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The Rossiter Family Tree

Due to the size and complexity of the Rossiter Family Tree, we have kept only the first 4 primary generations for display here. Detailed information about the Rossiter Family can be found in our History Section, or you can view the 1851 Census in our History Section.

Our Generation Numbering System

We have used a combination of standard numbers, with roman numerals to keep it simple. The numbers represent the Generation of the persons mentioned & the roman numerals represent the Order Of Birth in the family.

E.g. If your parents are the 4th Generation & you are the 3rd child born in the family - you would be classified as Generation 5iii - which means: 5th Generation, Third Child respectively. You may get married and have 3 children. Each child would be classified as Generations 6i (6th Generation, first child), 6ii (6th Generation, second child) & 6iii (6th Generation, third child)... and so on.

Last updated: 1st September, 2003


Generation No. 1 ~ William Rossiter & Elizabeth Venn


~ Married ~


1750 - 1847


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William Rossiter & Elizabeth Venn had seven children






1781 - 1782

  1785 - Can you help?   1787 - 1871
        Continued below
1795 - Can you help?   1797 - Can you help?   1799 - Can you help?





    1804 - Can you help?    




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