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Henry O’Neal of Rowan and Surry County, NC



Henry O’Neal


Born:        Prob Before 1818, maybe in NC

Married:   Unknown

Died:        Unknown, possibly in NC or IN


Henry O’Neal is still somewhat a mystery at this point in time.   I’ve found some records of Henry’s existence and am still in the process of trying to piece together the story of Henry’s life and exactly how Henry is related to our family.


I currently belive there were possibly several Henry O’Neals in the western North Carolina area and that it is possible that Henry O’Neal was a brother of William O’Neal. 


Henry O’Neal appears to be the older brother of William. 


The most compelling evidence uncovered to date about Henry’s relationship to the other O’Neals in the section of Rowan County that is now Davie County is his appearnce as a bondsman at the wedding of Margaret O’Neal to Henry Eller in 1837.   Several possibilities exist with this evidence.   This could mean that Henry was Margaret’s father.   At present, however, I think it is more likely that Henry was either Margaret’s brother-in-law or Margaret’s son from her 1st marriage.   Specifically, the evidence seems to point to Margaret having married Henry’s father in Rowan County earlier and then marrying Henry Eller as her 2nd husband in 1837.   Henry was apparently already ‘of age’ by 1837 and stood in as bondsman at his mothers wedding.  



Additional information regarding Henry’s relationship to the rest of the O’Neal’s in this area will be posted to this web site soon.











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