY James 19Dec1922 Cancer New Zealand
6/2691 Private LIVINGSTONE Donald 14Nov1918 New Zealand
38970 Private LLOYD Albert John 02Feb1921 New Zealand
42131 Rifleman LLOYD Edward John 21Jan1921 Drowned New Zealand
7/1379 Driver LLOYD John Joseph 14Dec1918 TB New Zealand
14/144 Captain LLOYD William Thomas 26Nov1919 New Zealand
8/3320 Private LOCKHART Allan Rae 27Jun1920 New Zealand
33734 Private LOGAN George John 20May1921 Pot Cynanide poisoning New Zealand
6/837 Private LOGAN Joseph John Feb1920 Killed (fencing) New Zealand
12/933 Private LONG Alfred Eric St George 08Jul1919 Heart failure New Zealand
10/399 Lieutenant LONG Arthur Trevor D'Arcy 21Aug1915
7/363 Trooper LOTT John 14Nov1918 New Zealand
2/1181 Gunner LOWE Clifford James 16Nov1918 Influenza New Zealand
63173 Private LOWE John 05Nov1921 New Zealand
16/276 L/Corporal LUCAS Joseph John 08Dec1918 Pleurisy & Pneumonia New Zealand
6/2695 Private LUCAS Louis 02May1918 Shock - tram accident New Zealand
49721 Private LUKEIS Ernest William 21Mar1922 TB New Zealand
37833 Private LUNDQVIST Walter Stanley 10Dec1921 New Zealand
17/306 Private LUNN Fountain John 01Jul1918 Found dead New Zealand
24/1419 Private LUTHER William John 26Nov1919 New Zealand
8/307a Chaplain LUXFORD John Alfred 28Jan1921 New Zealand
28743 Private LYE Ernest Victor 19Nov1918 Wounds New Zealand
44128 Rifleman LYNCH James 16Nov1922 Pneumonia New Zealand
5/484a Driver LYNCH John Henry
29273 Private LYNCH Owen Joseph 23Nov1918 Pneumonia & Influenza New Zealand
13498 L/Corporal LYSAGHT Daniel William 25Nov1918 New Zealand
38050 Rifleman LYSAGHT Harry John Joseph 08Nov1921 New Zealand

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