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Unconfirmed Links

Here we have a few leads that have yet to be confirmed due to a lack of information. If you know any of the persons listed below and may be able to assist us with the details, please feel free to send us an E-mail.


Name Confirmation

ELIZABETH MARY RADFORD: Wife of JAMES ROSSITER ~ (Generation 3iv). Elizabeth was also known as BETSY. We would like to gain further information about this person in relation to their alias name if possible.

Marriage Confirmation

JOHN ROSSITER: Fourth child of WILLIAM ROSSITER & ELIZABETH WILLIS ~ (Generation 3v). Born approx. 10th May, 1860. John married CHARLOTTE HEMBURY and then married MARY RADFORD, 25th March, 1848. We are still seeking information to confirm the marriage details.

BESSINA ROSSITER:  Second child of MARK ROSSITER & ELIZABETH WISEMAN ~ (Generation 4viii). Bessina married into WOODALL family. We are still searching for information regarding The WOODALL family and confirmation of the marriage details. See the Photograph of the Bird In Hand Inn (Gallery Section), last known location of these people.

MARK ROSSITER: Third child of LOT ROSSITER & ISABELLA WATTS (Generation 4vi). Mark was born 1887, died 15th June 1931, Godley, Somerset, England. Mark's first marriage was to EMMA JENKINS. His second marriage was to ELIZABETH MARY VERNON, (at age 22) 16th May, 1910. We would like to gain further information about EMMA JENKINS if possible.

Family Relationship Confirmation

The ROSSITER family seem to have various strong connections with both the RADFORD & PATCH families. We are searching for further information between the relationships between the two families.

ANNA COURT: Married THOMAS ROSSITER in Wedmore, 1769. Need connection with this Rossiter Family Tree.

DIANA FISHER: Mother of ANNE REEVES is believed to be born in Mark, Somerset. Further details required.

AMBROSE WHITMAN ROSSITER: Born in Bagley, 1831;  (Generation 3ix ~ 9th child of William Rossiter & Anne Reeves). Details required about the "Whitman" name.

Great news about Ambrose Rossiter , family found in Australia  . Contact Pat for further details


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