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WOUNDED - 1915

From The Story of Two Campaigns - Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment - 1914 - 1919 by Sergeant C G Nicol. (Wilson & Horton, Auckland 1921)

13/280 ABBOT Gavin Melville Lieutenant 06Jul1915
13/285 ABBOT Malcolm Trooper 28Aug1915, 24Nov1915
13/882 ACKLOM Henry Rowland Nortary Trooper 28Aug1915, 24Nov1915
13/658 ALDRICH Robert John Frost Trooper 27May1915, Aug1915
13/264 ALLSOPP Frank Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/601 ANDERSON Edward John Trooper 27Aug1915
13/284 ANDERSON Reginald Arthur Trooper 11Aug1915
13/770 ANDERSON William Trooper 08Aug1915
13/2275 APPELBE William James Trooper 02Dec1915
13/986 APPLETON Frank Archibald Trooper 28Aug1915
13/5 ARMSTRONG Leonard John Trooper 29May1915
13/282 ASHLEY Reginald Arthur Tunstall Trooper 06Aug1915
13/271 BAGNALL George Stevenson Sergeant 06Aug1915
13/542 BALLE James Theodore Trooper 13Aug1915
13/662 BASLEY Claude Osmond Trooper 30May1915
13/25 BEER Valentine Cowell Stepney SSM 22May1915
13/386 BENNER Albert George L-Corporal 12Aug1915
13/775 BIGG-WITHER L F Trooper 06Aug1915
13/19 BISHOP Kenneth Sergeant 27Jun1915
13/777 BISHOP Lewis Gerard Trooper 08Sep1915
13/878 BLACKIE Allan Stuart Trooper 28Aug1915
13/2161 BLAKE David Trooper 20Nov1915
13/665 BLENNERHASSETT Brian L-Corporal 06Aug1915
13/666 BLENNERHASSETT Neal Corporal 09Aug1915
13/291 BLUETT Richard Trooper 12Jul1915
13/288 BOND Thomas Higginson Corporal 08Aug1915
13/303 BONNINGTON Harry Trooper 06Aug1915
13/168 BOOTH Andrew Cameron Trooper 08Aug1915
13/669 BRADLEY William Trooper 06Aug1915
13/20 BRADY William Trooper 14Jun1915
13/300 BREINGAN Percy Edward Trooper 28Aug1915
13/17 BRINSLEY Gerald Faulkner 2nd Lieut 27Aug1915
13/14 BROOKE Martin Alfred Trooper 15Jun1915
13/248 CALLAGHAN William Henry Trooper 02Aug1915
13/543 CARGILL George David Trooper 19May1915, 07Aug1915
13/310 CARTER William Rawdon Sergeant 21May1915, 08Aug1915
13/673 CATCHPOLE Thomas Enoch Trooper 06Aug1915
13/535 CHAMPNEY Norman D'Arcy Trooper 08Aug1915
13/305 CHATER Ernest William Sergeant 06Aug1915
13/31 CHEETHAM Ernest William Lieutenant 06Aug1915
13/1119 CLARK William George Trooper 02Dec1915
13/893 COATES George Percy Corporal 27Aug1915
13/675 COLDSTREAM Leonard Martin Trooper 06Aug1915
13/37 COLLINS Hugh James Trooper 27Aug1915
13/27 COLLINS Sarsfield Trooper 13Aug1915
13/36 CONNOLY Wilfred Trooper 19May1915
13/536 CONNORS William James Trooper 08Aug1915
13/307 COUBROUGH Norman Sergeant 20May1915
13/2028 COULDREY Alfred Trooper 30Nov1915
13/786 CRANSTON Maurice James Trooper 18Jul1915
13/40 CULLEN Edward James Sergeant 12Jul1915
13/316 CULLETON John Trooper 06Aug1915
13/986a CUNNINGHAM Douglas John Trooper 06Aug1915
13/34 CUTFIELD Gerald Trooper 24Aug1915
13/267 DALZIEL George Stanley Trooper 08Aug1915
13/524 DAWSON James William Trooper 27Aug1915
13/41 DAWSON John Trooper 08Aug1915
13/898 DAY Arthur Campbell Trooper 26Aug1915
13/791 DE LATOUR Arthur George Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/1019 DEVENEY John Michel Trooper 05Dec1915
13/563 DICKEY Edward Montgomery Trooper 08Aug1915
13/178 DONALDSON Thomas Davies Smellie Trooper 08Aug1915
13/655 DORE Patrick Chaplain Captain 22Aug1915
13/323 DOUGLAS John James Sergeant 24May1915
13/180 DRAKE Edward Ralph Trooper 08Aug1915
13/45 DRINNAN William Andrew Corporal 15Jun1915
13/321 DUFFULL Allan George L-Corporal 24May1915
13/224 DUNNING Angus Roderick Trooper 27Jun1915
13/179 DURHAM Donald L-Corporal 21May1915
13/48 EISENHUT Henry Trooper 14Jun1915
13/253 ELLIS Gerald Edward Trooper 08Aug1915
13/681 EVANS Henry Theodore Penrhys L-Corporal 27May1915, 08Aug1915
13/327 FAIRS Cecil Sydney Trooper 07Sep1915
13/150 FINLAYSON Alexander Cameron Monteith Lieutenant 08Aug1915
13/183 FINLAYSON Charles Hauptmann Trooper 24May1915
13/184 FINLAYSON Murdoch Trooper 28Aug1915
13/56 FINN Patrick Allen Trooper 06Aug1915
13/328 FISHER William Fielding Trooper 08Aug1915
13/556 FLETCHER Samuel Trooper 27Jun1915
13/495 FORD Leonard Harold L-Corporal 18Jun1915
13/220 FOSTER Henry Martin Trooper 24Aug1915
13/326 FOSTER William John SQMS 31May1915
13/684 FOULKES James Trooper 14Aug1915
13/336 FOX James Steenson Trooper 20May1915, 06Aug1915
13/993a FRASER John Trooper 08Aug1915
13/214 FROST Ernest Edward Trooper 14Jun1915
13/800 FRYERS Albert Trooper 08Aug1915
13/331 FULLER Richard Haddock Trooper 16Jun1915, 08Aug1915
13/204 FULTON Percy Corporal 17Jun1915
13/873 FURNISS James Trooper 08Aug1915
13/338 GARLAND Greville Corporal 06Aug1915
13/350 GARRATT Herbert George Trooper 06Aug1915
13/349 GIBBISON Francis Bert Nitford Sergeant 31May1915, 12Aug1915
13/340 GILBERT Martin Trooper 06Aug1915
13/351 GILL John Trooper 08Aug1915
13/345 GILLANDERS Charles McRae Trooper 08Aug1915
13/64 GLASS Alexander Trooper 14Jun1915
13/685 GLASS Ernest Robert Trooper 28Aug1915
13/347 GOODWIN David Pearson Trooper 24Jun1915
13/1034 GREENWOOD Gascoyne Cecil Trooper 02Dec1915
13/62 GREY Alan Stuart Sergeant 12Aug1915
13/57 GREY Arthur Edward Trooper 27Aug1915
13/355 HAIR John Leonard Trooper 08Aug1915
13/363 HALL Eric Stanley Trooper 28Aug1915
13/1000a HATTON John Thompson Trooper 10Jul1915
13/649 HAUGHTON William Edward Corporal 31May1915
13/811 HAYCOCK Reginald Harry Trooper 08Aug1915
13/116 HAYLOCK William Stuart Trooper 06Aug1915
13/496 HEATH Joseph Harold Trooper 24Aug1915
13/266 HEAYS Robert John L-Corporal 06Aug1915
13/358a HERBERT Henry Stephen Trooper 28Aug1915
13/365 HERCUS Arthur Farquharson Trooper 27Aug1915
13/70 HINMAN Arthur Charles Sergeant 14May1915
13/411 HOLDEN William Rose Sergeant 24May1915
13/497 HOLLIS Richard Herbert Trooper 08Aug1915
13/1007a HOLMES William John Trooper 07Jul1915, 08Aug1915
13/881 HOOPER Frederick John Trooper 23Aug1915
13/2204 HOWIE Alexander William Trooper 01Dec1915
13/695 HUNTER Newton Edward Trooper 07Aug1915
13/918 HUNTER Sydney Trooper 28Aug1915
13/195 INDER Eric Wyles Trooper 05Jun1915
13/78 INDER Frederick Leslie Roy Trooper 08Aug1915
13/374 INNES-JONES Evan Scott Trooper 06Aug1915
13/765 INNES-JONES Melville Trooper 30May1915
13/99 JACKSON James Joseph L-Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/370 JAMES Donald Trooper 19May1915
13/196 JENKINS Cedric James 2nd-Lieut 08Aug1915
13/368 JOHNS William Henwood Trooper 06Aug1915
13/2208 JOHNSON Charles Benjamin Trooper 08Dec1915
13/699 JOHNSON Magnus Earle Trooper 24May1915
13/152 JOHNSON Olaf Percival Captain 08Aug1915
13/698 JOHNSON Preben Lionel Trooper 14Jun1915
13/197 JOHNSON Robert Noel Corporal 11Aug1915
13/922 JOLLY William John L-Corporal 27Aug1915
13/83 JONES Charles Frederick Trooper 02Jun1915, 08Aug1915
13/529 JONES Cuthbert Corporal 16Jun1915
13/557 JONES Harry Compton Trooper 28May1915,08Aug1915
13/79 JONES Richard Roland Trooper 11Jun1915
13/611 KEELEY Frederick Sergeant 04Jul1915, 08Aug1915
13/825 KEITH George Vernon Trooper 06Aug1915
13/702 KEMP John Alfred Trooper 15Jul1915
11/680 KING George Augustus Lt-Colonel 27Aug1915
13/86 KNIGHT Frank Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/522 LANGDON Gilbert Trooper 24May1915
13/379 LAUER George Trooper 08Aug1915
13/1022a LE NOEL Noel Harry Trooper 28Aug1915
13/706 LEES Richard Lloyd Trooper 27May1915
13/89 LEIGHTON Gordon Cecil Sergeant 06Aug1915
13/1021a LENNARD Guy Barrett Trooper 27Aug1915
13/198 LESLIE William Charles Trooper 24May1915
13/87 LEWIS Arthur Wilfred Corporal 28Aug1915
13/654 LISTER Henry Reid Trooper 08Aug1915
13/523 LITTLE Henry Arthur S-Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/925 LLEWELL Albert George Trooper 27Aug1915
13/707 LLOYD George Trooper 27Jun1915
13/488 LLOYD William Ernest Trooper 08Aug1915
13/539 LOCHEAD Joseph William Trooper 08Aug1915
13/2218 LONGDILL Pynson Wilmott Trooper 14Dec1915
13/827 LORD Edmund John Trooper 08Aug1915
13/926 LOW Joseph Clifford Trooper 30Aug1915
13/380 LUXFORD Frank Mansfield Trooper 31May1915
13/381 LUXTON Leslie William Trooper 31May1915
13/1025a LYES Harry Campbell Trooper 27Aug1915
13/104 MacDONALD Alexander George Trooper 27Aug1915
13/261 MACEY William Pointon L-Corporal 15Jul1915
13/568 MACKERETH Richard Trooper 26Jul1915
13/409 MacKESSACK James Trooper 19May1915
13/145 MACKESY Charles Reginald Ernest Major 29Aug1915
13/254 MACKESY Henry Frederick Ernest Sergeant 19May1915
13/256 MADDREN Richard Henry Trooper 18Jun1915
13/2001 MAHAN Adam George Major 07Oct1915
13/498 MAIDENS George Howard Trooper 08Aug1915
13/499 MARTIN Sidney Alfred Trooper 08Aug1915
13/869 MARTIN William Maitland Trooper 28Aug1915
13/273 MASON Arthur Trooper 08Aug1915
13/91 MATTHEWS Anton Joseph Trooper 15Jun1915
13/109 McARTHUR Alexander Cleveland Trooper 24May1915
13/148 McCARROL James Neil Major 20May1915
13/212 McCLURE Ralph Edwin Logan Lieutenant 06Aug1915
13/105 McDONALD Allan Farquhar Trooper 19May1915
13/1039a McGEE John Andrew Corporal 27Aug1915
13/102 McGILL John Campbell Trooper 21May1915
13/517 McKENZIE Alexander Trooper 08Aug1915
13/716 McLELLAN J C Trooper 20May1915, 08Aug1915
13/209 McLEOD Alexander Donald Trooper 30May1915
13/834 McMAHON Samuel Trooper 08Aug1915
13/931 McNAMARA Frederick Daniel Trooper 28Aug1915
13/582 McNAUGHTON Charles Trooper 06Aug1915
11/1045 McNAUL Joseph Henry Trooper 08Aug1915
13/392 McPHERSON John Whyte Trooper 10Jun1915
13/397 MELHOSE Louis Trooper 08Aug1915
13/1031a MELLING James Sergeant 15Jul1915
13/399 MEYER Ernest Trooper 19May1915
13/401 MIDDLETON Harry Cyril Trooper 12Aug1915
13/97 MILDON Harry Archibald Trooper 07Aug1915
13/709 MILES William Edwin Trooper 23Aug1915
13/2230 MILLAR James Corporal 25Nov1915
13/100 MILLEN John Henry Dougal Corporal 08Aug1915
13/406 MILLER Robert John Hunter Trooper 16May1915
13/54 MILNE James Green Sgt-Major 08Aug1915
13/710 MITAI Ben Trooper 08Aug1915
13/933 MOONEY James Kennedy Trooper 28Aug1915
13/874 MOORE Douglas Gifford Lieutenant 29Aug1915
13/103 MOORE William Thomas Corporal 08Aug1915
13/396 MORISON Milton Trooper 27Aug1915
13/527 MORRISON James Henry Trooper 08Aug1915
13/218 MULDROCK Victor Corporal 08Aug1915
13/221 MULDROCK William Henry Trooper 28Aug1915
13/717 NEABER Charles William L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/504 NEILSON Peter Trooper 28Aug1915
13/414 NESBIT Cyril William Trooper 21May1915
13/413 NESBIT Frank James L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/247 NICHOLS Ernest Trooper 11Jul1915
13/112 NICOL Charles Gordon Sergeant 19May1915, 12Jul1915
13/572 NOBLE Archibald Coulrough Corporal 06Aug1915
13/505 NORMAN Arthur Trooper 28May1915
13/719 NORMAN Charles L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/506 NOWLAND William Trooper 08Aug1915
13/215 NUGENT Wilfred Basil O'Reilly Trooper 10Aug1915
13/1079 OAKDEN Percy Valpy Sergeant 28Aug1915
13/114 O'HARA Charles Walter Corporal 01Jul1915
13/113 O'NEILL Thomas Lewis Trooper 06Aug1915
13/215 O'REILLY N W B Trooper 10Aug1915
13/609 ORR Arthur Charles Trooper 06Aug1915
13/121 PAGE Roy Henry Trooper 27Aug1915
13/528 PALMER William Trooper 19May1915
13/119 PALMER William Titeley Lieutenant 29Aug1915
13/426 PARK Walter Henry Corporal 31May1915
13/937 PARTRIDGE Arthur Ernest Trooper 28Aug1915
13/123 PATTERSON James L-Corporal 06Aug1915
13/938 PATTERSON John Samuel Trooper 28Aug1915
13/722 PATTISON William Robert Trooper 19May1915, 08Aug1915
13/88 PAXMAN George Richmond Corporal 06Aug1915
13/939 PEARSON Hector Trooper 27Aug1915
13/727 PERKINS William John Trooper 24May1915
13/728 PHILLIPS Thomas Wallace Corporal 08Aug1915
13/420 PICOT Ernest Horton Trooper 28Aug1915
13/449 POTTER William Henry Trooper 08Aug1915
13/731 PRICE Walter James Corporal 08Aug1915
13/597 PROSSER Thomas Ivan Trooper 18Jun1915
13/425 PRYOR Francis Terence Trooper 09Jun1915
13/127 READ William Henry Trooper 08Aug1915
13/227 REDFERN Arthur John QMS 06Aug1915
13/129 REID Sinclair Chapman Trooper 08Aug1915
13/945 RICHARDS Hercules Ernest Arthur Trooper 28Aug1915
13/879 RICHMOND Hugh Skitt Trooper 21Aug1915
13/439 RIDDELL John Corporal 04Aug195
13/434 RIDDELL Walter Edward Corporal 06Aug1915
13/946 RISK Thomas Turner Corporal 28Aug1915
13/182 ROBERTS John Macintosh Lieutenant 19May1915
13/226 ROBERTS Percy Coleman Trooper 08Aug1915
13/337 ROBERTS Thomas Victor Trooper 08Aug1915
13/435 ROBINSON Clifford Henry L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/432 ROPE Charles Manfred Corporal 08Aug1915
13/194 ROSS James Alexander Corporal 06Aug1915
13/229 SAUNDERS Alfred George Trooper 08Aug1915
13/454 SAXBY William John Corporal 31May1915
13/132 SCANLEN Basil Augustus Trooper 06Aug1915
13/636 SCHOFIELD Samuel Charles Major 08Aug1915
13/737 SCHOLLUM Ernest Trooper 21May1915
13/1056a SCOTT John Edward Trooper 28Aug1915
13/455 SEAWARD Cyril Frederick Trooper 28Aug1915
13/451 SELF Richard L-Corporal 24May1915
13/577 SHARPLIN William Trooper 20May1915
13/955 SIGVERTSEN Charles Andrew Trooper 28Aug1915
13/1011a SINGH Tagt Trooper 08Aug1915
13/134 SNELL George Victor Trooper 06Aug1915
13/135 SPEIGHT Horace Vincent Byrne Trooper 06Aug1915
13/461 SPERRY Fabian Trooper 25Aug1915
13/230 SPICK Albert George S-Sergeant 28May1915
13/235 ST CLAIR J P Trooper 09Aug1915, 27Aug1915
13/2375 STEVENS Kenneth McKenzie Lt-Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/234 STEWART Frank L-Corporal 19May1915, 08Jul1915
13/956 STICHBURY Cecil Gordon Trooper 25Aug1915
13/131 STICHBURY Thomas Trooper 14Jun1915, 28Aug1915
13/42 STRINGER Trevor William Trooper 06Aug1915
13/84 SUTTON Oscar Adolphe L-Corporal 19Jun1915, 08Aug1915
13/459 SWAYNE Alfred James Trooper 07Aug1915
13/446 SWEETMAN Ernest Percy Shelly Sergeant 31May1915
13/239 TAYLOR James Trooper 12May1915
13/462 TAYLOR Wilfred Sergeant 29May1915
13/199 TEBBUTT Charles Reginald Corporal 06Aug1915
13/465 THOMAS Alexander Frederick Trooper 06Aug1915
13/554 THOMAS C W Trooper 28Aug1915
13/960 THOMAS William Evans Trooper 28Aug1915
13/589 THOMPSON William James Jones Trooper 19May1915
13/590 THOMSON Thomas Ruddle Trooper 19May1915
13/902a TOMASI John Trooper 07Aug1915
13/511 TRAVIS Arthur Trooper 06Aug1915
13/173 TREWEEK Clifford William Trooper 17Jun1915
13/467 TROUP John Sergeant 06Aug1915
13/964 VANSTONE Ambrose Trooper 25Aug1915
13/246 WADE Lionel Trooper 29May1915
13/865 WALKER Charles Herbert Trooper 28Aug1915, 08Dec1915
13/174 WALLACE Leslie L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/149 WARDER Harry Corporal 06Aug1915
13/968 WARREN Arthur Trooper 25Aug1915
13/479 WATSON James Wallace 2nd Lieut 02Jun1915
13/521 WATTERS Frank Trooper 08Aug1915
13/2093 WEBSTER Lionel Swift Trooper 02Dec1915
13/975 WHITE Andrew Trooper 25Aug1915
13/976 WHITE Kenneth Cecil Sergeant 28Aug1915
13/477 WILLIAMS Evan Justin Trooper 06Jul1915
13/759 WILLIAMS Henry Daniel Lieutenant 08Aug1915
13/485 WILLIAMSON Joseph Sergeant 13Aug1915
13/868 WILSON Alexander Henderson L-Corporal 08Aug1915
13/153 WILSON James Gilmour Trooper 25Aug1915
13/587 WILSON Kenneth Sydney Sergeant 08Aug1915
13/581 WOOD Charles Trooper 20May1915
13/633 WOOD Ferdinand August Major 08Aug1915
13/156 WOOLLEY Theodore Sergeant 12Aug1915
13/753 WRENN James Victor Trooper 27Jun1915
13/158 WYMAN Ralph Major 08Aug1915

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