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In 1911 a group of fifty boys were brought to New Zealand as immigrants by Thomas Edward Sedgwick of London. They were brought out to alleviate a shortage of farming boys and were to be trained in all aspects of farming life as well as to be clothed and fed. These boys came from East End of London and Liverpool - 25 of each. Newspaper reports do not list the boys at all but they are referred to generically as the 'Sedgwick Boys'. For further information see SEDGWICK BOYS.

In 1914 two further groups of boys were brought out to New Zealand on a scheme based on the original Sedgwick scheme.

In 1912, Thomas Sedgwick accompanied a group of fifty boys from England to Ontario. Lists of these boys have been made from the passenger lists available on Pay-To-View - see Ancestry - UK Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 and Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935.

Many of the boys signed up for service during the First World War, as well as appear in the UK census records, which has made tracing them slightly easier.

Horowhenua Chronicle (Levin, New Zealand), 27 June 1912, Page 2
The Government of Ontario, Canada, has accepted a party of fifty of Mr T. E. Sedgwick's boys who leave for Canada on July l3. These lads could have been had by New Zealand farmers if the Government had desired. They are not boys out of work but London working lads who have been tempted by better prospects abroad to leave this country.

Press (Christchurch, New Zealand), Volume XLVIII, Issue 14490, 19 October 1912, Page 15
Australia and Canada apparently are more favourably disposed towards the scheme for placing British town lads on colonial farms, the success of which was demonstrated by New Zealand, than is the Dominion herself. Mr T. E. Sedgwick has just come back from Ontario where he has placed fifty boys, and so pleased is the Government there with the whole scheme that negotiations are now in progress for placing 500 lads on Ontario farms during next year.
The British Columbian Government is considering the general adoption of the New Zealand scheme, while New Brunswick has decided to try a first party of fifty boys.
So far as Australia is concerned, some of the States are granting reduced passages to lads at £8. Tasmania has been considering the scheme for two years past, but no instructions of a definite character have yet reached London. Concerning New South Wales, Mr Sedgwick has had conversation with the President of the Millions Club of Sydney, who is now in London. This gentleman thinks the New Zealand apprenticeship scheme - (the Government supervision and banking of wages) quite the ideal one, and business may be expected in this, quarter shortly. The Millions Club has money to spend, and is convinced that the immigration of youths is essential for the development of the country.
South Australia has decided to adopt the scheme, subject to certain details on supervision, being settled, and is enquiring whether a first party of fifty boys can go early next year.
In West Australia the great difficulty has been one of boat accommodation, but this is now being overcome. Mr Sedgwick has seen a leading merchant of this State who outlined a very similar scheme eight yearn ago. He met with a discouraging reception, and the scheme came to nothing, but now, with the experience of New Zealand, he proposes to bring the matter once more before the State Government.
Mr Sedgwick, who continues to receive satisfactory letters from the boys in New Zealand, tells me that he has the money promised for the next party of boys as soon as the Dominion Government will undertake the supervision as before. He has now twelve centres in London and the provinces, and is in close touch with boys' clubs and social centres
The fact of the parties to New Zealand and Ontario is now so well known that Mr Sedgwick has had piles of letters from boys who wish to be included in similar parties, and there is a long and ever growing waiting list.

If you are able to help with any of these boys I would be most pleased to hear from you. PLEASE REMEMBER with UK Births, Deaths and Marriages the Month given is the Quarter ie Jan/Feb/March, Apr/May/June, Jul/Aug/Sep and Oct/Nov/Dec.

SURNAME FULL NAMES LISTED AS - UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 Departed 20 June 1912 AGE LISTED AS - Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 -Arrived 4 July 1912 AGE OCCUPATION BIRTH WHERE PARENTS 1901 UK CENSUS 1911 UK CENSUS MARRIAGE DEATH SERVICE NO. NEXT OF KIN NOTES
ASHTON Alfred Henry A H 19 Alfred H (ASHLOW) 20 Factory hand 19 January (1892) (ASHTON Alfred Henry Mar 1892 Camberwell 1d 921) Camberwell, London Thomas Edward and Susannah Sarah ASHTON (nee ROBINSON) 80 Tilson Road, Camberwell 80 Tilson Road, Peckham London SE (Factory Hand) 1923 - Annie Martha JACOBS (Kent, Essex, Ontario) Canada - 40087 Mrs Ashton 79 Sumner Rd, Peckham, London Also US Border Crossings
BAKER Edwin E 19 Edwin 19 ? c1893
BOWRING Bertram B 18 Bertram 18 Clerk c1894 ((BOWRING Bertram Sep 1894 Holborn 1b 714) Charles George and Emma Annie BOWRING (nee GLAISTER) 63 Banstead Street, Nunhead London SE 63 Banstead Street, Nunhead London SE British - 129541 Enlisted from 249 Hollydale Rd, Peckham SE
BROCK Harry H 19 Henry (sic) 18 Motor works 21 December 1894 (Mfile) (BRICK Harry Mar 1895 Potterspury, Bucks/Northh 3b 23) Old Wolverton, Buckinghamshire Harry and Annie Elizabeth BROCK (nee WHETTON) 17 Sandown Road, Croydon, Surrey 16 Ferndale Rd, Sth Norwood, Surrey (Clerk expenses) Canada - 6665 Mrs E Brock, 47 Cobbden Rd, Norwood, London Upon enistment - occupation motor engineer
BYFIELD Kenneth Cecil K C 19 Kenneth C 19 Clerk 11 March 1893 (MFile) (BYFIELD Kenneth Cecil Jun 1893 Croydon, Surrey 2a 204) South Norwood, London Thomas Alfred and Lily BYFIELD (nee Maria Amelia COOMBES ?) Dec 1890 Strand 1b 1081 5 Suffolk Road, Croydon, Surrey 59 Manor Road, South Norwood, London SE (Commercial clerk) 2 June 1936 Middlesex, Ontario, Canada Canada - 6656 Thomas A Byfield, South Norwood, London
BYFIELD Stanley Edward S E 18 Stanley E 17 Clerk 14 August 1894 (MFile) (BYFIELD Stanley Edward Sep 1894 Croydon, Surrey 2a 276) Norwood, Surrey Thomas Alfred and Lily BYFIELD (nee Maria Amelia COOMBES ?) Dec 1890 Strand 1b 1081 5 Suffolk Road, Croydon, Surrey 59 Manor Road, South Norwood, London SE (Commercial clerk) 1916 - Edna Adelaide CHRISTOPHER (Middlesex, Ontario) Canada - 124120 Mrs S E Bayfield, 93 Princess Ave, London (was Sunnyside House, 59 Manor Road, Norwwod)
CHAMBERLAIN Sydney Lawrence S L 20 Stanley (sic) 20 Butcher 13 November 1892 (Mfile) (CHAMBERLAIN Sydney Lawrence Mar 1892 Croydon, Surrey 2a 199) Croydon, Surrey Laurence Robert and Mary Ann CHAMBERLAIN (nee STACEY) 39 Sidney Road, Croydon, Surrey 94 Watcombe Road, South Norwood (Dressing for butcher) 1918 - Emily BROWN (Elgin, Ontario) Canada - 6670 Mrs M Chamberlain, 92 Watcombe Rd, S Norwood, London
CLARKE Ernest A E A 18 Ernest A 18 Tricycle porter c1894
CROW Frederick W F W 18 Frederick W 18 Warehouseman c1894 (CROW Frederick William Kings Lynn Jun 1893 4b 356, CROW Frederick William Mar 1894 Camberwell 1d 966, CROW Frederick William Jun 1895 Marylebone 1a 585) Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 808447 - Roderick William CROW DOB 22 October 1897 Tring, Hertfordshire NOK Mrs Maud Dolly Crow (Mother), Okotoks, Alberta (4 years in Canada in 1916)
CEELY Henry H 19 Henry 19 Packer 19 October 1893 (sic) - St Aloysius' School, Camden - Father Thomas - 22 Clarendon Street (CEELY Henry Jun 1893 St. Olave 1d 242) Thomas and Isabella CEELY (nee FARRELL) (Marriage cert) 22 Clarendon Street, Somers Town, London 1924 - Lillian Amy WILKINS (Peel, Ontario)
ELSE William V (N) 18 William 18 Orderley c1894 Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 33642 - William Charles ELSE DOB 1894 Highgate, London (ELSE William Charles Sep 1893 Edmonton 3a 312) NOK Mr William Else, 38 Southwood Lane, Highgate, London. Occ Stableman
EVANS Thomas T 17 Thomas 17 Coffee shop c1895
FERRIS George G 18 George 18 Brick field hand 17 June 1894 (Mfile) Woodside (Croydon), Surrey George and Mary A FERRIS 12 Salisbury Road, Croydon, South Norwood 8 Salisbury Road, Woodside, South Norwood, London SE (Grocer's boy) Canada - 53568 George Ferris (Snr), 8 Salisbury Road, Woodside (Croydon), Surrey Brickmaker upon attestation. Ontario Canada Marriage - Frederick George FERRIS bc1895 s/o George FERRIS and Mary HILES m Evelyn Sarah MANNING 12 Feb 1918 Lambton, Ontario
FROGLEY Frederick John F J 18 Fredk J 18 Tricycle rider 27 October 1893 (Mfile + baptism) (FROGLEY Frederick John Dec 1893 St. Saviour, Southwark 1d 57) London, England Joseph John and Bessie FROGLEY (nee PATTEN) 209 Seavell Rd, Queen's Buildings, Southwark 7 St Georges Mansions, Blackfriars Rd London S E (Warehouseman) (Aurora) 1 September 1975 Pinellas, Florida, USA Canada - 2503374 Mrs Aurora Frogley (Wife), 318 Spring St, Mankato, Minnesota, USA Social Security Death Index - SSN: 050-07-5368 Last Residence: 33516 Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida, United States of America Born: 27 Oct 1893
GRANT Alfred A G 19 Alfred 19 Tea warehouse c1893
GREEN Fredrick F J 18 Frederick G (GEER?) 18 Shophand c1894
GUILDER Percy Herbert P H 20 Percy H 20 Tea warehouse 17 November 1891 (bapt) (GUILDER Percy Herbert Dec 1891 Pancras 1b 59) Pancras, London William John and Fanny Dorothy GUILDER (nee SPILLING) Gray's Inn Lane, St Pancras, London 63 Whidborne Buildings, St Pancras (Messenger)
HATT Albert A 17 Albert 17 Box maker 27 August 1894 (Mfile) (HATT Albert Dec 1894 Stepney, London 1c 422) (Baptised as Albert Alma HATT) 27 September 1894 Walter John and Elizabeth HATT (nee PICKARD) G/Son to Ann Hatt - 1 South Street, Limehouse, Stepney, London 10 Annabel St, Poplar E (Saw mill labourer) Canada - 123317 (as HATH) Elizabeth Hatt, 18 Goodliffe St, Poplar, London Elizabeth widowed in 1897 (HATT Walter Mar 1897 Poplar 1c 361). Albert's brother Walter John HATT killed in France 21 October 1916 Essex Regiment 10th Btn Reg No 15779.
HAWKING Ernest G E J 18 Ernest G (HAWKINS) 17 Farming c1894
HAWKINS Alfred A 20 Alfred 20 ? boy c1892 Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 690085 - Alfred John HAWKINS DOB 2 Januaey 1893 London, England NOK John Henry HAWKINS 23 Tom St, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
HEATH John E J E 18 John E 18 Carrier c1894 Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 59542 - John Edward HEATH DOB 4 April 1893 Kentish Town, London NOK Thomas Heath 32 Queen Elizabeth Road, Walthamstow, England
JAMES Walter W 18 Walter 20 Messenger c1894
JOAD Frank Henry F H 18 Frank H 18 ? packer 17 February 1894 (JOAD Frank Henry Mar 1894 Poplar 1c 710) Poplar, London Richard James (Richard Jabez) and Julie JOAD (nee BRAILEY) 102 Sutton Court Road, West Ham, Essex 1929 (Dec 1929 West Ham, Essex 4a 35 35yrs)
KIEL George G 19 George P 19 Carpet warehouse c1893 ((KEIL (sic) George Albert Mar 1893 St. Geo. East 1c 396))
MANNING Cecil Francis C F 19 Cecil F 19 Caddie 8 April 1892 (Mfile - see death entry) Barrow, Suffolk Harry (Hubert George) and Marian (May Ann) MANNING (nee GRAVES (Dec 1889 Hackney 1b 839) 23 Azof St, Greenwich, London 32 Alderton Rd, Croydon (Painter) 1974 (Jun 1974 Lambeth, Greater London 14 0378 81yrs DOB 8 April 1893) Canada - 550 Mrs M Manning (Mother) RR No 5, Kingscourt, Lambton, Ontario. Marian Manning d 1938 Lambton, Ontario D/o John GRAVES/Bertha MAYS. Also Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 844923 - Harry MANNING b 15 June 1873 Barrow, Suffolk, England NOK Marian Manning, Point Edward PO, (Lambton) Ontario.
MASON Arthur James A J 18 Arthur J 18 Glass work c1894 Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 57123 - Arthur James MASON DOB 21 November 1893 London, England NOK Mrs H GIRLING, Shoreditch, London
MILLS Andrew A 18 Andrew 18 Tea warehouse 8 July 1893 (MILLS Andrew Sep 1893 Camberwell 1d 915) Peckham, London Charles (and Mary) MILLS 105 Kimberley Road, Peckham, Camberwell 48 Surrey Road, Peckham Rye, S E (Tea Warehouse, Errand Boy) Canada - 42544 Charles Mills (Father), 9 Bassett Road, Peckham, London SE
NEWLAND (NEWHAM) Henry H F (NEWHAM) 19 Henry 19 Porter c1893
NOBLE Charles F C F 18 Chas F 18 ? c1894 (NOBLE Charles Frederick Sep 1893 Medway, Kent 2a 605, NOBLE Charles Frederick Mar 1894 Hendon, Middlesex 3a 207, NOBLE Charles Filmer Sep 1894 Lambeth, Surrey 1d 340)
O'CONNOR Cornelius C O (CONNOR) 19 Cornelius 19 Gas worker c1893 (O'CONNOR Cornelius Dec 1891 Camberwell 1d 881, O'CONNOR Corneliuis Dec 1892 Marylebone 1a 554) Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 48 - Cornelius O'CONNOR DOB 22 July 1892 London NOK Jack O'Connor, Uncle, Leroy St, Old Kent Road. Also - 2500946 - Cornelius O'CONNOR DOB 22 Sep 1891 London NOK Cornelius O'Connor, Sydney, Australia (Father)
PALMER William T W T 19 William T 19 Porter c1893 Canada - Soldiers of the First World War - 11645 - William Thomas PALMER DOB 7 August 1892 London, England (PALMER William Thomas Sep 1892 Marylebone 1a 533) NOK Miss H Brightwell, Davis Street, Brampton Ontario - Two years East Surrey Regiment
PETERS John W J W 21 John W 21 Printer lab ? c1891
PRINCE Walter W 19 Walter 19 Shophand c1893
PYKE George G 19 George 19 Pastry cook c1893
SCOTT Gerard G 19 Gerard 19 Labourer 16 April 1893 (Mfile and Baptism) (SCOTT Gerard Jun 1893 Watford 3a 610) Aldenham, Watford, England George and Emma SCOTT (nee HINE/HINDES) Round Bush, Aldenham, Hertfordshire Round Bush, Aldenham Nr Watford (Gardener) Canada - 57508 George Scott, Round Bush, Oldenham, Watford, Herts
SIMMONDS Henry J H J 18 Henry (SIMMOND) 18 Tricycle porter c1894 (1892-1895 - SIMMONDS Henry John Mar 1894 Camberwell 1d 999, SIMMONDS Henry John Dec 1894 Amersham, Bucks 3a 653, SIMMONDS Henry James Mar 1895 Staines, Middlesex 3a 12)
SKIPP Arthur Walter A W 19 Arthur W 19 Greaser 23 October 1895 (sic) (Mfile) (SKIPP Arthur Walter Dec 1892 Poplar 1c 587) (Poplar) London, England Edward and Annie SKIPP 19 Southill St, Poplar, London E 19 Southill St, Poplar, London E (Coachman) Canada - 845279 Mrs Ann Skipp (Mother), 152 John Street, Sarnia, Ontario (Occ Wheelsman) Also US border crossings
SMITH Sidney Russell S R 19 Sidney R 19 11 April 1892 (Mfile and baptism record) (SMITH Sidney Russell Jun 1892 W. Ham 4a 339) Walthamstow, Essex Charles Whiting and Edith Swanson SMITH (nee MOORE) 21 White Hart Sq, Kennington, Lambeth (Visitor to grandmother Eliza MOORE with mother Edith) 9A 2nd Floor, Commercial Rd, Peckham, Camberwell, London SE (Shore polisher in boot trade) (1962 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Ftree) Canada - 27544 Mrs S Smith, 8 Goldborough Rd, Wandsworth, London Deaths Mar 1895 SMITH Charles Whitlow 27yrs Edmonton 3a 211. Brother Charles Whiting SMITH served Gloucestershire Regiment from 1908 - see 1911 census (Born 23 Jul 1890 Bapt 27 July 1892 Walthamstow, Essex)
STANDEN Charles F C F 18 C F 18 Baker c1894 (1891-1898 - STANDEN Charles Frederick Mar 1894 Cuckfield, Sussex 2b 170) (STANDEN Charles Fernandez Dec 1895 Prescot, Lancashire 8b 641) (Charles and Alice STANDEN (nee NORMAN??)) 5 Napier Road, South Croydon, Surrey 5 Napier Road, South Croydon, Surrey (Charles F Standen, 17, Baker assistant born Burgess Hill, Surrey crossed out on census form)
STEVENS Thomas K T K 21 Thos K 21 Debt collector c1891 (No UK Births for STEVENS Thomas K, but numerous for Thomas H 1891-1897)
STEVENS William B W B 18 Wm B 18 Home decorator c1894 ((STEVENS William Bray Jun 1894 Croydon 2a 233)) William Bray Steven's parents William and Annie Emma STEVENS (nee CRACKNELL) Dec 1890 Croydon 2a 397. WW2 Death STEVENS Frank died 05-Jul-1942 Aged 33 Son of William Bray Stevens and Anne Emma Stevens; husband of Phyllis Helen Stevens, of Cheam, Sutton, Greater London.
VERE Charles Beresford C B 19 Charles B 19 Tailor 7 October 1892 (VERE Charles Beresford Dec 1892 Pancras, London 1b 37) St Pancras, London George and Martha VERE (nee GRAVES) 135 Whitfield St, Tottenham Court 135 Whitfield St (Tailor Cutter) 1926 - Clara DURNEY (Perth, Ontario) 1968 (Ftree - Avondale Stratford Cemetery, Stratford, Perth, Ontario) Canada - 665 John Thompson Vere (Br), 135 Whitfield St, Toth… Road, London W
WARREN Denis Michael D M 19 Denis M 19 Bookbinder 1 May 1891 (sic- Date from Mfile) (Warren Denis Michael Jun 1892 Lambeth 1d 325) Waterloo, London Denis and Charlotte Clara WARREN (nee FRIEND) 103 Drury Lane, St Clement Danes, London 42 Brunswick St, Blackfriars, London SE (Bookbinder) Canada - 19011 Mrs C Warren, Jubilee Bldgs, Waterloo, London (Bookbinder)
WATKINS Arthur Bernard A B 18 Arthur B 21 Cigarette Maker 23 January 1891 (Mfile) (WATKINS Arthur Bernard Mar 1890 Marylebone 1a 541) c1891 London, England Samel George and Sarah Elizabeth WATKINS (nee WADE) 92 Hampstead Road, St Pancras N W (Cigarette manufacturing)p;[ Mother Sarah RAYNE Canada - 348336 Sarah Rayne (Mother), 42 William St, Hamstead 1891 UK Census - Arthur WATKINS, aged 1, born St Marylebone, London 144 Gt Tichfield St, St Marylebone, London. Death - WATKINS Samuel George Jun 1891 29rs Marylebone 1a 438). Marriage Sarah Elizabeth WATKINS to John James RAYNE (Marylebone 1a 913 Mar 1899)
WHITLOCK William A W A 19 Wm A 19 Moulder c1893 (1891-1898 - WHITLOCK William Alfred Sep 1893 Camberwell 1d 902, WHITLOCK William Alfred Mar 1897 S Stoneham 2c 78, WHITLOCK William Albert Dec 1897 Marylebone a1 544) UK Deaths - William Alfred WHITLOCK Dec 1969 Greenwich, Greater London 5b 1384 age 76y DOB 8 June 1893.
WILSON Eric Stanley E S 20 Eric S 20 Clerk 18 May 1891 (School Roll and baptism record) ((WILSON Eric Stanley Jun 1891 Hackney 1b 593)) Hackney, London John and Rhoda WILSON (nee WENN) 165 Powerscroft Road, Hackney (Carpet warehouse clerk) 24 Cowley Road, Ilford, Essex (Clerk wholesale druggists) 1915 - Florence PASSINGHAM (Lambton, Ontario)
WOOD George E C E 19 Geo E 19 Greengrocer c1893
WOODWARD Alfred Charles A C 18 Alfred C 18 Kitchen porter 2 September 1893 (From military file) Camberwell, London William Rivers and Harriett Jane WOODWARD (nee MADDOCK) 161 Neatea St, Camberwell 7 Blucher Road, Camberwell, London SE (Boarder - boy messenger) 22 April 1915 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium Canada - 6976 CWGC - Son of William Rivers Woodward, of 46, Chiswell St., Camberwell, London, England. Death of mother - Woodward Harriet Jane Sep 1899 38yrs St. Olave 1d 127
WORDEN George Thomas G T 19 George A 19 Factory hand 12 November 1893 (Mfile and baptism record) (WORDEN George Thomas Mar 1894 St. Olave, Southwark 1d 248) London, England William and Mary WORDEN (nee BURNETT) 27 Drummond Rd, Bermondsey 13 Matson Street, Rotherhithe (Wood planer) 1975 (George Thomas WORDEN Dec 1975 Surrey South Eastern 17 1099 82yrs DOB 12 November 1893) Canada - 3356466 William Worden, 13 Matson St, Rotherhithe, London SE16
WRIGHT William J W J 18 Wm J 18 Sign writer c1894

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