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Welcome to the O’Neal Family Genealogy & History web site.   These pages are dedicated to my O’Neal ancestors and their famillies.   Updates are applied to this site as I research and discover new information, and I only have a small amount of family history information posted here.  You may navigate to the individual family history pages listed below by clicking on photos, flags or individual names.









Near Mocksville, NC


Cainsville, Missouri



William O’Neal

   (1818 – 1897)

           . . . possibly a son of John O’Neal


Near Mocksville, NC






Henry O’Neal

    (probably born before 1818 - ?)

          . . . probable brother of William O’Neal

          . . . possibly a son of John O’Neal

Near Mocksville, NC


Cainsville, Missouri



William Henry O’Neal

   (1846 – 1915)

          . . . son of William O’Neal




Near Woodville, Indiana



Cainsville, Missouri


John O’Neal

   (1849 – 1933)

          . . .  brother of William Henry O’Neal     

          . . .  son of William O’Neal



Cainsville, Missouri


Cainsville, Missouri


 Ira David O’Neal

    (1879 – 1961)

          . . . son of William Henry O’Neal

          . . . grandson of William O’Neal





Cainsville, Missouri



Creston, Iowa



Samuel Earl O’Neal

    (1893 – 1974)

          . . . son of William Henry O’Neal

          . . . grandson of William O’Neal



Cainsville, Missouri



Bethany, Missouri



Leland James “Todd” O’Neal

    (1919 -  1992)

          . . . son of Samuel Earl O’Neal

          . . . grandson of William Henry O’Neal

          . . . great grandson of William O’Neal



Other O’Neal families in Harrison and Mercer Counties

To view my page dedicated to other O’Neal families that settled in Harrison and Mercer counties prior to 1880 ŕ click here.


Researching the O’Neal families in the United States

If you don’t see anyone on this page that is related to you, there are other resources on this site related to O’NEALs in the U.S. that may be of use to you.  Try one of the link’s listed here:


·         O’NEAL’s that fought in the War of 1812



You may also enjoy learning a little bit about two O’NEALs who played role’s in the Regulator Movement of Western North Carolina just prior to the Revolutionary War.   You can visit the web page that I have created about these two O’NEALs below:


·         William O’Neal and John O’Neal and the War of Regulation


Annother valuable resource for researching your O’NEAL heritage is the web site published and maintained by the O’Neal Genealogy Association©.   Their web site originated as a research resource for the descendants of a Joseph O’Neal (born about 1670) and then evolved into a research site with a much broader scope, focused on the O’Neal surname in America.   Although the site is primarily dedicated to the descendants of a John O'Neale, there is a large amount of information about other O’Neal families in America that has been contributed by association members and others.   The site is certainly the most extensive web site dedicated to genealogy of the O’Neal surname that I am aware of. 


The founders of the site, John O’Neal (the site’s moderator); Kenneth O’Neal and Bev Crowe, as well as Jill O’Neall Ching, a major contributor, have done an excellent job of collecting information on their O’Neal families and O’Neal genealogy in general, making it available to all.   You can reach their website at the link provided below.   


·         The O’Neal Genealogy Association Website


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