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From The Story of Two Campaigns - Official War History of The Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment - 1914 - 1919 by Sergeant C G Nicol. (Wilson & Horton, Auckland 1921)

13/963a ALKER Edward Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/965a ARMSTRONG Walter Patrick Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/970a BAILEY Albert Henry L-Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/159 BAILLIE Robert Porteous Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/532 BARNES John Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/294 BARTROP Ludlow Maynard Lacosta Fox Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/22 BAYLIFFE Robert Edward Trooper 29Aug1915 DOW
13/885 BEATTIE Norman James Trooper 30Aug1915 KIA
13/2549 BEAUMONT David George Corporal 19Jan1916 DOD
13/166 BEAUMONT Oswald Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/25 BEER Valentine Cowell Stepney SSM 08Sep1915 DOD
13/386 BENNER Albert George L-Corporal 16Aug1915 DOW
13/13 BEST Frank Te Kauru Corporal 08Aug1915 Died
13/664 BIRD Joseph Hohepa Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/232 BIRDSALL William John Trooper 22Jun1915 DOW
13/886 BLACK Lincoln Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/887 BLACKBURN Stanley Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/889 BLAZA Ernest William Trooper 23Aug1916 DOD
13/281 BLUCK Alfred Charles Captain 22May1915 KIA
13/493 BOWIE Alexander Henry Trooper 08Sep1915 DOW
13/980 BOYD Alexander Colin Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/296 BRADLEY Thomas Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/304 BRISCO Wastel Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/657a BROOKFIELD George Leonard Purchas Lieutenant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/671 BROWN Hewitt Barnard Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/23 BRYAN Clifford Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/564 BULL Clarence Frederick Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/18 BURRAGE Harry David Trooper 27Jul1915 KIA
13/779 BURROWES Edwin Fitzherbert Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/567 CAMERON John Stewart Trooper 17Aug1915 DOW
13/549 CATCHPOLE Thomas Eric Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/319 CHAMBERLIN Charles Samuel Trooper 20Apr1915 DOD
13/634 CHAPMAN Frank Major 08Aug1915 KIA
13/892 CLARK Frank Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/29 CLARK Stanley Maris Trooper 06Aug1915 KIA
13/33 CLARK Thomas Lauder Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/983a CONOLLY Edwin Tennyson Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/175 COOK Austin Dwyer Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/678 CORLEISON William Archibald Trooper 11Jun1915 KIA
13/896 CORNER Herbert Edwin Trooper 07Sep1915 DOW
13/318 CORY Donald Henry Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/652 COTTINGHAM Richard John Trooper 02Jul1915 DOW
13/308 CRICKETT William L-Corporal 19May1915 DOW
13/317 CROSLEY George Wickham Trooper 06Aug1915 KIA
12/26a CUTHBERTSON John Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/897 DAWES Charles Lynleigh Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/898 DAY Arthur Campbell Trooper 20Sep1916 DOW
13/2178 DEENEY James Trooper 02Jan1916 DOD
13/157 DIMICK Frank Morris Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/320 DOBSON Charles Rube Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/480 DOUGLAS George Alexander Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/323 DOUGLAS John James Sergeant 08Aug1915 Died
13/680 DOWNES Arthur Owen Trooper 27Aug1915 KIA
13/179 DURHAM Donald L-Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/327 FAIRS Cecil Sydney Trooper 05Oct1915 DOD
13/903 FALKNER Victor Andrew Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/185 FARR Arthur John Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/796 FARRELLY Laurence Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/334 FARRELLY Oliver Lawrence Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/333 FARRER Christopher Sergeant 19May1915 KIA
13/556 FLETCHER Samuel Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/799 FLETCHER William Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/50 FORREST Lionel Gordon Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/335 FOTHERINGHAM James Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/172 FRANCIS Charles Walter Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/330 FRYER Anthony Thomas Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/61 GALE John Harold Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/341 GIBSON Noel Pairman Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/188 GIBSON William Edward Trooper 27Jul1915 KIA
13/60 GILLARD Frederick L-Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/805 GLEESON Robert Louis Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/907 GODFREY Henry Albert Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/347 GOODWIN David Pearson Trooper 29Aug1915 KIA
13/274 GOULD Kenneth Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/687 GOWLAND Ronald Trooper 28Aug1915 DOD
13/688 GRANT Daniel Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/1034 GREENWOOD Gascoyne Cecil Trooper 02Dec1915 DOW
13/487 HACKER Arthur Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/356 HADDOCK William Trooper 17Jun1915 KIA
13/69 HANNAH Arthur Trooper 01Jul1915 KIA
13/909 HARMER Walter John Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/66 HARRISON Charles Benjamin Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/548 HARRISON Henry Hayward Trooper 12Jul1915 KIA
13/352 HARRISON Roland Corporal 28Aug1915 Died
13/812 HAYDON Frank Raymond Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/190 HAYWARD John Henry Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/277 HENDERSON James Lieutenant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/691 HEWITT Edward Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/914 HICKMAN Thomas Haughton Trevor Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/354 HILL George Allen Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/1004a HILL Reginald Michael Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/1007a HOLMES William John Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/881 HOOPER Frederick John Trooper 24Aug1915 DOW
13/694 HUNTER Roland Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/372 JACKSON George Covell Trooper 05Jun1915 DOW
13/278 JAMES Cornelius Lieutenant 19May1915 KIA
13/2208 JOHNSON Charles Benjamin Trooper 21Jan1916 DOD
13/821 JOHNSTON Gilbert John Trooper 13Aug1915 DOD
13/557 JONES Harry Compton Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/700 JONES John Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/371 JONES Owen Sinclair Trooper 30Jun1915 DOW
13/79 JONES Richard Roland Trooper 27Aug1915 KIA
13/369 JURD Ernest Albert 2nd-Lieutenant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/85 KEARNEY William Craig Sergeant 09Aug1915 DOW
13/702 KEMP John Alfred Trooper 17Sep1915 DOW
13/376 KENT Alfred William Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/876 KETTLE Desmond Fosbury 2nd-Lieutenant 28Aug1915 KIA
13/981 KING James Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/201 LAMB Edward Thomas Trooper 27Aug1915 KIA
13/385 LINWOOD Johnny Trooper 23May1915 DOW
13/707 LLOYD George Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/155 LOGAN Preston Lieutenant 22May1915 DOW
13/926 LOW Joseph Clifford Trooper 30Aug1915 DOW
13/708 LUCAS Frederick William Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/591 LYON Bertie Trooper 31May1915 DOW
13/409 MACKESSACK James Trooper 06Aug1915 KIA
13/254 MACKESY Henry Frederick Ernest 2nd-Lieutenant 07Aug1915 KIA
13/423 MARR Joseph SSM 18May1915 KIA
13/389 MARSH Frederick George Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/558 MARSHALL Joseph Trooper 25May1915 DOW
13/502 McCARTHY Eric Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/205 McKAY Alexander Duncan Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/250 McKAY Alexander Peter Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/715 McKENZIE George Grey Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/1042a McKINNON John Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/209 McLEOD Alexander Donald Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/520 McLEOD Neil Kenneth Trooper 12Jun1915 KIA
13/108 McMILLAN Neil Trooper 06Aug1915 KIA
13/574 McNAUGHTEN James Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/1046a McNAUL Robert Trooper 01Sep1915 DOW
13/210 McNEISH George Francis Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/95 METCALFE James Highton Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/279 MILLIKEN Morris James Lieutenant 08Aug1915 DOW
13/238b MILLING Charles Cyril Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/555 MOLONEY James Edward Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/410 MOODY William Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/217 MORGAN Malcolm Trooper 01Jun1915 DOW
13/187b MOSSMAN James Dilworth Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/221 MULDROCK William Henry Trooper 29Aug1915 DOW
13/412 MUNN Charles John Victor Trooper 10Jun1915 DOW
13/559 MUNRO Lewis George Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/106 MUNRO Robert William Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/712 MUSK Gordon Cyril Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/111 NICHOLAS Stanley William Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/93 NOLAN Dermot Lister Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/110 NORTHCROFT Harry Cuthbert L-Corporal 19May1915 KIA
13/537 OLEN Victor Albert Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/579 OLSEN Norman Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/936 O'SULLIVAN John Dominic Trooper 02Sep1915 DOW
13/720 OTTER George William Whyte Sergeant 28Aug1915 KIA
13/122 PAGE George Arthur Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/117 PALMER Percy George Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/561 PATON John Sutherland Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
11/1050a PAULSEN Harry Wilfred Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/726 PENMAN Edgar John Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/728 PHILLIPS Thomas Wallace Trooper 18Oct1915 DOD
13/729 PICARD Claude Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/941 POOLE Mostyn Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/730 PRICE James Percival Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/130 REDFERN Frederick Sturge Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/2243 RICHARDSON William Robert Corporal 05Dec1915 KIA
13/509 RICHMOND Robert Alfred Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/439 RIDDELL John L-Corporal 05Aug1915 DOW
13/438 ROLLETT Raymond Reynolds Carr Sergeant 29Aug1915 DOW
13/437 ROSE John Habberfield Corporal 27Aug1915 KIA
13/194 ROSS James Alexander Corporal 28Nov1915 KIA
13/443 SAMPSON William Benjamin Trooper 20Jul1915 KIA
13/1056a SCOTT John Edward Trooper 04Sep1915 DOW
13/954 SIMPKINS Thomas Trooper 01Sep1915 DOW
13/442 SIMPSON Archibald Cranley Trooper 22May1915 DOW
13/447 SPURR Charles James Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/139 STOCKLEY Frederick Henry Corporal 22Jul1915 KIA
13/860 STRONG Edwin Henry Trooper 25Sep1915 DOD
13/545 SULLIVAN Frank Arnold Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/571 SWINTON John Henry L-Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/1069a TEBBUTT Arthur Trooper 27Aug1915 KIA
13/464 TERRY Frank William Corporal 08Aug1915 KIA
13/465 THOMAS Alexander Frederick Trooper 06Aug1915 Died
13/144 THOMPSON George Tinsley Sergeant 07Aug1915 KIA
13/510 THOMPSON James Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/147 TRIMBLE William Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/466 TURTON Lewis Cuthbert Trooper 25Aug1915 DOW
13/470 VERNER Arthur Trooper 26Jun1915 KIA
13/47 WATTS Hugh Hilliard Sergeant 19May1915 KIA
13/428 WEIR Frederick James Lieutenant 02Jun1915 KIA
13/244 WELLINGTON Thomas Haehae Sergeant 08Aug1915 KIA
11/617 WHEATLEY Michael Laurence Trooper 07Aug1915 KIA
13/1172 WHEATLEY Percy Trooper 28Aug1915 Died
13/750 WHITCOMBE Gerald Aubrey Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA
13/476 WHITE Arthur Herbert Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/243 WILD John Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/988 WILKINSON Albert Edward Captain 28Aug1915 DOW
13/258 WILLIAMS Hubert Leslie Trooper 19May1915 KIA
13/478 WILLIS Phillip Ashley Trooper 10Aug1915 DOW
13/481 WILLOUGHBY Harold Trooper 18Jun1915 DOW
13/475 WILSON Leslie Trooper 08Aug1915 Died
13/154 WILSON Robert Douglas Sergeant 09Aug1915 DOW
13/758 WINDER Holloway Elliott Lieutenant 08Aug1915 KIA
13/472 WOODWARD Guy Fosbrooke L-Corporal 19May1915 KIA
13/754 WRIGHT Arthur Francis Trooper 28Aug1915 KIA
13/977 WRIGHT William John Trooper 24Aug1915 KIA
13/219 WYNTER Roy Cecil Trooper 08Aug1915 KIA

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